Saturday, May 31, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

Whenever anyone has asked me over the years where I think 80s inspired synth music is 'going' I've always been of the mind the mainstream electronic music markets aren't the place that the music we love will find a new and wider appreciative audience. The market where it's becoming more and more obvious that this music belongs and gains true purpose is in movie, TV and video game soundtracks. I've been hoping that this would become more common place and slowly but surely producers are securing roles in these medium; and I really hope this is long term outlet for the music to be optimally used.

I'd like to take this space to personally congratulate the most recent rockers to get their tunes used in soundtrack work. Congratulations Gost and Lazerhawk for their music that is in the latest Ubisoft blockbuster game Watch Dogs and congratulations to Dynatron for his track that is in the upcoming movie Cold In July. Here's to a lot more of this kind of thing happening in the future!

Put your seats into the take off position as we pull the throttle back to full power for this week's featured AIRBORNE releases!

 Glass Apple Bonzai - Glass Apple Bonzai  We've been a fan of of Glass Apple Bonzai's brand of 80s driven synth pop on Synthetix.FM thoughout 2014 and this past week has witnessed the release of the first Glass Apple Bonzai album. Containing nine  rockin tracks the songs are very thoughtfully presented, leaning towards a morose, early 80s european flavour of synth pop with sparse synthscapes and vocals that brood along nicely indeed. Stand out tracks like  'The Freeze', 'The Fist' and the Numan-esque 'The Girl With The Telephoto Eye' really rock hard and I'm sure you'll find much to enjoy within.

Atrey - Supernova Atrey has been on the Synthetix.FM radar since he blew me away with his Guilty Pleasure track earlier this year. His mix of modern techniques and 80s melodies is sure to excite many fans of the likes of Robots With Rayguns and Starcadian. His new four track EP defies the past, future and present with invigorating mixtures of emotive melodies and crushing arrangements. Atrey explores more ambient pastures too, creating some marvellously constructed atmospheres in 'So Far Away' and 'Naomi'. A great EP that is sure to rock you hard.

Room 8 - Visions Of You After waiting for seemingly aeons the first EP from Room 8 has landed! The announcement of Room 8 in 2012 has finally beared fruit and what delicious tasting morsels they are. I won't go into the history or Room 8 here, but be sure to read their blurb on soundcloud to get up to speed. Containing the title track (plus two remixes) and a second original piece there is a lot of to love about Visions Of You. The title track features 80s synth scene mainstays Electric Youth and is a powerfully delivered gem of 80s synth goodness with poppy hooks and crystalline production. The two remixes provided by none other than Miami Nights 1984 and Plastic Plates provide new avenues for the experience, with the MN1984 version being my pick of the two. 'Geo' is the other original track on this release and it is another beautifully composed and performed slice of sweet 80s synth magic. Here's hoping we get some more Room 8 music soon and that their Transduction album is nearing completion.


What better way to open up the Weekend Update than with a hot new track from Foreign Blade. This producer's latest piece is full of action and rocks a triumphant atmosphere full of synths, guitars and marching percussions. 'From Duke To Messiah' rocks hard and is currently available for FREE download.

Hello Meteor continues to impress with each new track and 'I'll Come Back For You' is one of his strongest piece yet. The sublimely atmospheric synthscape is accented with crisp elements and then swells into an incredibly rich melodic final act. Although short in length, this is massive in scope.

Delivering a different kind of intensity is the new track from Pyramid Aeon. The energy in this track is undeniable as it's modern synth sounds blend with 80s emotions and climb ever star-ward and the narrative is rich and rewarding from beginning to the exciting conclusion. You can pick up a copy of this track at a name-your-own price point on Bandcamp here.

The Dust Collective were introduced to me by Denovomutans recently, whom I'd like to thank for doing so. 'Ripper' by The Dust Collective is another killer track being used on The Outrunners webcomic and is ride down dangerous streets into a world of violence and disorder. The piece is put together to maximise the tension and intrigue and does so very well. Currently available for FREE download too.

Hot new music from RF Extreme next with his new synthual experience 'Digital Directional'. This track is a magnificent blend of his OutRun and Synth Romance sounds which combine into an amazing new experience. The scope is huge and the story deep and involving as each chapter progresses.

Although it is policy on Synthetix.FM to no cover unfinished demo/WIP/previews etc, I decided to break this rule with the rockin new Ward-IZ track 'Night Mission' as even though it's listed as being a preview it is available for download in this form. And this form it totally rockin to the max! The high energy is kept high and the melodies soar with beautiful 80s nuance. Get on it while you can!

A new rocker for Synthetix.FM is Varier and his kick arse new tune 'Dynamic Processing'. The mix of modern and slightly ChipTune influenced sounds complement a delightfully emotive 80s progressions and lead into some very interesting passages. Varier is just beginning his 80s synth journey and I look forward to experiencing more of it in the future.

The Neon Vandal is smashing up all kinds of action in his great new track 'New Wave Funk'. Channelling just enough Paul Hardcastle the synths rock with a salacious groove that is undeniably infectious. I really love the use of vocals and samples in this piece, totally rockin.

One of Silent Gloves and myself's closest bonds is our deep love for Michael Cassette's Temporarity album from 2010, which is still one of the greatest albums released thus far the bridges vintage and modern sounds in a very individualised way. Silent Gloves taken his homage one step further and released a new two track EP that is directly inspired by this record and given the at Silent Gloves magic touch that we so dearly love. Both tracks are totally kick arse and available to purchase via Bandcamp here.

Alter Sun continues to impress with his atmospheric and emotional synth compositions. 'When The Sun Goes Down' is his latest track and the journey is epic and full of 80s wonder. The progression of the story is executed with much dexterity and the three chapters are beautifully realised.

The talent of Sebastian Gampl continues to impress this week with no less than two incredibly beautiful pieces of classically styled 80s synth work being shared by this exciting producer. 'As Time Goes By' manages to be full of sentiment and emotional investment without becoming strictly synth romance while 'Clara' goes head over heels in love with an intimate aural love letter. You can pick up a copy of 'As Time Goes By' via Bandcamp here.

Unleashing all manner of electrifying synth magic is Pulse 80 with his killer new tune shared this week entitled 'Staunton'. The in-your-face production is just totally rockin and the melodies resonate deeply within the synthscape. A massive track that is also currently available for FREE download.

Riddlis has come up with something rather special in his new piece titled 'Alaska'. Taking a break from the usual synth surrounds of neon lit city streets we take an invigorating journey into the heart of the wilds of Alaska. The synthscape sparkles with natural beauty and conveys a vast open landscape of limitless possibilities. Structures ebb and flow with natural grace and are all encompassing in their brilliance. Top work, Riddlis!

Our final track this week is actually form 1991 but has only just been released. Krzysztof Duda is a Polish artist who has been making synth music since the 80s and continues to produce as well as share his older work that has often times, such as this, remained unreleased. '4 Miles 2 Davis' was written in memoriam of Miles Davis by Duda just before his funeral. The tones and progressions of this piece and stunning to behold, and the mastery of Krzysztof Duda is evident throughout. Twenty three years on, it's still rockin to the max.

Our video feature this week is the official video for Room 8's 'Visions Of You', which takes future romance to all new levels of technological endeavours amid a pastiche of neon colours.

