Saturday, October 31, 2015

Synthetix Sundays

This Episode of Synthetix Sundays has been unavoidably delayed until Sunday, November 8th. Many apologies.

The Halloween love just keeps on rockin on Synthetix Sundays on Radio Pure Gently!

This week Marko will be interviewing DJ Spaz about the return of the awesome Synthwave show Outscape on November the 7th and also I will have an in depth chat with Nigel Silva aka The Encounter about his music and also his awesome up and coming horror movie project 'Within'.

Marko will be premiering three awesome exclusive tracks from Quantum and two from The Encounter!

Regular segments from Paul Dress2Kill Daly, Dallas' Synthetix Spotlight and Quality Time With Shithouse will focus on his favourite tracks from this years gargantuan Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape.

There'll be tonnes of giveaways and the finest dark and horror themed 80s inspired synth music on the planet!

Tune in to Synthetix Sundays LIVE on Radio Pure Gently here, at 10pm Perth, Australia time. Please click here to find out when this is in your part of the world. As always the fully downloadable show will be posted here on Monday.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The 3rd Annual Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape

The 3rd Annual Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape has arrived! This year's mixtape honour's the recently departed Wes Craven and his classic horror experience The Hills Have Eyes. Make this the ultimate soundtrack to your most terrifying Halloween over nearly five hours and 68 tracks!!!

Many, many thanks to all the producers who submitted their tracks, it's a true testament to the scene and just how rockin we are in 2015.


1, Horrific Scene - Sebastian Gampl
2, Neon Cruiser - Sub Morphine
3, Weird Promise - Tanimura Midnight
4, As The Bodies Pile - Jon Of The Shred
5, Bloodmoon - Expender
6, The Shape - Syntax
7, Dieselgate - Vincenzo Salvia
8, Flat/Line - Confrontational
9, Il Sapore - G
10, Suicide You And I - Glass Apple Bonzai
11, Judge Death - Rogue Six
12, Hour Of The Wolf - Oscillian
13, Kurgan’s Theme - The TCR
14, Burial Island - Lair Cundalini
15, The Victim Machine - Maniac Lover
16, Mind Control - Nitelight
17, Re-Animated - Mythical Vigilante
18, Blood and Diesel - Neon Overdrive
19, The Hunger - Neon Shudder
20, Obscured By Memories - 20SIX Hundred
21, Outrun The Dead - Ravenh0lm
22, Vendigo - Powernerd
23, Prowler - Vectorwolf
24, Responder - Bad Ass Wolf Shirt
25, Shattered Mirrors - The Ghost Mall
26, The Sound Of Depression - Shio-Z
27, Il Demonio - Shklovsky & Pale Blue Dot
28, Slasher Flick - David Good
29, Slayers - Cosmo Cocktail
30, Sonaht - Fixions
31, Stay Hidden - woob
32, Terminal - DreamReaper
33, The Owls Are Not What They Seem - Ozimov
34, Bad Dreams - TSTR
35, Thread - Strike Force 88
36. Lunar Power - Cryocon
37, What Lies Below - Profondo Delle Tenebre
38, Ravage - Dedderz
39, A Night To Remember - Shock Stalker
40, Abduction - Void Breaker
41, Sounds Of The Saw - Aquawave
42, Beasts Of Ocean Drive - Blac Eagl
43, Harvester - Dimi Kaye
44, Broken Souls - SugarMouse
45, DMN - Sekret Teknik
46, Drifter - Astral Stereo Project
47, Demons Inside My Mind - Damokles
48, Hello Synthboy! - The Neon Droid
49, Jason’s Woods - Glitch Black
50, Clownhouse - John Sparxx
51, Rise Of The Roller Zombies - Lt Bolo
52, Locked Doors - Mr Eff
53, Masked Death - Volkor X
54, Mealy Monsters - Zerbinator
55, Miss Halloween - Ancient Order Of The Droids Of Ambidextroux
56, Nineteen Seventeen - Cadre Crimson
57, Followed - OGRE and Dallas Campbell
58, Symphony Of Purgatory - Powder Slut
59, Resist Mind Control - Skript
60, She Is Death - Odd Color
61, His Master’s Voice - Takahashi Jones
62, Haematic Halloween - Tape Loader
63, The Nightmare - Terrorvizion
64, The Bullet Farm - Unknown
65, The Dead Will Walk The Earth - Fake Stereo
66, Two Hours Til Dawn - Super Science
67, Halloween - Who Ha
68, Grave Danger Wolf & Raven

Full size artwork available here

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Synthetix Sundays

Get yourself ready to rock the greatest online radio show with Synthetix Sundays on Radio Pure Gently!

