Saturday, June 28, 2014

A New Chapter Begins For Synthetix.FM

Since the beginning Synthetix has been about bringing the fans and producers together and uniting the little pockets of 80s inspired synth dotted around the planet into a place where we could all help and support the music we all love. This has seen the Facebook group nearly reaching 3,000 members at this stage and a vibrant community of talented people now working at doing their thing to make the scene rock harder.

This is where the next evolution of Synthetix.FM begins. It's taken me probably far too long to realise this, and I only have my own ego to blame, but Synthetix is not about me. It's not about the posts I do or anything else, it's about the music and that is something that I want to now change about how Synthetix.FM operates. I think now is the perfect time for Synthetix.FM to spread its wings and bring the community to the site.

I want Synthetix.FM to reflect the diversity and talent of the fans the love the music, their passions for the 80s and the exposing of a greater audience to the artists who we know deserve it.

The first step on this new path is bringing in new writing talent and contributors to the Synthetix.FM experience. Things like the Weekend Updates will be changing with numerous scene identities contributing as well as the AIRBORNE reviews getting their own weekly post. News, events, Kickstarter promotions and all manner of other things related to what's happening in the 80s inspired synth scene will be covered and given a space on Synthetix.FM also.

This site has always been about the cream of what the scene produces and that is not changing, Synthetix.FM is not about covering 'everything' that comes out, but ensuring that quality releases that we connect with are given time to shine. With the sheer amount of music coming out these days I, as an individual, can't cover everything to a standard I'd be happy with. The other side of this is that I have a tonne of rockin ideas I'd like to do related to the scene that I simply don't have the time for currently.

I'm still going to be writing and creating content on here, but with our newly formed team of reviewers and growing array of contributors I'll be able to focus on a more long range scope to ensure Synthetix.FM remains a relevant and vital part of the scene.

This process will be slow at first as things get together, so I ask of you to bear with us during this process, but things will be happening sooner rather than later as the new contributors to the site are already working on their first pieces. I'll also be posting in the Synthetix Facebook group for other positions for specific roles as contributors, beyond review writing, so please join the group, if you haven't already, if you believe you have something you can offer.

Synthetix as a community has been something I've been very proud of being part of for the last couple of years and this next step is now giving the community a place and voice in the spotlight that I hope grows brighter and stronger as time moves on.

Synthetix.FM's new programme schedule will be taking effect as of next week as things begin to slot into place. I'm very excited about these changes, it's like a whole new world opening up and I hope you will be coming along for the ride too.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

As I alluded to last week Synthetix.FM is going to celebrate International Boombox day this coming July (Sunday the 20th to be exact) with a special Synthetix.FM Mixtape. This will be an annual event to complement Valentine's Day's Synthual Rendezvous, Halloween's Rhythm Vivisection and the year end Synthstravaganza Mixtapes and being the inaugural  edition I want to make it extra hard rockin.

Much like the Halloween and Valentine's Mixtapes I'm now taking submissions from producers to go into this mixtape. The theme for International Boombox day is going to be hot Electro Funk styled synth music, with an energetic flavour that is rockin the classic breakdance anthems of old. If you're not sure what this means here's a few classic examples of modern day electro rockin' action.

If you're still unclear please have a browse through my Electro Funk Top 10's for 2012 and 2013 in the year end Synthstravaganza posts on Synthetix.FM here and here. Please submit and of your own tracks via the contact form on the left hand side of this page. The music doesn't have to be brand new or exclusive, but I will prioritise tracks that are. Submissions will be taken from now until the cut off date which will be the 16th of July. I'm really looking forward to this new mixtape being a regular feature of the special edition Synthetix.FM Mixtapes and I'll be marketing it actively via the boombox collecting fraternities I'm an active member of throughout the internet, so your music will be being spread to all new demographics and is hopefully an excellent opportunity to increase your music's audience. Please feel free to contact me via the contact box on this page if you require any further information.

Time to get the throttle rockin into the danger zone with this week's AIRBORNE feature releases!

MOXX - Starcross 2001  Future 80s Records' have a hot new release on their hands with the new MOXX EP titled Starcross 2001. This four track affair offers some hear pumping OutRun styles along with more atmospheric arrangements. MOXX's sounds develop with a priority given to melodic exploration, which is really personified in the wonderfully vast 'Starcross City Overture'. MOXX even experiments in some classic 80s indie electro pop sounds on 'Sleipnir' which is totally rockin. There are a lot of great signs on this EP that MOXX has the talent and understanding of 80s sounds to garner a big following in the 80s inspired synth scene and I, for one, am greatly looking forward to hearing more MOXX rockin in the future.

Stellar Dreams - The Crusader The musical journey thus far for Malaysian duo known as Stellar Dreams has been interesting to say the least. These rockers have been changing the genetic make up of their music in nearly every release with some of their styles moving well away from the 80s based sounds but their new EP feels like it's taken a new and exciting turn. The Crusader takes the Stellar Dreams 80s sounds and gives it a harder tensile edge without sacrificing their magical melodies. 'High End' and 'Mileage' were definitely my two favourite pieces on this EP, ironically for very different reasons, but both create magnificent amounts of atmosphere. To round out the EP there are also two remixes of the title track, one being a funkier take from Kid Flash and the other being a  totally rockin 'Midnight Version' which really gives The Crusader an exciting new aesthetic.

