Thursday, August 28, 2014


TZARR - Dreams Don't Die
By Jazzi Marzcat

Coming from the midwest of the USA, is  the master of the dance floor: TZARR. He is a music  producer, and professional  DJ, who has been producing his own music since 2008 (you can find past songs on YouTube here). Dreams Don't Die is the 3rd release from TZARR, and is one incredible and danceable album, with five songs, (plus a bonus song when you buy it!). The cover shows the knobs of mixing equipment in electrifying bright colors; it reflects the electrifying upbeat, and funky cool songs on this EP that are just a lot of fun to listen to!

For the title song, we're introduced by a flashy synth melody, and an alluring bass, a bit reminiscent to the bass line on the the intro to David Bowie's 80s hit 'Modern Love'. The song continues with a voice sample from the X-Men character Cyclops from the Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter video game, strongly pronouncing that "Dreams Don't Die!". The song is a super groovy disco, with a thumping drum beat and bass, and as the sample is repeated through out the song, I found it very uplifting and empowering.  This feeling is completely driven home with the sample quote at the end of the song, from the cartoon Outlaw Star, that says: "Only one thing can be certain, a boy has the right to dream. . ."

The fun continues, as the voice sample states, "All systems go!". The second song 'Stardust Orchestra' flies you off into the depths of the cosmos for a groovy disco adventure. TZARR felt he saw an epic battle going down in outer space with this track. Synths swirl, and rocking guitar leads join in this fantastic melody! Just one really awesome dance song!

TZARR also has the unique ability to take song and vocal samples, and while manipulating their speeds within a song, still keep a cohesive pace going.  This is achieved with adding awesome dance beats, sweet melodies, and slapping bass lines, that makes it all fits together in the song. It's an element that keeps the songs interesting to listen to and fun dance to.

This is evident in the song 'Casino', where a very familiar song from The Whispers 'Love Thing', is dramatically sped up. It lends to the feeling of the stakes rising and the chips falling!  Quite the speed during which someone has it their stride!  The song 'Style/Class' is at a normal pace for most of the song (and by the way has the most sexiest and most awesome bass lines, and a groovy retro disco melody), but it slows down at the end, which brings the listener right into the  next song. 'Digital Smoke' is for your pure vaporwave enjoyment, or as my English friends would say vapourwave, of which this song seriously does pour out the slowed down beats, deliciously deep bass line,  and sweet savored melodies. And just when you thought it couldn't get any slower, it does just that by the end of the song!! A total chilled out track!

The bonus track '1984 Inner City Prom' was quite the surprise when I opened my download of the album.  With a very cool dance beat, the song's lyrics are repeated with "tonight is our night".   It makes for a very  nice send off for a very enjoyable album!

I asked TZARR the inspiration behind the title song and the album itself and he told me: "I think that music stopped being fun for the sake of it. With Dreams Don't Die, it's a tribute to those goals we had to put down before we got older.  They never stopped being important to us, we just had to pursue other dreams." He also said that one of his goals behind producing this kind of music is to get the chance to play it when he DJ's so that people can have a fun time. It's without doubt just that with the well composed and delightful songs on this EP, TZARR is surely on his path to making his dreams a reality.  You can get this awesome release here on Bandcamp.  

Killstarr - Memories
By Julian Hobson

"In 2186, music had been all but forgotten… until Killstarr arrived…"

Hailing from Melbourne, Killstarr burst onto the scene with a Soundcloud track titled 'Summer Drive', a smooth, nostalgic piece that captured the hearts of listeners and hinted at an exciting future for the producer. Fast forward four months and his debut EP, Memories, graces us with the same brand of enchanting synthwave, yet more refined and gleaming aided by the addition of Jon of the Shred’s excellent guitar work on several tracks.

'Standing in the Rain' opens with a singular chord reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks theme. Chilled and gentle, the track just settles in before an ecstatic guitar solo rips through the air, elevating the track to new heights. Elsewhere the synths and guitars shine, Killstarrs’ youthful touch highlighted on the updated 'Summer Drive', now complete with a killer guitar part and 'Memories' a driving blast of pure bliss. Opener, ‘Feels like Heaven’s wispy beginnings soon fade into a easy groove accompanied by dreamy vocoder vocals and a saxophone solo that is perfectly implemented while 'Dark City' changes the mood up with its fast paced drums and layered synth tracks making it one to dance to.

Another excellent release from Future 80s Records, Memories is a diverse and spellbinding listen presented with beautiful artwork from scene legend Basil Murad. A must have addition to any synthwave collection, you can pick up a copy on Bandcamp here.

Warrior III - Star Maps
By Rick Shithouse

The latest release from We Are The Fure Records is the debut EP for Warrior III entitle Star Maps. Spread across four very separate creative ideas I find this EP to be a great homage to the earlier work of 80s inspired electronic music from the late 2000s and although there is much experimentation and inspirations running through each track there is also soulful understanding of the music too.

Opening with 'Mulholland Drive' the tones and colours of work by scene pioneers like College and Futurecop! spring to mind. The subtlety of the structures and haunting presence of the melody illicit a completely bittersweet  emotional  reaction. Simplicity is kept at the forefront and this genuinely ramps up the intimacy in a wonderfully nostalgic manner. 'Wrath' on the other hand takes a darker turn with the most devilish use of handclaps I'm yet to hear as the rhythmic applause rocks along like participants of a black mass watching all manner of macabre imagery distort their perception via synthesized melodies from beyond.

A bit of a curveball occurs with the third piece, which really eschews anything remotely 80s for something like a trip-hop homage to Chaplin's Great Dictator speech. It resonates deeply with the conviction of the speech's hugely powerful imagery. It's poignantly done with a very honest investment in the swelling string sections that guide the piece's journey.

Star Maps finishes with another kick arse 80s themed track in 'OMG wut?'. The passages are dripping with synths that have a predilection for chip-tuned aesthetics but it's the deep exploration of the hugely catchy lead melody that really rocks the hardest. Again this brings back many fond memories of the sounds of 2009 and that's no bad thing at all.

You can pick up a copy of Warrior III's Star Maps on iTunes here, which I highly recommend, especially for those of us who were rockin those early days of the scenes sounds in the late 2000s, as well as for those just discovering the modern take on 80s synth music.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

By Kasia

Saturday, 12th July, 2014

hello meteor - I'll Come Back For You

It's time for me

I gotta go now
World is calling me
I don't know what it wants from me 
But I have to find out
I'm ready to take the risk
And you will be my secret company
Please don't let me get lost
No matter how far away I am
You will always be in my heart
And don't be afraid
I'll come back for you one day
You can be sure about that
Your music will show me the way back home

Friday, 4th April, 2014

Vincenzo Salvia - Together

People say

That it is always better not to be alone
But is it the truth?
Somebody smart once said 
That first you must learn how to be alone
How to be happy with yourself
So that you could really be happy with another person
I think I am ready to give it a try
Because I feel simply happy when you're next to me
I love the feeling
When your melody plays inside my head
When every single note of your music touches my heart
Because of you 
Everything shines brighter than millions of stars
It's always better when we are together...

