Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kid Machine's Replicants

More killer synth music from the UK on Synthetix today with Kid Machine's fantastic new Replicants EP. Kid Machine's been in the game for a while now and his italo electro style has always been recognisable throught his releases. This latest EP takes his style to even darker and climes with some very inspired dark synth sounds.

Replicant's has a very futuristic neo noir feel to it. Drama fills the air and synth leads blaze trails with basslines pounding forcefully through a gritty concrete city scape. The opening track sets the scene early, but the second chapter Return To Space is a absolutely stunning in it's italo electro delivery of massive synth drama. The melodies in another dimension would be pure italo, but the black synth arts of Kid Machine turn them into foreboding and haunting  phantoms of surreal power.

The magic continues in Lost Discotheque Lovers. A bittersweet minimalist piece of  amourous spectres, ghost like melodies add even more ethereal beauty to production, but they are anything but comforting as what was once love now becomes a nightmare as lasers flash through an empty dancefloor. The shadows loom larger as the smoke filled atmosphere becomes a rife with a sense of impending dread!

Making an exit for the door proves no sanctuary as we are thrust into the fourth chapter: Cold Planet. The wasteland before us is both terrifying in it's bleakness but also beautiful in it's natural state. This track is a gorgeous juxtaposition of dark mechanical rhythms and eerily delightful melodies. The combination is superbly implemented and executed.

The final installments of Replicants are vocal and dub versions of the zombi disco anthem Night Freaks. This is powerhouse blockbuster of a arcane energy and undead terror as the huge percussive track syncopates the cold and misty night air. Sweeping melodies and flourishes of synth evil cast their spells on all within earshot as the unrelenting horde of decaying flesh marches on. There is no hope and we are doomed to join their ranks before the morning can save us.

Replicants is a must-have EP of dark electro synth terror, it's the ultimate soundtrack to that drunken night in the graveyard with Linnea Quigley or the time you and your friends stayed out in the woods in that old cabin telling ghost stories. All this adventure for only €3.99 is a steal in anybody's language and I encourage all of you to partake in this piece of blackened synth arts,.. just make sure you leave the lights on! Click in the player above to buy, or click here to be taken to Kid Machine's Bandcamp site.

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