Saturday, August 31, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's time to rock your weekend with a brand new Weekend Update full of sumptuous synth temptations and intimate promises of dreams yet to be realised.

Let's get rockin with the killer new tune from Gina Calabrese. Moods are kept subdued and passions restrained in this slow motion synthscape. This track combines an excellent ambient quality in the melodies with crisply punctuated percussion making for a hypnotising contrast that haunts as much as it grooves.

New Arcades have just recently shared a rockin new instrumental track titled 'Reflections'. This harkens back to very 2010 sounding experience with those glorious 80s synth passages melded with modern drums. The melodies are uplifting and the modern elements give even more vibrance to the the experience. This track is currently available for FREE through the link in the player.

Pacific Deep are an duo kicking some major arse with their 80s synth pop sounds. Made up of NZ producer Raymond Hayter and Carl Grace (Some Desperate Glory) these rockers have just released 'Take Me Away' is a dreamy reflection on better times and a yearning to relive them. The song is written and arranged to pop perfection and the chorus will be in your mind and imagination long after the song finishes.

Sunglasses Kid is definitely proving himself as one of the hardest working talents in the 80s inspired synth scene. He is currently working with a tonne of musicians and vocalist from all over the planet in his quest to create his ultimate vision of 80s synth pop. With his latest collaboration with Dana Jean Phoenix we find Sunglasses Kid really rockin hard and presenting a neon rainbow pastiche of 80s elements presented in a bright and positive manner that totally kills. This song is currently available for FREE download and be sure to check out the preview for his upcoming EP release here too. This is going to be great!

Time for some new Evanton! These rockers keep on pumping out their own vision of golden electro italo and 'Theme From The Gold Digger' finds them taking their style into new colours and visions. The classic Evanton bassline is as rockin as ever and the new synth layers elevate the experience to all new levels of radness. A great build and a stellar final act complete this track beautifully.

Foreign Blade is taking a trip into the realms of sweet italo synth with his latest track 'Disco Robot'. The beautifully realised narrative in this track is superb as the music tells its story and weaves a magic robotic spell over the listener. This track's pace is slightly slower than what I would've imagined but it works perfectly with the poignant synth melodies. Grab this FREE download while you can!

Taking a trip into more atmospheric realms of synth entertainment we have the new epic track from Jugement Dernier entitled 'Risky Business'. Over nearly seven and a half minutes of beautifully ambiant  and eloquently detailled synth magic is presented and explored with an overriding narrative that holds everything together. This is one of the first of Jugement Dernier's experiments in the fields of 80s inspired synth and I hope there are many more to come. Be sure to get this track for FREE download while you can.

A new rocker to Synthetix.FM is Cobra Copter and I'm very proud to share is totally kick arse new track 'Chrome City'. This piece walks many 80s themed lines and ties them together with a massively infectious lead melody. The minimalist presentation allows for a very intimate experience and keeps the space it occupies clean and crisp in the cool night air. Many thanks to Halyein for enlightening me to this rockin producer.

There's something about heavily contrasting elements that I love about 80s synth music (and 80s design/clothing/everything for that matter). RF Extreme has totally nailed this in his latest track '12 Cylinder'. Behind gossamer-like, wistfully arranged synth melodies there is pumping and brash rhythm section allowing for a divergent contrast in synthscapes that still exist in perfect symbiosis. The end result is truly magical.

Rutger Megahertz has a new gem of authentic italo gold on offer this week with his hot new track 'Celestial'. Combining just a smidgen of 70s disco with colourful and vibrant italo synth has made for a super charged experience that is as authentic as it is fresh. The lead melody is so authentic it could almost be a direct Koto sample. Marvellous! And also currently available for FREE download!

I'd have to say that the combination of Denovomutans and Dana Jean Phoenix on paper had me scratching my head but once 'Omni Lethal Weapon' began I realised this is collaboration is true stroke of genius. Combining Dana's 80s pop vocal sensibilities with Denovomutans twisted visions of a neo apocalyptic synthscapes has resulted in a dramatic song that would be at home in the introduction or montage sequence of any 80s dark sci fi home video release. Totally rockin from beginning to end.

Magic Sword had been a tad quiet of late. With nine months between slashes I'd actually wondered if they were still kicking but thankfully they are, and they're back now kicking harder than ever! 'Sword of Truth' marks the triumphant return of Magic Sword with dramatic and powerfully introductory passages leading into a point of purely triumphant exhilaration. I hope these rockers are back for good now and will be producing and sharing more gems like this with us soon.