Spacious Sweep - Escape From Reality Jerome Spacious Sweep is one of the hardest working producers in the 80s inspired synth world. Every week he's releasing new gems of vintage sounds and now he's getting around to packaging them into EPs for better distribution. His Escape From Reality EP is a nine track cavalcade of 80s synth sounds the move from dramatic atmospheric synthscapes into Italo and most everything in between. I absolutely adore the vintage naivete of Spacious Sweeps sounds and to be able get these delightful pieces as a free download is something most rockin. Stand out tracks on Escape From Reality: 'Divine Power', 'Tragic Memory', 'Difficult Recovery' and the absolutely kick arse title track. 


One of the things that I've always loved about Robots With Rayguns' sound is that it  still sounds as fresh and individual as it did when I first experienced it four plus years ago. RWR is set to release a hot new album, which will be his third, in the near future and to promote it and finance the release he's made a deluxe edition of RWR available for preorder with a whole bunch of hot extra tracks. Preorder your copy of the RWR Deluxe Edition here and stay tuned to Synthetix.FM for more rockin Robots With Rayguns action when the new album comes out, but for now grab a copy of his stellar new version of 'Fever '14' with your preorder.

Lots of atmospheric pieces surfaced this week and Pablo Johnson (or Joey Mercedes, depending what you read) released a really impressive piece of ambient space synth music with his 2001 homage 'Daisy'. The journey is deep and full of enlightening passages, beautifully constructed from beginning to conclusion.

'Fields Of Time' is the latest exposition from Python Blue and continues his expansion into purely 80s thematics from his past soundtrack oriented roots. This combination of his passion for 80s sounds and his understanding of more atmospheric synthual pleasures creates yet another hugely entertaining experience. 'Fields Of Time' rocks, and is currently available for FREE download via the player.

Dakarius is back with a hot new track full of tension and delightfully vivid orchestral stabs titled 'Techno Criminal'. The Dakarius sound always feels like it's been stripped directly from an 80s or early 90s cyberpunk thriller and this is no exception. The blend of vintage sounds is wholly convincing and rockin to the max.

Station A3 is pushing to the limit on his latest inspirational synth piece 'Stay Positive'. The vibes are motivating and full of enthusiasm. This kind of 80s synth music is some of my favourite and it's great to hear Station A3 rock it so hard. If you need inspiration this week, 'Stay Positive' and crank up the volume!

Creating a very dramatic and totally rad mix of ChipTune sounds in a very 80s aesthetic is Occams Laser with 'Power'. This feels like it should be in a soundtrack to a fast paced heroic action game ala Strider or Cyber Lip and it's ChipTune pallet gives just the right nostalgic flavour to the kick arse progressions. Currently available for FREE download.

KFDDA keeps on rockin hard and his latest track is certainly no exception. 'After School Special - Cassette Rip' is full of bright and breezy synth melodies that are full of 80s homage. The chapters of this piece kick much arse as it winds down midpoint before coming back with an uptempo reprise. Be sure to grab a copy of this while can as a FREE download.

The tone of Night Invader's new track 'Brutal Tyranny' is what drew me in originally and then the atmosphere it built upon refused to let me go. The dark powers at work in this track are undeniable and full of menace. The drums are really pumping some major force but the guitars and synths really combine into a huge powerhouse of malevolence. Grab a copy for FREE download while you can.

Daniel Deluxe is cranking some bad juju this week as well with his darkly atmospheric track 'Wasteland'. There's a vague hint of rockin disco vibes permeating from the shadowy surrounds that proves very enticing and is explored beautifully throughout the piece. You can rock this killer track for FREE download currently too.

Offering up some very well constructed 80s inspired synth pop is Street Cleaner featuring Seanario  with their track 'Gasoline'. Theres a great deal of vintage homage spread thickly throughout this song, although I found the more modern introductory passages putting things slightly off kilter. Balance is achieved not long in however and the remainder of the experience is totally kick arse. You can pick up a copy of this song on the Modesto Synth Society Comp: Four for FREE on Bandcamp here.

One of the most awesome pieces of soundtrack synth I've heard of late comes from Destoroyah and his piece 'Welcome To The Future'. The presence is undeniable and vast, with so many nods to classic soundtracks included while creating its own identity. It is a breathtaking piece of music in every respect.

Some rockin new talent up next with Neon Suspects and his two track self titled release. Two completely different aesthetics are explored and both are rockin to the max. 'Cyber Cruiser' gets a building OutRun experience full of action and drama while 'Lady At Night' is an absolutely stunning work of delicately sensual and sultry synth romance. You can pick up this great little EP via the link in the player on Bandcamp.

Synthetix.FM favourite Sebastian Gampl is back with another hot track that I simply can't resist covering this week. 'Doogie's Theme' is rockin to the max with stunning synth melodies and 80s charm that is completely contagious. This producer gets so much right with 80s inspired synth music that it's impossible to fault. Rock it.

17 Lion Tears, or Olivier PG has just unleashed some serious sax synth magic with his new track 'Shower Of Melodies' or possibly 'The Rain Of Your Love'. In all honesty I find it hard to keep track of this producer's title and track names but all that matters is this music is stunning. The emotional depth of this piece is really lovely with an intimate tone that is full of affection. The extended outro is completes the experience beautifully.