That does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back during the week with Kasia for more rockin tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene, but there won't be a Weekend Update next weekend as I'll be taking a break over the long weekend here in Australia.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

LA Dreams In Vivid Colors

What is 80s inspired synth music anyway?

When it gets down to brass tacks and deciding what constitutes something 80s, how does this get quantified or decided? This is a question I ask myself on a near daily basis when listening to new music. 'Is this 80s sounding?'
What the hell does that mean?

This week numerous releases have come out from producers who've been often given love on Synthetix.FM and I've found their current music doesn't 'fit' into 80s styles predominantly anymore. I could hear it and feel that the 80s just wasn't the driving force behind it.

Such is the progression and evolution of styles and with much of the harder edge of dark electro synthwave  coming out I've found that stepping back and listening to it from a perspective of 'Is this 80s sounding?' has left me answering 'No, it isn't'. This gets back to how that can be quantified, and then things become harder to explain.

The 80s sounds and emotions are what drives the music I cover on Synthetix.FM. This is evidenced most readily in the melodies present in music. An 80s melody is something that you know when you hear it. It's got a magic about it that feels a certain way. Whether it's keyboard, guitar or sax, or vocal you know when it's 80s. Listen to an MPM synth melody, a Myrone guitar riff or a Rain Sword synth lead and you know it. You feel it. That's the magic right there. And that's what captures my imagination and makes me fall in love with the sounds of the 80s inspired music created today.

I find that when LA Dreams releases a new record it's almost like a 'reset point' to me. I can go off on tangents and really enjoy the diversity of the music being created and then when that LA Dreams magic kicks in it's like coming home again. The reason I fall in love with this music happens all over again and it's like an endless series of first dates that contain all the nervous anticipation and excitement each time.

For some reason, LA Dreams' new record hit me harder than usual this time. Maybe it was the harsher side of synth music of late had coloured my palette with darker aspects and the intensity of things became a tad numb, or maybe it's just that with his lower work rate in 2014 (haha, comparatively!) there becomes more appreciation of his sounds. I don't know what it was but this album sang directly to me, and in the epic words of The Cars; it was just what I needed.

The LA Dreams experience reaches out in new directions on this album, it's nothing that is going make anyone's jaws drop, but much like how revered Nintendo franchise games get given slight upgrades instead of massive overhauls I found the small changes that LA Dreams has included in Vivid Colors makes a big difference. 'Open Air' sets a scene of classic synth romance atmosphere with climbing melodies and a methodical build that rises with total 80s brilliance. There appears to be more clarity in this release from LA Dreams and this track indicates a wider synthscape being home to the individual elements.  This slicker production adds even more gloss to the already polished beauty.

Dramatic synths are set ablaze in the high energy 'The Last Goodbye' as the simplicity of the melody is given immense power and focus through the incredibly exciting arrangements. The passages chase and overtake with magnificent back-and-forth between the music's elements. This is what LA Dreams does incredibly well, consistently, and it never fails to captivate me.

One of the most rockin new facets of the LA Dreams sound is that 'When I'm With You' contains the first vocal track in an LA Dreams track (that I'm aware of). The vocoded refrain makes this track really jump and the percussion has a more live crispness about which gives a more band-like aesthetic to the soundscape. It works exceptionally well and makes this piece not only one of the stand out tracks on Vivid Colors, but one of LA Dreams stand out tracks overall.. and we know just how many there are of them to stand out from!

Smooth moods of synthual pleasures flow with incredible beauty through 'Impulsive' as the controlled nature allows for an intimate ambience to be created. Subtlety turns to tides of powerful emotive strains. Wavering melodies are given more and more confidence until the eloquently worded love poem speaks directly from the heart. This leads into the more intense passages of 'Morning After' which trades off the intensity of the leading refrains with much more understated pieces that move in intriguing patterns.

'Un-Said' brings in inquisitive melodies and introduces some rockin guitars to a funky jam that rolls smooth and silk and bounces with loving positivity. The LA Dreams magic shines in each second of this piece and creates a time capsule of beautiful 80s synthscapes. This track moves into another huge high point of the album in 'Fearless Generation'. The sheer power this track commands is breathtaking with monstrously huge drums driving an engine room of exceptionally constructed synth elements. The presence of this piece is awe inspiring and if it wasn't for the final track, this would be my favourite piece on Vivid Colors.

Which brings us to the final track on the album. Titled 'Burning Desires' this piece of music is not only one of the most amazing LA Dreams experiences I've had the pleasure of listening to, but also one of the most kick arse tunes I've heard in the modern 80s scene, period. The funk is turned up and out well and beyond dangerous levels and the groove is cut deeper than the Grand Canyon as 'Burning Desires' rocks like a classic 80s pop gem should. Dancing saxophones add even more explosive power to track and each breakdown and return to the lead synth melody is an epic 80s epiphany of totally k-rad rockin magic. 'Burning Desires' just kills it on every conceivable level.

LA Dreams presents the Vivid Colors album on his Bandcamp page here and Synthetix.FM very, very highly recommends this release to all fans of 80s inspired synth music. Everything you know and love about LA Dreams is rockin in some super kick arse new ways while he retains that implicit gift he has for creating 80s emotions via synthesized music. Feel that LA Dreams magic, let it into your heart and let those beautiful retro vibes welcome you back home again in a long, warm embrace.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

Kasia is back with another trio of reminiscences from her secret diary. Let's share in some more of her favourite musical memories from now and then with a new instalment of Kasia's Secret Diary.

Monday, 24th June, 2013

Le Cassette - Tokyo  Blues

Dear Tokyo Blues,

I wanted to ask if you believe in love ?

Because I do believe... and it's all because of you.

The moment when you discover that you fell in love with something

But it is hard to catch the time when it really happened... something like a love at first sight
It's not easy to find this feeling in real life but with you it was so natural...

Like I've been waiting for you all my life

It's hard to even imagine that you are not with me.. I am sure you have no idea how much you mean to me and how many great things you brought to my life

You let me discover a world I did not know before

All these magic moments I spent with you are priceless

I am here because of you. I wanted to thank you for being my inspiration...for being there for me when I needed you

And for making me fall in love with music again.

Sunday, 8th December, 2013

C-60 - Night Cruiser

I can't imagine a better company for my night cruises

The emptiness, the dark space around me 
and you being the only light in the darkness.

Nothing can stop us...only sky is the limit

I just love when your are talking to me like this... everything around me disappear

Like I don't need anything else in this world just to feel that I am alive

Did I tell you that you are absolutely amazing?

How many great emotions can you actually hide inside yourself?

You surprise me more and more with every single note

I always find something new in you that amazes me

You are my never ending journey.

Friday, 14th March, 2014

Abelard - Teenage Movie - Ending Credits

Whenever I'm with you I feel like I was back in high school!

The good old times

Everything was innocent, simple and beautiful

Even the bad things were not exactly so bad at the time

First love, first kiss, first broken heart, first disappointment...

We had these big dreams and great visions of how our lives will look like in the future

Your music reminds me of them and makes me smile

Yes.. a big smile appears on my face

All these good and bad things made us who we are now

Maybe our life is not like we thought it will be but nothing happens without a reason

With every sound of your music I'm more and more sure that there is still something big waiting for us...

It's only important to find it and see it and then not to miss it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Squidfish Attacks Metropopolopolis!!

