Saturday, March 31, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

A great week of releases and previews has resulted in an action packed Weekend Update. Behold the week's bounty!

Synth house lovers should grt very excited by Oxford's latest. An almost Falke/Braxe styled atmosphere with synth driven melody that soars through the clouds and bursts into the cosmos. Can't get enough of Oxford's music, and in each new release he goes from strength to strength.

We keep on traversing the void of space with a more ambient and ethereal piece from Spaceship Star. The production on this piece is something special indeed, I love the "live" drum sounds, they pose as a perfect contrast to the swirling synth heavy melodies.

Nickee B's prolific production of 80s inspired music just keeps on rockin with his latest work In The Heat Of The Night. Even sexier sounds than usual add sensual layer of pure Synth Erotica to the composition. If you could see this music it would be a silhouette through horizontal blinds.

Fast becoming a scene favourite is Flash Arnold. His work continues to excite and enlighten with a pure 80s feel that is unrelenting and thoroughly authentic. Back Then is one of his most developed pieces yet with massive hooks and perfectly developed melodies. An instant Flash Arnold classic.

Jowie Schulner released a preview tracka few weeks ago that blew me away, and he's done it again this week with another deeply emotive experience titled Happy Outcome. It's instant love as the melody goes straight to the heart, I can but imagine a full lenght version of this; let's hope we get to hear it soon!

Something I'm getting notorious for is my black and white views on vocals in 80s inspired synth music. I've heard lots of songs spoiled by a vocal track that detracts from the music rather than adding anything positive. By the same token I'm a firm believer that using a vocalist that can sing in a genuine 80s style adds massively to an instrumental, the perfect demonstration of this working 1000% right is evidenced in the song It's Ok by Bastian's Happy Flight. This song is so perfectly sung by a vocalist who 'gets' what an 80s vocalist should sound like absolutely dead on. Much like with Kristine's music, I can close my eyes and it's 1985 again. Utter perfection!

On a final note for this week's Weekend Update longterm synth producer Maethelvin has joined soundcloud and posted much of his music, I'm hoping this means there is new music from Maethelvin in the offing as all his work is genre defining and superbly crafted. Be sure to give him lots of love on his soundcloud

Friday, March 30, 2012

Growing To Love Photosynthesi

Itay's Photosynthesi is a relatively unknown talent who's love of 80s music is very pronounced in his work. The soundscapes created by this producer are incredibly drawn and layers of tonally shaded synths colour every one of his tracks. Small details work on an epic scale in each of his compositions, especially through the virtual vapours of Thin Air.

To be honest, it was very hard to decide which Photosynthesi work I was going to use in this post as all his music is of such a stratospherically high quality. Special note should go to In My Moods and Parallel Lines for really being outstanding in every respect. Be sure to follow Photosynthesi on soundcloud to enjoy more of his wonderful music and get even more action on his Facebook page too.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Ruling Sounds Of The Bourgeoisie

Two brothers from Miami are creating some exceptional 80s inspired synth music under the name of Bourgeoisie. Their sounds are a superb melange of classic 80s sounds that span synth disco, to soundtrack style pieces to more pop directed music. All their compositions have something special about them, and their gift for arrangements is evident in their entire catalogue.

From the dark to the light, from the slow to the energetic; Bourgeoisie make each tracks their own create specific atmospheres and energies for each piece on their self-titled album. I especially like the more experimental synth sounds used, often channelling some of the classic 70s synth sounds, which all work in beautifully to their music.

Bourgeoisie's self-titled 12 track album is availble on ther Bandcamp page here for only $10. Be sure to follow them on soundcloud and Like them up on Facebook.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nightrain - The Remixes

Awkoder's Nightrain was released a couple of weeks ago to a rapturous reception. This was yet another opus from the talented producer and has been one of my most listened to tracks of late. If you've not had the pleasure, please visit Awkoder's soundcloud here and grab a copy while it's still available for free download. This original masterpiece of synthual delights became the inspiration for three of my favourite 80s inspired musicians to all do their own individual remixes of Nightrain, and so impressive are these I thought they deserved some love on Synthetix.