What's the definition of a winning combination? Lazerhawk and Neros77 is certainly a strong contender for it, that's for sure. It seems Lazerhawk's music always brings out the more creative side of Neros77's video creations and his latest work for 'Chaos' is certainly bringing new dimensions to Neros77's techniques. Using footage from the relatively obscure 80s fantasy epic The Devil's Sword allows for some very, very impressive blending of audio visual entertainment.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. Kasia and myself will be back during the week with more rockin tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Perturbator Takes You Through Dangerous Days

One of the brightest, shining stars of the 80s inspired synth scene is Perturbator. It amazes me to this day how many people know of Perturbator yet know none of his peers. Perturbator flies the 80s flag high and his work has been constantly refined over the last year or so especially and his sound has still retained its 80s flavour without embarking on a truly slash electro thrill ride. The Perturbator brand of 80s inspired synth is first and foremost driven by strong, deep melodies. His style of expanding and exploring his melodic passages is often his hallmark with many tracks having climactic points that explode the preconceived notions of the melody into all new dimensions of being.

I'm a firm believer that Perturbator's collaborative works with many of the scenes most rockin producers has tempered his sounds into a their own beast and these influences be they unabashed or subconscious have made for a very strong album in Dangerous Days. Perturbator isn't afraid of emotional moments and doesn't resort to high tension techniques to make his music grab you, his confidence and belief in his melodies is what shines through and this is what gives this Perturbator record in particular a strength that is completely formidable.

The power becomes even more apparent when taken in a full album experience. The conceptualisation of Danger Days is lucidly told within the thirteen chapters that range vastly in content and theme but all are tied together by Perturbator's own characterisations that are given a stage big enough to explore each piece in a completely luxurious manner. It is the level of songwriting in the tracks on Dangerous Days that shines through, more than anything else, and makes this album the ultimate Perturbator experience thus far.

Beyond the scene setting introductory passage of 'Welcome Back' the rockin begins with a double barrel explosion of synth fury in the eponymous 'Perturbator's Theme'. The velocity and potency of this track really puts your right in the middle of Perturbator's dimension with electrifying energy blasting thunderbolts of synth action and while this aural violence takes place the epic nature of the lead synth melody shines even brighter in the face of such darkness. This is the balance of Perturbator's arcane synth magic; the blend of light and dark, the vintage and the modern, the knife's edge is danced across with wanton disregard for safety and with maximum levels of excitement.

The real tempering of this sound is what is crafted so well throughout Dangerous Days. New soundscapes appear like new challengers, with fists bandaged and surprise power moves lurking beneath the surface. In 'Raw Power' we get to hear Perturbator's videogame inspirations take form into a retro pastiche of ChipTune seasoned dark synth action. The combination is rockin to the max and the blend works magnificently well with melodies trading blows betwixt the synthscapes in a ferocious free for all.

Whilst darkness is always the number one colour in the Perturbator palette it never is allowed to race out of control and is restricted to a tight leash. The murderous intentions of 'Future Club' are masked by a disco swagger that doesn't show the flash of the blade until the last second. The unforgiving brutality of  'War Against Machines' is contrasted with sublimely uplifting, humanistic passages that shine like a beacon amid a sea of impenetrable pitch black haze spewed forth from the archaic machinery.

It brought me great pleasure to find Perturbator investigating purely emotional contexts once again in Dangerous Days and this first parting of the clouds to allow the sun to warm the synthscape occurs in the longingly constructed 'Hard Wired' featuring Memory Ghost's Isabella Goloversic on vocals. The melodies are merely hinted at in small, accidental glances while Goloversic's vocals intimate a haunting and languid story. The track is delicate and emotional and positioned perfectly in the album's make up.

Tensions resume at a fever pitch in the follow up 'She Is Young, She Is Beautiful And She Is Next' as the giallo disco phantasm manifests bright melodies that soon get crushed into oblivion by unrelenting percussion and guitars. 'Humans Are Such Easy Prey' ramps things up into marching obliteration of electronic maelstroms that can barely hold their physical being together. The tone of this piece marks an excellent new method of structuring a Perturbator experience as the pace is increased along with the depravity of the melodies, the back end providing the most kick arse ending you're likely to hear to a track in 2015.

Right when you think Perturbator's gone over the edge and has plunged into a gaping maw of hellish barbarism from which there is no return he does a complete 180 and doubles back on his own tracks with a new exploration in synthual tenderness. 'Minuit' featuring Dead Astronauts performing the vocals is dreamy and passionate with an ethereal presence that warms and drips like chords from heaven its self.

'Satanic Rites' brings old fiends back together in a black massive of twisting and writhing melodies hellbent on experiencing every unearthly pleasure inhumanly possible. I really love how the synths get extra toasty in this demonic narrative and cries of both pain and elation mirror the excruciating pleasures, thrusting their lusts amid the synthscape. If self flagellation is your thing; you've just found the anthem to your next session.

Bringing out some hefty artillery for the final collaborative piece on the album we find Carpenter Brut feverishly racing to the death with Perturbator on the aptly titled 'Complete Domination'. The more film score like Brut nuances bleed as one with the steel shredding synth power tools in both their arsenals. This track feels like everything is put on the line, the intensity grows into such an epic spectacle that you'll be picking up the pieces from the final explosive chapter for weeks.

