Saturday, March 30, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

As the storm begins to break flashes of lightning and rumbling thunder echo through a sky once day turned night. April showers will be full force cyclone magnitude and it's going to provide an aural smorgasbord of top rockin tunes. To begin storm season lets rock another monster sized Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM.

Coming out strong and punching harder then ever is Perturbator with his own high energy theme. This march into fiery oblivion presents a stunning vista of incandescent brimstone and brutality as melodies haunt and energise in equal doses.

Keeping things marching into dramatic soundscapes with a more ambient style is the new venture from rf.extreme. 'Transient Wave' builds majestically with swirling synths that have a distinct flair for danger. It's thoroughly hypnotic in it's arrangements that layer in very naturally.

Cougar Synth's taken a mind altering substance with his new track Weird Fantasy. The off kilter loops and free form melodies make for an entirely surreal vision. The trademark Cougar Synth percussion is the only thing that keeps the music from drifting into another dimension and in doing so keeps the forms rockin in wonderfully vibrant ways. Be sure to get this FREE download and also make sure you check out the kick arse Betamaxx remix of Weird Fantasy here.

Drifting into another world of delightfully 80s ambiance is the superb new release from Rain Sword. This piece is a little bit less Synth Romance than his usual output, but still full of glorious Rain Sword magic with sensual melodies and vividly bright drums. Drift Away is currently up for FREE download too.

Moods are kept ambient, but also ramping up the sexy in Flash Arnold's latest See You Then. Night moods and crumpled sheets set the scene as the moonlight filters through the blinds casting a blue aura over two lovers who want to make this night last forever. Intimately orchestrated and full of passion, Flash Arnold makes you sweat with the anticipation of forbidden carnal pleasures.

Miles Prower is developing beautifully as a true devotee of quality 80s sounds, his new track This World Won't Let Me Down is full of emotional melodies but the arrangements are kept simple and authentic which really distills and focuses the feelings projected. Marvellously written and arranged to perfection.

Glass Mirrors are backing and rockin to the max with totally rad new song called Fatal Attraction. I love the energy in this, it's thoroughly raucous and exploding in a million different directions. I'd really like to hear this remastered with more of a vocal mix though, as the vocal does get a bit lost. The parts that make up Fatal Attraction are all of a super high calibre however and it definitely has the makings of a synth pop super hit.

A new talent has surfaced going under the moniker of SyntheKyler. His first track is The Last Cruise and it's full of wonderfully authentic sounds and arrangements. The melodies are inspiring in delivery and the soundscape is full of beautifully colourful synths. Many thanks to Starforce for discovering this rockin new talent.

More killer new music from Botnit was released this week with his ambient new piece Corporate Crimewave.  I love the languid pace of the this work, the synths are given ample time to wind their way throughout the structures and the entire track comes across very intimately with each detail feeling close and tactile.

A little bit of remix magic now courtesy of Jordan F's re-envisioning  of Arcade High's On The Edge Of Summer. This manages to stay very true to the source's intentions while adding a glossy layer of Jordan F's scintillating synth work. Be sure to grab a FREE copy of this while you can.

Johnny Boy Digilio is one of those producers that I've been wanting to cover on Synthetix.FM for seemingly years but finally I've got the chance to share some of his amazing music with his latest work Electric Molly. This producer's sounds are always super authentic and with his new track he's really kicked into some high gear 80s inspired soundtrack synth that would be at home in any feature from John Hughes. I look forward to rockin more Digilio action on Synthetix.FM soon.

Maethelvin has returned! In one of the most awesome events of this past week Valerie staple and one of the pioneers of the new school of 80s inspired synth has once again released some beautiful new music that shows the magic is still strong. As We Were is engineered with sublime synth work that is thoroughly enriching. This is hopefully the first of many new Maethelvin experiences.

A new track from Alexaandre really stuck with me this week. Throwbacks is an emotionally intimate composition of 80s sounds arranged with just enough modernity to complement them. The melodies are stunningly played and the layers and nuances are seemingly infinite. This is just totally rockin and the fact it's currently available for FREE download currently just sweetens the deal even more.

Jaypeau and ToeKnee keep on truckin with a new track full of 80s energy and high action. Only A Dream is rife with drama that builds like a tidal wave, complete with totally rad laser sounds and guitars that demand the listener's attention. I hope an album release of these tracks is going to happen soon as there is a great deal of music these guys have produced that need to be experienced beyond soundcloud.

Beatbox Machinery's own brand of dark electro synth pop has reached a new stage of evolution that I found very engaging. His latest track is dark and full of menace that is continued through the vocal track that makes it's intentions very clear from the outset. The darker synth arts are used very impressively to make sure no one is going to get away until Beatbox Machinery is ready to let them go.

Smoothing things out with a stunning new track is the 2013 synth sensation Amazing Police with his latest work Fixing My Sunrise. This bass driven synthscapade is absolutely incredible to experience. Bringing in jazzy/library style elements that are employed perfectly and arranged to total perfection.
This producer is blowing my mind with each successive release.

Finally, there isn't too much longer to wait until the release of So Real by Silent Gloves and Patrick Baker and in anticipation of this a promo teaser has surfaced. I'm not even close to exaggerating when I say that So Real is one of the most incredible songs I've yet to experience from the 80s inspired synth scene. The original mix is beyond perfect, and the EP is also going to include a batch of remixes from some of the hottest producers in the scene.

This WILL be one the anthems of 2013.

To finish of this week's blockbuster Weekend Update I've got a totally rockin new video from synth auteur genius Neros77. This video for Lost Years' Red Horizon  is another stellar visual feast full of explosive Lundgren action and has an ending truly befitting of the source material.

That does us for another massive Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM I'll be back next week with more
rockin sounds from the 80s inspired synth scene. As always 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Makeup And Vanity Set Present A Glowing Light And A Promise

Makeup And Vanity Set (MAVS) were one of my favourite groups of 2012, their stunningly beautiful soundtrack synth work on the 88:88 album blew my mind when it came out and still does. Now in 2013 what I was very excited about in the promise of a new MAVS release has become a mere waypoint in a journey to much more auspicious destinations.

The newly released 7.25.2148 EP is essentially a prelude to a future dual album release. The tracks contained within are small cogs of a much more vast machine working within a thematic that endeavours to cross space and time itself. Touted by the group themselves as a 'prologue' it makes for a fascinating experience of not so much the now, but of what will be.

Through the five movements of 7.25.2148 we're transported through an abundance ambient synth meditations that are layered to perfection with the total balance of atmosphere and ambivalence. Opening with An Infinite Horizon the palette is drawn with endless echoes of sounds that reverberate
in on themselves and evolve into something vastly spatial yet close and full of life. This is MAVS doing the style the do so very well, making the epic and grandiose appear effortless and natural.

I always think of the two sides of MAVS as being reasonably unrelated, perhaps this is something they will be dealing with on the future albums, but the for me the more ambient soundtrack work is delightfully contrasted by their cosmic disco compositions. Track 2, Quadra IV, sets off into a crisply stylized space disco, replete with trademark MAVS climbing melodies and drama that builds over aeons of time. Shuddering and ghostlike this track brings to mind a great deal of the memories of 88:88 with a slew of moribund arrangements promising a much darker side than the surface gloss allows one to see through.

Taking things back to astronomical ambience is Versions, which seems describe foreboding planetoids containing powers beyond human comprehension. Their gaseous bodies forming through time unfathomable, yet presenting earth-like qualities that mirror our thoughts and imaginations. This leads into Turing/Gone Dark which seamlessly continues this thought and steals our memories in seconds that then stretch out into decades before us, disappearing in a reprisal of boundless energy. This chapter is closed by spoken words recounting spectacles witnessed yet entirely beyond comprehension.