French mastermind of arkane synth techniques, Lueur Verte combined a scorching guitar riff with the original's melodies to make Nightrain rock incredibly hard. The accented drums and layered synths make for an epicly dark and powerful experience that enhances the originals mood exponentially. The song's climax ushers in a powerfullly crushing passage that obliterates all in it's path.

Protetor 101's vision of Nightrain is a twisted and dark adventure into the other side of the mirror, into a dimension where what was once familiar is now frightening and alarming. Upon reaching the midpoint of the song the mirror explodes in a blinding flash of neon synth majesty as our world is torn asunder by waves of magical sounds. An amazing vision that will linger long after the music ends.

Last, but certainly not least in this trinity is a masterpiece from Tommy. Tommy's fast becoming one of my absolute favourite artists in the 80s synth scene, but I've only experienced one other remix of his. His work on Nightrain brings, what I like to call, Tommy-Magic to the sound and new layers of perfectly accented synths make the experience more energetic and exciting, while staying true to the original source. A stunning reimagining that I just can't get enough of.

This is hopefully the first of many posts on remixes from synth producers and I can't wait for the next time a single release produces such radical and entertaining ones as this trio of tremendous tracks.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Black Magic Disco Goes Downtown

Synth rockstars Black Magic Disco just released their latest EP entitled Downtown. This five track journey into to the neon filled night time world contains the title track and First Avenue along with three remixes of Downtown by Odahl, CRAM and Satin Jackets. The music is perfectly created, 80s inspired synth disco goodness, full of funky breaks and classic 80s sounds that entertain and excite! Please enjoy these sensational samplings of what's on offer:

Both originals complement eachother perfectly in our Downtown cruise, filling the chill air with warm and bright melodies that strike electrifying energy through the blackened sky while the basslines thunder through a dancing atmosphere above. The remixes take the originals into subtle new territory, adding a more housey flavour to the proceedings in CRAM's case, while Odahl's French Touches the hell out of Downtown in a phasing and amazing manner. My favourite remix is the Satin Jackets version, however, which pushes the funk of the original even harder than one thought musically possible.

The Downtown EP is out TODAY on Juno; released through Pole Position Records and available here. Make sure you love it up with the Black Magic Disco crew on soundcloud and Facebook too.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

Last week's posts, entirely unexpectedly, were all of the darker side of synth music it would seem. I didn't plan this, it just happened, the power of music is strong indeed. For this week's Weekend Update lets get a bit lighter and funkier to bring some order back to the galaxy.

First off lets take a holiday to 1986 for some Tropical Drinks with Lameboy Advance. This ridiculously catchy track is funked out to the max. Killer orchestral stabs and a melody so bubbly and fruity you just can't help ordering another round.

Matt Creamer released a brilliant piece entitled Local News. Library Music is one of my newfound favourite genres and Mr Creamer gets this style down to perfection with classically arranged sounds and one of my favourite melodies of the week.

Syncroft have already released new material after the French Kiss EP released recently. The new track Digital Lady is more gorgeously made synth oriented French Touch/Nu Disco that's rife with killer hooks and driving rhythms.

Merdance have done some excellent remixing work in a renvisioning of Miami Nights 1984's theme track. I thought this one of the strongest pieces on the Turbulence album and have my interest piqued for what magic Merdance can create from it. At this stage it's definitely sounding very impressive.

Arrgh.. I can't resist the darkness! It's pulling me back in!! Well, we all need some balance and when something sounds this good; it CAN'T be bad! Follow Me's Doomsday Device has been branded Apocalypto Pop by it's creator and I for one would walk hand in hand into oblivion to this music. Ah the beauty of darkness!

Lost Years has released an absolutely stunning remix of Kavinsky's Nightcall. This more deliberatly paced version adds a killer new dimension to the original and adds an extra layer of that Lost Years magic we all love.

Malibu B has surfaced with his newest labour of love: Alfa. An italo fuelled adventure into xylophonic melodies and dreamy ambience. A slightly different sound to waht we've been accustomed to with Malibu B's previous work, but definitely a welcome addition to his growing repertoire.