Monday, 5th August, 2013

Karl X Johan - Do You Remember (Mitch Murder Remix)

Sure I remember the past
I remember every single moment
Let's not talk about it this time
Let's talk about the future
Let's concentrate on something that we can create
What we can change
What we can build, the way we want
It is a mystery but 
why not to find out if there is something we can do to make it better?

Does it cost anything?
Yes... it does
It costs us our courage, risk and energy
But we don't have anything to lose
We have to make the choice
We have to make the change
In the end we are fighting for ourselves
No one can do this for us

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Game Over For Lazerpunk!

By Jeremy Olson

Get rude, crude and in a first person shooter mood with Lazerpunk!'s debut release Game Over.

I have to be honest this release is one I was specifically watching out for as Lazerpunk's style is very original and reminds me of a lot of classic video games which hold a special place in my heart.  Especially fast action first person shooters and intense fighters such as the original Unreal Tournament and Killer Instinct, both of which I still play to this day. But after a few listens I'm even more excited as to me it offers a deeper message of how easily reality and fantasy tends to be blurred in the views of not only today's younger generations, but scarily enough many in my own which are quickly approaching mid life.

The LP starts out fittingly enough the title track which sets the mood and gets things flowing quickly. A crowd of teen voices not unlike what you would hear in a junior high cafeteria (obviously dying  to get the hell out of school)  gives way to crunchy kicks and arp'ed bass lines which drives it from beginning to until, well, 'Game Over'!

The number two track I feel is a good choice for flow of the album, which is 'Protector's of the Universe'. Big, industrial drums and soft pad like churns give way to vocoders and sounds of video game power ups and big beefy kicks. Not quite as intense as 'Game Over', but more structurally sound, which levels the playing field between the two and fits in nicely.

'Death of a Hero' is perhaps the most generally (and I say this loosely) accessible track on the album, it begins with a familiar pulsating bass line, but soon pours into soaring  melodic chord progressions that really stand out, making this my favorite of the album. You can almost sense the urgency in Optimus Prime's voice in the beginning which adds a very nice touch.

'Retro Future Disco' is like a cross between Castlevania and a well timed trip (interpret that how you see fit) to the old, closed down "Option" club in my home town.  This one puts me right back into place where the people with the coolest colored hair were also obviously the coolest people in the world. Simon Belmont and that hot chick at the club with the purple hair and mesh shirt that I could never talk to would be proud.

Next up is 'The Devil' which I would consider the "vocal track" of the album. I personally feel  is important to include vocals on at least a track or two on any modern release. It's nice to see an artist take a chance and in this case it definitely works quite excellently.

'Night of Terror' starts off with some classic 80's synth cheese brass but quickly levitates into a huge beast. The driving rhythm and bombed out effects are counter-parted nicely with well placed creepy vocal sampling. This all builds out to a fantastic finish that is no-holds-barred chaotic, yet well thought out.

Another surprise to Game Over is 'King of the Wasteland' which rocks a hip hop style beat before pausing for a bit so a couple of punks can vocalize their distorted dreams. I'd have to say I have a whole new view on the film Bellflower when put into this context. Nice sub bass and a classic 80s synth riff finish out this rocker superbly.

'3 AM' is well.. something I would either want to, or not want to listen to at 3 am..if that makes sense. Heavy percussion and more vocal cuts get this thing rolling into a twisted up nightmare and then is combined with chip-bit like synths;  very reminiscent to me as something off an obscure 80's Skinny Puppy B -side.

The finale, 'Secret of Saturn', is certainly worthy as a finale track and really wraps up the album well as it pulls bits and pieces from all the previous tracks and rolls together as a dance type track that I would, personally, love to hear in a club.

Lazerpunk's style reminds me of all the great video games I've encountered in my life and takes me right back to those experiences as if I was living them again. Whether it's running a flag in UT Instagib, or getting wiped by Lady Vox in the original Everquest, it puts me right there. Moreover, there's a certain attitude throughout the album that you just can't fake and could even be interpreted as a warning sign of just how easy it can be to confuse fiction with actuality. In fact, when you downright think about, most of what is pushed on the general populace from the powers that be is based entirely off of fantasy, lies, or dreams, rather than what is what is actually going around us.

Werkstatt Recordings presents Lazerpunk's Game Over album on their Bandcamp page here and it's  available for purchase in digital formats as well as limited edition physical runs on CD and cassette. In short, If you are (or ever were) into any sort of gaming, and would like to explore similar and expanded sounds to all of those classic soundtracks with the added bonus of pondering underlying themes deeper than you might have before, this is definitely the album for you and it comes very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Synthetix Sundays

Break the chains of gravity and speed into the awaiting cosmos with Captain Marko Maric of Space Command taking you on a journey into the wonders of the galaxy! It's the Synthetix Sundays Space Synth Special, full of expansive synthscapes and intergalactic adventures! City Hunter will be Captain Marko's co-pilot for this interstellar experience that is sure to spark your imagination and let your spirit rise into new dimensions. This five hour spectacular includes interviews with the planetoid duo of Offic3r and the galaxy's favourite video space cadet: 20SIX Hundred.

Stop offs throughout the outer nebulas include visits with Paul Dress2Kill Daly and a dangerous excursion into a wretched hive of scum and villainy with Quality Time With Shithouse. Exclusive tracks from Kid Flash, Diamond Field and Sam Haggblad are sure to keep you senses reeling from the sheer supernova star power.

Your boarding pass has been approved and take off occurs LIVE on Radio Pure Gently at this time wherever you are on planet Earth. You can also revisit the landing bay here on Monday for a fully downloadable digital copy of the live show to re-live past glories and also get your own copies of all the Quality Time With Shithouse free and purchasable tracks.

Quality Time With Shithouse free and purchasable tracks:

The NEW Synthetix.FM Mixtape:

Friday, August 22, 2014

Flashback Friday

Hands of Steel (1986)

Hey Synthetix fans, it's that time of the week again and I've got quite a gem lined up for you all.  Imagine a bad mash up of Terminator and Over The Top with a hint of Bladerunner and Rambo, backed by an intense synth score.  This weeks choice is just that with loads of exquisitely bad acting and laughable fight sequences, you definitely want to check this one out!

1986's Hands of Steel, directed by Sergio Martino stars Daniel Green as Paco Queruak, a cyborg created by evil industrialist Francis Turner to murder an ecologist responsible for an environmental activist movement.  When Paco attempts to murder the ecologist his human side shows empathy and he only wounds him.  Knowing Turner's men will be looking for him for not finishing the job, Paco flees to a small Arizona town where he meets a motel truckstop owner named Linda who offers him a room to stay in exchange for some labor.  During his stay he makes enemies with Raul Morales and a few local truck drivers who challenge him to arm wrestle and after defeating Raul, the truckers begin plotting ways to get rid of Paco.