When it comes to what gets me, personally, excited about 80s inspired synth music I often find two completely opposite approaches are what makes me fall in love with the music. I've mentioned this before, and I'll probably mention it again, but the authentic 80s synth music that really feels like it stepped directly out of that wonderful decade is one of these.

The other is the experimental and avante garde combinations of sounds that truly visionary producers come up with that mixes the un-mixable and combines the un-combinable into something I've never heard before. Be it the fusion of modern elements and vintage sounds or the obtuse combinations of different styles from similar; or dissimilar ones, the excitement of hearing something you've never heard before yet brings those things you love about music into a fresh frame of mind is, for me, a lot of the magic in the 80s inspired synth music happening today.

And this is what happend when I heard Squidfish Attacks' hot new EP Metropopolopolis. Initially I came across only the opening track which I fell in love with (and was going to be featured in next week's Weekend Update). Further, albeit accidental, investigation resulted in finding the EP and the magic of this work really kicked in.

Squidfish Attacks cites his music as a "fusion band mixing synthwave and 80s soul with heavier elements" and that description does suit the tracks very nicely indeed. The jazzier end of the 80s synth spectrum is met with raucous riffing metal guitars and atmospheric elements that deliver a smooth, powerful and invigorating blast of nostalgia and brutality all in one. In a similar manner to C-Jeff's magnificent Big Steel Wheels album the combination of emotive synth and high calibre guitar ammunition combines into something of huge entertainment value.

Opening with the stupendously named 'Miami Slice' the Squidfish Attacks instantly sets a twilight scene of lusty guitar licks and late night synth chords. The air is dense with desire and the sounds keep the tension and anticipation high. A segue of lovingly caressed piano and sax move things from the balcony into the bedroom as totally arse kicking guitar riffs wails and thrust their way in deep passions. The afterglow reprise cools off hot skin with a cool breeze that clings to her curves with a steamy ardour.

The dawn brings glinting rays of sunlight sparkling on the bay and your precision engineered Italian sportscar as the infectiously catchy melody of 'Outran' rocks on down the coastal highway. The passages of synthual beauty mixed with the crunching guitars match the elegant beauty and brutal horsepower of your automobile. High end luxury cruising with high volume rock and roll delivering thrilling moments; even moving into more tropical delights with island rhythms jiving along the beachside architecture.

Squidfish Attacks takes things back to the bedroom in the third chapter titled 'Love Wizard'. The emotionally laid bare melodies embrace guitars that add nuance and bright magic instead of their previous raw velocity. The atmosphere is hung on gossamer threads of bejewelled 80s fantasy. Jazzy and flighty movements are crafted with great care and the depth of the melody is explored with wondrous beauty. As a bonus, a remix of this track follows which cuts it up into an animal of completely new energies and works in a whole new way, even if it's rather brief.

Track four marks a return to a dazzlingly coloured, laid back jazz synthphony in 'I'll Anita Bake Her!'. The manner in which the sounds work together is sublimely implemented through the live drums and guitars adding a massively organic presence to the music. The dexterity in which each instrument moves in and out of its own space and into new directions is wonderful to experience. The relaxing tones of then and now become one as your imagination is captured and taken on a flight of musical fancy.

The rock is brought back tenfold in the final piece of the album in 'Sludgemucker', which brings in huge, blockbuster riffs of gleaming metal brilliance and then tempers their electric power with synth melodies that are wholly complementary and rock the scene with their own magical entrancement. Scaling melodies get the steady rockin rollin and the final passage shreds a fabulous disaster of pure metal mayhem. Perhaps some more synth work in this piece would've been welcome, but it still stands as one kick arse jam.

Squidfish Attacks presents the Metropopolopolis  EP on his Bandcamp page here at a name-your-own price point. This release has a great deal of fun about it and you know the producer was really enjoying himself through each of the tracks. The fun nature of the compositions though in no way detracts from the superb musicianship displayed in the pieces as well as his understanding of vintage genres. The combinations that Squidfish Attacks comes up with on this EP are totally rad to the max and Synthetix.FM very highly recommends you pick up a copy and get taken into a new dimension of 80s soundscapes.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

In the short space of a year it has been wonderful to see the huge increase in physical releases in the 80s inspired synth scene. I once thought it was a fantasy to be able to own my favourite releases on cassette or vinyl (I'm not a CD collector) and in 2014 it has become a far more regular occurrence. As a fan nothing beats 'owning' a part of an artist you follow, the music industry in general is in danger of removing this vital link between the artist and their audience with digital downloads and streaming services, becoming something an entire generation will just take as a convenience.

Music shouldn't be convenient. It shouldn't be something we become flippant about and just assume will always be there for us. We as fans need to make investments in those making the music, this entirely the reason why Synthetix.FM came about, to get that connection between the music makers and their potential audience. Being able to have a connection with a an album via a physical representation of that work is a tactile and emotional experience that is hugely special and is something that makes the music a much more permanent part of what the music means to us.

The two business models that I see working very well currently are the pre-order and then the re-issue. The upcoming Perturbator release through Telefuture Records is a superb opportunity to really hype up this auspicious release. Perturbator has a larger following than many in the scene and the excitement associated with owning a prestige format physical release with all the extras is very enticing. You can preorder a copy here, which I highly encourage.

The other method, which I see as a very attractive model for minimal initial outlay is what Highway Superstar has just done. If you head on over to his Bandcamp page here you'll find a whole bunch of rockin merchandise and physical copies of his magnificent  Take My Time album from last year. The genius of this kind of model is releasing the physical version six months after the digital release is a far less risky decision based on how the record has sold as well as bringing those special albums back into the audience's psyche.

When was the last time you listened to Take My Time? A month? Two months? More? But the fond memories for this kick arse record are now part of your musical memories and the chance to now own it  in a physical format and revisit those golden moments is something I find massively attractive. I'm quite happy as a fan to buy an album digitally, fall in love with it, and then fall in love with it all over again with a version I can enjoy a whole other level. The 80s inspired synth scene's music has the wonderful quality of being timeless, meaning a reissue of an album from even five years ago would be something I'd certainly be willing to pay for. Who wouldn't want to own Mitch Murder's Current Events on vinyl? Or Tommy's Outer Space Adventurer in a premium format? This model serves as the perfect opportunity to bring that magic back where it belongs.

I'd like to personally congratulate all the rockin labels out there who are now releasing physical versions of the talent they have on board. To Werkstatt Recordings, Girlfriend Records, Playmaker, Future 80s Records and all the other labels and independent producers out there making my musical fantasies come true; I salute you, and hope that physical releases are a mainstay of the 80s inspired synth scene. Be sure to check out the links to these labels and more in the links section on the right hand side of this page and have a browse around, you never know what you'll find and what you might have missed. Also, get rockin on the Facebook group Synthwave Cassette Club here for more hot info and news.

And remember: if you don't buy them; they WILL go away.

Time to get rockin with some music that'll be sure to get you feeling the G's as we pull out of a nose dive into a spectacular barrel roll with this week's AIRBORNE feature releases!

WARD-IZ - The Chase EP Australia's WARD-IZ has a killer new two track EP up for your delectation that is a one-two punch of knock-OutRun rockin. The fast pace and climbing melodies are arranged in a fashion to maximise excitement with rubber burning and synths ablaze in a 80s four wheeled firestorm! Definitely a kick arse debut for WARD-IZ, proudly presented by Wave Runner Records who will be hosting his debut full length album sometime in 2014.

