Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Yuppie in California80s

Scene newcomer California80s has released his second track to the world and it's certainly one kick arse tune. His first piece, entitled Downtown Miami, was a fantastic first offering and California80s is cementing his position as an artist to watch for with his latest track Yuppie In '83. On a personal note I always find it discouraging when an artist releases a classically 80s synth piece early on in their musical career and then moves on to other styles, especially when said track is full of promise and possibilities for the future. With a name like California80s, however, it was folly of me to think this would be the case here.

The bassline is instantly infectious and the percussion has such an awesomely powerful and driving sound one's attention is captured right from the outset. Synths are introduced and layered with some almost Chip-tune sounding melodies and a brilliant backmasked sounding break. This piece feels so much like an 80s track in it's arrangement as well as it's sound. Flourishes work perfectly and the mid-track stock exchange report sample ties the piece together. At just under five minutes Yuppie In '83 takes all it's musical ideas to their completion, making for a very satisfying experience that delivers heaping helpings of 80s excess and rad-ness.

Make sure you extend your professional portfolio to include California80s on Facebook here and soundcloud here to ensure your financial dividends reach their maximum level of performance for this fiscal quarter.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Night Vibes With Tommy & Perturbator

Another week and seems yet another collaboration involving Perturbator surfaces. Perturbator's fast becoming one of the most prolific names in the scene with steady stream of quality releases and projects with other artists. And much like his previous collaborations with Lueur Verte and Protector 101 the results are amazing. Combining the emotive wonder of Tommy with the scythe like sounds of Perturbator has resulted in one of the single most powerful tracks I've had the pleasure of experiencing in recent times.

Tommy is renowned for emotionally fuelled synthscapes that run at a slow pace, but a high temperature. Allowing every sound to develop and mature into it's own completeness and taking the listener through eons of dimensions in the process. Night Vibes is possibly the most laidback of all Tommy's pieces, with a labouring percussion track and melodies that are deliberately fragile in their make up. Perturbator's solo work of dark synth work of a completely different energy adds an even more sophisticated layer to the proceedings as his lead synth and guitar solos strike like polished lightning through a cobalt sky.

Night Vibes is a true soundtrack compostion, however over it's two vignettes the need for a visual accompaniment seems entirely superfluous. Each note and chord is brimming with a tactile detail that entertains all of our senses. Once again the combining of talents bring the light and the dark, the ying and yang, the night and the day into one experience that as a whole makes for something entirely new, powerful and deeply emotional. I can't help but think about how collaborations like this can evolve into fully actualised bands that could take the music we love to even higher planes previously thought unattainable. Only the future in time will tell.

This two track masterpiece is available to buy on Bandcamp here and I urge everyone to dig deep and support these two talented and infinitely undervalued artists.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Nuclear Powered Lost Years

One of my personal favourite artists creating beautiful 80s music is Lost Years. His music is some of the most refined and constructed of the entire genre with incredible amounts of craft and care put into each track he releases. Therein lies the Lost Years magic as this artist is always fine tuning his sounds, releasing different versions and mixes of his tracks to his soundcloud, but it's a very special occassion when Lost Years deems his creations truly finished and puts them up as a fully completed work.

Nuclear is a three track EP containing the final revisions of Pump, Storm and the titular Nuclear. To finally experience this pieces in their final stage of evolution is a total joy. Even tracks I've listened to many times before feel entirely new and three pieces work together as one awe inspiring experience.

From super atmospheric synth soundtrack work through to rocket fueled Italo sounds the EP covers light years of sounds, energies and moods. I'm sure Lost Years has laboured many, many hours making these three songs work into one experience and it shines through in a magnificent way.

It's rare that Lost Years allows us to own a small part of him, to fully give of himself pieces of music that are complete versions of his creative visions. But when he does it's well worth the mere expenditure, to be able to take home that Lost Years experience and allow ourselves the pleasures and fruits of the artists' labours.

I encourage everyone to buy this EP on iTunes (available here) as soon as possible and give yourself a wondrous experience courtesy of one of the modern day masters of the 80s synth scene.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

The weekend can only mean taking our Ferrari's out of the garage and opening them up on a nice coastal run around Miami's more scenic routes, but I'm sure we can relax and take in the Synthetix Weekend Update before donning our favourite sunglasses and taking on the night.

