Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aminova's Variants

Aminova has been producing lots of quality 80s synth pieces over the last couple of years and his newest EP is a journey of distinction that improves upon the Aminova experience and elevates into new and wondrous dimensions.

Variants opens up with an introductory vignette called Edges. This almost esoteric piece sets a peacefully contemplative scene, while galaxies spin overhead and a golden light begins to pulse in time with our vitality, building with more and more fervour and setting the perfect platform for the EP.

Our second Variant is Palaces, which opens very strongly and continues to enthrawl the listener. This piece is coloured with so many accents of beautiful synth sounds that it's almost freeform. It's lightness and texture of pure vibrance eminate deeply, it's a soulful and meandering work that offers greater and greater reward with each listen.

Variant number three injects some more excitement into the experience with a bouncy piece of delightfully funky synth called Cut Glass Accent. Once again layers are woven with precision, balance and vigour, powering this track to glory with absolutely stunning bassline. The solos and leads compliment eachother marvellously as we are totally engulfed in a synth funk odyssey. This definitely one of the most perfectly crafted pieces of music I've heard this year.

Corner is the next stop on Aminova's interdimensional voyage, winding things back to the ethereal tones of Edges, a revisiting to this opening theme. Time stands still as digital nymphs of synths dance above our heads a glittering display. Magically entrancing.

Our final Variant is Amoureuse, a very emotional piece which asks more questions than it answers. The melodies query the listener, leading them into unfamiliar recesses of feelings, but before our answers can fully be realised sweetly delivered synth solos bring a finger to our lips to prevent us from even the merest utterance. The questions remain unanswered, and our contentment becomes evident through the experience alone, which is ultimately very deeply satisfying.

Variant's marks a big stage in the evolution of the Aminova experience, this is a superb release in every respect, spanning many styles, emotions and dimensions. It feels very complete and makes for totally wonderful experience I look forward to going back to time and time again.

The EP is available on Playmaker's Bandcamp here and is priced at the buyer's discretion. You can follow Aminova on his soundcloud here and give him lots of Facebook love here.

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