Jupiter 8 - Vigilante 2 It has been hard to keep up with all the Jupiter 8 releases as this rocker just keeps cranking out EPs on an almost weekly basis. I haven't felt the magic in much of his recent work but his Vigilante 2 EP is something rockin. The synthscape is sparking with electricity and the tracks are much more thought out and arranged with emphasis placed on the melodies rather than just the sounds. Stand out tracks like 'Fighting Back' and 'Ghetto Blaster' display Jupiter 8's stronger points, which I hope he delves into further in the future.

jAke - Cracks  A new three track release from jAke caught my attention this week. The Cracks EP is a great little excursion into some fantastic 80s moods and sounds with the title track being totally rad to the max. This song has a very impressive vocal that has a quality akin the Robert Plant's Principle Of Moments work, which is totally killer. The pop sensibilities of jAke are most prominent in 'Cracks' but the 80s magic glows with different colours in the also kick arse '(Who Stole My) Pony (?)' that has its tongue firmly planted in cheek with high energy 80s vibes rockin hard.


Let's kick things off with a hot new track from KALAX, a summer anthem for the burgeoning season aptly titled 'A Summer's Dream'. This piece has a really great energy in the bassline that the romantic sax parts play off of beautifully. It's a great mix of sounds that make for total 80s magic.

The off kilter timing in the new track from Android Automatic provides for an engaging and consuming experience. The atmosphere in 2024 gives off a night-stalker feel, being unbalanced and ever so slightly out of control. The dark of the night is a brooding shadow, hiding the pain of the tortured soul.

Rockin darker vibes this week also is Waveshaper with his 'Breakdown (Instrumental)' track that seethes and pulses with enigmatic sounds that echo danger and powerful melodies. The choked-out synthscape struggles against overpowering odds and each dramatic passage takes you further into the haunting melancholy.

Alter Sun has a superb new track out this week in 'Purple Clouds' which is a poignantly written excursion into 80s melodies. There are some darker elements at play but the tone is much more introspective and a bright positivity rings through the wonderfully explored melodies.

The glisteningly sweet synth romance sounds of Robert Parker will be sure to get you feeling that 80s love. 'Seventeen' is yearning and crushed out with uplifting melodies and bright nuances, full of wide eyed adoration and teenage passion. Definitely this week's home room anthem in Shermer. Be sure to pick up a copy of this great track for FREE via the download link in the player.

The first victim of my forced move from 'classic' soundcloud to the 'new' soundcloud was unfortunately Arc Neon's 'Body Talk' that came out a couple of weeks back, I do apologise for not covering this totally killer track last week, I hope I can get accustomed to the 'new' soundcloud so this doesn't happen often. That said, this track rocks hard and 'Body Talk' is currently available for FREE download via the player.

Droid Bishop keeps on creating superb synthscapes of verdant 80s lushness and with 'Momentary Love' he's captured a magnificent range of sounds that are both funky and atmospheric with emotionally charged melodies driving the experience. This track is available on the Stratford CT. Compilation available here.

Flexing his synth muscles and powering into oblivion is Grooveworthy with his powerhouse new slice of action packed drama titled 'God-Powered Android'. The build on this is totally kick arse as each chapter layers in new combustible elements that are then exploded with aural vibrations and dimensional energies in the final act. A great return to 80s sounds for Grooveworthy and this piece is also currently available for FREE download.

The late 2000s crossover with nu-disco and 80s sounds produced some fantastic moments in musical experiences and one of my favourite acts of that time are back with a hot new EP. 7he Myriads mix some modern ideas within arrangements that are both contemporary and retro oriented but always with a classy vintage vibe and in 'Out Of The Maze' they achieve this splendidly well. Here's to the triumphant return of 7he Myriads and their Labyrinth Of The Minotaur EP.

Speaking of mixing modern and vintage ideas, here comes Myrone with his kick arse guitars of distinction rockin down the highway in 'Virtual Island Paradise'. I've stated numerous times that Myrone is one of my favourite new talents of 2014 thus far and this track just reinforces that. The arrangements are incredibly rich and even with that oddly chosen rap passage, the 80s energies in this track just soar into wondrous new dimensions of the raddest kind. Rock it for FREE download while you can!

Whilst on the subject of exciting new talent someone whom I just discovered who totally rocked my world is Sebastian Gampl. This producer's innate understanding of 80s melodies and progressions is totally on point and his striving for authenticity is something very special indeed. His latest track 'Under Control' is a totally kick arse example of this but also check out his amazing 'Have You Heard' track, which is also available for purchase on Bandcamp here.

Heading out into bright lights and disco nights is the hot new rocker from Garth Knight 'Knight Of The Disco'. The powerful bassline and high energy drums create a thumping disco vibe that the spacey synth melodies just cruise along beautifully. Rock the disco vibes all night long by adding this to your Garth Knight collection via the purchase link in the player.

Pure Secks has been producing some really interesting sounds over the last few months.  Whilst I've really enjoyed the lion's share of them a lot weren't particularly 80s enough to cover on Synthetix.FM. With his latest work that is definitely not the case as 'Business Or Pleasure' really nails the 80s mood and creates a sparse, dreamy synth atmosphere. This piece is currently available for FREE download also.

I must say, since LA Dreams has been working on other projects this past couple of months that I've really missed his regular album releases. But alas, all is not lost! He's still rockin hard and has released a great new track this week titled 'Open Air'. And the open air feels as good and fresh as LA Dreams' magical 80s synth music.

When it comes to rockin collaborative work there are few as prolific as STARFORCE and the latest piece in this ongoing series is a super hot new track with Action Jackson. My favourite part about 'Time Shock' is that it accurately captures the strong suits of both producers and mixes their styles into the perfect blend of Action Jackson's other worldly melodies and STARFORCES epic progressions. Totally kick arse, and available for FREE download via the player.

Our feature video for this week's Weekend Update is from none other than RF Extreme and a video he has created to accompany his beautiful new work 'Past Deflection'. The racing video is the  perfect accompaniment the RF Extreme trademark melodies that are both graceful and highly charged. It is an entrancing mix of audio visual entertainment the justly captures the RF Extreme magic.

That does us for another big Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I hope your weekend rocks that little bit harder with these kick arse 80s tunes providing the soundtrack.

I'll be back during the week with Kasia for more rockin tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

Welcome to a new weekly feature on Synthetix.FM. Some of you will recognise Kasia's name from soundcloud and other online music services. Synthetix.FM is honoured to have this superfan of 80s inspired synth music writing a weekly piece for your delectation. Look forward to many new and favourite tracks to appear as we visit with Kasia for her latest and and most favourite pieces of music  documented as personal love letters to the music itself.

Kasia's Secret Diary

Hi, I am Kasia, and I will be sharing some of my favorite musical memories for you. These sounds have touched me deeply and this is why I want to share them. Some of the tracks are new, some old, but all very important to me, and I hope they become special for you too. Come and share a small part of my life through Kasia's Secret Diary.

Monday, 21st April, 2014

BronSon - It's Time To Groove

You know that I love you?

You are the first thing I think about when I open my eyes in the morning

Your melody makes me want to live!

Always puts a huge smile on my face

Wondering where do you get this optimism?

And the sax... always plays with my mind
It is gonna be another wonderful day... thanks to you!