Praxis finishes off the 7.25.2148 experience with more magical MAVS space disco that expands upon the idea of Quadra IV while adding more inquisitive layers to the puzzle. The final evolution of this track becomes boldly brash with MAVS sounding quite possibly their grooviest yet.

As the sounds fade out, I find myself yearning for more of this experience, and knowing it's going to arrive in due course, whets my appetite even further. It's definitely going to be one hell of ride when the dual albums arrive and until then I'll be happy to revisit the world of MAVS as often as my imagination allows courtesy of this offering.

To complete this release there is a limited edition CD including the above tracks plus the five track Praxis EP with contains Praxis, A Prologue and three remixes of Praxis  by Magic Sword, Pilot Priest and Sabrepulse.  The remixes offer much diversity to the MAVS original and prove rather entertaining as individual parallel universes to Praxis's own dimension.

This limited edition package, and the regular digital download EP of 7.25.2148, can be purchased through Telefuture Records' Bandcamp page here. 7.25.2148 comes very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM as a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack synth experience of a supremely high calibre, which is magically complemented by MAVS own brand on uncompromisingly luxurious space disco brilliance.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Carpenter Brut Builds A Nightmare

Word has been spread amongst numerous members of the Synthetix.FM Facebook group about a new producer of the blackened synth arts calling himself Carpenter Brut. First James 'Gost' Lollar discovered this marvellous EP and then this was later reiterated by Werkstatt Recordings and one more time by Dimebag Dante. It's rare for an EP to get such hype three individuals and after experiencing this release I can see why. Many thanks to the above synthficionados for enlightening me to this great work.

What instantly grabbed me with this EP is the cover art. It's not often that cover art really effects me instantly. I think the last time was Mitch Murder's Glass Cities EP with Charlie Vicetto's stunning cover. But this release's cover hit me hard for completely different reasons. The photograph of the snow covered landscape and the inverted cross on the modernist church is a superbly descriptive image. Instantly this brings to mind countless nunsploitation and satanic themed movies from the 70s and the likes of the Dario Argentos and Lucio Fulci's of the world, replete with their synth soundtracks of chilling designs. This one image took me directly to the place where the music begins and serves as serendipitous visual accompaniment to the aural landscape.

This self titled exploration into the darker side of 80s synth is not as bleak as one might envisage. Sure, theres is a great air of maliciousness in the tracks, but theres an irrepressible element of rawness that dominants the sounds. It's a primal energy that's animalistic and predatory, totally base and riveting throughout. Opening with Escape From Midwitch Valley the atmosphere is sparse and menacing, the chords strike at the heart of fear and each new instrument is introduced in a way to emphasise it's innate power. The guitars slice through the hazy blend of synth melodies with total precision and the music builds through choruses of unearthly powers. The story is beautifully paced with a true mind for making soundtrack styled synth work with a delicate frailty that is then contrasted with megaton power. This first track sets the tone for the EP perfectly and it's unnerving ending adds even more to the experience.

Breaking the shackles of doom with a blast is the second track Disco Zombi Italia. The lead melody that drives this experience is the definition of rawness in it's delivery. Hugely catchy and charged with the elemental forces of nature. The structures are much more traditional in this piece but it works exceptionally well through the ripping basslines and welcome reprisals. Crunching details and breakdowns genuinely keep you on the edge of your seat throughout this track. It's execution is flawless and it's combination of 70s sounds with more 80s arrangements is totally k-rad to the max; horror disco synth at it's finest.

Moving into LA Venice Bitch 80s the sounds begin to move out of the dark and into the light ever so slightly. Music is almost joyful in it's triumphantly arranged melodies, reminiscent of Mike Oldfield or Giorgio Moroder soundtrack work, but also adding in glossy 80s elements that spice up the flavour while keeping the integrity of the sounds consistent. The pace is kept high, which makes the lead melody work extra hard as one would think this melody would have more presence at a slower speed, but the energy Carpenter Brut injects into the music magnifies it's power beautifully.

Things take a turn for darker climes in the aggressively performed Wake Up The President. Sounds are dark and dripping with nocturnal obeisance which shape shifts into a vigorous writhing mass of hatred and terror. The modern glitch touches throughout this track add a great deal to it's instability and threat of total collapse to the nightmarish synthscape, but for all it's horror and brutality one can't help but be hypnotised by it's ferociousness.

Continuing directly in 347 Midnight Demons the glitch driven nuances resurface out of the black depths with a supercharged lead melody and rousing guitars. This track is a horror OutRun styled anthem that once again brings that primal rawness out in the sounds while still keeping the listener engrossed with the sumptuous melodies. This piece has a virtual intermission that first put me off balance, but it's triumphant return to a crescendo of uplifting rock synth magic was exaggerated by the pause. Hugely energetic and totally kick arse from beginning to end.

The Carpenter Brut EP finishes with the grimy and salacious Le Perv.  Sexual depravities course through the soundscape as a horror movie of confusion,  brutality and revenge plays out before us. One more time the modern nuances are used to maximum effect with the rawness of sounds making the experience completely visceral and unavoidably confrontational. The dramatic upheaval through the final minutes of this epic is something that must be heard to be believed. It's a thrilling conclusion to an incredibly rich experience which leaves the listener exhilarated to dangerous levels and now with a deep and insatiable hunger for more.

For a debut EP, Carpenter Brut's work speaks for itself, in it's own language and has no need for subtitles. Each composition is so wonderfully individualised and full to breaking point with passion and energy that it's almost overwhelming. It's rare for a producer of any style of music, regardless of it's vintage, to stamp their own hallmarks all over their initial creations but this is exactly what Carpenter Brut has achieved. His brand of 80s inspired synth music really defies definition and this reason alone makes it a Synthetix Reference Experience.

Buy your copy of the Carpenter Brut EP on his Bandcamp page here as soon as you can and allow your heart and mind to be taken to places your dreams and nightmares only gave you glimpses of previously.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Future City Records Compilation Volume II

The ever radical Future City Records have just released the first big time compilation for 2013 with their sequel to last years compilation release. Volume II is another wonderful excursion through the label's stable of quality 80s inspired synth producers and is full of exclusive gems and kick arse tunes.

All the big guns of FCR are in effect with family favourites like Starforce, Mega Drive, Vincenzo Salvia  and Aminova intercut with a weave of new and burgeoning talent. The spectrum presented is vast, with many of the 80s synth sub genres represented but the most awesome aspect of this compilation is the incredible quality of each track in itself.

FCR have assembled and incredible diversity of sounds and when experienced in this kind of format it's totally mind blowing. As mentioned, there are lots of established rockers on here, but it's also the new talents FCR has acquired that add even more dimension to the experience. Shio-Z and Thunderclaw are  reasonably new label mates as far as I know and their individualised soundscapes add a great deal energetic elements. The tracks from Cell Molecule and Laserspek just up the ante even further with sounds that I'm very interested in exploring more of in the future.

It's not until you really sit down and enjoy this compilation that you realise how much raw talent is in the FCR armoury. Throughout this new release one is constantly reminded of the magic in the music, from the down beat rockin of Andy Fink's Vice Love to the stunning work of Peter Robinson. From the wonderfully rich Alloapm experience to the smooth nocturnal jazz of Viks Lander's synthscapades and from Astral Runner's machine driven synth pop to Arc Neon's explosive soundtrack dramatics.

