Saturday, July 21, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

This week's Weekend Update is brought to you by the letters R, O, C and K. So get your raddest high tops on and make sure the batteries in your boombox are fully charged and let's get on it!

No better place to start a Weekend Update than with a Mitch Murder track, and with his latest entitled Saturdays, well it's just poetry in motion. This bouncy and uplifting piece it positively glowing with Mitch Murder Magic and from beginning to end it warms the listener's heart. The bass run at the end is the icing on a cake already almost too delicious to eat.

Let's get spooky now. MurderOne, of Full Blast Recordz fame, released a totally rockin demo this week of his new track Heatbeat. A slashing and gnashing work of dark synth horror soundtrack that pumps up the drama with massively emotive melodies. This is going to slay!


Keeping with the synth demo drama lets have a listen to Kenji Run!'s new work in progress Say Anything. Inspired by the classic John Cusack movie this piece tells a torturous story of unrequited love and unrelenting passion. There's a delightfully dark edge to the entire song, something akin to Collins' Secret Admirer, and it works exceptionally well.

So many big tracks released this week, and amongst the cream of the crop is the new collaboration between Perturbator and Arcade High. With the glorious title of Deviance this proves to be a raucous homage to 80s excess. The rhythms and arrangements scream Perturbator in exasperating excitement and the complimentary leads and details from Arcade High are energising exclamations of electronic elegy.

More excitement is on the horizon with a new upcoming EP from Synthezman courtesy of Lasergum/Datarocket. This two track affair sports some magnificently emotive music from the teaser. Baikal is smooth and sensual synth work while 3D people is a more esoteric adventure. This is definitely going the rock!

Magic Sword released two amazing tracks this week, one I'll be including here, another I'll be covering next week. Discover is a dramatic and action packed journey into realms of fantasy. Magic Sword always does an excellent job of combining ancient fantasy with future science fiction, definitely THE track this week to be listening to while practicing your broadsword techniques in the desert.

The final installment in this week's Weekend Update is something I'll be doing more of, when occassion sees fit and that's the Synthetix Reference Experience. A spot where I'll be putting in a personal favourite piece of music I believe to be an extra special experience that I may have discovered during the week, or re-experienced from the 80s, or from one of the modern masters, as a final exclamation point on the week's music coverage.

The inaugural Synthetix Reference Experience goes to SelloRekT/LA Dreams' masterpiece Impact Body Motion. This is an utterly astounding piece of music, it happens every so often that an 80s synth track comes out that sounds like it's speaking to me personally and this is one of those tracks. The main driving melody, the piano details, the guitars the mind alteringly brilliant chorus, it's all just an explosion of 80s magic. Breathtaking in every respect and I believe well deserving of the first Synthetix Reference Experience.

That does us for another week on Synthetix, I'm on vacation next week so I'll be back with a Weekend Update in a week's time that will be packed with all the hot rockin action from the 80s synth scene and we'll be back to regular posting the week beginning July 30. Till then keep the 80s dreams alive, rockers.


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  2. Great music! Thanks for making yourself known to me. Look forward to sharing your music with the Synthetix community in the future.
    Keep on rockin!