It's a red letter day whenever Mitch Murder let's us indulge in one of his new tracks and this week he granted us the pleasure of his latest creation Race Day. Such an uplifting piece of muisc, with shades of Library Music influence mixed with the Mitch Murder magic we all know and love. As always, a vividly glorious experience.

The super talented synth house duo Final DJ's have spun some retro love around Pyramid's Citizen track and have released a short preview of their labours. Though only barely over a minute this promises to be a delight in every respect. Expect to see more about this release on Synthetix in the near future.

Time to get filthy with funk, I do believe. Dusty Knobs has remixed Future Feelings' Odyssey and turned the sex up to MAX. The bassline and synths gyrate and pulsate with moistening precision making for very arousing experience. Breakdance frenzy guaranteed.

As they say in the classics: 'And now for something completely different'. Kid Machine has embarked on a new journey in his music with his latest demo track Pegasus. Described as "SLO-mo Italohhh" the music has been dialled back to a canter from the normal Italo gallop and as such has given it an entirely different aethetic. I love this, it's still massively infectious, but it's almost got an EBM type of air about it. A brilliant mixture to be sure.

Prolific producer of synth music par excellence Lueur Verte goes from strength to strength with his latest release Night Slasher II (The Revenge). A dark synth soundtrack styled adventure, where fear is your companion and madness is your driver. Another superb piece of work to add to his growing repertoire.

To complete this week's weekend update we have another golden remix, this time it's Astral Runner's renvisioning of Limited Impression's Your Name. I can't get enough of this song, from it's perfect 80s percussion to the sweetly ethereal vocoder refrain. Brilliant work.

That finishes up our round up of my highlights in the week of 80s inspired synth music, I hope you've found some new favourites and I look forward to sharing more with you next week. Til then, stay rockin; stay 80s.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Perturbator's Disco Girls

Dark synth raconteur extraordinaire Perturbator has taken a ride on the sexxxy side with his new single Disco Girls. The artist takes us from his realm of dark and nightmarish synthscapes into a high energy, cherry flavoured, pink neon drenched disco attack that makes one really stand to attention.

The beach side opening is fraught with bikini beats and summer soirees as our attention drifts into a steamy and gyrating melody. The pace is frenetic and pulses rise with each new delciously delivered detail. Long before the track's climax we experience peaking of a different kind and the water's edge tempts us back to try and regain our composure. The final suite of seductive disco dynamite explodes through the cobalt sky in a rain of sensually sizzling synth erotica

After such an intimate encounter with Perturbator we should at least leave him our number, or in this case follow him on soundcloud here and get friendly with him on Facebook here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The L.A. Cop Duo Hit The Steets

Protector 101 has unleashed a brand new EP packed with five high velocity .38 caliber rounds of total LAPD action. L.A. Cop Duo is the ultimate synth soundtrack to everyone's favourite 80s buddy cop movie, even if it doesn't actually exist. It's an adventure through gritty city streets, high speed chases though urban decay, tender moments remembering the fallen and total jubilation as justice is upheld.

All five episodes are self contained vignettes, capturing themes and emotions while drawing the listener in deeper. Sweet synths create tension, drama and rivet the audience to their seats. Like a favourite movie going back and reliving it with repeated listens brings out even more depth as the layers of sound unfold even greater details. Even the most simple accent seem to be orchestrated the nth degree and each piece of delayed aural gratification is a reward in itself.

Protector 101 has made something very special here, I can't think of another EP that does such a great job of condensing a 90 minute thrill ride into less thant 20 minutes of music. But it's all in there, it's a concept soundtrack in it's most distilled form and in a format that works exceptionally well.

This wonderful EP is up for 'name your price' on Bandcamp here. Dig deep and give Protector 101 all you can and make sure you follow his future works on soundcloud here and Facebook here.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mirana's Dark Ride

A wonderful union of talent has magically transformed into a beautiful new sound. Anthony (Flashworx) Hammer and singer Mirana have combined forces and the initial results are very exciting. The 80s love washes through their music like a rainbow river cascading over a waterfall.