This compilation comes very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM and is really a must-have for anyone who really wants to experience a glistening cross section of what the 80s inspired synth scene is currently producing. Be sure to grab your copy from Future City Records Bandcamp page here then sit back, relax and allow the Future City experience to guide you through the many moods and facets of quality synth music.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

The storm of releases keeps building on the horizon as we get closer to the end of March, and already we're feeling the first splashes of rain on our skin before the torrential downpour of music engulfs all in it's path. Let us enjoy this week's Weekend Update with the gentle breeze and mild precipitation before the storm of rockin new releases hits.

Vector Hold keeps on rockin hard and his new track Deep Undercover 1985 is a totally rad Faltermeyer-esque piece of stealthy nocturnal work that is full of danger around every shadowed corner. Be sure to grab a copy of this as it's currently available for FREE download.

Neon Workout is kicking mucho derriere with a new jam called Don't Cry Tonight. This producer varies his styles for nearly each new track but there is always the 80s love hiding beneath the modern veneer. This new track is a superb piece of crossover with a modern arrangement combined with a great deal of 80s love in the melodies. Also available right now for FREE download!

Amazing Police is fast becoming a genuine force to be reckoned with in the 80s inspired synth scene. After the stunning White Tape and Moroder-Einstein Theorem tracks he's now released the jaw-droppingly epic Circa 1984. Beautifully arranged elements and sounds combine in a vista of totally entrancing synth work. Shades of StarDonE are present in the experience too, which only adds to the wonder.

Another producer who's craft is being honed very nicely is Vestron Vulture. His new track, Beach Babes From Beyond, is totally rockin mix of italo and videogame sounds that are full of energy and authentic melodies. Vestron Vulture's sounds are distilling into an individualised mixture of influences
that are really demanding one's attention. Be sure to download it while it's still FREE.

The totally rock hard Betamaxx is releasing a steady stream of radical 80s sounds through 2013 and his new adventure, Maxximum is yet another killer track. I love the energy of this, the synth leads are dazzling in delivery and the percussion is a cacophony of stunning 80s love.

Electric Disection's brand of soundtrack styled synth work is expanding into new colours and shapes with his latest work, the aptly titled, Metamorphosis. The melodies are still of a deliberately paced soundtrack nature but the style has been engineered with a more energetic percussive track. I adore how this piece evolves and forms it's own destiny. Beautiful music, that is currently available for FREE download as well.

Flash Arnold's totally killing it with his marvellously inspired track Dorsia. American Psycho is one of my favourite comedies of all time and whenever samples are used from it I can't help but fall in love with the music as well. Flash Arnold once again proves he's one of the true 'leaders of the new school' with a catchy and perfectly arranged experience in quality 80s sounds.

A short little gem from Mulperi caught my attention this week. Entitled Time, and only shared in a short preview format this track is just stunning in it's staccato timing and synth brilliance. The tones and textures of this track are absolutely rockin to the max, I can't wait for the full version, that's for sure.

Synth terror merchant, Gost, unleashed an amazing new work in the field of dark synth brutality with the enigmatically titled piece 4th. The music is the essence of darkness with a churning bassline and violent orchestral stabs that go straight for the vital organs. Frightening beyond your worst nightmares and terrifying beyond the harshest realities!

Moving into brighter atmospheres is marvellous new track from Droid Bishop titled Galaxy:Unknown.
This composition is full of light and emotion and introspective melodies that ethereally manifest before the listener. Incredibly beautiful in arrangement and execution. Many thanks to Tommy for discovering and sharing this exciting new producer and be sure to grab your own copy of this grandiose work while it's up on soundcloud for FREE download.


Another FREE track to make sure you add to your collection is the new single from Let Em Riot: I Know. Let Em Riot's sounds lean more towards modern arrangements and sounds but a soul of the 80s beats beneath the current trappings. This piece of glossy synth pop is definitely anchored in the 80s and synths work throughout the song majestically.

Alpha Boy has taken off to the stars with his new track Sound Trek. This sci fi flavoured journey adds are wonderful new lustre to the Alpha Boy sound with an undeniable space-disco thematic that is very engaging. I love the aesthetic of this piece and I hope the stars prove to be a  destination in the future for Alpha Boy.

Jaypeau and Toeknee are fast becoming another force to be reckoned with the 80s inspired synth scene. Their amazing track Thrasher has a new companion with Blood Drops. There's a great deal going on with this track that comes out over multiple listens. The arrangements are packed with details and nuances that create a crescendo of uplifting magic. I predict that 2013 is going to be a monster year for these guys.

On the cusp of releasing his massively promising new High Fidelity EP in April, Tommy has shared a stand alone track in preparation. Odyssée is a smoothly entrancing ambient work that bends and morphs with a light and colour all it's own. Beautiful in melody and languid in pace the music's skewed pitch is as inquisitive as it is engaging. Also currently available for FREE download, so grab it while you can.

That wraps it up for another rockin Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I look forward to spending more quality time with you next week as we explore more of the wonderful music in the 80s inspired synth scene. 'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Moon Regiment Become Interplanetary Explorers

The new releases and new artists keep on rockin on Synthetix.FM this week and today I have the pleasure to share with you a massively epic record from Moon Regiment. This new swedish producer brings a great deal of experimentation to his music through the seventeen (yes, seventeen!) tracks of his new album. Space and time pulse and flow and fold around each other as heavily 80s influenced pieces sit happily next to 90s influenced work as well as more modern sounds and even more retro pieces with 70s disco vibes.

Interplanetary Explorer is a perfectly apt title for this release as the exploration of many musical worlds is experienced first hand by the listener. Moon Regiment tours the universe stopping off on many new worlds and making these experiences a musical diary of new vistas of sound. Through these travels the Moon Regiment sound takes on new shapes and colours while retaining a base level of individualised sounds that permeate through the seventeen tracks.

The Moon Regiment hallmarks are numerous, the sound personality is very futuristic in it's tone, but is rarely cold and obstinate. The driving force in many of the tracks is the bassline though, be it whatever style the bassline is always at the epicentre of the sound's delivery with catchy progressions and invigorating energy. There are numerous pieces on Interplanetary Explorer that distract more than entertain however, with some pieces feeling like they would've been better used on a separate release, especially the more expansive trance like pieces that lack the direction of the more, dare I say, funky compositions.

It's clear that this album is a reflection of an artist trying to find his own sound and using different formats to hone his skills for production and melody and even though some pieces don't quite fit properly the overall experience is still very cohesive in it's final voluminous form. The one thing that's truly recurrent in Interplanetary Explorer is the instruments which all have a spatial aura about them that puts one right there in the inky void of outers space regardless of the style of the track. This is the thread the ties the experiences together which makes the album work in concept.

I can't help but wish for more 80s themed sounds on this record, as is my want, as the vintage skewed pieces, to my ear, are definitely one of Moon Regiment's strong points. For me City Night Pursuit,  College Days, Cime Unit,  Face Away From The Light, Good Day Today, Ship Ride and Thunder In The Sky are the absolute cream of the interplanetary crop. Which really means we have on offer is seven tracks that I personally got a great deal of enjoyment from, and that's well worth it from my perspective.

This being said that absolutely stunning Face Away From The Light and Ship Ride are worth the price of admission alone as both these tunes are beautifully arranged and executed with perfect craftsmanship. The fact the price of admission is free makes this something I believe everyone with an interest in 80s sounds should add to their collection so they can then sort through and find their own favourite interplanetary destinations from Moon Regiments journeys through the musical universe.