Sounder structures mark the aftermath of 'Complete Domination' as 'Last Kiss' echoes its way through Vangelis flavoured textures and swell with a serene melancholy. The sparsely populated synthscape is allowed to share its details in a beautifully graceful unfolding of a new reality. One that seems light years away from the torture and brutality we've experienced, but the scars still tingle with life affirming radiance.

The Dangerous Days experience is completed with a twelve minute synthphony that builds like wall of monoliths across spatial dimensions. The completely entrancing nature of the simple refrain becomes a mere facet of the intriguing exploration of sounds as the journey breaks free from its earthbound origins and rises higher into the heavens, on a journey of aural discovery. 'Dangerous Days' finishes the album on a massively high note, with questions being asked as the last fade to black teases even greater things to come from the imagination of Perturbator.

Perturbator's Dangerous Days is presented on his Bandcamp page here for digital download at a name-your-own-price point, the physical vinyl editions of this album have already sold out, but keep an eye on Telefuture Records here and as of the time of this being published Blood Music is still taking preorders for CD copies here. I would highly advise securing a physical copy as quickly as possible, if this is something you're interested in acquiring as they will be high in demand. And you SHOULD want a physical copy of this album!

Perturbator's Dangerous Days is an absolute Synthetix Reference Experience that raises the bar on how blends of both light and dark synth work can be used to such wonderfully engaging extremes. The 80s glow is never far from Perturbator's brush strokes and even when he's stabbing at the canvas with bloodthirsty homicidal intent there is always a presence of melodic 80s magic to centre the experience. Definitely a high water mark for Perturbator's own brand of 80s inspired synth sounds and most definitely one of the most kick arse records you're likely to hear in 2014.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

It's time for another trip into the musical memories of Kasia and her secret diary of synthual recollections. Come and share in the the wonders that abound in Kasia's Secret Diary.

Thursday, 14th June, 2013

Perturbator featuring Le Cassette - Meet Jimmy

Big city lights, great buildings, clubs, shops and thousands people passing you by all the time
How ironic is it that you can be in a place like this and sometimes just feel so alone
Another empty life in the city?
No... not with you
Whenever I feel like this I think of you

First 50 seconds always take me to another place and time
I close my eyes and I am far away from here, lying on the beach
The only thing I hear is the water and you
The whole world disappears
I listen to your words

They are so true, so sad and so beautiful at the same time
And the way you talk
Your voice...

I just can't get enough of you
It's good to know that I am not the only one who sometimes feels like this
Can't wait to meet you

Saturday, 11th January, 2014

Fanateek One - Choose Me

Music is one of the most important things in my life
The best thing about music is that it makes me feel free
It's a great escape when things don't really go my way
It's the best way to relax and to catch a breath after a long, hard day
It's something that keeps me moving forward
The best way to express my emotions... the reason to cry and laugh
It's also the best company when perfect things are happening in my life
It makes me remember great moments, feelings, people
I've chosen you because I can always count on you 
You are always somewhere close
You accept my strengths and weaknesses and you never expect anything in return
Thanks for choosing me

Tuesday, 13th May, 2014

Pinemarten - Trapped

You're trapped inside the system and I am there with you 
We're creating a world visible just to us
Just me, you and your music in our own space
No... you did not make a mistake, this system is perfect with you
As long as you are playing, I will never feel alone
And exactly like you're saying
This system brings me hope 
I will never press delete
Because I want to be trapped inside the system with you forever! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TimeCop1983's Journeys

When TimeCop1983 came into my life I was massively impressed by his ability to create 80s Synth Romance emotions in his music so innately. This kind of music comes naturally to this producer, it would seem, as each successive release has found TimeCop1983 building deeper and grander musical stories  that instantly transfix and linger in one's consciousness for the longest time.

Journeys marks the debut album release from TimeCop1983 and it caught me by surprise on numerous levels. Firstly, it surprised my by its timing as it seemed like his Synthetic Romance EP was still fresh in my mind, although this does date back to a January release. Secondly, the amount of collaborations on this album are magnificently orchestrated in very surprising ways. I never figured TimeCop1983 for being a big collaborator as his sounds are so intrinsically emotional and channelled from his own muse, the inclusion of others on this album shows a great deal of musical maturity and the superb way these other artists are implemented in the TimeCop1983 aesthetic is truly wondrous.

My last surprise was by far the most rewarding as this album's twelve tracks manage to stay always sounding totally TimeCop1983 while offering individual new chapters in his musical journey. In this album TimeCop1983 cements himself as a true artist of the 80s inspired synth scene that has formed his raw innate talent into something refined and beautiful.

It is the malleability of this talent that really shines throughout the album and gives fantastic individuality to each chapter. The yearning of Synth Romance melodies is deep and full of tiny details and progressions that enthral throughout. I must say, when I saw Dana Jean Phoenix, yet again, on another 80s inspired synth release my heart sank a little. Nothing personally to do with DJP herself mind, but I find that every new track I hear with DJP vocals sounds like every other DJP song and become indiscernable to me as the producer's musical individuality is lost entirely behind the vocals. I will confess to having major issues with the lack vocal diversity that the producers of 80s inspired synth music are willing to use in general, however.