I'm often very critical of 80s inspired synth music that has modern vocals. There's an art to an 80s-sounding vocal, the style of vocals and lyrics is markedly different to a moden singer. When a modern sounding singer is used with vintage sounding music I find it grates terribly and the illusion of an 80s atmosphere is shattered. I'm elated to add Mirana to the short list of singer's who can do an 80s vocal that elevates the music to an exceptionally invigorating level.

Dark Ride works on every level as a piece of perfect 80s synth pop. The melodies, key changes, lyrics, inflections and nuances are all pitch perfect. This song is just totally rockin.

The duo are just starting out and I urge everyone with a love of 80s music to get behind them 1000% by following them on on their soundcloud here and Facebook here.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's time for another Weekend Update on Synthetix! Lets get rockin and down to business!

First up is some great new music from Quixotic. Interstellar is a track off their new EP and is brilliant work of hi energy, uplifting Italo Disco. A real understanding of what makes Italo rock gives this track so much light and scope, drenched in a glittering lustre. Be sure to get the whole EP for free through the links off soundcloud.

Horror Machine has been having recent dalliances with other styles, doing more French House themed material, but his latest release is true 80s synth love. Deemed "Driving Electro" by the man himself this is certainly very powerful music with compression perfection. Corvette is also up for free download, so get it while you can!

Lets slow the pace down for our next adventure. Although it's not brand new this week, Steve Moore's Volatile Memory is something I've been enjoying a great deal this week. The piece works at a perfectly languid pace that layers superbly. Steve Moore is a modern day master of this ethereal style and all his work provides luxurious synth-scapes of verdant splendour.

The brilliantly named Puffernutter has been brought to my attention this week and his latest work entitle Night Drive is one hell of a ride. The choice of sounds and production is totally immersive bringing to mind the majesty of Laserdisc Visions and Klockhaus but with his own personalised angle. Super track this one.

In preparation of his upcoming EP I thought I'd give Lolski some love in this weekend's post. Metropolis takes us to world of laser guided synth rockets of explosive force, a perfectly composed track that is rife with totally killer leads. I'm greatly looking forward to his next release and will be sure to give it ardent coverage on Synthetix.

The aptly title The Final Chase is our last hit on this weekend's update by none other than Flash Arnold. A deep and energetic ride into the night with a million horsepower beneath us. Once again the guitars are the stars in this epic composition from one of my absolute favourites in the scene.

That does us for another week on Synthetix, keep on rockin hard and I hope to see you again during next week's adventures into the new world of modern 80s synth music.

The Post Nuclear Future Of Judge Bitch

There are numerous prolific underground synth artists I'm yet to cover on Synthetix that I have every intention of giving some exposure to in the future. One of these artists is Canada's own Judge Bitch. This composer has been releasing poweful and dark 80s inspired synth music of a very high calibre over the last six months or so and has already created his own defined style and atmosphere.

One thing prevalent throughout all of Judge Bitch's work is an air of danger and darkness, an mood of inutterable despair and shadowy horrors. This is the soundtrack to the postapocalyptic nuclear nightmare that drives us through the wastelands of burning carnage on an instinct of pure survival. Electricity sparks the air, the earth quakes and the seas broil as the those left to live on struggle to continue the human race.

The darkness of this side of the synth is something to be embraced, as there is no light without dark, no ying without yang, no life without death and this music provides a wonderful counterpoint to the more positive and uplifting side of the genre. I for one am a big fan of Judge Bitch's sounds as they paint an aural vista of exactly what the post nuclear future should sound like from those times in the 80s when this was a very real possibility.

Experience more terror of an unwritten future with Judge Bitch by following him on soundcloud here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So Blinded By Tommy

Danish duo Furns released So Blinded only a couple of weeks ago (be sure to enjoy the original work here) and synth producer extraordinaire Tommy has found some incredible inspiration in his remix work for this song. The original already has a smooth 80s funk flavour, very moody and sensual with great initimacy. Tommy's forged a bold new direction from the source, while still staying true to it, and his just released instrumental version of this remix is magical in every respect.

The original melodies are detailled even further with gloriously warm layers of synthesized gold. The key changes are so lavishly produced and executed, it makes the entire work take on ethereal new colours and draw the listener into a world where vision is entirely unnecessary. So Blinded is a very apt title for this remix; I close my eyes and the world disappears and Tommy's synth-craft takes me away, totally beyond. Adding even more dimension is the track's timeframe, at just on ten minutes your journey and experience feels entirely complete upon it's completion. You feel sated, satisfied and magically invigourated.