With Turner's guys after him, along with the FBI for the shooting of the ecologist, and now the truckers breathing down his neck Paco must escape to Mexico but Linda convinces him to stay one more night.  A female cyborg is sent to dispose of Paco but he knocks her head off.  Turner's hitmen blow up the motel while Paco and Linda escape in his car only to be ran into by Raul in his semi.  Pinned against a rock, Paco gets out of the car and crushes Raul's head with his bare hands.  As Paco disposes of Turner's men, Turner realizes he must take out Paco himself.  When the two meet up Turner tries to kill Paco with what appears to be the biggest and funniest looking laser cannon in cinema history, Paco dodges it and eventually kills Turner by ripping his heart out.

The score to the film was composed by Claudio Simonetti and features fast paced synths and enjoyable saxophones.  A great accommodating synthwave album would be Python Blue's Cyborg, evoking an awesomely intense atmosphere to rival your experience of this film.  Certainly an album you'll want to check out.

So, if you're interested in a cheesy amalgamation of classic 80's action and sci-fi then look no further! Until next Friday my fellow Synthaholics, have fun and be safe!

Magnum Crockett

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A VHS Glitch In Evil Technology

By James Mann

Man. Machine. Software. The legend of VHS Glitch has been told for several decades. Now, the truth has surfaced with his latest release Evil Technology, and the results will leave any synth lover speechless. New York City, 1980. On a rainy, cold night the most successful technology companies in the world gathered for a meeting of monumental proportions. Their goal, to create one company called Neotech to develop a software so powerful it could control the minds of society. Meanwhile, in Tokyo a clandestine company finished the project to fight the powers of the Neotech corporation.

VHS Glitch was born as a human with a physical disability, and tired of his boring life he decided to donate his body for the project. Maintaining his human characteristics, VHS Glitch is capable of feeling the range of human emotions, from love to hate. The project was recorded in a VCR which was programmed to play at an unknown date.  That day is here, and VHS Glitch has one mission; creating awe inspiring soundscapes of not just machine driven synth warpath, but also wondrous, luscious, regal melodies directly into your headphones for an unequalled experience.

As each track from Evil Technology played on my speakers, several things became apparent. For one, this artist is unbelievably talented. The details in the synth work are astounding. Top notch production value with impressive percussion and bass prove this work of art is in fact a true treat for the ears. Each song evokes many different feelings, which enables the listener to enjoy the album in its entirety with one click. I found myself going down nostalgia alley at the arcade as a kid chomping on Centipede and 8bit Atari with tracks like 'Insert Coin', then tearing down a wet highway at night with high doses of instant adrenaline with tracks like 'Revenge', 'Streets on Fire', and 'Dark Alley'. Switching gears, I turned to pensive, thought provoking melodies that put me in a Jean Michel Jarre/Vangelis head space with tracks like 'The Search' and 'Reset'. Wow. This guy does have it all.

 I had the privilege of talking to the man behind the project, and the range of influences and inspiration behind the Evil Technology album are far reaching and well…impressive. “I get my inspiration from classic synth composers like Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and Isao Tomita, metal bands like Rhapsody, Dragonforce, and Stratovarius.” All of these synth master’s influences are evident in a seamless blend of variety as he takes you on an epic journey in Evil Technology. I found myself identifying with this inspiration as the tracks played, but VHS Glitch knows how to own his sound and brand it in true signature fashion with a mix of modern and vintage technologies.

The opening track 'The Glitch' opens the journey of Evil Technology and mind control of VHS Glitch. Through a rainy soundscape, the slow and orchestral chord progression (minus any drums or bass) lets you know right away this man knows the keyboard and means business.

'Blood In and Blood Out' starts with a mesmerizing melody that instantly gives chills. It layers its way into a driving, breakbeat accompanied with some tasteful shredding that coaxes your foot just a bit harder on the pedal. But wait. Before you know it the song breaks apart and layers into a refreshed melody that really hits the soul. The guitar makes its way back in, and the percussion steers the rest of your drive. Switching from gear 4 to 5 is easy now, and you are officially under Glitch’s control.

'Can’t Catch Me' throws you one layer deeper in the mind of VHS Glitch. Driving percussion and bass accompany an ornate, detailed melody that builds into perfection. Every layer has a purpose and never becomes too much. It’s full on cruise until the track decrescendos into a filtered kick drum. Then all systems engage for an explosion of synths and guitar that will have you in full on turbo charge mode.

'Insert Coin' will instantly bring a smile to anyone who had the privilege of the NES/8 bit world growing up. Reminiscent of games like Rygar and Section Z (I was a devoted NES kid), this song will fulfill your arcade fix. Does anyone have a quarter?

'Jaw Breaker' starts with a somber melody evoking a cityscape of industrial streets, empty at night after a hard rain. The street fighters are in the alleys donning the brass knuckles and head bands for a Street Fighter showdown. When the guitar kicks in the fight is on. VHS Glitch takes you on a street journey of defending home turf, the good guys always win! One of my favorites on the album.

'Streets on Fire' gives me insight into the true project of VHS Glitch. This guy can theme his way through a track, with each part telling a complex story. The battle of good guys (Tokyo Company) and the bad guys (Neotech) using the powers of Glitch for evil. It all makes sense. I now feel the purpose of Evil Technology. Beautiful melodies from start to finish, this epic song takes you through the unrest on the streets and deep inside the mind of VHS Glitch. A true winner of a track.

'The Search' is a gorgeous track, evoking an isolating feeling of being alone with just your thoughts. The pulsing hiss of steam gives it a slight edge, but the shimmering synths bring a feel of hope and aspiration. One of the most thought provoking and comforting tracks on the album.

'Dark Alley' jumps right into a driving beat with a bass line very similar to Kraftwerk’s 'Metropolis', but sped up and altered. Again, Glitch owns the signature on it but the nostalgia and influence is there. The hi hats and driving bass drum coupled with the bass and Sytarian-like synths showcase the complexities of this synthesizer master. Stellar track.

'The Return' is perhaps one of the strongest tracks on the album. A John Carpenter-esque melody cuts the air, and with the build up of angelic chorus and toms jumping in, you know that the build up will be intense. (That’s an understatement) By the time everything comes together at 2:10 the drool needs to be wiped away from your face. Cutting, hard and following through on a slight Castlevania/horror theme the track explodes into its own. Five star track.

'Reset' brings the energy of Evil Technology into a space filled, spectacular work of art that captivates your mind, and in the process becomes a masterpiece of sorts. Lost in space with Vangelis and VHS Glitch. What a perfect combo. I love this track, just gotta go back for another listen! Repeat!