The real point here was that I was ready to dismiss this track due to my own preconceived ideas but the truth of the matter is that the opening song 'Dreams' on Journeys is possibly the best use I have heard yet of DJP's vocals in 80s flavoured synth sounds. Her relaxed delivery and complete symbiosis with the melodic structures is warm and pleasing to listen to and devoid of her usual trademarks. For the first time in a year or thereabouts I got to hear a DJP vocal that genuinely added something new and vital to the music.  It took TimeCop1983 to extract this performance and it was definitely worth it as 'Dreams' is a stunning exposition of 80s romantic moods with the vocal adding more passionate gravitas to the piece.

Climbing instrumental adventures of the heart are TimeCop1983's favourite aural pleasures and the instrumental pieces on Journeys continue to expand his horizons and understandings with a deeper resonance felt in the details of many tracks. 'Far Away' brings this home with an incredibly subtle guitar track that adds an immeasurable amount of emotional investment to the piece. It is stunningly employed with a reverence and poignancy that accentuates the sheer delight of synths in ways you feel and not just hear.

The Journey continues with a new partner to travel with for the next league in Per Rinaldo who provides the vocals for 'Lost In Your Eyes'. I don't believe I've had any previous experience of Per Rinaldo's work, but I hope I do again as his performance in this piece once again perfectly in tune with TimeCop1983 sumptuous, dreamy synths. There is restrained power and delicious harmonies in Rinaldo's delivery and the editing is totally right on the 80s dream pop romance aesthetic. The songwriting is once again of the highest calibre with a finely pitched balance working between the instruments and vocals.

The real magic in Synth Romance sounds is the searingly emotive lead melodies, melodies that ascend skywards into bright sun filled lens flares of happiness with soft, sustained tones of electronic whimsy. You feel the melody in 'Summer Heat'. It warms from within with glowing light, it saturates colours and shines with bracing reflectivity. Even on spicier night themed pieces like  'LA Nights' the warmth of the TimeCop1983 lead melodies create basking glows no shadow can escape from. These romantic synth leads are exchanged for guitars in 'Journeys' as the piece takes this new instrument and gives it a proper home in the TimeCop1983 soundscape. The trading of melodies between synths and guitars in a wonderful call and return style gives the guitars passion and nuance that keeps the synths relevant and complimentary.

This idea is taken into an all new inspiring level in the next chapter, 'Breaking Waves' as Phaserland takes on the guitarist role and delivers a performance totally rockin to the max. The guitars never overpower the synths, or fade into insignificance but are giving equal prominence and the passages of both instruments illustrate glorious 80s tones and colours with a focus on the more delicate and impassioned personality of the six stringed seducer. Once again, this collaboration is a magnificent demonstration of both artists' understanding of how to rock it right together.

Dreamy synthscapes of melting hearts and pastel shades are our next destinations with 'City Lights' being the upcoming stop. The pace of this piece is exceptional as it lures you into its world with deliberate movements and then opens up with a glorious lead that is about as close as TimeCop1983 can get to ripping whilst remaining in a Synth Romance style. Energies become more active and pulses begin to race with 'Inner Visions' as excitement becomes our next port of call. The swirling mists part before us with momentum having our speed increase incrementally at first until we ascend to the stratosphere above the clouds and dancing lights chime in time with the glittering melodies.

The purity of romantic synth interludes return in 'Flashbacks' but this time with a more melancholy edge as remembrances of past love becomes immediate and vivid. The emotions are stirred and rekindled via delicate passages, bright with synthual memories and become tactile and real once again. One can't help but smile and ride with the flow of times past as our journey takes a brief backwards sidestep before moving ahead. The final instrumental piece on the album is 'Lost Again' which takes a more esoteric approach to the Journeys we have partaken in. The melody asks questions, about where we are going, what we are doing and why we are even on this path. Introspectively muted, the music gives us the time and space to think and reflect; looking back we see how far we've come and looking forward we see how far there is yet to go.

The final Journey on the album is another brilliant collaborative piece, this time with The Boy And Sister Alma. The vocals add a mysticism to the musical atmosphere that haunts and creates an almost Twin Peaks/Julee Cruise type uneasiness, welcoming with open arms but completely unable to relinquish their grip. 'Call On You' is yet another exquisite combination of talents that create a whole which individually engaging yet still cut from that breathtaking TimeCop1983 cloth.

TimeCop1983 presents the Journeys album on his Bandcamp page here and the twelve tales that create this voyage into the future and the past are remarkable in many, many ways. The more I listen to this album the more depth I discover and the more I fall in love with the individual aspects of each track. This is truly a Synthetix Reference Experience in the wonders and pure magic of 80s inspired synth music and TimeCop1983 (and all his collaborators) should be very, very proud of the musical Journeys created and experienced thus far.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

Time for another rockin Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM! This week has a witnessed the beginning of the FIFA World Cup and in celebration Werkstatt Recordings has garnered a roster of quality synth talent to release a great new World Cup themed compilation titled Soccer Wave: The Road To Glory.

