Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sternrekorder Is Back!

After nealry 8 months absent from the scene one of my favourite synth artists is back in action! Sternrekorder is a gifted artist from Germany who's magically charming 80s style synth music entranced me instantly when I first had the pleasure of discovering him last year.

So many artists seem to have disappeared over the years, either changing their names and styles, or dropping out of music entirely, that it pains me when I look through my music library and I revisit thoroughly exciting tracks only to find the artist hasn't released anything since. I had Sternrekorder in this category until today, and it's with complete elation I get to share with you his new tracks Heimweh and Carousel.

There is a certain naivete with Sternrekorders sounds. I don't mean this in any negative way, they're never chintzy or twee, but theres a tangible innocence to his sounds. The melodies are very clean and simplistic, but the genius of the melodies comes to frutition in all his tracks. It's a style devoid of unnecessary sounds and makes for a delightfully intimate experience. I know that everything I cover on here is 80s inspired synth, but the Sternrekorder sound, for me, always comes across as being one of the truest with the most fidelity to the 80s in the scene.

It's this special intangible charm that is very pronounced in his second release today, Carousel. At the beginning I wasn't too sure where this was going, but the track evolves into a special experience that really typifies the Sternrekorder sound.

Its the artist's gift for melodies and making every single note count that really makes me fall in love with his music. The key changes, small details and and overwhelming mood of gorgeous 80s synth fantasy. Carousel is an almost Library Music style track, which is to always be applauded and encouraged.

I can only hope these two new tracks are signs that Sternrekorder is getting back into the swing of regular production, so be sure to follow him on soundcloud here and hopefully we'll be sharing lots more Sternrekorder experiences on Synthetix in the future.

Monday, July 30, 2012

MegaDrive's Electric Getaway

I'm back from a week's vacation and ready to rock on Synthetix. I do apologise for not doing a Weekend Update this past weekend, I managed to contract a cold that sucked all the life out of me for a few days. The sickness is passing however, and the 80s synth scene is alive with beautiful music, so lets get into a new week with a new artist: MegaDrive.

For those unaware, the name MegaDrive was the name of SEGA's 16bit videogaming console from the late 80s. It was named Genesis in the U.S and MegaDrive everwhere else. This console is still one of my favourites, one of my MegaDrive's permanently sits under my TV, currently with Lightening Force inserted and ready to rock. This was arguably SEGA's most successful console and is one of my favourite memories of late 80s and early 90s gaming.

For an 80s synth artist to surface calling himself MegaDrive brings with it an aire of excitement and it's a mantle a weak or lesser artist would be mistaken to use. This gentleman, though, is well worthy of this monicker. His music is action packed with killer set pieces, driving pace, untold drama and swells with emotion.

MegaDrive's Electric Getaway is a fantastic example of his high octane synth thrillrides. This track explodes with pure raw power and demands the listener's attention as distorted melodies paint the sky in red rage. Blast processed arrangements of parallax glory create a spectacle of earthshattering vision. Million volt handclaps ignite the electric atmosphere with forked lightning, dousing all below in a millisecond of stark light; cutting through the darkness with astounding ferocity.

The Electric Getaway is a neutron bomb of raucous synth work, and is one of MegaDrive's more energetic compositions, I find this elevates beyond his other tracks on soundcloud, but all of his work is definitely worth the dread and dark synth terror beholdent to the listener. We can but look forward to more high grade experiences from this artist, so please follow him on soundcloud ... if you dare! by clicking here and Liking him on Facebook here.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

This week's Weekend Update is brought to you by the letters R, O, C and K. So get your raddest high tops on and make sure the batteries in your boombox are fully charged and let's get on it!

No better place to start a Weekend Update than with a Mitch Murder track, and with his latest entitled Saturdays, well it's just poetry in motion. This bouncy and uplifting piece it positively glowing with Mitch Murder Magic and from beginning to end it warms the listener's heart. The bass run at the end is the icing on a cake already almost too delicious to eat.