'Revenge' brings the finesse of VHS Glitch behind the keyboards and proves how talented he is. Very reminiscent of Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene album for the first 30 seconds, (and subsequently later in the track as well) the progressions are truly stunning. Then VHS Glitch activates all systems and propels you through his world with a memorable bass drum/snare/hi hat combo that will play in your mind long after the album is over. Recalibrating, Glitch brings it down in his (now) signature fashion and heats up the song again with the drive and Jean Michel Jarre influence. What a treat.

'Final Round' is the true showdown. Where good versus evil and guess who won? With the amazing hero-like melodies dancing all over it’s apparent. VHS Glitch reigns supreme and will live to enact more mind/synth control over the masses. It is the Final Round for Evil Technology and so very fitting. The guitar solo confirms this, and what a good placement for this particular track.

'End of Transmission' is a message from the man himself. I can’t give anything away, so you will just have to listen!

VHS Glitch presents  Evil Technology on his  Bandcamp page here  and this exceptional album is a must have for any fan of the genre, especially those into the darker, horror influenced work. It strikes the perfect balance of tracks that satiate the desire for ethereal, moody, soundtrack inspired compositions as well and comes very, very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM.

The journey into the realm of VHS Glitch is an unforgettable one, and I see more incredible work for this talented producer in the near future. He’s currently working on a Kid Flash remix EP and will have a track on the upcoming Aphasia Records compilation which will be released at some point this year. Stay tuned for an EP for Halloween that will be available on his Bandcamp as well!

As VHS Glitch says, 'End Transmission'.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

By Kasia

Sunday, 6th March, 2014

Kondrath - Time Travel (Brutal Pony Riders Rework)

If it was really possible
If I could really travel back in time
I could achieve the impossible
Like going back to 1988 and go to a Michael Jackson concert at Wembley
To hear "Man In The Mirror" live
Or going back to 1984 and watch for the first time in my life
The first episode of Miami Vice 
Or... Ha! To go for a shopping in The 80's 
And buy 10000's of cool clothes and shoes
I could also go to a hair stylist 
To get that awesome fluffy 80's hair!
I could go back to the greatest memories 
And have them back even just for a moment
I wish I could touch again a particle of happiness
My childhood
The only time when I was truly
And unconditionally happy

Friday, 1st August, 2014

Killstarr - Standing In The Rain

Can you keep a secret? 
Last night
I was waiting for the bus
Drifting in my own thoughts
When suddenly I heard that somebody was getting closer to me
And it was you
All alone.
Mysterious, fascinating with this "thing" in your eyes
You had no idea that I was there 
But I could almost touch you...
At the same moment I saw millions of shining little rain drops 
Falling down from the sky
I felt the rain on my skin..
Hot summer rain... 
Dancing to your amazing music
I don't know if I've lost my mind or was it just a dream?
But whatever it was...
I wish it could last forever
I hope to see you again somewhere..

Sunday, 1st December, 2013

Let Em Riot - Say What You Need To Say

Can we talk for a moment?
There are so many things that I want to tell you
I know you don't expect this
But I must stay true to myself 
And say what I need to say...
Life can be unpredictable
You can't be sure about tomorrow
So better stand behind your feelings
And don't be afraid to say what is on your mind
Especially if you feel that it's the right thing to do
And this can change your life for the better...
... exactly like you have changed my life
Without even knowing about it...
From the very first sound...
I knew there will always be a place for you in my life
Your music told me everything about you 
And said just as much about me
It told me everything I needed to know
Thanks for saying what I really wanted to hear
Thanks that you exist...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Plaisance With Thunder In Paradise

By Rick Shithouse

Following musical journeys of producers is one of my favourite things about the new forms of 80s inspired synth music. Hearing their early work and feeling that magical spark, then watching it develop into shimmering embers before it explodes into musical fireworks is such a spectacle. I feel like a passenger going along for the ride on many instances. This time Plaisance pulls up in his new sports car, leans over and pops open the passenger side door and says 'Come on. Let's go for a ride.'

Ever since reviewing Regatta in 2012 I've felt on the same wavelength as Plaisance. He puts feelings into music that work exceedingly well, capturing one's imagination and the connection to the music feels intimate and familiar. Over the last couple of years I've shared much love on Synthetix.FM for Plaisance and his own brand 80s sounds and once again we get to jump in his car and take another ride into the past, this time with a stormy, sultry atmosphere that permeates through each delightful track.

Plaisance's muse works in a very direct manner and his releases are always conceptually based; from the coastal love affairs of Regatta and Boat People through to his youthful recollections in Children Of The 80s each release is focused and kept on a tangible storyboard with all manner of avenues and tangents being explored within the theme. I find, personally, that Plaisance goes deeply into these concept releases and lives the context of the music vicariously. In Thunder In Paradise we're taken on a new coastal trip to once sun drenched islands that are now overcast and heavy with atmosphere. The humidity and steaminess of the surrounds is what is embedded in each track and the refreshing nature of the pieces ride a storm that awakens the senses deliriously.

'Diving Board' begins the seasonal changes as we dive in to waters warmed by the sun; only to resurface to a blanketed cloud. The clarity of the sounds is like crystal with rivulets of water streaming down melodic passages, an energy of anticipation looms and each refrain heightens the intensity. The use of space in this piece is exceptionally well orchestrated as the resonance of the instruments is so gleamingly clean and the subtlety of the changes and nuances never lose importance or direction.

The storm breaks overhead as thunder rolls in and seeking refuge where one can enjoy nature's spectacle in relative safely opens up the title track. Snapping percussion and a climbing melody escort us into the beachside abode where rain begins to hit the glass of the windows with melodic timing and the song of the storm is begun. The humidity rises higher as the saxophone's inherent sultriness brings a new kind of sensual anticipation into play.

The storm sets in 'Under The Gentle Rain' and Plaisance summons elemental synth forces into a musical storm of tropical sounds that then break out at full gallop into the monsoon. The melodies in this track absolutely wonderful, rising on gusts of wind, charged with electricity and dancing like cumulus stallions across the tropical skyline. Utterly entrancing and capturing the essence of the 80s in that classic Plaisance way.

A meeting of glances and a sideways look during the frolics of the storm make passions begin to rise as the barometer drops. Plaisance turns down the lights and dials up the funk with a bedroom anthem that sets off a passionate embrace against flashes of lightning on the horizon. Flashes of light highlight the wanton desires hidden beneath saturated clothing, 'Blinded By The Shine' of that smile that you know means something else is brewing, something sure to be just as explosive as the storm itself.

Gyrations of bodies begin a dance as timeless as the storm with them moving closer, into space where Italo Disco begins weaving its magical charms through the thunder and rain. 'Dusty Dancing' is the command with an irresistible bassline bringing two beings together with steel drums and melodies turning up the heat by the second. Closer and closer each new chapter of the piece ushers in new pleasures of touch and arousal with melodic fingers igniting with electric magic.