Saturday, 12th May, 2014

Photosynthesi - Faded Away

I wish I could explain how I feel about you...

I am sad and happy at the same time

Because.. even though a lot of things have faded away there is still so much more ahead of us.

With every note of your music I am finding so many great feelings inside me

Like I could move mountains without an effort

Or fly high even though I have no wings

I never thought I can feel like this.

You gave me hope for a better tomorrow

Things change, people change, the world changes...

But memories don't!

It is wonderful that you can recall my best memories

I hope your wonderful melodies will always bring them back to me

Wednesday,  January 15th, 2014

besmooth - A Song

Hi Stranger

I am wondering who brought you to my life?

You came out of nowhere with all these magical synths around you

I remember very well our first meeting

You caught me by the hand and I knew you will never let me go away

There is something mysterious about you

Something does not want me to forgot about you

I'm trying so hard to get to know you but I feel that you still have some hidden secrets

Maybe one day you will be ready to tell me the truth about you

You have made your promises to the stars... and I have made mine

And you know nothing can stop me

And we'll be together at last

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom

Nightsatan are one of the 80s inspired synth acts that I really always hoped I got the chance to cover on Synthetix.FM. These purveyors of modern reminiscences on classic 70s and 80s synth horror soundtracks were instantly one of my favourite discoveries in 2010 when I first came across their marvellous mix of sounds. It was their Midnight Laser Warrior album (still available for purchase on iTunes) of that year that captured my imagination with its mixture of progressive 70s sounds, 80s synths and a good dose of metal influences in their energy.

Indeed, Nightsatan seem to market themselves exclusively in the metal-arena, calling their musical style Laser Metal. A quick hunt around the internet for the sites that covered both this release and their first are predominantly metal oriented. The Nightsatan synthscape, however, is one that is well at home in the 80s inspired synth scene as much of their soundtrack oriented pieces are positively dripping with glorious vintage synth sounds and arrangements that Dario Argento, Umberto Lenzi and Mario Bava would be elated to accompany their grimmest giallo sequences.

The four year gap between Midnight Laser Warrior and Loops Of Doom has seen a huge tightening up of the Nightsatan sound. Melodies are far more refined and dextrous and the heavy handed production of their first release has given way to a spectacular and deeply polished atmosphere for this brand new record. Not only do we get this latest project as an album but Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom is also a feature short film that the soundtrack is an expansion of.

For the first time on Synthetix.FM I get the pleasure of reviewing a visual and aural package that combines to create something altogether rockin on a whole new level. The creativity of this group and their execution in this package has been worth the wait and raises the bar entirely on what soundtrack oriented synth music is as a purposeful art form.  

I've shared the trailer for Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom in a previous Weekend Update, but it bears revisiting to really get you up to speed on the epic nature of this project.

One thing I'd really like to point out, right from the outset, is that marvellous self-effacing level of purely exploitative rockin that appears in the short film is massively contrasted by the thoughtfulness and delicacy of the soundtrack. Also, the actual movie portion of the package contains (at my estimation) less than a quarter of the entire music soundtrack presented on the album. The music is used sparingly with the visuals, mainly for effect and set pieces, often truncated from the full tracks that appear on the soundtrack album. In essence, what you get in this package is a short film which actually comes across as a promo for the soundtrack album. This concept may be a tad baffling, but the movie of Loops of Doom is much more a hype-piece and teaser for the main course which is the soundtrack itself.

The movie side of Loops Of Doom is a simple story that doesn't need to be fully explored and dissected and is instead an over the top cavalcade of post apocalyptic violence flavoured with all my favourite denominations of cheese. You'll get all the things you wish for in classic exploitative cinema, including gore, nudity, and spectacular one-liners. Often all at once. The crux of the idea in Loops Of Doom, for me, crosses over from the post apocalyptic fantasy Nightsatan create and becomes very 'real world'. The idea of being tortured by sound, and it stifling ones creativity, enslaving you in invisible bonds that take over control of you entirely is something I'm guessing many producers of music reading this will relate to directly and Nightsatan's nightmarish vision of this in another dimensional circumstance will bring forth many wry smiles I'm sure.

In realising this vision Nightsatan have created their own totally rockin personas that are superbly drawn out with characters that are a great deal of fun. From Inhalator II's perplexed expressions and lustful yearnings to Wolf Rami's complete nihilistic disdain for everything and Mazathoth's otherworldly powers there is a genuine magic to image of Nightsatan. I'd also like to complement them on keeping all the language in Italian, for even more giallo authenticity and Mazathoth's robotic vocoder voice, swearing in Italian is my new favourite linguistic combination of all time.

Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom's twenty four minute cinematic feature is really only the introduction to the soundtrack album however. Once the actual album kicks in a higher plane of existence is achieved by Nightsatan as a group and their music then begins to speak much more eloquently for itself.

Opening in an unhurried and wonderfully enveloping manner the soundtrack begins with 'Lost Karelia', which impresses very quickly with its vast and spacious synthscape that is utterly gorgeous in tone and progressions. Elements of many classic late 70s synth producers haunt the atmosphere but it's Nightsatan's own magic that illustrates the aural vistas before us. These slow paced and epically constructed pieces are the heart of the Nightsatan experience, and the control exercised in commanding these lumbering giants if synthual energies is truly enlightening to experience.

Keeping the synthscape as refined and focused as possibly allows Nightsatan to weave spells around the listener that then becomes an all encompassing force. One of my favourite aspects of the Nightsatan sound that was prominent on Midnight Laser Warrior is revisited on this record with a new purpose and power. This being the speeding up of passages to initiate dramatic climaxes and emphasise the melody's power, which reaches new heights on '(Obey) Thy Master' and is used with much success throughout the album.

The overall sense of doom and foreboding that Nighsatan instill in their music is completely balanced by a beauty that is felt in the subtleties of the instrumentations. Sleight, distant melodies whisper softly and then rise to uproarious vocalisations of incredible power. The evolutionary nature of much of Nightsatan's work give the genuine feeling of that epic journey into unknown worlds. The sheer illuminating power of refrains like those in 'Secret Of The Mystery' are like the opening of galaxies above and a great outpouring of cosmic metaphysical energy. It is an epiphany, an experience that captures and explores how incredibly powerful this magical music is.

One becomes very aware of fantastic level of craftsmanship in each track upon this record, as their simplicity and production is often what conjures the most vivid visions. Numerous atmospheric pieces that are wholly used to set and illuminate a singular idea are used with graceful brilliance; never losing their focus or direction, and always conveying their ideas with musical finesse.

Even more surprising on this album is the diversity of synthscapes the band explore. The atmospheric pieces are contrasted with energetic progressive sounds and one of the real high points is the utterly intoxicating 'Inhalator II Love Theme' which takes synth romance ideals to new levels of sublime intimacy. This passage in particular is one of the single most incredible synth journey's I've ever been taken on, such is its stunning emotive power.

Another level of engagement is achieved on pieces like 'Rejects Of The Wasteland' where the journey is a self contained group of set pieces that are rich in their storytelling and traverse aeons of musical territory with building sequences that are then exchanged for high action sequences where the atmosphere becomes even more intense. Nightsatan always keep the beauty of their melodies a priority and it is these vintage progressions that are what ties the entire soundtrack together.