Let's get spooky now. MurderOne, of Full Blast Recordz fame, released a totally rockin demo this week of his new track Heatbeat. A slashing and gnashing work of dark synth horror soundtrack that pumps up the drama with massively emotive melodies. This is going to slay!


Keeping with the synth demo drama lets have a listen to Kenji Run!'s new work in progress Say Anything. Inspired by the classic John Cusack movie this piece tells a torturous story of unrequited love and unrelenting passion. There's a delightfully dark edge to the entire song, something akin to Collins' Secret Admirer, and it works exceptionally well.

So many big tracks released this week, and amongst the cream of the crop is the new collaboration between Perturbator and Arcade High. With the glorious title of Deviance this proves to be a raucous homage to 80s excess. The rhythms and arrangements scream Perturbator in exasperating excitement and the complimentary leads and details from Arcade High are energising exclamations of electronic elegy.

More excitement is on the horizon with a new upcoming EP from Synthezman courtesy of Lasergum/Datarocket. This two track affair sports some magnificently emotive music from the teaser. Baikal is smooth and sensual synth work while 3D people is a more esoteric adventure. This is definitely going the rock!

Magic Sword released two amazing tracks this week, one I'll be including here, another I'll be covering next week. Discover is a dramatic and action packed journey into realms of fantasy. Magic Sword always does an excellent job of combining ancient fantasy with future science fiction, definitely THE track this week to be listening to while practicing your broadsword techniques in the desert.

The final installment in this week's Weekend Update is something I'll be doing more of, when occassion sees fit and that's the Synthetix Reference Experience. A spot where I'll be putting in a personal favourite piece of music I believe to be an extra special experience that I may have discovered during the week, or re-experienced from the 80s, or from one of the modern masters, as a final exclamation point on the week's music coverage.

The inaugural Synthetix Reference Experience goes to SelloRekT/LA Dreams' masterpiece Impact Body Motion. This is an utterly astounding piece of music, it happens every so often that an 80s synth track comes out that sounds like it's speaking to me personally and this is one of those tracks. The main driving melody, the piano details, the guitars the mind alteringly brilliant chorus, it's all just an explosion of 80s magic. Breathtaking in every respect and I believe well deserving of the first Synthetix Reference Experience.

That does us for another week on Synthetix, I'm on vacation next week so I'll be back with a Weekend Update in a week's time that will be packed with all the hot rockin action from the 80s synth scene and we'll be back to regular posting the week beginning July 30. Till then keep the 80s dreams alive, rockers.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bitapart Runs Out Of Time

Switzerland's Bitapart has been releasing some great synth tracks over the last year or so and his new track ushers in a new dawn for this talented producer. Running Out Of Time is as atmospheric as it is anthemic with golden samples and a huge, driving rhythm. The way it's structured is a total masterwork of 80s synth delights.

A large portion of this track is the incredibly epic intro. From the big cat's growl to the guitars this is a monstrously auspicious beginning. The Miami Vice samples are totally on point too, giving way to a lusciously electro melody. There's a very raw almost ChipTune feel to the track, which add a great layer of charm to it and as the melodies meander through the back end of the piece.

Extra special note about one of my favourite lines from Miami Vice that Bitapart uses in this composition: "You might have commendations up the ying yang in the Bronx or New York or wherever the hell it is your from but this is Miami pal, where you can't even tell the players without a program". This is one of the best uses of any vintage samples I've heard, not only because 'up/out the ying yang' is something I often use in regular conversation, but because it typifies the feeling of the show, it complements the music so perfectly and elevates the atmosphere into something very, very special; especially when the hard rockin' guitars kick in!