With such diversity in this producer's passions I will be looking forward to his next release to find out if he's found a favoured destination in the 80s or whether it was just a stop off in his further adventures in music. Only time will tell, but for now I encourage all Synthetix.FM readers to download the Interplanetary Explorers album linked through the player above and enjoy the universe of aural escapades presented for our delectation, free of charge.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Neon Guilt Of Lhasa Mencur

Lhasa Mencur has just hit the ground running with his debut 80s styled EP Neon Guilt. This EP is full of rockin action and 80s motif's glazed and basted with some more modern elements that make the crossover work throughout the five tracks. Synths are kept firmly in the vintage mould, but rhythms and percussive work bring in current sounds without jarring the atmosphere. That said, the undeniable, rock hard highlight that makes this EP so kick arse is the shredtacular guitar work that energizes the tracks with brutal ferocity.

While the opening electro intro vibes of Assphalt get a funky, almost hip hop atmosphere rockin it's the second track on Neon Guilt that really opens things up for a barrage of musical armageddon: Wanted. The intro to Wanted plots a devious course to make one think we're continuing down the same road as the opener but when the thundercloud of synths and guitars erupts it creates a onslaught of classic 80s sounds that rocks hard and often.

This track is so full of 80s love that each synth lead and guitar riff feels like it's been engineered for the greatest impact possible and each nuance of the production builds more and more energy. Totally invigorating and a joy to bear witness to. Following up Wanted is a soulfully epic atmospheric piece which takes the out and out boisterousness of Wanted and inverts it with deliberate, slow pace drums, moody synths and guitars that wail and scream as if they've been torn asunder to the depths of their very being. The sheer emotive power of the guitars are sumptuous and full of those 80s feelings that make us warm inside and and inspired with passion. The drama achieved in Neon Guilt is positively awe inspiring.

Following the title track is a small divergence of bleeps and bloops that are constructed in a manner to bridge the title track and the final composition. This short piece does a wonderful job of subsiding the drama and passion of Neon Guilt and allowing our palette to be freshly prepared for the last piece: Moog Stomp (Outrun Mix). This last track brings in undercurrents of modern sensibilities while keeping the 80s at the forefront of sounds and emotions. Lead synths paint glorious strokes of colour across the night time canvas while a modern rhythm section keeps pace with the synths marvellously well. The entire construct blends beautifully and finishes the EP off cleanly and succinctly.

Lahsa Mencur's debut EP into 80s inspired synth is a wonderful experience that promises a great deal more rockin good times in the future. His use of guitars and synths in equal balance is thoroughly engaging and I'm hoping he continues his adventures in 80s love in further releases as there is an abundance of talent and understanding of how to rock the 80s right is displayed throughout the entirety of Neon Guilt.

Add Lhasa Mencur's killer new EP to your music collection today by visiting his Bandcamp page here as soon as possible.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Another week in the 80s inspired synth scene has come and gone and there's been some totally rockin new tunes surfacing. Also, on the horizon, a storm is brewing. I can feel a great power in the distance as new release after new release gets announced, all with the end of the month as their window of being unleashed. I foresee a perfect storm of 80s inspired synth music rain down from the heavens soon and Synthetix.FM will be there to make sure you've got some shelter when all else becomes chaos.

For now, lets get rockin with the most arse kicking new tunes in the Synthetix Weekend Update.

First off, we have the triumphant return of Adeyhawke after his absence for six months. This new track, Storm Runner, is a powerful mix of old and new with some high energy glitch work. The rawness of this piece is contrasted by the luscious 80s synths making for a totally rad combination of modern and classic sounds.

Some rockin new talent in the form of Qback came into view this week with his delightful Kimelops track. This smooth piece of dreamy synth love is kept clean and uncomplicated but still builds very nicely. The main synth lead that runs through the back half is totally rockin. Here's hoping to more Qback action in the future. Grab this while it's up for FREE download while you can.

Highway Superstar keeps on bringing out the big guns with every new track and he's really outdone himself on his new experience Boardwalk Sunset. Tropical heat and scintillating synths are the order of the day as bass lines roll with breakers and synths meet the setting sun with the rising moon. Totally magical.

Taking the night to levels of dramatic action is the Laurence McFunk venture: What Do You Do In Chinatown. The sounds are crisp and detailed while arrangements are maximised for danger and excitement. This feels like a soundtrack to some kind of mix of Big Trouble In Little China and Double Dragon, which is definitely a recipe rockin' good times. Download it for FREE while you can!

Out now on Mullet Records is a totally killer new two track EP from Casio Social Club called Little Luv. This is some exceptionally funky 80s synth magic right here with a few little modern touches and classic samples worked in for good measure. Both mixes Little Luv rock super hard with 80s love colouring the soundscape in a rainbow of neon.

Something spectacular from Mootbooxle was released this week with his stunning Main Title from Serrated Blade 2: Slice Of Death. This is some prime grade Ninja Synth with totally rockin guitars and suspenseful arrangements engineered for maximum atmosphere. I absolutely love how this piece evolves and hope it's the first of many using this theme. Download this track fro FREE while can and thanks very much to Kevin Funderburk for the heads up this track.

Garth Knight continues his sweaty and torrid love affair with 80s funk with his latest sordid escapade Lost In The Music. This is positively dripping with aural sexuality and raw animal power. Garth's really  nailing this style of late and each new funk experience adds even more delectable nuances to the music.

Final DJs and Gin Joints have joined forces for the new City Nights EP. The minimix preview released this week is full of wonderful sounds and classic Final DJs' arrangements. As with all Final DJs music there's a nice balance of 80s and modern sounds, but there are definitely some much more 80s sounding pieces on here than others from what this minimix delivers. The EP is due out on the 26th of March, right in the eye of the storm!

The always enthralling Betamaxx released another gem of total rockin 80s gold under the title of Nights Like This. The energy of this song is just so magical, the sounds traverse the spectrum of 80s influences while still keeping the piece on the rails, all be it at full speed around the dangerous curves of mountainous synthscapes. Betamaxx's sounds are really evolving beautifully and this song is definitely up there with the best of his work.

Another composer whom is always upping the ante is Action Jackson. His wonderful track called Start is an absolutely stunning piece of melodic synth love that is full of emotion and delivered with stupendous drama. I love the tones and textures of this piece, it really typifies Action Jackson's melody style and layering.

Lastly for this week's Weekend Update we have promising new preview for the new Make Up And Vanity Set record. Due out on the 28th of March this new record should prove very entertaining. I was a massive fan of their work released last year and although the previews for this new release haven't grabbed me as yet I can't help but feel huge levels of excitement for this new release. The preview video is sure to give everyone Make Up And Vanity Set fever for sure. We haven't got long to wait!

Makeup and Vanity Set "7.25.2148" Teaser from Telefuture on Vimeo.

That does us for another week of good times and great rock'n'roll on Synthetix.FM, I'll be back soon with more hot music from the 80s inspired synth scene imminently.
'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Botnit Refuses To Succumb To The Cold

Botnit's single releases on his Bandcamp page have been quite enthralling of late and his last EP, No Winter, provides some very well designed synthscapes that tell a story and retain a superb degree of clarity throughout.

The No Winter EP is three seasonal chapters that will definitely cause temperatures to soar. The Botnit style is rather reminiscent of the classic 80s synth soundtrack music one would find in dramatic sequences of cutting edge cop shows or action movies blending atmosphere and turmoil perfectly. There is a futuristic, sharp edge to the tones throughout the EP which slice like razors through the spatial arrangements. Botnit even manages to get some 80s sounding drum and bass in the mix too, which works exceedingly well.