This week Marko will be interviewing Neon Vandal, Absinth3 and an extra in depth interview with scene legend Alessandro Strickner. The music producer known as A Space Love Adventure and graphic artist extraordinaire Overglow as well co owner of Sunlover Records and founder of the hugely populer Facebook group Retrographix. This is sure to be a spectacular insight into this wonderful gentleman's background and creativity.

Regular segments Quality time with Shithouse, Synthetix Spotlight and Paul 'Dress-2-Kill' Daly will be rockin the scene too and Marko has a whole mess of download coades to give away throughout the show.

Tune in to Synthetix Sundays LIVE on Radio Pure Gently here, at 10pm Perth, Australia time. Please click here to find out when this is in your part of the world. As always the fully downloadable show will be posted here on Monday along with the featured tracks from Quality Time With Shithouse.

Quality Time With Shithouse feature tracks:

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Synthetix Sundays

Get ready for another massive edition of Synthetix Sundays on Radio Pure Gently!

This week Marko interviews Dimi Kaye and London Lazers!

He will have 10 download codes for Dimi Kaye's awesome Dream Sequencer album to give away during his interview and will also be premiering two stunning songs from London Lazers which will be on his album out for release this Thursday the 15th of October. PLUS there'll be 10 download codes for that album to give away too!

Synthetix Spotlight, Paul Dress2Kill Daly, and Quality Time With Shithouse are all lined up for your listening pleasure along with all the hottest tracks your body can rock!

Tune in to Synthetix Sundays LIVE on Radio Pure Gently here, at 10pm Perth, Australia time. Please click here to find out when this is in your part of the world. As always the fully downloadable show will be posted here on Monday along with the featured tracks from Quality Time With Shithouse.

Quality Time With Shithouse feature tracks:

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

LA Dreams' Paper Objects

By Rick Shithouse

I still feel guilty for not giving the review that LA Dreams' last record, On And On, deserved on Synthetix.FM. It came out at an odd time for me personally to give my undivided attention to and will hopefully remain the only LA Dreams realease not covered on here. It's not that the album was any less valid, relevant and entertaining than any others, it was just some poor timing on my behalf.

And true to form, another LA Dreams record has arrived right on schedule. I've been enjoying Paper Objects on repeat pretty much since it hit Bandcamp this afternoon and have had ample opportunity to drink in its delights and revel in its glories. One of the grounding aspects for me is my personal relationship with LA Dreams' music on an emotional level. His music is truly magical when it aligns to my own personal state of being. This happens more often than not; but on this record especially the depth of emotional attachment I've felt throughout has been incredibly strong. Sometimes things just sit 'right' and that familiarity feels all brand new again and with Paper Objects, LA Dreams has once more upped his game and taken on new challenges for the sake of his art.

With the announcement of the album's release LA Dreams also stated this was his first all hardware album. I read this after listening to the record a few times already and I had already noticed something different about the presentation of the music. I'm no audio engineer,  I don't even qualify as someone who has tinkered with synths; be they hardware or software but there is something I definitely noticed as being different to the usual LA Dreams synthscape. This could all be psychosomatic and reading far too much into things I don't understand but there is an elegance to this album that is a cut above what I previously experienced in LA Dreams' music. The soul of the 80s and the true creative gift this artist instills in his music just comes through smoother, cleaner and more natural. This could be completely unrelated to using hardware exclusively on the record and it may just be his natural progression along his musical journey but the increased intimacy and smoothness to the presentation is undeniable.

LA Dreams' is a complete maestro for that quintessential 80s melody that I personally adore and feel deeply when I hear it. The way that LA Dreams has evolved his writing in this respect is defined even more in Paper Objects. Melodies and leads feel more balanced in the mix, they never get lost or seem like they fighting to be heard amongst the other instruments and the percussion appears to have been distilled into much more simplistic patterns, that when coupled with the melodies become live and effortless and wholly complementary.

I've been saying for nearly years now that I listen to LA Dreams differently than I do to almost any other producer. The way his ideas are put together to me make absolute sense and over the course of his many albums I've witnessed the growth and nurturing he gives to his musical inspirations. Ideas hinted at from albums months ago resurfaced with more defined reason and forms. The melodies gain more lither shapes and curves that flow even more naturally. The soul of LA Dreams music is what drives each track and each compartmentalised idea becomes a snapshot of the man himself in that moment in time translated into music.