To finish of this week's Weekend Update we have another instant classic video production from Neros77 for Mitch Murder's Best Of The Best. The complete marriage of sound vision from it's originally sourced inspiration provides a totally absorbing experience!

Looking forward to sharing more exciting music with you all next week. Til then, keep on rockin!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Inversion Of Final DJs

Basti and Thomas have unleashed a monstrously new powerhouse of a track entitled Inversion. Final DJs' track completes the week of darkness on Synthetix with a compostion that channels Tangerine Dream and Goblin and creates a tour de force of synth from the darkside.

The compelling introduction echoes and bounces through shadow filled darkness before the impending dread of it's melody begins to crash through the atmosphere, building in volume and clarity until a megaton synthwave obliterates all in it's wake. This is some of Final DJ's strongest work, raw with power and emotion and totally unrelenting in it's delivery. Seven minutes of unbridled synth POWER!

This opus is available for FREE download on their soundcloud page and please show your love and appreciation for their maginificent work on Facebook too.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Collins Has A Secret Admirer

The darkwave electro synth trend continues this week on Synthetix with Collins' new EP Secret Admirer. A spatially asphyxiating and arresting double threat of gorgeous synths, sublime percussion and one of the best ever vocals tracks. The 80s love is omnipresent in both songs, with perfect guitar tracks complementing the soundscape. The elements combine into an inky black shadow of bittersweet unrequited love and deepseated illfeeling of calamitous volumes.

Collins' reinvention of the dark electro synth sound of the early 80s is thoroughly exciting and will hopefully result in much more music being released by this talented artist. Be sure to pick this EP up on Juno and be sure to Follow Collins on his soundcloud.

The Night Driving Avenger, A New Chapter In Synth Terror

Perturbator has just released and incredibly epic and chilling atmospheric EP to soundcloud that is a rivetting soundtrack of pure exciting terror. From the opening chapter, Grim Heart, we are thrust into a dark nightmare of synthesised shocks with danger lurking around every corner. Listen, if you dare!

The EP continues into more relaxing territory with the luscious Electric Dreams, but even this piece has a darker, more sinister side that threatens to break out at any moment. This moment arrives in track three: Night Driving Avenger. To call this electrifying is a massive understatemnt. The title track is six million volts of raw power that surges and drives menacing melodies. By it's completion you'll be left completey exhausted; and exhilerated.

The final track is Miami Sunrise, a compostion with dramatic percussion and rolling melodies to allow for a recovery of our senses, with this our post-apocalyptic future becomes realised and only the survivors are left to rebuild.

Perturbator has created a masterpiece of total devastation in this soundtrack to a fateless future. Whats more this is up for FREE download as well, so please enjoy this wonderfully horrifying experience and give Perturbator some love for his brilliant work on his soundcloud. Be sure to Follow this exciting artist too, to ensure you don't miss any of his future works.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Experience The Horror Machine

Horror Machine is an 18 year old producer from France who's been releasing some truly magnificent works pure synth love recently. His music speaks loudly and eloquently for itself walking a perfect balance of 80s Synth, Dreamwave and French Touch that makes every one of his pieces an outstanding example of complete aural amazement.

His grasp of sounds and melodies is wonderful, traversing soundscapes and creating electrically charged atmospheres of neon vistas and cosmic dreams. Partaking in his latest release, I Wish You Love, takes things another level again with waves of emotion that ebb and flow through a star filled night and into a golden awakening of joyous rapture. An instant dream of memory forever.

With numerous releases already on his soundcloud and forthcoming new music frequently surfacing this new talent will hopefully be taking us on many excursions into his world of beautiful music for years to come.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Get French Kissed By Syncroft

Syncroft has been making some excellent music of late and his latest release on Beatport is something we should get behind. The French Kiss EP is an 80s fuelled french touch/nu-disco ride with catchy melodies and gorgeous synth layering. It's a brilliant mix of old and new that delightfully dances and playfully entrances.

The French Kiss EP is backed with the equally rockin Crystal and is available on Beatport here. Be sure to keep up with more wonderful Syncroft action on soundcloud.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been a great week in the world of 80s inspired music with brillant music coming to light from established and new artists alike.