Not since New Order's World in Motion have synths and football been so tuned as one as the likes of Plaisance, Fixions, Foreign Blade, Shio-Z, Nitelight and many more hot rockin synth producers take to the pitch and quest for victory. You can pick up a copy of this great release on Werkstatt Recording's Bandcamp page here, so it can be your complete soundtrack to this epic sporting event.

Now get ready to take off to adventure with this week's AIRBORNE feature releases!

Sferro & Tommy - Matters Of The Heart Joining forces and enlisting even more killer talent we find Sferro & Tommy combining their magical synth magic in this great little EP. The opening title track is a sumptuous synth pop vista of luxurious 80s textures and emotions with a sultry vocal courtesy of Yota. 'Rapture' brings the dreamy melodies of Tommy into focus with arrangements given a glossy layer of Sferro synth magic. These two totally rockin tracks are accompanied by remixes of each from Cassette Club and Rex Ronan to finish off an already stellar experience in 80s inspired synth beauty.

Nemix - Electromechanical Nemix has released his debut EP which contains five tracks of high energy synth rockin that crosses genres and decades with very interesting results. Much of his melodies come across as heavily 80s influenced whilst the arrangements are engineered to maximise drama where necessary and then lull back into emotive pastures. 'Human V20' provides a delicately pieced together work of Synth Romance while still keeping a very modern/futuristic technological vibe, which is very intriguing. Stand out tracks also include the totally rockin 'City 2084' and 'Forbidden
Labs' which sounds like it should be on a Castlevania soundtrack.

Manolis - At My/Her Place Manolis is back with a superb new two track release that is a wonderfully explored concept in Synth Romance intimacy. At My/Her Place is a two track affair exploring synthual relationships in different environments between two people. The differences in being with the same person in differing spaces is beautifully illustrated via Manolis's incredible musical talent. Subtlety and understatement allow for wonderfully tender moments through both beautifully constructed tracks.  A stunning release and a shining example of a simple concept given immense depth.


Kicking off this week's Weekend Update tracks is Cobra Copter who's rockin some serious action in his latest track 'Ultimate Ninja'. The stealthily understated  opening chapters lead into full silent assassin overkill with great progressions and a lead refrain that is full of synth ninja magic. I'm sure Godfrey Ho would be proud to have this piece on a soundtrack to any of his superb ninja cinema masterpieces.

I'm becoming more and more impressed by the work of Alter Sun of late. His latest track really rocks some quality 80s vibes and with equal portions of Paul Hardcastle and Harold Faltermeyer combining into a feel good holiday vibe full of bright colours and warm sunshine.

Coming in right on track for the my next feature mixtape for International Boombox Day (more on this next week) is the great new electro rockin piece from Pulse 80 titled 'Sweet Groove'. Huge percussion highlights right on point 80s melodies in a jam that's sure to make your woofers wallop and your tweeters twitch. Currently available for FREE download via the link in the player.

A new rocker for Synthetix.FM now with Tetrahominoid and his totally kick arse track 'Convoy'. The electro rockin is turned up to maximum in this track with a chorus that is catchy far beyond the legal limits. Kick arse work and I hope to cover more Tetrahominoid tracks on here in the future.

It's great to have Dream Fiend rockin a kick arse new original tune with 'Lockdown' this week. The melodic journey this tracks takes the listener on is stunningly detailed and full of lush 80s sounds and produced with a sparkling coat of neon gloss.

There is definitely ardor in the air this week as yet another stunning Synth Romance track this time from Mooginizer and his wonderfully constructed piece 'Take Her Home'. The music moves through some intriguing chapters as Mooginizer really makes the percussion work in extraordinary ways to highlight the magic of the lead melody. Currently available for FREE download, get on it ASAP.

Another piece of music that is stunningly assembled is the new track from The Northern Lights going by the name of 'Indigos'. The presence created is immense and full of emotional nuance. There is a tactile mix of power and delicacy that is breathtaking. A wonderfully involving piece of music.

Steve Moore is a legend of 80s inspired synth music and it's fantastic that his stature has been recognised by Capcom as he's contributed kick arse music for the just released Dead Rising 3 DLC pack, extravagantly titled Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + Alpha which brings a tonne of revered Capcom character designs into the Dead Rising universe. This track is currently available for FREE download, also.

RF Extreme's brand of emotive synthual pleasures is one I'm always excited to partake in another slice of and with 'Path Unknown' those sweetly delicious flavours are once again baked to perfection and iced with dreamy neon colours. The journey is deep and enriching and swells with great beauty.

Although it's policy on Synthetix.FM that i don't cover preview/demo tracks (I'd much prefer to wait until they are fully completed to give them proper exposure) I couldn't resist including the latest track by one my of favourite new producers of 2014, the ever impressive Sebastian Gampl with 'Chicago'. Though listed as a 'teaser' I'm not sure how else this wonderful piece of music will evolve as it is incredibly impressive as it stands. The best news is that Sebastian Gampl will be a releasing an album before the year's end so I figure this track (and his also rockin 'Freedom Fighter' track) might be the last time we get to hear from him for a while.

Robert Parker's really got the creative juices flowing this week with another great electro breakin' synth odyssey for your delectation. 'Spin' is full of nods to classic breakdance music while glowing with that beautiful Robert Parker magic. This is also available currently for FREE download too.