Opening up with Time Trials '87 (Spring) we're greeted by samples from the one and only Ayrton Senna before breaking into a musical space that is full of bright, crisp instrumentation and full of high octane energy. This piece, as described on the EP, does feel like an 80s version of something you'd hear in a classic 90s arcade racing game and as the aesthetic accelerates off the grid at high speed one can't help but feel that glorious victory the only option as we separate from the pack.

Transport (Summer) is the second composition and, as I alluded to previously, is a stunning mix of drum and bass arrangements done with traditional 80s sounds. The smooth flowing melodies are complemented by thunderous percussion and builds like a typhoon throughout it's duration. Elements are introduced in due course, allowing much exploration of the D&B hallmarks all while keeping things anchored in the 80s. It's a surprising mix that does make sense and is, most definitely, totally rockin.

Our final chapter brings us to Autumn, with See You Later, Sally (Fall). The music is peppered with weather report samples but it's the drawn and gaunt melodies that really capture the feeling of being weather-tired and needing some kind of reprieve. The notes barely hang together, such is the effort to keep from totally falling apart. Like the thunderstorms described in the samples, the music feels out of our control and we just have try and make it through. But it's this laboured and sparsely accented music that makes it such a wonderfully engaging track. Maybe it's just because we've suffered a monstrous heatwave in my part of the world, but this music describes exactly how I felt after being physically and mentally drained from experiencing too many days in a row of hot weather without respite.

The No Winter EP is presented on Botnit's Bandcamp page here and makes for a seriously fresh experience in 80s inspired synth that has been accented by genres from other entirely unrelated periods. It's a testament to Botnit's skill as a producer that these experiences all work marvellously well. Synthetix.FM highly recommends the No Winter EP, and please check Botnit's single releases on Bandcamp for even more kick arse rockin action.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Peter Robinson's Theme From Manta Ray EP

Courtesy of the super hard rockin Future City Records we have a stellar new two track EP from the talented Peter Robinson. Fresh from his recent work with Vincenzo Salvia (covered previously on Synthetix.FM here) Mr Robinson has released two new tracks under the title of Theme From Manta Ray EP.

One might be lead to believe that Theme From Manta Ray and it's partner track Theme from Time Traveller would be possibly sci-fi soundtrack synth scored for drama and action but this couldn't be further from the truth. Both pieces are unequivocally bright and sunny adventures full of joyous melodies and uplifting arrangements.

Theme From Manta Ray opens up with a melody completely basking in golden rays of light. It's utterly splendid in delivery with sounds brightly befitting the melodies and adaptations that fully realise the spirit of the melodious harmonies. This piece of music paints a picture for me of sun dappled shallows along a tropical reef, populated by a myriad of colourful fish darting in and around beds of vibrant coral. The manta ray floats effortlessly through the water with a streamlined elegance that mimics the flow of the glimmering music, creating a palatial ambiance, pulsing with a glowing aural aura.

The second track continues along similar lines with Theme From Time Traveller, however much of the joyous buoyancy of Theme From Manta Ray is exchanged for delightfully quizzical melodies that are inquisitive and minutely worded while remaining lustrous and captivating. This short piece is full of a warming tones and a downright charming naivete that displays a genuine understanding of what 80s inspired synth music is all about.

The Theme From Manta Ray EP is presented on Future City Records' Bandcamp page here and comes very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM for lovers of music that warms the heart, engages the mind and enriches the soul.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Embryonik Falls From The Skies And Then Soars To The Heavens

I must say, as a music lover I greatly enjoy themed or concept albums. I think it goes back to the first time I heard Jeff Wayne's War Of  The Worlds in the late 70s, the idea of music with a story to it was a wonderful spectacle that ignited my imagination on a scale I hadn't previously experienced. Ever since this time I've had an affinity with albums and EP's that tell a story.

80s inspired synth styles seem to lend themselves beautifully to the conceptual dynamic, for it being instrumental, or soundtrack-like or generally enthralling the listener in many different ways and telling its own story. With Embryonik's latest EP; Nightflight the story of something dark and terrifying has been told but with a much more zen like existential approach. The gateway beyond our human
existence into another dimensional plane upon the loss of our mortal shrouds is explored with much fervour by Embryonik and one can't help but be drawn into the experience as well.

The Nightflight experience is twofold. On one level it tells a story of humanity in the face of its own demise completely out of its control and on an another level it takes the acceptance of this as a gateway to life beyond our current definition. The panic and terror of what is to occur makes way to an entirely new brace of emotions that can only be realised once we have fully let go.

'Take Off' begins the journey, the Embryonik Nightflight is introduced by an otherworldly common man who takes us through this final chapter like an electronically constructed Charon, taking us from one plane of existence to another. 'Gliding' really begins the EP with it's energised electro melodies jostling throughout the atmosphere before synths stab their melodies deeply and purposefully. The music builds with precision and occasionally drops away through fits of turbulence and an underlying atmosphere of serenity begins to wash over soundscape. The music does indeed feel like it's flying and each instrument seems to sing in a chorus of uplifting tones.

Once we arrive at 'Vertigo' after 'Prepare For The Afterlife' the hypnotizing rhythms instantly take hold as Embryonik's own brand of electro synth magic begins to fill our senses while all around become chaos. The music has a liquid viscosity to it that seems to move in and out of itself while floating in the face of thousands of g-forces impacting the atmosphere. Melodies take their own collision course with destiny, crashing into the percussive details that pepper the skyline with energy.

The inevitable demise of our human existence is upon us, the music serves as an elegy more than a dirge however, as our minds and souls become free of the earthly vestiges who we once were. The light is brighter than the sun and the pain and panic seem to fade into nothingness as our next evolutionary chapter begins.

"Heaven" is the final destination on Embryonik's Nightflight and as Charon bids us farewell the lights of a new dimension begin to separate from the white void in front of us. The concept of Heaven is explored through very dramatic synth melodies that verge on the edge of epiphany. Arrangements are bright and detailed with a tone of jubilant understanding. The Heaven we create is our own invention, and Embryonik's vision is stunning to behold.

The Nightflight EP expands than doomed seconds of an airplane falling from the sky into three chapter story complete with introductory guidance making for an experience unlike any other thematic experience I've had the pleasure of listening to. It gives purpose to the music which in itself is wonderfully written and performed, marking the next evolutionary step in Embryonik's musical journey very succinctly.

Binalog Productions presents the Nightflight EP by Embryonik on their Bandcamp page here. This EP comes very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM as an escapist piece of existential music writing exploration that captures moments and takes their consequences into directions many of us fear to tread. And instead of horror and darkness we are taken into ethereal worlds of light and comfort.

The power of music can be a wonderful thing indeed.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Massive amounts of hot tunes came rockin in from all parts of the planet during the last week, traversing a myriad of 80s sounds, styles and emotions. No time to delay this week as the doors are busted wide open with another seam splittingly gargantuan Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

A new Photosynthesi track is always cause for celebration and his latest work, Enrosadira, brings to mind all the reasons I love Photosynthesi's sounds. A highly energetic adventure that has some very detailed synth sounds and a tone full of magic and wonder. This is currently available for FREE download also, thanks very much Mr Photosynthesi!

Kid Machine's really kicking into high gear of late and his newest track is really rockin hard. 'Prism' is a full of classic sounds that cover light years of 80s styles. Beginning with an italo synth intro things give way to some epic soundtrack style melodies while break beats rock with an energy all their own and the last half even steps into electro moods. A highly ambitious piece that Kid Machine manages to make work seemingly effortlessly.