I can only hope this is going to be the start of more music being made by Bitapart as the details and soul of this track are a beautiful experience and his combinations of sounds are quite unlike anything else currently in the scene. Check out Bitapart's repertoire of fine synthphonies on his soundcloud here and give him love out the ying yang on his Facebook page here, while you're at it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kid Machine's Replicants

More killer synth music from the UK on Synthetix today with Kid Machine's fantastic new Replicants EP. Kid Machine's been in the game for a while now and his italo electro style has always been recognisable throught his releases. This latest EP takes his style to even darker and climes with some very inspired dark synth sounds.

Replicant's has a very futuristic neo noir feel to it. Drama fills the air and synth leads blaze trails with basslines pounding forcefully through a gritty concrete city scape. The opening track sets the scene early, but the second chapter Return To Space is a absolutely stunning in it's italo electro delivery of massive synth drama. The melodies in another dimension would be pure italo, but the black synth arts of Kid Machine turn them into foreboding and haunting  phantoms of surreal power.

The magic continues in Lost Discotheque Lovers. A bittersweet minimalist piece of  amourous spectres, ghost like melodies add even more ethereal beauty to production, but they are anything but comforting as what was once love now becomes a nightmare as lasers flash through an empty dancefloor. The shadows loom larger as the smoke filled atmosphere becomes a rife with a sense of impending dread!

Making an exit for the door proves no sanctuary as we are thrust into the fourth chapter: Cold Planet. The wasteland before us is both terrifying in it's bleakness but also beautiful in it's natural state. This track is a gorgeous juxtaposition of dark mechanical rhythms and eerily delightful melodies. The combination is superbly implemented and executed.

The final installments of Replicants are vocal and dub versions of the zombi disco anthem Night Freaks. This is powerhouse blockbuster of a arcane energy and undead terror as the huge percussive track syncopates the cold and misty night air. Sweeping melodies and flourishes of synth evil cast their spells on all within earshot as the unrelenting horde of decaying flesh marches on. There is no hope and we are doomed to join their ranks before the morning can save us.

Replicants is a must-have EP of dark electro synth terror, it's the ultimate soundtrack to that drunken night in the graveyard with Linnea Quigley or the time you and your friends stayed out in the woods in that old cabin telling ghost stories. All this adventure for only €3.99 is a steal in anybody's language and I encourage all of you to partake in this piece of blackened synth arts,.. just make sure you leave the lights on! Click in the player above to buy, or click here to be taken to Kid Machine's Bandcamp site.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Arc Neon Wet Dreams

UK producers Arc Neon have outdone themselves on their latest EP release: Wet Dreams. As some of you readers may know I also do the Synth Erotica blog, which is 80s synth music produced as soundtracks to 80s porn movies. I love the sleazy synth sounds that accompany the sizzling action on screen and I do believe it's a treasure trove of some of the decades most golden tones.

It's a niche genre to be sure, but Arc Neon's latest release provides a small wink with a cherry red lipstick  smile to vintage Synth Erotica throughout it's four tracks, and I for one applaude this release with a standing ovation.

None more so is this more so evident than in the totally kick arse track Looking For A Goddess. From they sultry synth melodies to the awesome VHS dating tape samples, this piece is a work of art. The use of samples can be a double edged sword in 80s music, it often proves more as a distraction than an enhancement but this track is a text book example of how to make it work 100%. Melodies work their ways around the samples cut from purely refined gold, these renaissance men from the 80s must've been beating bikini clad babes off with sticks. The visuals created from this experience are constantly amusing, and this is begging to get a video treatment at some stage.

Wet Dreams gets dark and apocalyptic with more great sample ladened synth soundscapes through Riot, which is a brilliant companion piece to Beyond Our Control (previously reported on Synthetix here). These tracks work even better together on the EP and once again, Arc Neon's use of samples is exemplary.

One last note must go to the opening track, Spring Break (Lisa's Theme). This is the aural equivalent of 80s auteur cinema classics like Hardbodies, Fraternity Vacation, Private Resort, etc. Raunchy and randy teenagers getting into trouble having nothing but a good time. The music paints the drama throughout, with moody melodies and bassline that brings in a superb element of darkness.