Fantastisizer is back with a hot new track titled 'Mirror Of You'. Haunting melodies providing an hypnotic and spacious synthscape that creates a hazy, dreamlike vision. The focus of the melody remains unchanged throughout but it's the atmospheres that are adapted and eventually brought to stunningly climactic final chapter that make the experience magical.

Myrone continues to redefine my love for 80s inspired synth music as he once again rocks harder than melonfarmer in his latest guitar and synth extravaganza: 'Heating Up'. This explosive, high octane thrill ride is packed with shredding, wailing, ripping and rockin all night long. Available for FREE download you NEED this piece of music in your life as loud and as often as possible. Be sure to check out Myrone's collaborative work with Max LeRoy, 'That's It Man' also released this week as a FREE track.

A live action fan project to make an accurate live-action version of AKIRA has secured the ever rockin Le Matos to make the soundtrack as rad as possible. 'Kiyoko' is a track to be featured in this project (which you can get sneak peak of here) and is a quality blend of classic 80s sounds and modern arrangements done in that classic Le Matos style. It's definitely the perfect audio accompaniment for the visuals, that's for sure. I'm certainly looking forward to how this project evolves as, like many of you reading this, I'm a huge fan of the original AKIRA animation.

This weeks feature video is for the long awaited new record from Mitch Murder. Synthetix.FM is officially on the hype train for this release as full length Mitch Murder experiences are always created with the highest calibre weaponry available and polished to a mirror finish. We've been promised physical copies of this album courtesy of Mad Decent including a vinyl release, which will definitely be making one of my long-term 80s inspired synth dreams come true. The album is due out the end of July, so expect more news and full coverage of the release as it gets closer, for now this beautifully animated album trailer for Interceptor will have to suffice.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back during the week along with Kasia for more musical explorations in the world of 80s inspired synth music.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summers Past And Future In Vincenzo Salvia's Italo Dreams

The romantic sentimentality of Italo Disco synth, in general, has been taken to even loftier nostalgic heights in the latest EP from Vincenzo Salvai. Reminiscing and remembering that 'Summer Love' romance from 2013 and bringing those warm feelings back into our lives. Summer Love... One Year Later presents four tracks of beautifully structured Italo pieces that traverse the styles and ages of classic Italo sounds in a delightfully authentic manner.

Salvia's homages to classic Italo sounds are some of the best I've heard in the modern-age as this producer recreates a full immersion into the sounds and emotions of these Mediterranean flavours. With his latest EP a further progression is evidenced in the nuances in the instrumental parts as well as the vocal work with a tender, loving touch felt through each melody and subtleties in synth structures allowed to create their own golden magic.

I must say, I listen to a lot of vintage Italo Disco music. By 'a lot' I mean more than a thousand tracks in my music library as well as ardently listening to online Italo radio stations. The Italo genres contain an incredible amount of individual releases and the uncovering of these gems that are new to me is something I truly love. Upon hearing this new EP from Vincenzo Salvia those feelings of something vintage yet all brand new came bubbling to the surface with an effervescent fruity flavour that was impossible to sip just once.

The first track is a complete re-examining and retelling of the 'Summer Love' song from last year, once again with Chrissy Valentine performing the vocals while Vincenzo himself serenades his heart's desires in the final act. This version takes the originals classic refrain and restructures it with mistier recollections and an aesthetic that longs for those times to be rekindled into passionate flames once again. The story is bittersweet, but hopeful, as the temperatures rise so to do the possibilities of that 'Summer Love' sparking back into torrents of desire.

'Tramonto D'Agosto' takes the final stages of summer love into colder temperatures as the sunset of August brings the signs of fading warmth and Vincenzo delivers sombre and melancholy vocals to accompany the emotive melodies. The melodramatic side of Italo is explored expertly in this piece as the chorus is delivered in dual voices with haunting memories of the summer now past. The honesty of the emotional involvement is unmistakable and nothing about this piece at all feels forced or hollow. The sentiment and sounds are real and you'll feel that bite in the sea breeze cause a slight shiver deep within.

The third act on this EP has turned out to be not only one of my favourite Vincenzo Salvia tracks, but also one of my favourite Italo tracks, period. 'Domenica' featuring Giusi Telesca has an absolutely massive synth hook that is complemented by one of the most authentic 80s styled vocal performances I'm yet to hear. The sweet voice of Giusi Telesca has an astounding grace that is present in the delivery of every syllable. The native Italian adds even more to the spectacular performance and the balance between the synths and vocals is utterly enrapturing. It's one thing to create a piece that is an homage to a specific style, but it is another thing entirely reinvent its soul and essence in a manner so thoroughly beautiful. Vincenzo and Giusi do just this in 'Domenica' and I hope this relationship bears more musical delicacies in the future.

Adding a tropical and festive dimension to the EP is final track, tantalisingly titled 'Gelato Party'. The upbeat, dance floor oriented Italo Disco moods jostle and gyrate with bright and bouncy melodies that are packed with refreshing, fruity flavours. The synthscape is kept uncluttered and authentic and focuses on the power of the melody to make your spirits rise and your feet move as a gelato induced sugar rush of synth sweetness fills the discotheque with pastel colours swirling in musical harmony.