NFD Music came in swinging hard with a superbly written exploration of sweet synth romance this week with the track 'She's My Dream'. Melodies are sugary and bright with luminescent melodies going into crush overload as the music builds to final electrified kiss. Currently available for FREE download, so make sure this is the soundtrack to your weekend romances.

Electric Dissection keeps on upping his game with each new track and 'Surreal' finds this composer exploring the unreal and fantastical sides of his creativity. Music is minimalist in presentation but the melodies and arrangements are full of epic chord progressions and imaginative details. A flight of fancy into the dreams and possibilities of our subconscious minds.

One of the most creative and intriguing producers I know is Amazing Police. Throughout 2013 this artist has made some of the most groundbreaking and individualised synth experiences. His music is full of magical combinations of sounds and arrangements that I've never heard before and in his track 'Exotic Information' he's done it yet again. The structure of this piece makes me hold my breath in anticipation and each passage adds even more intriguing elements. I can't get enough of this track, it's absolutely k-rad to the max.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I hope you've enjoyed this cream of the crop from the 80s inspired synth scene as much as I have and I look forward to experiencing more with you next week.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Best Of LA Dreams

Although it might not be that obvious from my posts on here, I'm a massive LA Dreams devotee. For the last year this producer has made some of the finest 80s inspired synth music I'm yet to hear but alas the sheer volume of his music that has been released has meant I haven't been able to dedicate individual reviews for every EP and LP but instead tried to pick and choose.

With his latest release, LA Dreams has done all the picking and choosing for us as his first, of many I hope, Best Of's has just been released and this brings LA Dreams experience into a tight, sharp focus. He has taken the choicest cuts from his myriad of releases and packaged them into a juggernaut of 80s synth romance, full of glistening curves and pouting passages all soaked in a neon sunshine glow.

Spread thickly across fifteen classic tracks and three brand new ones, the Best of 2012/2013 gives the listener the chance to take in the entire LA Dreams experience in a much more digestible format. Upon listening to this it becomes very apparent why the tracks were chosen, in fact a good 75% of the tracks on here have been my favourite LA Dreams tracks and been featured in many Synthetix.FM Mixtapes over the past year. These stand-out tracks were the beacons of guiding light on each previous releases and now to hear them all together in the composer's own arrangement makes for a sumptuously embracing listening experience.

I've mentioned many times how much of a true master LA Dreams is over the styles of music he creates and when listening to this compilation you can feel the love and energy in each track. It's these emotional connections to the music that makes it so magical. LA Dreams gets it so right so often that one could be flippant about this but doing so would be foolhardy. Each piece of music he creates contains nuances and details that don't always become instantly apparent and it's only upon multiple listens and the opening of ones mind to the sounds that these carefully orchestrated aural emotions are unveiled.

Going back through the fifteen previously released tracks is like revisiting old friends. Feeling their warmth and remembering their smiles. Once again reviving that connection that feels like no time has passed between visits. The swell of the melodies come flooding back into your mind with affection and love. The consistency of LA Dreams' work is one of the most magical aspects and having these glorious pieces arranged in this presentation makes for something very special to listen to.

It's artists like LA Dreams that are the reason I do Synthetix.FM. His innate grasp of 80s memories and emotions through music is something that strikes chords deep within me and it's this pure evocation of poignantly orchestrated synthscapes that cause my heart to soar and my imagination to reel as this decade I love so dearly becomes new to me all over again.

LA Dreams presents The Best Of 2012/2013 on his Bandcamp page here. This is the absolute definition of a Synthetix Reference Experience as this album fully realises what the LA Dreams experience is all about. For those who've only skimmed over this producer's work this is now the ideal way to form a deeper connection to LA Dreams' music. And for those who've been ardent fans, like myself, having so many classic pieces along with three stunning new tracks in this album is like a wet (LA) dream of 80s inspired synth rapture.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Never Say Never To Sam Häggblad

The past few months has witnessed a huge increase in the amount of quality, authentic italo based 80s synth music releases. One of the most refined and authentic, thus far, is the totally kick arse new three track EP from Sam Häggblad.

Italo has a defined personality to it that is instantly identifiable and the italo synth pop denominations that have been drawn from the early days of this musical style create some of my most favourite 80s experiences. The passion and drama that permeates classic italo is always complemented beautifully by the right vocal track and the finest exponents always contained a delightful naiveté about the lyrics and personality that I always find even more endearing.