Our first tracks is a wonderful piece of synth funk smoothness in this sacuy remix of Shook's Picture Moment by DiscoRazor. The bassline is like butter and the synths are pure eroticism. Definitely another Make-Out Mixtape must-have so download it asap.

Scene new comers Starforce aren't resting on their laurels and are fast becoming regulars on the Weekend Updates. The duo's new track, High Road, is a pounding and action packed odyssey of nocturnal adventure. Totally rockin.

Hungarian producer Quixotic only came to my attention this week, and I'm definitely going to be following his music with gusto from now on. This artist certainly has the love for classic 80s sounds and is making lots of very beautiful music. His downtempo song Sorry is a wonderfully melancholic work of art. Looking forward to posting lots more Quixotic music in the future on Synthetix.

One of my favourite artists in the 80s inspired synth scene is Nickee B. This producer is incredibly talented and has much love and passion for 80s sounds. His music is consistently inspiring in every way possible and his latest release, Nightchase, is a perfect example of this man's work. Keep on rockin hard Nickee!

This week also so a new teaser from Jowie Schulner go up to soundcloud in the form of Friends Forever. There are some pieces of music you hear that you instantly fall in love with from the first moment you hear it. This for me is one of those pieces. The melodies in Friends Forever are what I consider the epitomy of total perfection. Jowie's orchestration of the sounds is nothing short of breathtaking. I wait with baited breath for the release of the full track.

Superproducer Lost Years has been having some fun with one of Mitch Murder's compositions this week with his version of Ravaged Skies. The result is an amazing combination of both artists sounds and Lost Years fans will find his sounds unmistakable in the midst of Mitch Murder's beautiful melodies. One can only begin to imagine what these two composers could create if they did a project together.

The final installment in this week's weekend update is another bit of love from Lost Years in the form of Nuclear V2. This epic piece has been worked into video form by Neros77 with amazing results! Using the classic 80s nuclear-panic movie Miracle Mile as the main source for the visuals has made for the perfect accompaniment for Lost Years music.

That does it for this week's Weekend Update. Next week there's going to be lots more action on Synthetix, I'll be covering the new Syncroft release as well as a feature on phenomonal new artist Horror Machine amongst all the other action in the 80s inspired synth scene. Till then, keep on rockin!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jordan F Is BACK!

The big news of this week in 80s inspired synth scene is that Jordan F is BACK! After experimenting with other styles and names, the artist has decided to go back to his original monicker and back to his classic style. Jordan wasn't happy enough with his work under the Countach name to release it, and after much soul searching had him finding himself right back where he was; and right where he belongs.

His return has come with a reimagining of his Definitely Miami track, now transformed and reborn into Jordan's Theme.

This is an intensely exciting revision to one of Jordan's most well known tracks. A powerfully accented and energy charged piece that redefines the artists sound. Accompanying this with some of the most totally k-rad percussive flourishes I've heard from the new generation of synth composers.

Jordan's Theme is a very encouraging opener for this next phase of his musical journey. This added new dimension to his already excellent sound can only make for more exciting musical experiences in the future. To ensure you're kept abreast of Jordan F's future releases be sure to follow him on soundcloud and give him lots of love on Facebook.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Engarde in High Fidelity

One of my favourite synth/french touch duos Engarde just unleashed a monstrous new opus in the form of High Fidelity. This is one amazing ride into the neo-stratosphere of climbing melodies and pounding rhythms. A journey through the cosmos on digital skyways into a climax of enrapturous energy.

The mixture of classically 80s arrangements and a fantastic pastiche of French Touch disco house tick all the boxes in todays flight check. The three stages of Hight Fidelity are beautiful vignettes in their own right and make this expedition into the neon future even more brilliant in light and colour.

If this is your first journey with Engarde I highly recommend their other original flights of fancy as well their remix work, which will surely spark even more exotic destinations in your musical imagination.

To book your future adventures with Engarde register with them on soundcloud and please make further inquries into their upcoming itineraries on their Facebook page.