The album itself is full of melodic poems, energetic excitement and heartfelt emotion. In many of the classic Synth Romance pieces by LA Dreams you can feel the magic touching you, like a bolt of nostalgic electricity. These types of tracks, especially, appear to move through spaces with lighter weight yet have even more presence. The experimentation with certain sounds in these heavily stripped back affairs gives even more intrigue and detail, but they are never cluttered and in many ways deliver slower and deeper hooks. 'Makes Me Think Of You' and 'Frome Here To There' are shining examples of this as LA Dreams rocks to a pace that is transfixing and beautifully formulated.

Higher energy experiences abound too and a couple of tracks that really stood out for me on this record belonged to this aesthetic. In 'LoveShy' LA Dreams rocks a wonderful vocal over funky and dramatic musical majesty. I was only saying on a recent Synthetix Sundays that this kind of vocal is so underutilised in the scene, LA Dreams displays to perfection just how little touches can add so very, very much. The opening track 'Strange Skies' makes for a fast paced adventure into 80s musical excitement too while 'Paper Cities' combines soulfully enriching melodies with a highly excitable beat that just swells with romantic anticipation.

LA Dreams keeps on exploring funkier sides to his sounds too, which I'm an ardent fan of, and 'Nights Like This' brings a totally killer mix of funk and synth soul. This style in particular holds many new and exciting avenues in the LA Dreams experience and gives him another synthscape for him to paint his wonderful stories on.

When it gets down to it, this is a fantastic album. If you love LA Dreams you'll find lots to love on Paper Objects. The intrinsic mix of old and new and that familiar atmosphere LA Dreams creates is always so invigorating to experience. LA Dreams has always been 'music for lovers' to me and the fantasy and captivating romance that flows so prominently and effortlessly through this record will awaken your heart and passions once again.

I've been musing on the title of the album for much of the day and it finally came to my own realisation as to why this title was chosen. Many things near and dear to us are exactly this, notes from loved ones, greeting card, photographs, tickets to places and events experienced, paper objects that we keep with us and hold as connections to people, places and times. In the context of this record those paper objects from the 80s are some of our most personally valued. Well chosen, LA Dreams, well chosen words indeed.

Thank you, LA Dreams for giving the world an unbreakable emotional link to the wonder of 80s synth music. LA Dreams presents his Paper Objects album on his Bandcamp page here, and this album comes very, very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The NEW Synthetix.FM Mixtape Is Ready To Rock!

The brand new Synthetix.FM Mixtape is here to rock you into oblivion with the hottest tracks from the 80s inspired synth scene! This month's mixtape features an EXCLUSIVE Synthetix.FM Extended Mix of Damokles' incredible Quantum Flux track! This is a superb mix done in the traditional 80s style and you'll only hear it here!


1, Dance Alone - Questarossa
2, Without You - Sebastian Gampl
3, Obsessing Much - TEK/Pengus Featuring Matt Kwid
4, Candy At Plain Sight - Bourgeoisie
5, Home - Dream Fiend Featuring Matt Kwid
6. Lost With You - First Impressions with The Ghost Mall
7, One Step Away - Magic Dance
8, Cracking Skulls - Occams Laser
9, Meteor Wave - Skript
10, Metatron - Worship
11, Quantum Flux (Synthetix.FM Extended Mix) - Damokles
12, Computer Age - Aquawave
13, Mesmerised - Jordan F featuring Dana Jean Phoenix
14, #Beautifaux - Kid Bougie
15, Body Heat - Robots With Rayguns
16, Don't Stop - McKlain
17, Darth Spader - The TCR
18, Rerecord Not Fade Away - Kenji Run
19, Love Painting - Bart Graft
20, Night Riders - Meteor
21, No Surrender - Corné
22, Transport Beauty - TEK/Phaserland

Coming up in October Synthetix.FM is proud to present the third annual Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape!!

I'm accepting of any track from the last 12 months that is from the darker ends of the synthwave spectrum. This could be Dark Synth, Slash Electro, Giallo Disco, Horror Soundtrack Synth, whatever takes you fancy, however it has to be an original work, no remixes or covers will be accepted. I won't be having a cut-off point, numbers wise, so whatever gets sent in that meets the criteria is going in. Tracks do not need to be exclusive or created solely for the mixtape, but it is encouraged create something in the Halloween Holiday spirit if you have the time and resources.

Submissions will close on Tuesday the 27th of October.

If you'd like to submit a track please email me or via the contact form onwww.Synthetix.FM (you can't attach files on the contact form though) with 'Halloween Mixtape' as the subject.

(Please don’t send me a an EP/Album/selection of tracks and ask me to decide, this is up to you)