Plaisance keeps the lust in focus for the final piece of the EP, 'Sweaty Beauty'. The details of the sounds trace the curves of heavenly bodies in delicate lines, using the dampness of the skin as a conduit to realms of new pleasures. It all happens in slow motion, graceful and seductive, sax and synth working as one melody; fading out gently. The storm has passed,.. and we were having such a wonderful time we forgot it was even there.

Plaisance presents the Thunder In Paradise EP on his Bandcamp page here. This stop off on Plaisance's musical journey is definitely his most intimate yet with the music feeling as close as the atmosphere. He has made a delectably formed experience that is detailed yet succinct and through his musical magic has weaved an experience that exists for only a short period of time but leaves lasting memories. Memories that every crack of thunder punctuated with light, falling raindrops summons a smile and the remembrance of that torrid affair set against a background of another one nature's wonders. Synthetix.FM very, very highly recommends Plaisance's new EP and hopes that you too feel the heat and moisture of those tropical climes, when the clouds and passions burst to an equally enthralling soundtrack; courtesy of Plaisance.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Synthetix Sundays

It's your favourite time of the week once again with a bumper crop of freshly grown synth sustenance ready to sate your appetite as Marko serves up heaping helpings of rockin tunes and interviews in a new episode of Synthetix Sundays!

Interviews with the tasty pair of Ernest and Julie of Future Holotape talking about their fresh out of the oven new album as well as a full serve of scrumptious Plaisance right on the dinner bell ring for his brand new release that is full of only the tastiest 80s ingredients. If you think you're already going to be full you better make room for a big slice of Jordan F served up with whipped cream and cherry on top to talk about his forthcoming album, a sweet dessert we're all looking forward to.

Between main courses you can expect a tantalising aperitif from the always delicious Paul 'Dress2Kill' Daly and a richly rounded liqueur that is sure to keep your palette fresh in Quality Time With Shithouse. Delightful tidbits of flavoursome morsels complete the repast with exclusive tracks from Hide And Sequence, Beatbox Machinery, Blazestation and Jordan F!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Flashback Friday

Avenging Force (1986)

Happy Friday once again my fellow Retronauts!  This week I've chosen a film to honor the late Menahem Golan who passed away last Friday.  Golan was a co-owner of Cannon Films who were responsible for a plethora of 80's B-film gems including the Death Wish series starring Charles Bronson, The Delta Force starring Chuck Norris, and both Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.  Not only is this film action packed, and features a great synth score but it also stars the American Ninja himself.

1986's Avenging Force, directed by Sam Firstenberg stars Michael Dudikoff as Matt Hunter, a highly trained former secret service agent who resigned to take care of his sister Sara following the murder of their parents.  While visiting his African American friend Larry Richards, a candidate for U.S. senate, he learns Larry has been receiving death threats.  Larry and his family are later attacked during a Mardis Gras party in New Orleans and his son is killed.  Matt contacts his former boss and learns the group responsible are known as The Pentangle, a racist right-wing paramilitary group led by Elliot Glastenbury, who enjoy a game of "hunting" men and are seeking revenge on Larry for foiling their plans in the past.

Matt moves Larry and his family to a farmhouse along with his sister Sara but The Pentangle attack again, this time torching the house and gunning down Larry and his family.  The Pentangle leave Matt unconscious and kidnap Sara, forcing him to participate in the "Big Game."  With no other choice Matt travels the backwoods of the bayou in search of Sara, finally finding her at a whorehouse in the middle of nowhere.  As Matt and Sara make their escape through the swamps of the bayou the members of The Pentangle set out to hunt them down. But can they outsmart and outskill the real Hunter? You'll definitely want to watch this one to find out!

As for the score, it's just what you'd expect from a Cannon Film.  Fast paced, adrenaline inducing synths perfectly suited for the exquisite over-the-top action featured in the film.  For a great accommodating synthwave album, check out the soundtrack for the short film RAGE, which features stellar tracks from various well known producers within the scene and is inspired by 80's action films and 90's beat-em-up video games.  An absolute must listen for you synthaholics out there!

So if you're jonesin' for some Dudikoff and pure B-movie gold then look no further! Till next Friday rockers, have a fun and safe week!

Magnum Crockett

Thursday, August 14, 2014


VHS Dreams - The EP 
By Julian Hobson

With a detailed backstory and a sound to match it, VHS Dream’s first EP delivers a style of synth work similar to the likes of Flash Arnold, yet is as fully original as anything coming out of the scene. The melodies soar and bass lines pulse but it is the subtleties of the tracks that make it a unique and gratifying listen. The rustic saxophone line in suitably titled 'Sandino Nights', a track that eludes to the sleazy side of a city that never sleeps, blasts its way through the ambient synths and out of the shadows.

The EPs opener 'Miami’s Finest' is a similar experience combining a beautifully formed melody with a driving cowbell and tom heavy drum part but by the time “Bodywork” comes around the soundscapes have done a full three-sixty exhibiting a more MUSCLE like tone and feel. Workout vibes ooze out of this track aiding the sudden urge to jump out of one's seat and hit the gym. The final two tracks are a dreamy, nostalgic trip, fading the listener out to awaken from the impressive aural journey.

Hailing from Berlin, VHS Dreams is a producer on the rise. With fantastic production techniques and an eye for detail more tracks will surely find there way into the hands of listeners in no time. Available on Future 80s Records Bandcamp page be sure to add this superb EP to your collection.

Klipsy Panda - Miłość, Pokój, Klipsy, Panda

By Rick Shithouse

The more indie end of the 80s synth spectrum is one seldom explored on Synthetix.FM. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but maybe these just isn't a lot of this kind of music around. The sounds of the 80s that existed outside of the Top 40 pop charts and only occasionally brushed with any kind of mainstream fame is a bastion of hidden gems and quality experiences and this is exactly the brand of 80s inspired synth music Klipsy Panda rock hard.

The heavily native European synth pop sounds in equal parts of art and drama are brought back with a vengeance as Klipsy Panda's synth laden gems. I personally love that this EP is entirely performed in Polish vocally, not that I understand it, but the character it gives brings to mind many classic early 80s Euro synth music, and particularly for me the work Krzysztof Duda did with Jola Rados. The Klipsy Panda aesthetic of austere female vocals that demand your attention and an uncomplicated synrhscape is totally tantalising.

On Miłość, Pokój, Klipsy, Panda we're given six excursions through a range of synth styles that channel many early 80s synth acts and mixes them up into a vital sound that is fresh and daring. The sounds bring to mind darkened corners of 80s European clubs that once hosted cabaret and are now a mix of new romantics and and S&M devotees, all united under the synthesized sounds of a bleak modern existence.

