Monday, July 9, 2012

The Pyramid's Frontier

France's Pyramid has been producing spatially vibrant synth soundscapes of a very high calibre, and his new journey called Frontier is one of his most developed experiences thus far. The 80s soundtrack theme is ever present in Pyramid's work, theres a tangible depth and an everpresent aspect of aural magic surrounding the proceedings.

The spatial nature of Pyramid's sounds has never been as apparent as in Frontier, theres so much breathing room and the lightness of the sounds contrast perfectly with the sublimely orchestrated instrumentations. The chasms of space and time meld into a constant, steady delivery of purely melodious exuberance. The vistas of Frontier's are breathtaking in vastness and volume making for an incredibly invigorating experience. Absoloutely one of Pyramid's finest moments in his musical career thus far.

Be sure to keep abreast of all the wonders of Pyramid on his soundcloud here and on his Facebook page here.

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  1. Great descriptive immersion instigated in these reviews.