The entire package is just so rewarding to experience with this release that it really redefines what this music is all about and its relevance. Nightsatan have made a visual extravaganza that ticks so many boxes for fans of 70s and 80s cinema and then goes and takes that idea into the stratosphere and beyond with an incredible album that is so well constructed and complete that it creates an entirely new vision for the music. The understanding and homage to classic sounds and arrangements are tempered with a modern polish that paints an extraordinarily vivid synthscape; one that I hope you to journey into deeply.

Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom is presented on Svart Records here in a beautifully designed digipack containing the DVD movie (with a great lot of extras) as well as the soundtrack album on CD. This record is truly a Synthetix Reference Experience as the combination of the wonderfully exploitative cinematic feature combined with absolutely astounding soundtrack make a for package that entertains and engages on every conceivable level.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

Time again for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM! There's something new coming to Synthetix.FM, something I hope you enjoy. For the first time I'll be having a new contributor to the site, and it will be a new regular feature on a weekly basis. I've had numerous people ask to contribute over the years and I've never taken any on as basically the content would be the same as what I already offer but from a different author. I was very aware that any person I was ever going to get to contribute to Synthetix.FM would need to offer something new, something different to what I do and something that is still in keeping with the Synthetix.FM theme and aesthetic.

With these lofty criteria I really didn't think I'd get anybody else to create content on here, not that I didn't want people to contribute, but more that it had to be something that met these things specifically so that it was a complementary aspect to the Synthetix.FM experience. Luckily all the planets got into alignment recently and I'm very pleased to announce their first post will happen on here midweek, between my two usual reviews. I want to keep it a surprise until it happens, and I hope all you Synthetix.FM rockers out there find this new addition entertaining and enlightening. So tune in Wednesday to Synthetix.FM for all the hot new action!

Right now let's pull back the throttle and launch into synthual realms of azure brilliance and aural majesty with this week's AIRBORNE feature releases!

Mathusalem - Panorama  A producer bridging many vintage and modern aspects in his music is Mathusalem and his latest EP presented by Future City Records is a four track affair entitled Panorama. The style of the music is arranged with many modern flavours and the sounds blend vintage 80s glows with contemporary colour but it is the melodies that draw a rather wonderful retro pastiche from these ingredients. This release is definitely right on the borderline of being relevant to Synthetix.FM but is definitely something worthy of your listening time. Some great ideas surface throughout the tracks that are fresh and rockin with 'Panorama' and the opening piece 'Alpha Centauri' being my favourites for creating hypnotically designed 80s inspired experiences.

Omega Danzer - Play The Future Another producer who's combining many old and new inspiration is Omega Danzer. His latest EP titled Play The Future is presented for your enjoyment by Computer Love Records and delivers thrilling mixes of 80s synth and Italo sounds in a French Touch ambiance that brings to mind a great deal of the original 80s revival producers from the late 2000s. The sounds are heavily beat-driven with a dancefloor energy powering the synthscape but Omega Danzer keeps the 80s rockin via soothing and electrifying melodies. Electro rock breakin' action is one of the EP's highlights on the title track but his OutRun themed 'Galaxia Danze' is also a high point.

Nitelight - Kepler-186F A brand new team of rockers out on the loose and ready to relive the 80s dream is the three piece act Nitelight from Italy who've just completed their debut EP Kepler-186F. The Nitelight experience is about creating atmospheres of synthual passages that blend soundtrack aspects with energetic synthwave hooks. The music itself is arranged with great care and maximises the beauty of the elements with the percussion ensuring a focus is retained and the rockin doesn't stop. Emotional canvases vary immensely, through the panic and drama of the title track and into the smooth undulations of 'Countach' then into the night time action thrills of 'Pleasure 2008'. Nitelight keep passions running high throughout this EP and it bodes very well for their future in classic 80s sounds.


Quick! Get onto this as quick as you can before Trevor Something makes it disappear! I've had very little luck posting his music of late as by the time I'm ready to post it he's pulled it down off soundcloud. With his new track available on iTunes here I'm assuming this one might be up for the duration, with any luck. The dreamy synth pop gold of Trevor Something continues to glow and smoulder throughout 'Summer Love' and his vocals are, once again, some of the most suave you're going to hear outside of a Roxy Music record.

Treading with fear in the dark woods, late at night is the latest work from Zombie Hyperdrive: 'Red Eyes'. The threat of danger looms through every stanza and the guitar tear shreds of flesh from bone with roaring solos of complete entrancement. 'Red Eyes' is certainly a track Goblin would be proud of and Zombie Hyperdrive should be too as this rocks from beginning to end.

Swapping out the terror for some amorous advances is Destroyah with his latest work 'Girl In A Varsity Jacket'. Although the sounds are geared towards the romance of the 80s this is a very interesting take on synth romance sounds and moves with a graceful and ethereal presence while the female vocal work provides a wonderful counter play to the smoothly implemented sax.

Paris76 has been continuing his journey into vintage sounds and experimenting with some new ideas and in 'Neo Noir (re-edit)' he's come up with something rockin indeed. The structures of this track, especially the percussion are off kilter and enhance the dreamy nature of the melodies. The result is very engaging and full of homage to vintage sounds.

Venturing further into avant garde territory is the latest creation from Jowie Schulner called 'Era Of Adventure'. Once again it is the non-traditional percussion that really skews the angles and presence of the melodies into exquisite new surrounds. The hypnotic arrangements are irresistible and breathtaking.

Brutal Pony Riders is rockin up some kick arse grooves in his latest work B.P.R FM. The chintz is turned up into gloriously raucous levels with cowbell magic riding at full gallop throughout. This hot track is currently available for FREE download via the player.

Hello Meteor's been rocking the 80s inspired synth magic for a while now but I do believe this is the first time I've covered his music on Synthetix.FM. His latest track is 'Justifying The Intrusion' and it's one kick arse piece of synth gold. Sounds are marauding and subtle, keeping the ambiance balanced on tenter hooks. This is the perfect blend of night moods and hidden emotions. Beautiful music.

Taking off from earthly nights into the eternal night of space is another deeply atmospheric work of synthual delights courtesy of Kid Quasar and his track 'Phase Night'. The airy nature of the melodies are hung together by a totally kick arse bassline that really ties all the elements together into a magical experience.

Time Trvlr is rockin some quality Italo this week with his latest work 'Ciab Bella-Italo'. The elements come together in wonderfully traditional fashion and the arrangements on here really would take off to all new levels with a vocal track from a classically styled Italo chanteuse.  I wonder what Evelyn Barry or Lian Ross are up to these days?  This track is currently available for FREE download.

We've not visited the jungles of danger and unknown mythical powers for quite some time on Synthetix.FM but Robot Outro is ready to give us a guided tour of forgotten cultures and mystical magic courtesy of his rockin new tune 'The Outsider Tribe'. The percussion is wonderfully implemented and each element alludes to even more intrigue amidst the sprawling tropical forests. This track is also available for FREE download currently.

The terror of the night returns with violence and brutality in Grochoski's sinister new track 'Wild Night'.  After a horrific scene is set in the introduction the synths take over and carve out passages of menace with a couple of contemporary accents added that really give the track a surprising and unpredictable edge that I found hugely entertaining. You can pick up a copy of this track on Grochoski's Bandcamp page here at a name-your-own price point.