The group know their sounds and arrangements and the songwriting is beautifully in sync with the really befitting vocals. The drama of 'Brudna Ziemia' with its haunting delivery and pulsating synths is intriguing and full of depth which is taken to dizzying heights in the poignancy 'Normalna Dziewczyna' (Normal Girl). Tempos are cranked with the follow up piece 'Disco Bóg' that brings high energy melodies and Missing Persons-esque vocal nuances that totally rock together into a rapid fire synth blast. Darker sensualities bow down to their master in 'Sexi Anoreksi' with the vocals channelling Diamanda Galas with their disturbing powers while the synths dirge ahead in complete nocturnal obeisance. The EP finishes with 'Love My Zero' which switches into english language and ramps up the funk exponentially and explores further darker synth worlds in a wonderfully sleaze driven piece of synth art.

This EP really brings a lot to the table in regards to the classic 80s sounds in a modern context and the native Polish vocals just add even more authenticity to the experience. I'm hoping to hear much more from Klipsy Panda in the future as much of the Eastern European synth work I normally hear ventures far more into EBM territories whereas this a direct inspiration from 80s sounds that keeps the pop sensibilities and melodies rockin as the focus, making for a wonderfully fresh experience.

The Rockets - Love Like Mine EP

By Rick Shithouse

The Rockets are certainly aptly named as rock is something this EP does on a seismic scale. This three track debut is short but oh so very sweet with a sound that continues where De La Cruz left off in the opening track while venturing forth into other 80s sounds. From the ChipTune driven diversions in 'Pause' The Rockets then get rockin some serious pop chops in the anthemic and heartfelt 'Love Like Mine'. The music is full of stirring emotional context with restrained elements shining brightly in front of a robust power pop chorus; and you've just gotta love the sax towards the back end that makes sure you know how serious this love is.

The real star of the release is the opening track 'Razors Edge Anthem' featuring Caleb. This gets down to dirty rockin action with cues from Motley Crue and Def Leppard lovingly layered into a fist pumping crescendo. The song would've benefited from a tad more exploration and structure, but what is here is very promising and I hope The Rockets continue on their 80s love affair earnestly

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LA Dreams Creates A Perfect World

By David S. Walker

I first stumbled across LA Dreams last year, on a late night cruise through related videos on YouTube, and heard 'Noir Dark City' for the first time. It was a turning point for me as a fan of the genre, and as a producer within it. LA Dreams gave me a schooling in atmosphere and ambience that i'll never forget, and now A Perfect World is here; 8 tracks of LA Dream's smoothest new tracks.

'Limousine and Stilettos' colours the opening of the album perfectly, as a taste of things to come and as a benchmark for each track that follows. The sounds are light, airy and dream-like, with special attention paid to creating a light-hearted and gentle sound. Drums punctuate rather than pump, and synth layers weave and work their way around each other without ever becoming cluttered. 'Camaro Fever' ups the pace of the album with a head-bopping coastal run. Again, it's light on the ears and an actual pleasure to experience.

LA Dreams slows it down with 'Moon Over Tokyo', introducing some playful calypso and oriental textures. 'FunLove' departs from the synthwave staple, and brings us more toward contemporary dance, with the drums a little fatter and the bass pumping through with serious attitude. 'The World Looks Perfect' follows up and is a sure-fire single in its own right and 'Full Time Lover' doesn't let the pace drop with its catchy hooks and crisp beats. As we've come to expect from LA Dreams, the production is fantastically clear and every minor detail is there for us to hear.

A Perfect World draws to a close with 'Club Disco,' leaving us with the perfect blend of gentle grooves and memorable hooks. LA Dreams is pushing through the synthwave genre, on his way to the top to share the limelight with the heavyweights. For those just getting into the retro scene, 'A Perfect World' is a sightseeing tour through how it should be done at its best, and for long-time fans, LA Dreams reminds us what made us fall in love with it in the first place.

LA Dreams presents his A Perfect World album on his Bandcamp page here. This record comes very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM, the perfect soundtrack to end the summer with.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Synthetix Sundays

Get ready for a summer blockbuster of gargantuan proportions as Synthetix Sundays returns with a cast of stars and soundtrack for the ages with Synthetix Sundays Super Special Volume II! Five full hours of glittering sounds and scintillating interviews await your delectation as Marko Maric brings out the heavy artillery in interviews with Android Automatic, VHS Glitch, Betamaxx and scene legend Michael Rosso Corsa/Miami Nights 1984/ActRazer Glover!!

If this wasn't entertainment enough the supporting cast of Paul Dress2Kill Daly and Quality Time With Shithouse add even more explosive action to your screens while EXCLUSIVE tracks from Droid Sector featuring Jazzi Marzcat and Final DJs join an ensemble array of rockin tunes that'll keep you on the edge of your seat for the duration!

This impossible to miss spectacular is airing LIVE on Radio Pure Gently at this time wherever you are on planet Earth.

If you can't tune in live, the show will be available for streaming available for download on Monday, so be sure to check back here to grab your five hours of Synthetix Super Sundays to take you on that 80s synth thrill ride all week long!

Quality Time With Shithouse free and purchasable tracks:

Friday, August 8, 2014

Flashback Friday

Beat Street (1984)

Happy Friday Retroholics!  It's time to resurrect another flick from our favorite decade.  This weeks pick gives a glimpse of New York City's 80's hip-hop culture; featuring plenty of impressive break-dancing, a phenomenal soundtrack and of course, graffiti art.

1984's Beat Street, directed by Stan Lathan, takes place in the South Bronx.  Kenny "Double K" Kirkland (Guy Davis) is an aspiring hip-hop DJ trying to make a name for himself in the New York City night club scene with help from his friend and promoter, Chollie.  His younger brother Lee, is a B-Boy with the Beat Street Breakers and his best friend is Ramon, a graffiti artist looking to spray his tag on every subway car throughout the city.  Tracy Carlson, a college music student and composer, invites Lee to audition for a dance television show.  Lee, Kenny and the crew arrive at a dance rehearsal where Lee performs on camera for a spot on the show only to be told he will not be on television in which Kenny defends his brothers interests by scolding Tracy for getting Lee's hopes up.  Tracy later visits Kenny and Lee to apologize bu only Kenny is home.  Soon the two connect over Kenny's mixing skills.  Kenny gets a gig spinning at Burning Spear, a club ran by DJ Kool Herc and uses the opportunity as a stepping stone to get a future gig at the Roxy on New Year's Eve.

Ramon is being pressured by both his father, who hates graffiti art and wants him to get an honest job; and his girlfriend, the mother of his son, who wants them to get a place together and be a family.  He soon gets a job at a hardware store and with the help from Kenny and the crew, he fixes up an abandoned apartment for her and the baby to come live with him.  Still craving the desire to spray his graffiti art on every subway car in the city, Ramon targets an all white car in which he and Kenny paint once side of.  After moving to paint the opposite side Ramon hears noises and spots a rogue graffiti artist known as Spit defacing the side of the car they just finished by tagging his name over it.  Ramon chases down Spit and the two begin fighting on the subway tracks.  Spit sprays paint in Ramon's eyes before the two roll onto an electrified rail, killing them both.

