Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Nightvoid of Stellar Dreams

One thing I love about the general love of 80s music is that it transcends geography. There are producers dotted all around the planet, and the newest addition to the scene adds Malaysia to the growing list of countries producing 80s inspired synth music.

Stellar Dreams have just released their first track to soundcloud and it's a beautifully conceived and executed work of very astutely crafted 80s synth love.

The stormy atmosphere is a perfect backdrop to the synthesized set pieces that layer in at a languid pace. I love the sounds Stellar Dreams use, theres something very heavy and foreboding, yet deliciously formed. The lead melody is understated in it's delivery, haunting and hypnotizing. The works of Carpenter/Cronenberg and Argento spring to mind visually as the second downpour saturates the mix and the last act of the piece is a raucously ramapaging riot that'll have you dripping and terrified on the edge of your seat.

This is a very strong first-release for Stellar Dreams and I hope we get hear more of their work in the future as this duo show much promise. Give Stellar Dreams lots of love on their soundcloud here and I look forward to sharing more of their music with you in future episodes on Synthetix.

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