Mitch Murder's celebrating 10,000+ fans on his Facebook page with a wonderful new track for FREE download! 'Ocean Avenue' provides a much more airy and sparsely populated synthscape than we're usually accustomed to with Mitch Murder's work and in doing so allows for the sunny ambiance of the melodies to shine with a gloriously warm flow. Congratulations, Mitch rocker, and thanks for all the magical tunes!

Next up is another minimalist synthscape from Frank Dagger this time. 'Girls Best Friend' is going to be featured as the soundtrack to a short film by director Marcos Cidade. I'm unfamiliar with this director's work but I hope we get to see the full production as this rockin tune is certainly engineered for some intriguing visuals. This track is currently available for FREE download too.

Our final track for this week's Weekend Update is the aptly titled 'Until The Sun Goes Down' from Synthetix.FM favourite Tommy. The magic of this producer emanates deeply from within this song yet it contains a bright, happy vibe that is often a road less travelled for this producer who's more prone to travel the more introspectively deep musical paths. Tommy's music is always uplifting in its melodic structures and this is definitely the case with this gorgeous track, which is also currently available for FREE download.

Our video feature this week, once again, comes from 80s inspired synth scene official video maker par excellence Neros77 with his totally rockin mix of Garth Knight's epic 'Dance With Me' and visuals from everyone's favourite Hasselhoff extravaganza Knight Rider. Neros77 kills it once again!

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I hope you've found some hot new tunes to make your weekend the right shades of 80s neon. I'll be back during the week with more hot rockin tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene and don't forget the new weekly feature launching here midweek. 'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dallas Campbell Plants The Origin Seeds

The more avant garde producers that draw inspirations from vintage synth music are ones I always find myself gravitating towards. The inventiveness and willingness to stray from convention and into all new ideas is something I enjoy just as much as producers who pride themselves on their authenticity to the original music. Occasionally these two spheres of thought collide and create something that contains hallmarks of both schools of thought and that's exactly what you experience in the new Dallas Campbell album: Origin Seeds.

Dallas Campbell first came into my awareness via his marvellous 'Miami's Squarest Grouper' last year and the refreshing blend of disco sounds and a quirky eclecticism to the synthscape had me very intrigued. Synthetix.FM was unfortunately on hiatus when his last conceptual release called The Ballooner Takes Flight was released but I'm very pleased that I get to give some well deserved love to his latest album. This producer's sounds are taken to a new level in Origin Seeds as a polish and lustre that is engineered into the synthscapes allows for the Dallas Campbell vision to come into sharp and fascinating focus.

The genres and ages traversed by Campbell in Origin Seeds is vast and this album is not about reinventing sounds and creating the familiar and is instead more about creating universes, galaxies and beings from scratch. The seeds of tracks germinate and grow with alien forces and nutrients guiding them which then creates the ten compositions presented on this record. The producer's homage to vintage sounds is ever present and in many ways the progressively oriented music harkens back to the late 70ss synth movement when this instrument made music an entirely brand new proposition.

The introductory launch sequence begins the journey before 'Indica' unveils its cryptic synthual elegance and springs to life with cosmic 70s orchestrations setting a vividly beautiful scene. The fabric of life hangs on each note with elements performing a musical balancing act until forward momentum solidifies their direction. Each layer tells an individual story as each sound sprouts a new aural consciousness; evolving with each passing nanosecond into a higher form.

It is the experimental and metaphysical nature of Campbell's music that comes to the forefront in 'Stardust (short and sweet edit)'where deep, channelling grooves are laid into the cosmic synth magic and disco beats merge with the celestial bodies in an uplifting synthphonic chorus. Weightless melodies sparkle with new life and the emptiness of the heavens becomes teeming with pulsing lights of disco magic.

The effervescence of life continues to evolve and take on new forms as the Origin Seeds take root. The infectious swagger of 'Sativa' brings a coolness to the atmosphere that is moist and burgeoning with natural energy. Sidestepping into brighter light momentarily the melodic story tells a different branch of the story before the hook of the bassline and the swell of the synths rock things back into perfect rhythm.

Like all great conceptual records the stories are having recurring characters that expand upon their initial introductions, such is the case with 'Horizon II'. Familiar voices guide us into new levels of consciousness where guitars echo like shooting stars in the purple alien sky and a dreamy vocal track follows in its path like a vapor trail. Campbell's songwriting proficiency really comes to the fore in this wonderful escapade as each new chapter is unrestrained with glorious brilliance while retaining a solid and meaningful direction.

The pop sensibilities of some of Campbell's earlier work take spectacular form in 'Green Sea And The Spice' with smoothly delivered vocals from stylised male and female voices describing a celestial courtship amid the invigorating alien oceans. I absolutely love how this song manages to be so non traditional and experimental in its passages yet never loses that sweet disco hook that keeps you rockin from beginning to end.

'The Sygnus Operation' initiates some higher drama into the synthscape are crashing alien guitars and tense percussion elucidate a dangerous phase is upon us. Synths blast searing leads through all manner of cosmic threats which are followed by totally kick arse rockin guitars that dive and barrel roll through the clash of life threatening asteroid fields with supremely elegant grace. The energy level peaks and the reward is great, landing safely in familiar territory once again.

The mood is taken back to a languid pace in the follow up piece titled 'It Came From Under The Ice (album edit)'. Luxuriously appointed synth melodies are once again our vehicle of choice as the once alien landscape is now familiar and comforting. The terror and fear we would have once felt in the face of this subzero abomination is now replaced with awe and respect in its monstrous presence. The midpoint breakdown in this track gets even groovier and the cold and icy landscape is given a synthual warmth, a warmth felt deep within.

The evolutionary phases of Dallas Campbell's universe take on their final forms in the intriguingly formulated track 'Hybrid'. The wonderfully sparse melody is exacted with a presence and layers in funkier elements that perform a superlative call and response function. The narrative steers a steady course amid a myriad of complementary sounds and completes with splendidly ambient conclusion.

Origin Seeds' final act takes flight to a new world, departing this now fully evolved universe and embarking on a new mission. We bid farewell to this beautifully conceived and realised dimension only to find it doesn't want to let us go so quickly. The tentacles of the universe refuse to relinquish their hold until finally slipping away, echoing into the darkness as we move onto new creations; creations currently brewing and forming in the consciousness of Dallas Campbell's imagination.

Dallas Campbell presents the Origin Seeds album on his Bandcamp page here and as a conceptual work of beautifully crafted synth worlds this sits among the upper echelons for creativity and originality. The palette chosen by Campbell is lovingly textured with glorious vintage sounds and his artistry in creating avant garde compositions while keeping the ideas bold and exoteric makes for some wonderfully engaging experiences. Origin Seeds comes very, very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM to all listeners of vintage synth sounds that value having their imaginations taken on a fantastic journey to rockin new dimensions.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

Another big week in the dimension where the 80s never ended has come to pass and with it came a superb range of quality hard rockin tunes to give you those warm, neon synth magic feelings.

Compilation season keeps on rockin and a huge new release from Playmaker should be number one on your hit list this week for maximum rockin action. 2014 Big Apple Crime Force is host to fourteen high impact anthems to clean up the streets and bring justice where there is chaos. White hot synth drama from the likes of 80s Stallone, Dan Terminus, Who Ha, Absolute Valentine, Palm Highway Chase, WARD-IZ and Playmaker's own Discoballistic and Twilight Racing are amongst a battalion of high calibre 80s synth munitions experts ready for a war on crime. Sporting some of the most kick arse artwork I've seen this year courtesy Basil Murad, this release is available in digital formats as well as super hard rockin cassette and poster pack via Playmaker's Bandcamp page here.