Monday, March 12, 2012

What L'Equipe du Son Does To Me

L'Equipe du Son (or The Sound Team in anglais) has been pumping out some killer 80s inspired disco fuelled cuts of very high calibre and some inspired remixes of late, but his newest releases is something rather special indeed. What You Do me traverses a delightful blend from lots of classically 80s inspirations. A groove that dominates and hooks the get you deep.

This song's original incarnation is definitely k-rad material but one of my favourite parts about this EP are the Extended and Instrumental mixes that complete the line up. For those unaware, this was the staple of the 12inch single record of the 80s; Side A would be the Extended Club Mix with Side B having the original or 'radio edit' version plus an Instrumental, Dub or Acappella version. These were the days before it was common for DJ's to remix other artists work and most of this was done by the artists or producers themselves. This was the first step toward recognising what was being played in clubs as being important as opposed to just what was being played on the radio.

I digress with the history lesson, however this mode of releasing a single with the Extended and Instrumental versions is something I applaud and hope that more 80s inspired artists do this in the future, just for that extra little bit of classical authenticity.

What You Do to me is available for purchase on Juno and make sure you give L'Equipe du Son lots of love on his soundcloud and through Silhouette Music on Facebook.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

The big release for this week was the new Miami Night 1984 album, which I'll be reviewing in detail next week, however there were a great many other killer tracks released too that are well worthy of your listening. Sit back and take in the Synthetix Weekend Update!

First off we visit Russia for Quasars' new track: Pong. A simply beautiful piece of work, with lavish melodies and clean, crisp production. A laidback, yet driving compostion that promises and delivers.

New kids on the block, Starforce have released another new piece of spaciously spatial synth work with their latest Sleeping Star. A ride into the cosmos under a neon lit canopy of starfuelled emotion.  Another strong peiece of work from this duo.

A Gap Between has been one of my favourite dreamwave artists for a while, his sense of space and sound really shines in all his songs. The melancholic vocals and dreamy synths make up his Metropolitan 80s Chic sound perfectly. Superb.

80s synth scene icon 80s Stallone brought out a phenomonal new track titled: POLICE ACADEMY 6 + ARRETE - "MOSS AGATE" by POLICE ACADEMY 6 (80s Stallone Remix). I'm honestly not quite sure what that exactly means, but I do know it's one totally killer piece of music. A rolling piece of undulating electronic emotions, with showstopping breakdown in the middle. Of course, this quality is to be expected from an artist of 80s Stallone's calibre.

Finnish synth maestro, Flash Arnold, graced us with another piece radical music in A Hero's Anthem. A brilliantly conceived and executed piece of total synth rock action. Powerful, driving and exhilerating, all at once. This is the best soundtrack your weekend could possibly have.

Tommy spoiled us with Make Love this week also. A sensually sexual piece of pure Synth Erotica that is sure to enhance any romantic interlude your weekend may have. Magically ethereal synthscapes fill the atmosphere with no one being able to resist their amorous advances. Make sure you download it to include on your next make-out mixtape.

As the last treat for this week's Weekend Update we have Neros77's latest work of visionary video for Miami Night 1984's The Getaway. Totally rockin editing making for a complete audio visual experience for this radical track.

Lots of things to look forward to in the action next week on Synthetix, including special coverage of the new Syncroft release! Looking forward to sharing more beautiful new music with you soon.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Miami Nights 1984 Album Preview

It's already been a fantastic last month or so for totally killer releases and the impending Miami Nights 1984 album promises to add even more rich flavour to our listening. He's just released an album teaser to soundcloud that will whette the appetite of any fan of 80s synth music.

After listening to this you should be positively salivating for more, all of the tracks contain a fine array of delectable ingredients, complementing eachother's piquancy and zestfulness. As a full dining experience this album should satisy even the most famished fan of quality synth music.

The release of this may come as early as TOMORROW, so please be sure to follow all the action on Miami Nights 1984's Facebook page and be sure to follow this with a desert of his sweetly chilled soundcloud courses.