This EP is a stellar piece of work from Arc Neon and can be bought from their Bandcamp site here for the miniscule price of $3.50. Buy this EP and you too can begin describing yourself as a 'refined valley dude', which in our heart of hearts we all want to be.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been a massive week in the 80s inspired synth scene, so many quality releases and new artists cropping up too. The scene is always exciting, but this week's produced a bumper crop of rockin 80s action.

Peturbator's been blowing minds for a few months now and his latest work is providing even more excitement for his upcoming album. Welcome To Nocturne City is a piece of pure full throttle synth drama, unrelenting and massively atmospheric. His new album can't arrive soon enough!


Another artist upping the ante with each new track is DreamWave Dave. I love this producer's style and his synth pop style has developed even further with his new song Free Dreamer. This has a got a killer vocal track that is pure early 80s, the melody and arrangements all come together in one very rockin track.


A new work from Greetings Program always piques my interest and the demo released this week entitled To Memory 0222A is one hell of a killer track. Even in demo form it is packed with action, super catchy melodies and some scintillating synth solos.


This week I had the pleasure of being introduced to Antoni Maiovvi and am instantly a fan of this producer's work. His newest release, Prisoner Nightdrive is a menacing symphony of total giallo disco. Hypnotising melodies and an atmosphere of macabre malevolence make for one magnificent experience.


It wouldn't be a proper Weekend Update on Synthetix without something new from Lost Years to talk about. His recent forays into italo synth have now given way to some absolutely amazing electro synth funk. The teaser for The Funk is such a great piece, I can hear Lost Years stylistic accents throughout it and am champing at the bit to hear more.


Keeping in the poppin and lockin mood one of my new favourite producers SelloRekT/LA Dreams put up a total breakdance anthem entitled Breakin' The Electric Streets. A beautifully bouncey bassline and high energy melodies make this the must have song to have in your boombox on every city street corner this week.


Lastly this week I wanted make mention of synth pop producer Collins' new Bandcamp page. His classic Secret Admirer EP is up on there as well as some other gems including is awesome Loverboy song. Make sure you pay Collins a visit on this new home for his music by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Weekend Update as much as I did and I look forward to sharing more future memories from the most exciting new producers of 80s synth music next week!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aminova's Variants

Aminova has been producing lots of quality 80s synth pieces over the last couple of years and his newest EP is a journey of distinction that improves upon the Aminova experience and elevates into new and wondrous dimensions.

Variants opens up with an introductory vignette called Edges. This almost esoteric piece sets a peacefully contemplative scene, while galaxies spin overhead and a golden light begins to pulse in time with our vitality, building with more and more fervour and setting the perfect platform for the EP.

Our second Variant is Palaces, which opens very strongly and continues to enthrawl the listener. This piece is coloured with so many accents of beautiful synth sounds that it's almost freeform. It's lightness and texture of pure vibrance eminate deeply, it's a soulful and meandering work that offers greater and greater reward with each listen.

Variant number three injects some more excitement into the experience with a bouncy piece of delightfully funky synth called Cut Glass Accent. Once again layers are woven with precision, balance and vigour, powering this track to glory with absolutely stunning bassline. The solos and leads compliment eachother marvellously as we are totally engulfed in a synth funk odyssey. This definitely one of the most perfectly crafted pieces of music I've heard this year.

Corner is the next stop on Aminova's interdimensional voyage, winding things back to the ethereal tones of Edges, a revisiting to this opening theme. Time stands still as digital nymphs of synths dance above our heads a glittering display. Magically entrancing.

Our final Variant is Amoureuse, a very emotional piece which asks more questions than it answers. The melodies query the listener, leading them into unfamiliar recesses of feelings, but before our answers can fully be realised sweetly delivered synth solos bring a finger to our lips to prevent us from even the merest utterance. The questions remain unanswered, and our contentment becomes evident through the experience alone, which is ultimately very deeply satisfying.