Let's get ready to take off on a wild adventure beyond the clouds and into the stratosphere with this week's AIRBORNE features!

Miami Beach Force - The Revenge A soundtrack to dire consequences from steamy deceit is exposed and described via Miami Beach Force on their new EP. The duo has gone for a complete concept release that has been arranged as a narrative driven soundtrack and opted for a great deal more atmosphere than their previous work. The synths are heavier and darker with a cool, calculated energy that squeezes and chokes the tension out of every track. Even the Italo coloured title track is full of uncertainty, tension and danger and the fast paced 'Moving Target' continues to sweat bullets in the face of danger. The Revenge is a wild ride full of double crosses and dark forces you'll be left breathless by.

Dream Force Universe - Turbo Times Dream Force Universe takes the condensed approach to his music on his latest release as the track lengths are kept low, but the action is kept high. Tubo Times consists of five succinctly engineered pieces of retro synth action that get in, deliver their payload and get out. The arrangements are well constructed and Dream Forces Universe's understanding of 80s melodies and giving them a modern gloss is a skill he's definitely refining. Highlights include the dark and ominous 'Cyborg Manufactury' and the gloriously chintzy 'Hoverboard Highway'.

Dana's Vision - Out-Thrashin' Opting for a soundtrack thematic of a different kind we have Dana's Vision with the beat 'em up videogame inspired Out-Thrashin'. By combining 80s soundtrack arrangements with an inspirational palette of videogame sounds Dana's Vision has made an action packed adventure that crosses over between straight up 80s inspired synth and classic game soundtracks. The minimalism of the synthscapes also brings in some rockin 70s atmosphere to the more ambient tracks but the music rocks the hardest on pieces like 'The Hardest Hits', the title track and the climactic final boss confrontation 'The Street Brawl Relish [Hitachi II's Nightvision]'. The ideal soundtrack for when you're out beating up street thugs on a quest of vengeance, picking up pipes and roasts along the way.


First rocker of the block for this week's Weekend Update is a new producer to Synthetix.FM going by the name of Evergreen PM with his new powerhouse 'Sunset Mission'. The haunting refrain and superbly programmed percussion really help make this piece blend old and new ideas exceedingly well. Many thanks to Keira Saffron Jones for enlightening me to this producer.

Laurence McFunk is one hell of a rocker of the classic 80s sounds and his new track 'SECAM' adds a new layer of intrigue to the McFunk experience. The tension builds with the melody as the groove cuts deep and smooth. The structures run into futuristic visions of synthual delights and tell a wonderfully rich story. This killer track is currently available for FREE download via the player too.

A track that's been getting a lot of love in the Synthetix.FM Plug.DJ this week is the high powered dark synth monolith fabricated by VHS Glitch: 'Meet The Cure'. The synths rock harder than a melonfarmer and energies run as high and fast as the action with dark synth styles merging delectable well with 70s soundtrack work. Totally rockin and sure to get thirsting for justice. You can pick up a copy of this track on VHS Glitch's Bandcamp page here.

Rolling with the punches and trading blow for blow is the new one from Kick Puncher. 'Roadhouse Takedown' gets all Swayzied up as the synths strike with power and menace in an all out brawl of digital violence. The pace is deliberate and forceful, keeping the focus on the sharply exacted melodies while exploring their facets with much dexterity.

Another new rocker to Synthetix.FM that's been getting much love on soundcloud and Project Friday this week is the eloquently named S U N G with his extreme velocity OutRun track 'Way Farer'. The sheer presence of the production is rockin all over and the action refuses to abate with the chase picking up speed amongst a crescendo of synths and guitars. Totally rad and available for purchase on S U N G's Bandcamp page here.

Staying out on the streets but this time on the sidewalk with boombox in hand and cardboard on the concrete is She Said (SYNTH IS DEAD!) with 'Break That Beat'. The amalgamation of electro breakin' percussion and rhythms with an eclectic and intriguing lead melody creates something very kick arse indeed.

RWR takes a trip into more ethereal dimensions in his latest track 'Dopamine (The Power Of Love)' and creates a whole new universe of possibilities in the process. The slower approach to the RWR hallmarks is intoxicatingly fresh and emotionally rich in its make up. Beautiful music that is currently available for FREE download via the player.

MUSCLE's back and rockin with his latest work of synth elegance in 'Steamrollin'' which captures that flextacular MUSCLE energy we here at Synthetix.FM just can't get enough of. MUSCLE's also announced his second EP will be due out this year, which after the totally kick arse experience that was the first EP certainly has me foaming at the mouth in anticipation. For now we can rock his great new 'Steamrollin'' track which is currently FREE to download, so get pumpin and crank it hard.

Time for some hot new synth pop action on Synthetix.FM and this past week I was hugely enamoured with the new track from Coska called 'Benjamin'. The synths soar with pure 80s pop drama that channels the perfect vintage inspirations and fashions them into something totally rad. 'Benjamin' officially out on the 23rd of May on Solina Records, so get tuned into Solina Records here and get it rockin!

It's been a while since we've had the pleasure of Neon Vandal's company on Synthetix.FM as his recent creations haven't really fit the styles I like to cover on here. This is has changed entirely thanks to his amazing new track 'NIGHTDRIVE'. This is some seriously brilliant atmospheric synth magic with a wonderful and richly explored synthscape that is thoroughly immersive. A stunning experience.

Regular readers of Synthetix.FM will already be well aware of my love affair with Sternrekorder's music and he's managed to take my heart even more with his absolutely gorgeous new track 'Erwin'. The atmosphere is flawless and the melodies are completely entrancing. Sternrekorder also shared another stellar track this week in 'Horizont' which I encourage everyone to experience too.

While we're on the subject of some of my favourite producers, scene legend Mitch Murder released another wonderful piece of kick arse 80s synth with 'From The Future'. There are few producers around with Mitch Murder's understanding of 80s melody creation and the structures he makes them come alive in and this is yet another example of his prowess and craftsmanship.

Palm Highway Chase has once again shown why he's such a valuable producer in the 80s inspired synth scene with his latest work 'Rainy Countach Drive'. Melodies are dreamy and magical with a glowing presence that is bewitching and hypnotising. The tone of this track is completely perfect and gives a refined elegance to the piece.

New from Kiile is another great new track called 'Universe VII'. The Jeff Spicoli samples during the introductory passage then take off into the cosmos where the questions of our roles as humans and what we need to make us happy becomes more introspective. But sometimes tasty waves and a cool buzz is really what life is all about. Keep on rockin, Kiile!

2014 has been a spectacular year thus far for Alpha Boy. In the last five months this producer has explored so much new and exciting territory with each release that it's hard to keep up. In 'Tropical Passion' he creates an incredibly lush atmosphere that really conveys tropical sights and sounds beautifully. You can buy your own copy of 'Tropical Passion' via the player.

This week's video feature is from the official 80s synth scene auteur par excellence and part time Daniel Craig stand-in Neros77 with his winning combination of Cobra Copter's 'End Of An Era' and 'Cold Empire' against the backdrop of 1989's video blockbuster Cyborg. Sit back, relax and get rockin!

That does us for another monster sized Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back during the week with more hot rockin tunes to keep your 80s colours strong and vibrant.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.