Make sure you give Tommy lots of love on his soundcloud here and drop in and say Hi on his Facebook page here too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Monster Within NeonFlashDrive

There's something sweet and delicate about the new NeonFlashDrive track. Entitled The Monster Within Me this piece of purely poetic synth work is bright and joyous, but there is a fragility to it that seesm to be hiding something just behind the thinly veiled facade.

The main melody wends it's way throughout the music like fireflies on a dark warm night. Inviting, entrancing and enticing. Leading us into the darkness and leaving our comfort zones as the darkness closes in. The compostion is adventurous and playful but behind the neon synth glow is the lurking of something far more malificent. Repeated listenings make for a hypnotising experience that brings out all of the compositions beautifully crafted details.

This is another feather in NeonFlashDrive's cap, and adds a great deal of dimension and emotion to his previous forays into the genre. And as a bonus it's available for free download! Make sure you give him lots of love on soundcloud here and Facebook here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Vegas Night$ With Camille R

I'd like to go on the record with saying Camille R is one of my favourite producers in the 80s inpsired synth scene. His Last Limit record from a couple of years ago is completely visionary and blows me away with every listen. So when a new Camille R track comes out I find the experience all the more exciting. Vegas Night$ is the first piece from his upcoming EP and is totally beyond in every respect.

Camille R is renowned for using interesting sounds and creating layers of atmosphere in every composition. He makes, his latest is a testament to his skills as a producer in this respect. Adding a dash of 70s disco strings and punctuating the melodies with synth brass to complement a supremely dreamy bassline the ensemble creates an expensive and opulent sounding vista. The risk of the prize, the glittering lights, the excitement of the gambit it's all here and Camille R makes it happen.

I've heard through the synthvine that Camille R is going to be treating us to even more beautiful music over the next few months, and with Vegas Night$ making such an excellent return to the scene I can help but get very excited at the thought of even more aural gold. Make sure you follow all these impending new ventures on soundcloud here and Facebook here.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been another very active week in the 80s inspired synth scene with lots of great new releases from both established and new artists. Let's get rockin with some of my favourites from the past week.

A new work in progress from Matt Creamer is certainly promising much. This currently instrumental piece is perfectly written synth disco, with shades of italo, and a slight Alpha Boy edge to the arrangements. Whether it remains an instrumental or not this is one kick arse tune.

Well established synth raconteur 80s Stallone keep producing major pieces of delight and his latest is Summer Lovers. A jubilant and dazzling journey into glorious summer haze. The 80s Stallone magic is weaved throughout this beautiful track.

Quasars' side project Sgreyes came out with another 80s disco gem this week with Varadero. Smooth as silk and twice as luxurious the music this edit builds brilliantly, and I'm hoping a full length release is in offing from Sgreyes, as I've loved everything I've heard thus far.

Le Cassette are proving on a very consistent basis that they're one the scene leaders in delivering authentic 80s synth pop experiences. Tokyo Blues winds things back and allows the vocals to a lot of the work. Full of emotion and charged with darkness this song is totally enrapturing,

One of my favourite new producers released another work of genius this week in Klockhaus' new Tinplate Ant venture. I love the fact that this new artist already has a signature sound after only four single releases. This is pure Klockhaus, and it's dreamlike 80s vibe is totally rockin experience.

Disco synth maestro Silenx has been very busy of late and his latest release Sun Express cements his position even further as one of the scene's leading producers. Perfectly built and delightfully engineered the music is fused with warmth and light. The flavours of summer keep on rockin throughout this
inspired track.


To finish of this week's weekend update we have a totally kick arse new video from diretor extraordinaire Neros77 and his latest vignette from Stallions. Stallions is a side project from Miami Nights 1984 and is more dreamwave in sound thant the tradition Miami Nights Outrun sond. This video
is cut to perfection and loaded with cheeky 80s wonder.


Be sure to pick up the full Stallions EP on Bandcamp here for more chilled out synth experiences.

That does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix, I looked forward to experiencing more kick arse hard rockin music with you next week!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Garth Knight Breaks Point And Serves For The Match!!