Now mourning the loss of his friend, Kenny considers not performing at the Roxy's New Year's Eve show but with the support from Tracy he decides to turn his biggest gig into a celebration of his best friends life.  It's an emotionally rockin' finale to the film, ending with Kenny performing part of "Beat Street Breakdown" with images of Ramon flanking the screens to each side and is joined by Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious Five to finish out the track.  A gospel choir backed by break-dancers finish out the film.

As I've said, the music is stellar. With performances by well known 80's hip-hop artists such as, Doug E. Fresh, Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force, The Treacherous Three, Kool Moe Dee, Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious Five, and Tina B, this film is packed full of great jams for you to enjoy.  Along with great music in the film, there was some great break-dancing battles from the infamous New York City Breakers and the Rock Steady Crew, some of the most well known breakers of the 80's.

A perfect synthwave accommodation to this film has to be the Synthetix.FM Stereo Sonic Electro Rockin' Mixtape 2014, mixed by Rick Shithouse himself for this year's International Boombox Day.  It features 23 tracks from some of the best producers in the synthwave scene, and it's free to download so you should totally treat your ear holes to these awesome sounds!

So, if you want to scratch that break-dancing itch then suit up in your best adidas track suit, lace up your Nike Air Force high-tops and enjoy this rockin' film. Until next week my fellow rockers, have fun and be safe!

-Magnum Crockett

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Evanton Are Highway Lovers

By Jazzi Marzcat

Evanton is a duo from Athens, Greece that has been on the synthwave scene for some time now.  Formed by Evangelos Zacharopoulos, and Anton Manetas (notice how they cleverly combine their fist names to form their group name!), who are both producers in electronic music, and each bring their own expertise to the group's creations, mixing up Italo disco and funky beats.  As Evan told me: ". . . (the songs) reflect our constant love for 80s electronic/italio/p-funk and the classic italio disco sound!"

 I first discovered Evanton several months ago with their songs 'Living in the 80s', and 'Beverly Hills Pop', and after falling in love with their dreamy synth melodies, and funky dance beats, I always looked forward to their releases.  Highway Lovers is the ninth album to be released by Evanton, quite a feat  not only in quantity of music, but also does not fail in quality.  Listening to this album, I felt that there was a concept behind it.  Being influenced by the album's title, and it's cover showing the blurred lines of headlights, and tail lights, I felt that it must be about tales from, and of the road.  I asked Evan about this, and he replied, "Like all our previous albums, Highway Lovers is more a collection of tunes released before as singles/EPs or simply uploaded on our Soundcloud than a concept album. However most of the tracks included represent our aspect of the outrun genre and we think they really fit with the title and the aesthetic of the album."  Although I still couldn't get the road out of my mind, I started my journey on a synthwave road trip.

The title track 'Highway Lovers' begins this journey.  Like a love affair for adventure, the song starts with a thumping bass drum, and a delicate melody teasingly enticing you to come join it for a ride.  As soon as you get in, a road traveling rhythmic bass keeps a luscious italio disco beat.  A synth melody flashes along with a spacey guitar lead, like passing lights on night time drive.  Three minutes into the song, the bass drops out, and a light percussion with the melody soar to immortalize a drift in that moment of time. The bass, beat and melody all return with much more vigor, and  carries you to the end of your ride, only to leave you craving for another spin!  A very catchy and delightful tune to remember a drive through the night with!

'Jet Set Punks' takes on a more serious tone.  A fat bass shows who's boss and takes control, while a snare drum keeps the beat, much like a defiant punk. An outrun melody gives the song a certain degree of intensity.  I really liked how a spacey synth guitar leads through the song, with echoing moments that take your aspirations high.  A commanding song indeed! Can't help but walk with attitude with this song!

Rev those engines on your Teterrossa!  The third song, 'Rockers Lane', goes into full OutRun racing mode!  Maintaining the fat bass from the previous song, it is much more faster now.  So fast, it sounds like the notes are literally colliding into each other!  Besides the beat pumping the intensity level into heart stopping gear, a harsh synth chord hits in, and keeps you alert and awake!  Before looking at the video for this on YouTube, (which Evanton has it's own channel and features a number of videos for their songs here), I couldn't help but think of cars racing through the empty streets of the city at night.  Sure enough, the video shows a heart stopping chase scene from Miami Vice. You can catch that video here). Every now and then there is a cool ping, like that from video games, which gave me a smile through all this intensity.  I really loved the increased tempo for the outro, ending with dueling spacey guitar duets.  A really exciting song, sure to keep you on your feet!

After that adventure, it's time to chill, and what a better way to chill than to hang out with a group of break dancers! Pull out your boomboxes, and pieces of flattened cardboard.  We're being introduced to the 'Beat Freaks', as the robotic voices call out in the intro of this song by the same name.  Synths swirl, and a funky bass keeps the grooviness going.  Unique percussions sound like garbage can lids clashing, adding more to the sense of being out on the city streets!  The percussion is also very reminiscent of Art of Noise's song 'Close (To the Edit)'.  There's also a chord strike at the 2 minute mark that I'd say is not exactly similar to New Order's sound, found in it's song 'Bizarre Love Triangle', but it's enough to give this fangirl of 80s new wave a thrill!  It's probably no surprise that these bands could have influenced the song, and more of Evanton's music, as they does gives thanks to these two bands, and more, on their Bandcamp page. I also loved the variety of synths used to build up the melody, much like a kaleidoscope; bringing out lots of color to the song.  Much like the breakdancers spinning on their mats in colorful 80s fashions.  There's an awesome remix of this song that Evanton offers as a free download here on soundcloud.  I have to say, that 'Beat Freaks' is easily my favourite on the album.

'Taking Me Higher' continues the funkiness!  Slowed down this time, this song has more flashy, thumping bass.  The breakdancers have picked up their boomboxes and are headed uptown. Taking it easy with this synth melody, we're sauntering uptown, to see all the glitz and glam.  Robotic voices echo through out the song, giving it quite the surreal feel.  Even the melody's synth elements have a magical feel to them, and has just a hint of a slowed down version of the melody of Daft Punk's 'Around the World'.  A sparkly kind of song, but with a beat that exudes confidence. Lots of fun!

During these travels, true love is found, and it's decided that the only choice is to run away together.  The tempo shoots way up, and chase is underway for the track 'Young Hearts Theme'.  Fast snare drums keep beat as a fast light bass carries through the playful melody.  At an OutRun track's pace, it brings up images of young lovers, trying to run away to be free of whatever obstacles are trying to get in the way of their desire to be together.  Evanton even has a video for the song with a pic of a nice red Testarossa.  (Hey if you're going to runaway, you might as well do it in style!) A rather short, but very light and airy, feel good track.  May those young lovers who believe nothing will get in the way of their happiness have their day in the sun.