Cougar Synth keeps pumping out big sounds on a weekly basis and has really outdone himself with his just published Out Of Town. The drum track for this is absolutely rockin and the synth melodies form with a sparse approach that layers in perfectly. Full of mystery and intrigue Out Of Town is totally rockin place to be. Also available for FREE download!

Mirror Kisses are back with their own wonderful blend of 80s synth pop magic. 'Runaways' is a beautifully constructed song full of emotional synths and even more emotional vocals. Mirror Kisses along with Le Cassette  have all the right 80s sounds and constructs down and really set the scene standard for the classic New Romantic style synth pop.

Rocking into high gear with little regard for our own safety is an exceptionally kick arse new track from Perturbator and Flash Arnold going under the salacious title of Sexualizer. Perturbator is really pushing new areas for his sounds, the darkness of his earlier work is now replaced by action and drama while Flash Arnold adds even more rockin good times. This track is a non stop roller coaster ride of perfectly executed sounds and arrangements.

Digital Native Dance's own brand of electro synth sounds developed further with his first release for 2013: Scorched. This sequentially arranged piece presents a really killer hybrid of 80s sounds constructed with a modern context. The results are really superb and the sax melodies complete things marvellously.

Every week I get to hear a new Strenrekorder track my smile gets just a little bit wider  and his new track Small Talk is guaranteed to make you smile too. The sounds are totally perfect with a tone of purity that leads into an uncomplicated but wholly engaging experience. Text book Sternrekorder gold.

A new Mitch Murder experience is always going to make for rockin good times but his new production is something else entirely. 'In The Fast Lane' displays even further refinement to Mitch's more eclectic library-music influenced adventures. From the bassline to the stunning implemented synth flourishes I think Mitch Murder has finally found a slower more atmospheric style that still allows him to get crazy with complex and jazzy nuances. Magnificent to behold.

Gost's dark synth stylings have been one of my favourite discoveries this year and his track Day 30 keeps me coming back for more and more. Although of a darker palette, Day 30 also has an air of excitement more so than terror with a hugely catchy bassline and a mid point build that rocks totally to the max.

Fellow synthficionado Luigi Donatello had a terrific discovery this week in unearthing the ambiguously named Crust with their new song Lute. This band are totally killing the early 80s moody synth pop sounds with a perfect vocal track and excellent instrumentation. Definitely a group to watch out for! Thanks very much, Luigi!

Taking a turn into some more unfamiliar territory is a very engaging new piece from Rutger Megahertz. The eloquently titled 'Mitch's Swimwear Contest Of '84' is quite disturbing in it's tonal pastiche, with a lot of the sounds skewed into really kick arse new dimensions. Quite unlike anything else, this soundscape is totally k-rad to the max.

The ever superb Le Matos shared a new experience  this week in 'Molly'. Le Matos are definitely one of the best acts in the scene who get the balance between classic 80s and modern sounds working to perfection and Molly proves this even further. Gorgeous synth, rockin energy and Le Matos magic exuding from every second. Thanks very much to his majesty, Uncle TNUC, for the heads up!

Getting back to his own seaside home we find Plaisance returning the ocean he loves with his stunning new synthscape Deep Blue. Every new track from Plaisance adds something new and expands his horizons into beautiful new realms. The mood and vibe of Big Blue is welcoming and calming with an airy delight that we all know is pure Plaisance magic.

In what can only be described as a massively triumphant return to the scene we have a brand new teaser track from the inimitable Yan 'Mr Vector' Larson. This 'New Test' is obviously in it's early stages but having this talented producer back in action and rockin the scene is totally kick arse. Many thanks to Tommy for enlightening me to this new track.

And speaking of Tommy, the absolute highlight of this week in the 80s inspired synth scene was the announcement and preview release of Tommy's next EP to be released through Girlfriend Records this coming April. Tommy, in my opinion, has always been one of the true leaders of the scene as his individualised sounds always feel polished and totally immersive. The four tracks previewed here display even more development to the Tommy aesthetic and even in their truncated form offer much to think about. I'd also like to say that the 3rd piece beginning at 1:20 is one of the single most incredible pieces of music I'm yet to hear and can barely imagine what this will be like in it's fully realised form.

That does us for another rockin week on Synthetix.FM! I'll be back with more good times an great rock'n'roll next week and I hope you'll join me again to share in the wonders and magic of the 80s inspired synth scene. 'Til then, as always, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Alan Brando Project Strikes First

From the Russian Federation comes the Alan Brando Project with the First Strike compilation. This album features five producers across ten tracks of some the most intensely authentic italo disco synth I've heard in a long time. The production, arrangements, vocals and lyrics are all fantastically true to mid 80s italo disco and each song shines like spun gold.

The album contains:
Alan Brando - Once Upon A Time (Vocal Version)
Alan Brando - One More Time (Extended Version)
Boy Blue - One Day (Vocal Version)
Casanova - Angel Eyes (Full Extended Mix)
Casanova - Casanova (Extended Mix)
Ken Martina - Another Melody (Extended Mix)
Ken Martina - Cinderella (Vocal Version)
Ken Martina - Love Is Forever (Extended Version)
Tommy Sun - Beach Love (Extended Version)
Tommy Sun - Dancer  (Italo Mix)

I wanted to give this tracklisting in alphabetical order as the album jumps around with the artists and makes it a bit confusing to work out, so for your reference all the above songs are on this compilation, but presented in a different order.

Those devotees of classic italo sounds will instantly feel a strong affinity with the opening song Angel Eyes by Casanova. The melody is utterly beautiful with each sound introduced perfectly for maximum effect but it's when the vocal begins that the music goes from countdown to take off. The authenticity of the vocal is totally k-rad to the max. The delivery and lyrics are absolutely 10000% accurate to the classic italo disco from the 80s. Right when I think the song has showed all it's hand it then trumps itself entirely with it's arrangements.

I must digress a bit here. The idea of an 'extended mix' in the 80s was usually of a calculated and reasonably specific style. Beginning with the chorus amid a flurry of other sounds the song then goes into it's regular single format and then at the midpoint drops everything but the main melody followed by repeated percussive flourishes then with a rebuilding of the music to a climax with a final rendition of the chorus. Most extended mixes from the 80s follow this format, give or takes, and it's something of a lost art in modern music which is more about re-inventing it entirely by other producers as opposed to the original producer making a 'radio edit' and then a 12" maxi single for the clubs.

The Alan Brando Project artists all create their extended mixes with this method in mind. It's so wonderfully refreshing to hear authentic sounds so authentically constructed, it's just marvellous to behold. Casanova's Angel Eyes Full Extended Mix does this to perfection and throughout the album more nods and homages to the classic mix formats are performed. This magic is revisited in the megaton italo powerhouse song Casanova, by Casanova which pushes it right to the limit.

The two Alan Brando songs on this compilation bearing his name are of a much more moody disposition. The music is slowed down and vocals are the focus with scintillating italo synths setting the soundscapes ablaze with emotion. Both of the Alan Brando tracks are extensions of each other, as the names allude to, with tales of love lost but unforgotten and emotional ties that bind like chains held heavy around the heart.

Ken Martina continues through moody italo climes with his three songs that tell of more love, loss and betrayal. This trio of songs also work very well together and are definitely sharing a musical and lyrical thematic. The vocals are rife with drama and pent up emotion, always feeling on the verge of breaking down. It's the vocals that really make these songs work, the accent, the lyrics themselves it all make for the perfect italo synth recipe that ends up as a very tasty and satisfying experience.