The classic period of pop italo from 1984-87 generated hundreds of incredible anthems that are all but forgotten by many, these days, which is a shame as this window of musical creativity typified the idealism and vibrancy of the 80s and has become a true hallmark of this decade's soundtrack. It's a shame very little of this music made it out of Europe at the time and it was only by the late 80s that the Stock, Aitken and Waterman version of italo became more widely accepted and chart friendly. But the golden period in the mid 80s was the true high water mark for this genre.

Which brings us to the fantastic new EP from Sam Häggblad. Two of the three tracks on this EP are purely spun italo gold and third piece is an atmospheric instrumental number that displays more dimensions this producers is capable of mastering. From the outset, the Sam Häggblad sound creates a vision of what quality italo is all about and the authentic vocals and beautifully orchestrated music drive home just how magical this genre really is.

As 'Never Say Never' begins the catchy synth melodies, orchestral stabs and sweet vocals combine into an italo maelstrom that is without any reservation 100% authentic to the classic mid 80s period. The lead melody is full of the that wondrous euromance that is delivered to the listener like aural candy, wrapped in a big red satin ribbon, adorned with heart balloons and a dozen red roses thrown into a soft focus night time rendezvous with glittering stars and shimmering waters. The lead vocals promises worlds of untold pleasures and unimaginable joys, sung in a warm embrace of youthful honesty and sultriness courtesy of Johanna Liljegren

I mentioned earlier that much of the classic italo had a drama to it that created an atmosphere of longing that the torture of unrequited affection can bring. This is examined brilliantly in the second song 'No Time To Loose (In The Night)' where bright and bouncing synths steer to darker waters through the wonderful vocals talents, again, of Johanna Liljegren. The music tells a story of passions running out of control and the exuberance of young lust becoming a dangerous game. The combination of music and vocal are perfection, dancing with and around each other in a perfect partnership of plushly patterned pop prestidigitation.

Our final chapter in the this three track affair is the enigmatically titled 'Sam's Theme 12inch Megamix'. This supremely atmospheric piece of soundtrack inspired synth work is not without it's italo charms as crashing orchestral stabs and melancholic lead melodies create an atmosphere riddled with darker emotions and passages of awesome grandeur. This track completes the experience perfectly as we're left wondering where Sam Häggblad will be taking us next time in his musical journeys. 'Never Say Never' has me champing at the bit for more of this producer's work; and with a full length album release  coming out in the near future we won't have too wait long for more rocking good times courtesy of the Häggblad italo disco machine.

'Never Say Never' is presented on Sam Häggblad's Bandcamp page here and Synthetix.FM very, very highly recommends this release to all lovers of classic italo disco pop soundscapes. The authenticity of the music contained on this EP to the original italo sounds is some of the most accurate I've ever heard. Combined with the totally pop sensibilities of the melodies and vocal work this is indeed the full package and every fan of what makes 80s italo great should be picking this up as soon as possible.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

The rockin keeps on rollin with another week full of hits and classics in the 80s inspired synth scene. Lots of new tunes, new artists and new experiences to be had, so without further delay lets get down to the raddest business in the universe with this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

A new Rain Sword track showing up always means a red letter day and his latest piece is no exception. In 'Break Point' we find Rain Sword exploring his inner Steve Winwood with deliciously sumptuous results. Rain Sword really 'gets' the 80s melodic structure and you can feel this passion in each element contained in 'Break Point'.

LA Dreams is an unstoppable natural force of 80s power and demonstrates this to the nth degree in his new track 'Steam'. The atmosphere is electric with passionate feelings and a yearning the spans the decades in seconds. The less is more approach in this track's construction allows the ideas to be beautifully detailed and explored. A wondrous story that is drenched in all of the 80s love one could envisage.

Kubinski's adventures into the mystical realms of ninja synth continues with his shuriken sharp new track 'Yamabushi'. Setting the scene with swirling melodies shrouded in the rising mists. The hypnotic meditations upon eastern prophecy and the powers of earths elements resonate throughout the piece.

Dance With The Dead have delayed their debut album until an undisclosed time in September but still keep teasing new tracks with a regulated precision. The demo for 'Zombie Night' shows, once again, why these guys are just so rockin to the max. Their combination of 80s horror soundtrack elements with modern elements while, most importantly, keep the balance absolutely perfect is just awesome. Especially when you consider how many times they've managed to pull this off over the course of 2013 already.