Synthetix will be covering this release with a full length review and interview with the Miami Nights 1984 himself over the coming days too!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adoring Aminova's Amoureuse

Aminova's history in synth dreamwave has been very prolific. Numerous releases from this UK artist have always been moving experiences of atmospherically alluring quality. His The Transfer and Laser Beach EPs (both available on his Bandcamp page) are stellar works in the field of classic synth music and both come as highly recommended listening from my perspective.

His most recent track, Amoureuse, is a delightful trip into the synthesized stratosphere with an opening worthy of a classic Dario Argento giallo thriller. This gives way to melancholy melodies full of passion and drama, never relenting in keeping our attention firmly transfixed on the aural ambience filling the sky.

All this, and this track is only a preview! I look forward to hearing more from this adventure into the realms of Aminova and hope you do too. Give him some kudos on soundcloud for his stellar symphonies and keep up with the developments on this latest project on his Facebook page also.

Flash Arnold ROCKS

One of the main things I want to do on this blog is to expose underground artists to a wider audience. This is the perfect example of a very talented synth artist creating absolutely stunning music that deserves to be heard and loved by many more people. I know very little about Flash Arnold, apart from him being from Finland, but one thing I know definitively is that he creates totally radical 80s inspired synth music. Let our Flash Arnold experience begin!

His sounds are true and full of 80s love. Superb orchestrations and catchy hooks, all the things we love about this music are present and correct in his work. And what's more, Flash Arnold is being very generous with his compositions! Most of the tracks on his soundcloud are available for download, including his thoroughly impressive "In 1985" EP. His latest release, Back Into the Night, is also a work of uncommon beauty and vision.

Flash Arnold deserves as much love as we can possibly give him, I hope he keeps on making wonderful music for many years to come. Please follow him on soundcloud and show your appreciation on his Facebook page too.

Keep on rockin', Flash Arnold!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Grand Le Prix

Girlfriend Records have announced a new EP from the very talented Le Prix. This three track EP features Le Prix's fantastic new space synth disoc track Cosmonova. We've been lucky enough to get a preview of this interstellar epic.

The EP's other two tracks are remixes from scene favourites FM Attack and Johnatron. This is going to be a wonderful return to form for all involved and is hopefully a sign of more beautiful music coming down the pipeline soon.

This release is scheduled to hit towards the end of March, be sure to follow Girlfriend Records on soundcloud to get all the details and show them some love on Facebook for good measure.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

This week's weekend update is full to the brim with excellent new music released this week. Lots of very exciting pieces to make your weekend rock that little bit harder.

First off Lost Years has released a short teaser for Somwhere In Stockholm. With the amount of beautiful music Lost Years releases; I think he'll be a mainstay of the Weekend Update for many weeks to come. Somehwere in Stockholm is more super classy synth work from a very talented composer.

Final Dj's released a great remix of the track Slow by MRTN. They certainly gave this song a perfectly 80s aura and you can feel the Final Dj's magic throughout.
Definitely my favourite remix of the week.

Legendary OutRun maestro Lazerhawk has released a great demo of King Of the Streets. This is a synth shatteringly rockin piece of work that is the perfect follow up to his Visitors album released in February. Totally K-rad to the max!

One of my favourite artists in recent times is Oxford and his delectably chilled synth music has never been stronger than in his latest release: Head Back. Gorgeously produced with a delightfully fruity bit of French Touch, this is one summer drink I'll enjoy all year long.

Next we have the super exciting OnThe88 with their new track: An Evening Out. This epic piece is packed with action and has a beautiful almost eastern synth sound to the production. Superb work yet again from one of the most promising 80s inspired synth acts around.

Jowie Schulner's back in an exhileratingly 80s mode with his new release: Suspicious. One of the most emotic synth lead melodies I've heard in this one, it's almost on the verge of breaking down, but manages to retain it's composure throughout. A very emotive track that is definitely on of my favourites from Jowie.

One last treat for this Weekend Update is a new promo video for Kid Machine's Replicants. The excitement sure is building for this release, and I'll be sure to cover it in depth on here.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Weekend Update, next week on Synthetix is already looking super exciting with some very special music coming your way!