Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Final Synthetix Sundays This Sunday!

We never got to do a proper finale for the show so this is it!

Don't get too excited this isn't a come back I just wanted to give Synthetix Sundays a fitting ending which I couldn't before. And boy do we have a show lined up for you!!

The old firm is back together this one last time!! Segments with Paul 'Dress-2-Kill' Daly and Jazzi Marzcat AND Quality Time with Shithouse and Synthetix Spotlight.

I have 4 massive interviews for the last outing featuring the next big things in the scene MORGAN WILLIS and WICE and synth pioneers MIAMI NIGHTS 1984 and FM ATTACK!

Plus special guests Phaserland, Final DJs, Sellorekt/LA Dreams, Andy Last and Protector 101.

Oh yeah we've saved the best for last.

Plus heaps of giveaways you know what to expect!

Hope to see you there!


Check out the event page here for times and details and and tune in here at 10am EDT to get the final edition of Marko and all of us rockin hard!

The full replay is now up on Soundcloud!