Once in a while, a track comes out that changes your ideas of what defines why you like a certain genre of music. The song that you go to whenever anyone asks what kind of music you listen to. The song that encapsulates all the magic and love you have for the music in one go.  This week that song changed once again for me and from this point on (until I hear the next one!) Break Point by Garth Knight will be that song I play for people who haven't experienced this glorious genre of music before.


Break Point is a tour de force of 80s synth rock that traverses the soundtrack style and single style composition flawlessly. I can't even begin to go into the energy and power on display in each second of this glorious track, but for all it's layers of delectable digitisations theres still a level of uncomplex simplicity that is a real hallmark of the classic 80s production style. Break Point would be just at home being banged out live in a stadium full of screaming fans as it would in action sequence in a blockbuster movie, as it would be in a carb shredding aerobic workout VHS tape. This is the true magic of this piece, it crystallizes every 80s sound, nuance and feeling into four minutes of absolute listening pleasure.

Along with MPM & Kristine's A Night Like Tonight and Mitch Murder's Frantic Aerobics this one of those songs that will stay with me just as long as the 80s themselves. Thank you for the wonderful music Garth Knight, I'll be sure to follow your musical career very closely. And I hope all of you Synthetix fans out there do too. Make sure you follow him on soundcloud here for even more k-rad 80s loving.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Prepare For Terminal Damage!

Troy Passmore has been producing a lot of great electronic music over the last month, but his sound has really hit it's stride with his latest work Terminal Damage.


The powerfully forged melodies have a distinct flavour and edge to them. I love the choices of his synth sounds, they create a great deal of depth and contrast to the proceedings and work in a very refreshing way throughout the piece. The change of percussion towards the track's climax is thoroughly enthralling. The accents get richer and the drama ramps up exponentially. This build is brilliantly entertaining, I could see this set to film, with deliberate and methodical section then paving the way for tension and action; reaching fever pitch in time with the music.

Troy Passmore has a very good selection of tracks on his soundcloud here, be sure to follow him as his grasp and direction for this music promises a great deal for the future.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kenji Run Has Absolute Power

Someone who totally gets what making 80s style synth music is all about is Kenji Run. This gentleman from the UK is making glorious music that draws influences from all the classics, while adding a dimension of his own.

Citing the immortal Kraftwerk as a major influence Kenji Run's music feels very 1983. On the cusp of the mid 80s synth scene, but still in it's primordial stage, akin to the sounds of music produced by the likes of Italy's Monuments. A time when this genre was transitioning from the experimental minimalist electro style into something more detailed and layered as the technology progressed. Kenji Run is a time capsule of these sounds, with a modern touch that enhances the experience even further.

Support Kenji Run on his soundcloud here and his Facebook page here and be sure to buy his Wish of Lovers EP on iTunes here. I'll be sure to follow the future developments of this new artist earnestly and look foreard to sharing more of his music on Synthetix in the future.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mitch Murder Goes On A Gun Run To Phobos

80s synth scene legend Mitch Murder has just released a brand new piece of work entitled Phobos Gun Run. An action adventure trip to the moon of Mars punctuated with polarizing sounds and laced with diamond sharp details.

This staccato symphony introduces very exciting new sounds from Mr Murder and has loads of exciting possibilities for his future sounds. The guitar-esque solo towards the end shows even more promise, adding an extra layer of eloquence to an already well featured track. Upon repeat listenings even more magic begins to surface, bassline nuances, subtle synth inflections and an overpowering air of totally rock hard action.

As always, be sure to keep on top of Mitch Murder's illustrious career on soundcloud here and Facebook here.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's time for another Weekend Update on Synthetix to keep your weekend rockin' hard and often.

Lets start off the weekend update with some high energy electro breaks courtesy of Aud10botz. "My syntheisizer is a futuristic weapon" has to be one of the raddest lyrics I've heard of late. This track should be cranking as loud as possible out of your boombox while you're poppin' and lockin' on a local street corner this week.

Penguin Prison recently had a remix competition for his Fair Warning song, but unfortunatley Silent Gloves was too late in completing his entry. This is even more unfortunate as it's a totally kick arse remix that has beautifully interweaved 80s magic with Penguin Prison's vocals. Like most of Penguin Prison's releases I find the remix much stronger than the original and this is yet another classic example of this.