Telefuture Records presents Vincenzo Salvia's Summer Love... One Year Later EP on their Bandcamp page here and the four tracks presented within span many dimensions of the Italo spectrum with an eye and ear for reverent authenticity. The four pieces are far greater than the sum of their parts as the feelings and stories conveyed via the music are refinements of specific Italo denominations and move effortlessly betwixt them from chapter to chapter. Vincenzo Salvia creates magic on this EP; shining, golden Italo magic and the result is a Synthetix Reference Experience you'd be wholly remiss to not hold deeply in a warm embrace, remembering last summer and anticipating the wonders summer 2014 will bring.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

Synthetix.FM is back and rockin after a little break over the last week. Let's resume our regularly scheduled programming with another instalment of Kasia's Secret Diary. Kasia's opened here Secret Diary once more with a selection of fine musical memories, hand picked for your ultimate delectation.

Friday, 4th April, 2014

Mitch Murder - Last Call

Is it magic?
Is it a mystery?
Or is it love?
What is it that you carry inside of you?
How do I really feel about you...
You could be my boyfriend, my lover and my best friend
Whoever you are, there is something beautiful and indescribable about you
You bring me something special every time I hear you
You bring me joy
These magical sounds and energies you give me make life so colourful!
Suddenly all empty spaces are filled with wonderful emotions
When you appear, everything changes for the better

Saturday, 17th May, 2014

Nitelite - You Complete Me

I woke up this morning with the feeling that something was missing
And this feeling was with me until I found you
I am so glad it happened 
I needed this trip into the unknown
Now all is as it should be
There is something fascinating about your music that does not let me stop listening to you

I hope we'll have the possibility of getting to know each other better
It is funny how by chance we can find something precious in every single day
Yes... you complete me and my day

Thank you!

Friday, 14th February, 2014

St Brenner - Crowns - Desires

Need you!
Want you! 

I am so glad that I have found you! 
You turned a grey, normal day into an amazing journey
Wonderful.. that's what you are
So many good and positive vibrations 
I can almost see myself dancing on the beach
A sunny day, a colourful drink in my hand and YOU! 
You are everything I want right now!
I wish I could feel like this every single day! 
Happiness is everywhere!
I need you! 
I want you! 
I finally found you... and I will never let you go away! 
Why? Because you must hold on to great things in your life.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A New Feature For Synthetix.FM Mixtapes

Synthetix.FM Mixtapes have been rockin for a few years now. Every month I make a mixtape of all my personal favourite highlights released throughout the month. I often 'keep' tracks for the mixtape to ensure there are a few surprises on there too but now I have a new idea for something that I hope really takes the mixtapes to radical new heights.

 For every new mixtape, beginning with this one, I'm hoping to be able to procure a special Synthetix.FM Extended Mix of a featured track. These mixes are going to be special, special in a way that I find lacking in much of today's music.

The Synthetix.FM Extended Mix is going to bring back the classic 80s style of extended mix that has since been lost to endless reinventions of the modern day remix. The idea is to stay in keeping with the almost lost art of the classic 80s 12" extended mixes, engineered to maximise hooks and isolate elements to create definitive new structures of musical magic while keeping it's original 80s soul burning bright.

The first exclusive Synthetix Extended Mix is from none other than LA Dreams for his stunning track Burning Desires. Many, many thanks to LA Dreams for this totally kick arse extended mix of one of my top tracks of 2014.

At a later date, if this takes off, I'll be planning on releasing all the Synthetix.FM Extended Mixes as a standalone compilation, but more on that later.

For now, get radical with some of the hottest tracks around, mixed for your pleasure, with the latest Synthetix.FM Mixtape!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

It's time again to let Kasia take you by the hand and share with you some of her most favourite musical memories. Hold on tight as we delve once again into Kasia's Secret Diary.

Sunday, 4th August, 2013

Kristine - Modern Love

Tell me why have I been waiting for you? 

It's probably because good things come to those who wait!

Sometimes they are not even good... they are close to perfection!

Better than you could ever imagine

Like you

Simply beautiful

Every part of you has something mesmerizing

And what I love the most, is your voice

Mmmm...The best cure for all problems in this world!

Even when you are not around I still hear it in my head.

You are always with me

As time just comes and goes away, you are always here with the magical charm of the 80's.

Sunday, 16th March, 2014

Clinton Affair - Windows

Sometimes we look at things but the truth is that we don't really see them

I remember the day we met

I was standing at the window and watching the world around me

It seemed to be so ordinary

But then you came along

Peaceful, charming and mysterious

I suddenly felt safe and from this moment nothing was like before
Your music finally opened my eyes

I was still looking at the same world but 
it was completely different for me

More colourful, more happy, more interesting

In every day, in everything you can find something beautiful

 If you just want to see it

I think I should thank you

Thank you for showing me how amazing this world can be.

Thursday, 20th February, 2014

Cartridge 1987 - Cartridge 1987

The wind is silky

The air is fresh

The water is clear

It's so quiet when I close my eyes and think about the times we had

I got it all wrong with you, but I was just a girl

I am standing on this bridge and thinking that sometimes we have precious things in our life

And we think that we need something else

Then finally when we have this "something else"

We realize that what we had before was just perfect 

The only problem is that we were to young to understand it and too blind to see it 

I can't change the past but with your music 

I can create a great tomorrow 
Never stop playing for me.