The two Tommy Sun experiences are definitely of the more upbeat varieties. High energy drum tracks and throbbing basslines give way to hugely catchy synth melodies and once again the vocal just takes it to the next level. 'Dancer' is a work of total italo art in every respect and 'Beach Love' rocks just as hard.

Boy Blue's song on the compilation, "One Day", is yet another beautifully moody song with a melancholic vocal that really cries out in anguish over the lost love of his life. Music is kept restrained and beautifully arranged with just the right nuances and details at just the right times. This is listed as a Vocal Version but be aware it's most definitely of the extended mix variety also.

After listening to this album numerous times I still can't believe how thoroughly authentic every song on this compilation is to genuine 80s italo disco synth. It just totally blows my mind in the most awesome of ways and raises the bar massively high for future releases. As of this point I'd go so far as to say the Alan Brando Project's First Strike album is the most authentic italo disco synth I've heard since 1987 and is most definitely deserving of being a Synthetix Reference Experience.

The First Strike compilation is presented on SP Records Bandcamp page here and I highly recommend it to all lovers of classic italo disco synth sounds.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The LA Dreams Report

One artist in the 80s inspired synth scene produces so much music that it's, quite honestly, very hard to keep up with, this is of course none other than LA Dreams. His production rate is consistently astounding with so much music that it becomes almost impossible to properly digest. Some may say that LA Dreams should produce less and refine more, whereas obviously LA Dreams thinks differently.

I for one am much more a 'make hay while the sun shines' listener and will get whatever I can for tomorrow there may be none. In LA Dreams case, as I've stated previously on here, I believe that he'll be making gorgeous 80s synth music for the duration as it's quite apparent that he loves what he does and he does it simply for his own pleasure which is a combination that makes for maximum rockin in my eyes and ears.

As LA Dreams is so prolific in this regard I plan on doing an LA Dreams Update sporadically to make sure everyone's up with all the rockin music he's released.  With a new album around the corner, as per usual, I thought it best to bring everyone up to speed with all the happenings in the world of LA Dreams over the last month or there abouts.

Towards the end of January LA Dreams released the full length album Dayton Rising, which was a follow up the excellent Stereo Rewind he released on the 1st of January. This record has some of LA Dreams most amazing experiences thus far and his craftsmanship throughout each piece began taking on some more experimental tones. It's these tracks that separate themselves from the others and make the album-experience totally thrilling.

The real magic on this album begins with Penumbra. Out of nowhere the sinister mood and deliberate pace electrify the soundscape. Building like a classic Jan Hammer soundtrack piece Penumbra takes LA Dreams reasonably close to dark synth styles but the absolutely stunning lead synth melody shines brightly over the miasma brought out in the rhythm section. This is easily one of my favourite LA Dreams pieces, purely stunning in it's delivery and execution.

Promises Lies And Audio Cassettes is another standout piece with the darker tones once again delivering tension and drama. In these two tracks especially the LA Dreams sound begins to welcome in the shadowy realms and the darker side of the spectrum. Don't get me wrong, the album is full of the brilliant synth romance and emotionally engaging LA Dreams specific sounds on many of the tracks, but the overall theme of night-danger and the seamy underworld of the darkness are running themes throughout nearly all the compositions. This album really takes the LA Dreams experience we're familiar with and tilts it sideways, with very gratifying results.

LA Dreams released A Teen Romance on February 19 and this served as a return to the light of day from the darkness of Daytona Rising. Right from the outset the glorious melodies and LA Dreams arrangements welcome you in like an old friend, warm and familiar but full of energy and joie de vivre. As A Teen Romance rocks on we find LA Dreams walking into some distinctly new funkier towns. The make up of Games is very intriguing with it's synth funk personality and raucous percussive nature which is marvellously contrasted by the next piece, Hand In Hand which conversely embues a much more intimate sexuality into the emotions and is rather aurally arousing.

A Teen Romance is peppered with nuances that really display in no uncertain terms how much LA Dreams enjoys his music. The arrangements feel loved and nurtured and sounds are dripping with thick layers of gloss. LA Dreams really hits this style out of the ball park on Under The Night Sky and Time In A Bottle, which I find myself repeating the most. The final track, Battle Over You serves as a hugely energetic theme that instantly brings to mind scenes from every classic 80s 'Tit City High' movie and perfectly captures the experience in three minutes and nineteen seconds of totally rad hard rockin gold.

This record is full of moments you'll love, moments that bring the romance of the 80s, teen crushes, unrequited love, classroom politics and growing up all together into an experience that's still as fresh as it was nearly thirty years ago. I always find a new LA Dreams record like discovering a time capsule from the 80s, and it's the authenticity in the music that instantly takes me back and A Teen Romance does this every time I listen to it.

This brings us up to the last track LA Dreams shared with us, Racing The Cube. Although most definitely in the classic LA Dreams mould, this piece feels it's leaning towards a more epic atmosphere with some soundtrack synth elements just being hinted at. Of course this piece just pure LA Dreams magic throughout with his trademark details and ever flawless percussive tracks.

That does us for our first and assuredly not last LA Dreams Report. You can pick up both of his kick arse albums on his Bandcamp page here and as always I'll be sure to share the LA Dreams experience with you on Synthetix.FM again soon.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Starforce's Omniversal Oscillations

Out right now on Aphasia Records is the brand new record from Starforce: Ominversal Oscillations. Spanning eleven chapters of stunning synth sounds this album marks a new level of creative fidelity for Starforce and is masterfully crafted from beginning to end. The music contained throughout this album is soulful and vibrant, devoid of the cold of space and is instead luminescent in it's sound stage and structurally peerless.

I was a tad mislead going into this record. From previous Starforce releases, the album's name and track titles and all the other little tidbits I'd gleaned over it's production I was expecting a space synth album with leanings towards soundtrack styled affairs. The eventuality of Ominversal Oscillations could not be further from the truth. Yes, the space thematic is dominant, but musically Starforce's sounds have matured and grown into new spaces, with the shackles of genres being cast aside and the synths allowed to roam wild and powerful throughout their cosmic stage.

It's this expansive range of scenes and emotions that propel Starforce forward into territories of sublime brilliance that live and breathe with character all their own. Even the opening introduction spills over with liquid synth sounds of unknown origin and destination. The tone is set very early on that this album is not what you were probably expecting, and the excitement this causes is utterly marvellous.

Moving into the opening track, Alpine Glow, things become a bit more clear. The pace and melodies are pure synth romance with soaring sounds arranged for maximum emotion, but placed in the context of space they resonate with a deeper and much warmer glow. This isn't the dark and cold void of space we're experiencing, no, this the sounds of life, colour, love and vision. Beings made entirely of light are at one with the universe as their heart beat pulses the stars in unison. The Omniversal Oscillation begins.

The sounds of Starforce are unrestrained in their delivery throughout the album, allowed to really be their own masters with very little human control or interference. Throughout 'Cosmic Voyage' and underlying evolutionary scale seems to usher in new forms and variations of melodies and sounds that are totally organic in their aural presence. As 'Payload Specialist' begins things turn from a free form evolution into a melodic synthscape that is so full of beauty that one does not hear it but instead feels it directly.