Perturbator's fast becoming the hardest working man in the 80s inspired synth scene as he's just released yet another track. This time another collaborative piece with none other than Starforce. This combination has given us Aurora Haze which capitalizes on both of their strengths, combining into a total powerhouse of epic and spatial cosmic synth wonder. I find it interesting that virtually all of Perturbators dark synth sounds are absent in this track, which is definitely broadening his scope as a composer. Aurora Haze is one hell of a ride.

Another release that caught my ear this week was Syncroft's She Is Like The Flex. This breakbeat funk synth piece is fantastic, the melodies are just brilliant. A minimalist approach makes everything work even harder, superbly crafted indeed.

Lost Years, in his infinite creativity, gave us a teaser for his new track entitled West Side Lane. This is so exciting and action packed that the minute we've been given to enjoy seems like a lot longer. Once again Lost Years has me champing at the bit for a full length release of his new works. Hopefully this will happen soon!

Dynatron released the throroughly incredible The Pulsating Nebula this week, which feels a lot like a companion piece to his recent Aurora Nights track. This is more undulating space synth that creates a totally tangible atmosphere of star filled galaxies at the heart of a swirling nebula. A sumptuous feast for the ears and the imagination.

This does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix. Please forgive the tardiness of this post, but I'm still adjusting to the new interface on Blogger and to say I'm not enjoying it is a monstrous understatement. But this isn't going to stop more rockin' 80s synth action coming thick and fast all next week.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Perturbator Goes To Hell; And Takes You WIth Him!

80s dark synth maestro Perturbator has just released his first full length record, a master stroke of diabolical digital nightmares sent straight from your darkest imagination, prepare yourself for the unbridled suspense of Terror 404.

Although a dark ambience permeates all the comositions as an overriding common thread there is still massive scope on Terror 404. Perturbator skips demonically from hellfired disco through to terrifying dirges of electronic evil. This makes the album as one entity a banefully beautiful release that works like the ultimate soundtrack to your favourite nightmare.

Crafted with a malevolent eye for detail each synth melody, lead and solo is delicately wrenched into a dark shadow. Percussion tracks strike home panic with every beat and guitars wail like the lost souls of the damned themselves. The pacing of the record has been very well thought out too, theres a palpable air of losing one's direction, being misguided on purpose, and being unsure of what's going to happen next.

From Opening Credits to End Theme this record is the best exponent of darkly cinematic 80s synth I've heard since Night Satan's Midnight Laser Warrior and proves once again how essentially a 'genre album' can traverse so many wondrous styles and influences to creating something genre defying.

Make sure you pick up your FREE copy of Terror 404 from Perturbator's Bandcamp here or from his soundcloud here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Les Chic Voltage Gets Jumbo In '84

Italy's Les Chic Voltage just released a new track entitled Jumbop 84. It's rare for new artists to recreate the happy/catchy 80s style melody so perfectly but this piece is totally on point for vintage homage and amour. The melody is what drives this piece more than anything else and it's so light and fruity; it dances about like neon nymph in the warm sunlight.

The production is classically worked too with a simple uncomplicated sound that brings to mind many of the early pioneers of 80s synth pop and italo. Everything works together exceedingly well and the overall authenticity brings an air of total 80s rapture. I personally love it when an artist forgoes all temptations of modern sounds in an effort to make their sound as close to their inspirational source as possible, and Jumbo 84 is one of those pieces.

For more rockin Les Chic Voltage action get on his soundcloud here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seipä Rides The Sunset Highway

If one is to look at the five tracks Seipä has on his soundcloud, one can see a very sure and steady progression in the artists sounds. From experimental funk and chillwave pieces he's arrived at his righteous destination; outrunning across the Sunset Highway in a dazzling crescendo of high energy 80s synth explosiveness.

All I know about Seipä is that he makes a very strong case for understanding how to make utterly flawless 80s inspired synth music. This composition is textbook in it's choice of arrangements and sounds with crisply bright solos and turbo charged bass lines complemented with some 80s movie/TV samples that I SHOULD know but for the life of me just can't place; like every good dialogue sample used should do. Sunset Highway rides high in the saddle and deep into the night and is hopefully going to be the first of many new classics from this talented artist from Norway.

Make sure you give Seipä lots of love and support on his soundcloud here and with any luck we'll be visiting with him again soon on Synthetix.