And out into the sun we go.  'Mediterraneo' slows down the pace again, this time into a more softer tone.  I felt this song was a bit of a departure from the rest of the album, as it seems to take a break from the road.  A sweet gentle melody gets the song started, followed by a seductively thumping bass, bringing it into a gorgeous italio disco beat.  A nice break in the middle of the song really showcases the melody, much like the sun glistening on the Mediterranean Sea.  A song to remind you that it's good to take a break every now and then from the race of life, and just soak in the beauty of the world around you.  A very pleasing, and relaxing track!

Closing out this journey, the beat jumps back up, for 'Hot Summer Nights'.  Starting off kind of spacey, with sparkly synths and pretty arpeggios, the bass comes in, and keeps a unique beat that slides between Italo disco and hip hop.  Right there this song is promising a lot of variety, not unlike how many summer nights usually do.  The centre break of the song really takes advantages of this, pulling back on the bass, but then a roar is heard, much like a car racing by, (or a ship launching?), followed by more sparkly, alien like synths.  Can't help but think, even though our journey on the road has come to an end, a new, perhaps extraterrestrial journey has now begun!  Well, even if you don't come away with the thought, it's still a fun song indeed.

Evanton present Highway Lovers on Bandcamp, iTunes, and now Amazon. It's a very enjoyable album, and offers a lot to stay on the dance floor, whether you're going to whip it out Italo disco style, make a spin on the street, or break it down doing the robot.  It also goes without saying that it's a great album to bring on the road, and take a drive with.  The songs pack a lot of attitude, and with the influences of 80s beats, and alluring synth melodies, Evanton's music an exceptional example of all there is to love of synthwave music. A very, very highly recommended album from Synthetix.FM!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

By Kasia

Tuesday, 15th April, 2014

Powercut - Nostalgia

My beloved 80's 
How I miss it 
Everything was so colourful, beautiful and full of energy 
Unforgettable music, cool clothes, great movies 
Fascinating games and... even more fascinating boys :)
I wish I could bring back the time 
So called magic... 
I wish the 80's had stuck around
I wish I could revive its spirit 
Thinking back to those days really puts a smile on my face 
Being a Child Of The 80s 
Is to be a part of The Best Generation Ever 
I would give up a lot just to have my 80's back...
I'm very upset that this generation is simply going down 
But I am also glad that you are here 
And keep reminding me how great life can be 
Even though the 80s may be lost
It will never be forgotten!
And no matter what I will always be a kid of the 80's!

Thursday, 28th February, 2013

Carousel - Into The Night

Just look in my eyes
You'll be alright..
We can just drive 
How many times you wanted to do this? 
Just to take your car and drive ahead without a destination
Leaving everything behind you... 
For a short while forget about the world around you 
No worries, 
No plans, 
No expectations, 
No pressure... 
Just you, your car, your music 
And unlimited possibilities of learning about the world 
Soak up every second of carefree life 
To take a deep breath
Close your eyes and really feel free
I often think about it 
And I know that now is the best time to do that 
I'm right by your side
We'll be all right...
We can just drive

Friday, 3rd January, 2014

iamManolis - Stealing The Night

I wish i could steal the night.. 

The night is such an amazing time
Same world, same place, same people but everything looks better 
And feelings seem to be deeper 
Music speaks to me in a completely different way 
I hear the same sounds but they mean something else
Everything changes as the night falls 
I could stare at the night sky 
And listen to the sounds of the night forever
I am wondering if you would be the same 
If you were here with me?
If I was the owner of the night
I would make it never ending
So I could get the answer when you finally appear

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Take A Trip To Canis Major With Hypercan

By Andrew B. White

After a couple of recent EPs – Van Der Ground (late 2013) and Classic Collection (early 2014), France's Hypercan deliver their first full length album Canis Major. Hypercan also contributed the excellent 'Cocojuice Airlines' track to the recent Retro Promenade compilation "Gonzo Golden Globes".

I have only been able to find very little about information about Hypercan. They are possibly a duo or trio, two of the members mysteriously named 'Dog Dynamite' and 'Blondie Braun' with publicity photos showing them dressed in dog gimp masks. Maybe it's the 'French way' to stay anonymous and wear helmets to conceal one's faces to the world, which in turns adds to the mystery of the music.

Hypercan describe their music as "synth-wave, disco chip 80' 90' 00'" an that would be entirely accurate. Canis Major is a collection of chiptune-influenced, instrumental synth tracks, with nods to the 80s, 90s and 00s. A little Italo, even verging on funk and Euro pop at times. What Hypercan manage to pull-off is a kind of hybrid sound that seamlessly incorporates several styles into cohesive tracks. If you like chiptune music but can only deal with it in small doses then Hypercan might just have struck the perfect balance for you.

A majority of Canis Major is uptempo and quite frantic without being schizophrenic. The first four tracks on the album roll along at an intense pace, in keeping with the gaming vibe. Of course it may sound a little cliché to mention these songs would be perfect for a variety of game levels but that is certainly the case here. Track four 'Exoticat' brings the pace back a little and has a great lead synth hook which gives it more of a regular 'pop song' feel. This then leads into the excellent 'Hood Party' - a mix of Italo/Euro club with some pretty, FM bell-type synths and clever rhythmic parts, combining a 4/4 beat with some tricky overlapping off-beats. This track is a lot of fun and certainly encourages you to go look for some sunshine and a straight stretch of road.

Midway through the album the short arcade textured interlude 'Artorius' brings us to a slightly darker universe with 'Disturbo' - a great play on words as a song title (Disturbing turbo maybe?). 'Say Engine' ups the pace and the song's title seems to come from the voice samples that are manipulated to sound a little like heavy metal hammer-on guitar riffs. 'Night Patrol' features a meaty, widescreen synth bass line that pushes the song along and gets the low end moving. 'Five Birds' is Canis Major's 'romantic interlude' moment with minimal 808 style drums and its soothing, gentle synths.

Lucky you just got that moment of tranquility as things rev-up again; 'It's Me', 'Glitched Newborn, 'Tanget' and the fantastically named 'Spaceship Laundry' increase the BPMs through to the closing track, the aptly named 'Drive Away'.  This track proves that the last song on an album doesn't have to be 'filler' – this is a perfect close-out track that builds and keeps you locked-in until the very end.

Personally, 'Spaceship Laundry' is probably one of my favourite tracks on  Canis Major with its chunky bass line and Harold Faltemeyer vibe. Although the album has 15 tracks many of them are under three minutes in duration, with the longest clocking in at 4:32. The result of this means none of the music suffers from being drawn-out, keeps you interested and never feels like things are dragging-on. The album's production is excellent and the way Hypercan arrange their music, their choice of sounds and clever little 'ear candy' moments gives everything a special edge. I would thinks fans of Arcade High's less poppy moments would enjoy this album, especially those looking for something along the same vibe, but possibly a little darker.

Hypercan present the Canis Major album on their Bandcamp page here and this album comes very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM. Also. this record is certainly an album to be enjoyed on headphones so grab those FLAC files and embark an a new adventure courtesy of Hypercan.