Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SelloRekT Goes Wild In The Night

Keeping with the 'night' theme this week, today's journey into the realms of Synthetix is a provided to us by the crypitcally named producer SelloRekT/LA Dreams. I came across this talented musician last week and had every intention of covering his work this week, and then out of nowhere he has today released a totally bitchen new track that is positively glowing with pink neon in a star filled sky.

Apparently inspired by the 80s vampire classic, The Lost Boys, Wild At Night is cavalcade of gorgeous synth melodies that make up a high tension action adventure into the inky befallen darkness. From the hi-hats to the nifty hand-claps everything coalesces into a deeply moody but also elevating experience.

SelloRekT's soundcloud is chock full of synthualised excursions to where time stands still; locked at 1985. Spend some quality time on his soundcloud here and then give him some love on Facebook here too.

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