Around this point I began to realise the seemingly infinite nuances prescribed to the arrangements. Every single layer of sound is allowed it's own space and life to create it's own personal existence. Repeated listenings are the only way to really pick this up, but it's this massive depth that presents itself to you the more listens you experience. Nothing is simplistic or presented directly to the listener, instead ideas are whispered and suggested allowing for the musical vista to be appreciated in one's own time. The track Celestial Time Lapse (featuring Dynatron) encapsulates this with it's languid pace and myriad of synthesized emotions. Again, the space theme is 'there', it can be felt but the experience intimates much closer, offering a dual planed existence of pure jubilation.

Taking things in even more new directions, the space-funk-breakbeat 'Middletro' which provides a very colourful way point with the most mechanised experience on the album. It's timbre is much more pointed thank previous tracks but one can't deny entrancing diversion's purely magnetic attraction.

The journey continues into 'Simulation 2099', which begins like a whole new adventure. Powerful drums engage lift-off into a new nebula and the synths continue to offer all new colours while percussive fills flash past us at massive speed. The Starforce sound is given an even fresher palette with so many epic sounds to contrast the ethereally sweeping melodies that it creates a cosmic dichotomy of presence and power. To take these energies into even more focused points of light in Spacebridge, launching into a climbing and rolling space OutRun mode that races off into exciting dimensions full of action and danger.

In the title track, Omniversal Oscillations, we find Starforce really displaying what their sound is all about. The music is so full and rich with details that its arrangements are full to overflowing with synthual exuberance that washes over the listener in wave after wave of cosmic crescendos. You can feel the in reverberations of the melodies deep inside and each vignette is entrancing to behold. A remix provided by Epydemic of Summer of 2085 finishes the main chapters of the album before the final piece, 'The Signs' (also with Epydemic) completes Omniversal Oscillations. Summer of 2085 is a reeling display of slow motion moments that freeforms beautifully through an aesthetic of spatial beauty. Unrushed and utterly beautiful.

'The Signs' is a near seven minute epic that finishes off the album in the most perfect way. The sounds are spun from the finest threads possible and woven into a delicate cosmic tapestry that enshrouds you in a zone of pure weightlessness. The music is buoyant and uplifting, rich with care and emotionally charged. The perfect finish to an immensely impressive record.

Starforce's Omniversal Oscillations is presented by Aphasia Records on their Bandcamp page here and I can't encourage any devotee of fine 80s synth sounds to purchase this wondrous experience as soon as time allows.

The construction of this album as one cohesive experience is all encompassing with sounds and arrangements crafted with pure love. Omniversal Oscillations is a truly Reference Synthetix Experience that I hope is remembered for eons in the hearts and minds of listeners across the galaxy.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Yet another week full of lovingly grown music has resulted in bumper crop in the 80s inspired synth scene. Hot new releases from regular mainstays, new talent and even some old favourites returning to the fray. Press play on tape, turn the volume up to maximum rockin and lets get radical with the weekend on Synthetix.FM!

An inspiring new Australian face in the 80s inspired synth scene going by the name of Electric Dissection has arrived. The main inspiration for this producer's work is Tangerine Dream and his track Endless Summer really recreate the classic soundtrack synth vibe. Excellent instrumentation and stunning arrangements make this one hell of a ride.

Keeping to the soundtrack theme Protector 101 has shared a new track that was destined to go on his new EP, but has decided to make it a stand-alone piece. 'Back Alleys' resonates with beautifully flowing synths that take on frightening personalities. The midpoint change leads to an explosion of energy and terror constructed with that Protector 101 magic we always love to be scared by. Get this FREE download before it gets YOU!

Silenx is back and rocking a delightfully somber aesthetic on his track Connections. Melodies are deeply emotive and tenderly arranged by threads of gossamer. "Connections" feels like a love letter to someone no longer in our lives, casting a line of hope into the seas of regret, hoping and yearning for that tug at our heartstrings to be from the one we need the most.

Time to break in the electro funk brilliance of Amazing Police's new masterpiece Moroder-Einstein Theorem. The energy of this track is stunning to behold with a soundscape that crosses line after line in a genre defying manner that keeps the listener riveted to the spot. This track evolves at a startling rate and feels like about four songs in one. Totally rockin to the max.

Alpha Boy is back with a new experience with his OutRun themed Downtown Chase. I really like where Alpha Boy is going with his music. Since his work with J-F Conrad his music is pushing more boundaries and achieving a level of refinement  in his sounds and concepts. 'Downtown Chase' is still classic Alpha Boy, loaded with his sonic hallmarks but also has some new, fresh elements that work into the soundscape very well indeed.

The always rockin Action Jackson has shared his classic track Come In Action and new experience Vice to celebrate the opening of his soundcloud page. Come In Action was on the original release of Testarossa, but not on the current one on Bandcamp. I'm not sure what the story is there, but the main thing is you get experience now as Come In Action is one of Action Jacksons finest jams. The lead melody is this track is so strong it almost knocks you down with it's power. Arranged in in such a manner to accentuate the majesty of the lead melody even further this creates a spectacular synthual experience. This track is currently FREE so get it and rock it ASAP. The bouncy and vibrant Vice track is also available for FREE download on his soundcloud so make sure you grab these two killers and follow him on soundcloud here for more Action Jackson action.

Two killer new demos from Lost Years began their musical evolution this week. Amplifier and Park Avenue 1989 are both very promising at this early stage. Park Avenue 1989 is tinged with a moroseness that is highlighted by bright delicate synths. Very emotive in it's construction but full of wonder and exploration. Check out Lost Years soundcloud for the first totally rockin demo cut of his track Amplifier here

Starion is back with his cosmic synthscapes and deepspace disco with a track called Moonbase Alpha. Once again we're taken into the electric cosmos on an adventure full of intrigue. Melodies are pure italo gold and the basslines are totally rockin the solar system the whole way through. Definitely one of Starion's greatest and most complete tracks thus far.

Launching into the darker regions of space is Like Mowrey's new cosmic dirge Heliopolis. The music is solemnly executed with an hypnotic pace that introduces soaring synths and brightening stars before becoming a looming nebula of celestial energies. The layering is marvellous to behold throughout the final part of the journey, resulting in a very memorable journey through Heliopolis.

80s inspired synth scene pioneer Sferro has finally returned to what he does best with a teaser from his new release High Tech Low Life. Sferro still retains the wonderful magic present in his early work with fathomless emotion powering the melodies and instrumentation that fills the senses. To say I'm really looking forward to his Wetware Computer EP release is hugley vast understatement.

Glass Mirrors is really upping the ante with each new track and his latest work 8-Bit Girl is some absolutely stunning synth pop with lots of quality 80s sounds and moods. I love the vocal track to this, it's thoroughly authentic and the lyrics are totally rockin. Not your traditional modern synth pop melodies in this piece, but Glass Mirrors makes the experience, samples and all, work magnificently.

There are a few artists around who really define some of the 80s inpired synth genres and with his new release (of an old track, mind) I now dub Rain Sword to be THE defining artist for the synth romance genre. 'Dreamer' contains so much emotional brightness and pure saturation of colours that it's impossible not to be dazzled by its presence. I believe the sounds he uses in this genre are peerless and really capture the experiences and emotions of teen love in the 80s. Currently available for FREE download too!

Let's finish up this weekend's Weekend Update with another return from an old favourite. Chmmr is one of the few artists in the scene that can capture the 80s synth naivete with complete sincerity and authenticity. His new track Talking English is a superb exponent of this with a beautiful free form arrangement and melodies that are taken directly from the early to mid 80s. Absolutely k-rad to the max.

That does it for another kick arse week on Synthetix.FM. I hope to see you soon for more good times and great rock'n'roll. Till then, as always, remember to stay 80s and keep on rockin.