Variant's marks a big stage in the evolution of the Aminova experience, this is a superb release in every respect, spanning many styles, emotions and dimensions. It feels very complete and makes for totally wonderful experience I look forward to going back to time and time again.

The EP is available on Playmaker's Bandcamp here and is priced at the buyer's discretion. You can follow Aminova on his soundcloud here and give him lots of Facebook love here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SelloRekT Goes Wild In The Night

Keeping with the 'night' theme this week, today's journey into the realms of Synthetix is a provided to us by the crypitcally named producer SelloRekT/LA Dreams. I came across this talented musician last week and had every intention of covering his work this week, and then out of nowhere he has today released a totally bitchen new track that is positively glowing with pink neon in a star filled sky.

Apparently inspired by the 80s vampire classic, The Lost Boys, Wild At Night is cavalcade of gorgeous synth melodies that make up a high tension action adventure into the inky befallen darkness. From the hi-hats to the nifty hand-claps everything coalesces into a deeply moody but also elevating experience.

SelloRekT's soundcloud is chock full of synthualised excursions to where time stands still; locked at 1985. Spend some quality time on his soundcloud here and then give him some love on Facebook here too.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Nightvoid of Stellar Dreams

One thing I love about the general love of 80s music is that it transcends geography. There are producers dotted all around the planet, and the newest addition to the scene adds Malaysia to the growing list of countries producing 80s inspired synth music.

Stellar Dreams have just released their first track to soundcloud and it's a beautifully conceived and executed work of very astutely crafted 80s synth love.

The stormy atmosphere is a perfect backdrop to the synthesized set pieces that layer in at a languid pace. I love the sounds Stellar Dreams use, theres something very heavy and foreboding, yet deliciously formed. The lead melody is understated in it's delivery, haunting and hypnotizing. The works of Carpenter/Cronenberg and Argento spring to mind visually as the second downpour saturates the mix and the last act of the piece is a raucously ramapaging riot that'll have you dripping and terrified on the edge of your seat.

This is a very strong first-release for Stellar Dreams and I hope we get hear more of their work in the future as this duo show much promise. Give Stellar Dreams lots of love on their soundcloud here and I look forward to sharing more of their music with you in future episodes on Synthetix.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Pyramid's Frontier

France's Pyramid has been producing spatially vibrant synth soundscapes of a very high calibre, and his new journey called Frontier is one of his most developed experiences thus far. The 80s soundtrack theme is ever present in Pyramid's work, theres a tangible depth and an everpresent aspect of aural magic surrounding the proceedings.

The spatial nature of Pyramid's sounds has never been as apparent as in Frontier, theres so much breathing room and the lightness of the sounds contrast perfectly with the sublimely orchestrated instrumentations. The chasms of space and time meld into a constant, steady delivery of purely melodious exuberance. The vistas of Frontier's are breathtaking in vastness and volume making for an incredibly invigorating experience. Absoloutely one of Pyramid's finest moments in his musical career thus far.

Be sure to keep abreast of all the wonders of Pyramid on his soundcloud here and on his Facebook page here.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

I hope this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix finds you well and rockin the weekend hard, lets get right to it and keep the temperature sizzling!

Pilotpriest has release a magnificent new piece entitled Canyons, inspired by the upcoming Paul Schrader movie The Canyons. This is a sublime work of absolute quality. One of my favourite Pilotpriest ventures, it's thoroughly deep and mesmerizing.

Lost Years is keeping up his manic rate of production of superb synth sounds with his newest refinement of Breeze. This second version is cementing Lost Years' blending of italo synth and soundtrack synth in completely beautiful directions. This fine producer's work must be due for an album release some time soon, we can but hope.

DigitalNativeDance released a magnificently remixed version of Bikslow's Artanist. This has 80s love and power coursing through it's veins and makes for a totally high energy synthtacular experience. Very impressive work!

Continuing on the remixi theme we have had two brilliant remixes released of Lueur Verte's Night Slasher II. Both Perturbator and Arcade High have provided the reinterpretations and both are works monstrous magnitude. Perturbators dark synth stylings lend themselves well to the original's air of menace with rapid drum fills and thundering bassline terror. Arcade High brings in some kick arse video game drama to his remix and creates a new atmosphere of fear in the digital world. Both are must-hear!

Giallo Disco raconteur Vercetti Technicolor published another piece of horror synth work with L'incubo Senza Fine (Reprise). This genre is a thoroughly wondrous sub-genre of 80s inspired synth work and once again Vercetti Technicolor nails it, violently, into digital oblivion.

Dreaming Android Films has released the video envisionment of Klockhaus's Damage Report this week. A perfect companion to the aural majesty of the music, the video is a hypnotising mix of classic clips from 80s commercial ans promos. A perfect mix.

Another excellent clip from video editor extraordinaire Neros77 was released this week also. This man has once again made the perfect visual accompaniment to one of my favourite tracks released this year; Lazerhawk's Theme. Superlative work as always from Neros77, capturing the spirit and vision of this piece of music perfectly.

That does us for another week  on Synthetix. Next week I'll be covering, amongst other releases, AKAHandsDown and Sello RekT, so stay tuned for more music to keep you firmly stuck in the 80s, right where you want to be!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monster Domino Across The Pacific Coast

Monster Domino have been impressing me more and more with every new release on their soundcloud and with their latest production entitled Pacific Coast I feel that Monster Domino have taken their game to a whole new realm of musical magnificence.

They call their style of music Hard New Wave and I can hear what that means in all their music. There's always an edge to the sound, something that bites or cuts, and there's also an energy all it's own in the Monster Domio experience, it's always refreshing and always provides for much excitement.

Pacific Coast is definitely one the duo's more ethereal pieces, it's languid pace and uplifting melodies create a tropical atmosphere while pan flute sounds bring a lightness to the rainfores-like humidity.
It's the time of the year for summer anthems and the Pacific Coast is most definitely a warm breeze and star filled night as the purple and orange sunset disappears through the forest canopy.

Monster Domino are always pushing their sounds in exciting new directions and this palm tree lined coastal affair is a sure sign that their creativity is still rising like the tide. I encourage all fans of 80s inspired synth music to follow Monster Domino on their soundcloud here and give their previously released tracks some of your attention. When you're done there pay them a visit on Facebook here and give them a nice Aloha from Synthetix.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Neon Flash Drive Through The Dark City

I'm always very interested about where producers draw their inspiration from with 80s synth music. There's such a massive variety of music, film, art, design and other forms that can spark the creative process from  that I'm always reminded just how truly epic this decade was on every level.

NeonFlashDrive's latest work is an atmospherically dark synth piece which draw inspiration from one of the seminal anime features from the mid 80s: Wicked City. Dark City channels that dystopian future of Neo Tokyo and creates a soundscape thats both reflective and reactive to the source material perfectly.

The opening is full dark terror and drama, our surrounds more dangerous than we could possibly comprehend. The supernatural threat of diabolical consequences comes crashing around us in a driving melody of white knuckle excitement. Hurtling through the neon lit skyscrapers and darkened streets our adventure careens in an uncontrolable tailspin into the city's depths; reaching the final realisation that the Dark City has taken us, once and for all in a vicelike death grip from which there is no return.

NeonFlashDrive's adventure into terror is a wonderful escapade into the dark side of 80s synth music, adding another atmosphere to the field of his work. I hope he makes more music like this at it lends itself so well to multiple tracks in a concept-styled format. As always make sure you give NeonFlashDrive lots of appreciation on his soundcloud here and Facebook page here.