The Alpha Boy hit machine has been thrust into high gear of late and each new experience from this producer seems to be developing in new and exciting ways. His latest single 'Blinds' is full of smooth synth sax layered over a delightfully bubbly lead melody with super slick production that adds an extra layer of gloss to the soundscape.

Vector Hold has unleashed a rockin new OutRun track that is creating it's own slipstream as it over takes the competition. 'Victory Road' is charged with a high octane fuel that thunders across the asphalt at death defying speeds while a ChipTune influenced lead gives the action a warm video game soundtrack quality. The lead hook is so catchy you'll be reaching top speed in no time.

A new PH Groove track always means funky times are about to rock and this is certainly case with his new italo themed track 'Nighthawk Fever'. The italo basslines lead the way for layers of disco guitars and synths that bend space and time with their cosmic power. This track is currently available for FREE download through the link in the player also.

From out of nowhere SuperVox has just released possibly the most k-rad italo track of 2013 with his incredibly authentic new track 'Victory'. I had to double check to make sure this wasn't actually an original italo track that has been re-released but rest assured this is all new music. The instrumentations, melodies and emotions are absolutely jaw dropping in their authenticity.  The entire production is breathtaking from beginning to end.

It's been more than a year since I've covered Les Chic Voltage's synth delights on Synthetix.FM but I'll rectify that right now with his superb new exploration 'Club Adriatico'. This track tells a wonderfully deep story with it's heavily effected vocals and a synthscape that changes and evolves with great beauty. The seaside experience is tactile and refreshing as the melodies resonate with a deliberate purpose. Currently available for FREE download, so get on it and take a coastal vacation courtesy of Les Chic Voltage as soon as possible.

Taking a similar mood, but with a darker thematic is the new experience from Kenji Run. I'm a huge fan of this producer and his music always grabs my attention and captures my imagination. In 'One Last Chance' Kenji Run explores the dark places of broken romance and pleads for his love to return. There's an air of malevolent desperation about this piece that is both disturbing and intriguing, something I've not experienced so succinctly since Collins' Animal Magnetism record.

Cougar Synth are, without a doubt, one the most rockin 80s inspired synth acts of 2013 and each new track is a new adventure that I just can't wait to experience. In 'Zhax-RX' we find the duo taking a more experimental approach with their unconstrained lead melody creating a dimensional mirage that the other parts of the track attempt to contain. This creates a beautiful synthscape that adds a delightful abstraction to the Cougar Synth experience. Currently available for FREE download, but not for long!

Out now on Future City Records is the hot new EP from Miles Prower: Outatime. The Miles Prower experience is a pastiche of vintage and modern sounds but doesn't particular set himself any stylistic focus based on era and instead creates his own worlds of sound. Throughout this five track EP Miles explores a vast amount of territory but each track retains a glowing 80s soul within. In the opening track we find much more modern instrumentations blended into 80s emotions but this is then taken into a more 90s melange in the second chapter 'Outatime'. This title track features the vocals of Colleen Quinn and the atmosphere reminds me a great deal of Ladytron's work with the harder electronic edge of the synths contrasted by the smoothly flowing vocal track.

'Summer Song 2.1' finds Miles back in the 80s with heavily drawn neon colours and dancing retro melodies. The music is bright and warm with a slight ChipTune air to the atmosphere which serves to make the colours even more vivid. The summer sun disappears by the fourth act 'Devices'. Melodically bright but atmospherically darker this piece walks the contrast of dark and light beautifully. The captivating lead refrain is explored with great dexterity as the piece unfolds with defined reverence.

The final chapter of Outatime is the very engaging 'Data Stream (Into The Ocean)' featuring the vocals of Coralie Kate. This piece takes the delicate female vocal and opposes it with a melange of 90s and ChipTune sounds to create something fresh. The vocal feels frail in the face of the regimented music and this contrast gives the piece a very engaging quality and finishes the EP on an all together new note.

The Outatime EP is presented by Future City Records on their Bandcamp page here. Although not strictly an 80s inspired synth release this EP displays the 'next-level' of the Miles Prower experience and it's one I encourage you to explore as the variations and ideas expressed work together in very exciting ways.

A rockin new italo space odyssey was unleashed by Android Automatic this week under the name of 'Lazer Love'. This cosmic disco adventure is full of catchy melodies and pumping rhythms that are sure to get you moving towards the heavens. The swirling space breakdown midway serves as the perfect launch pad for the final act's interstellar joyride. Currently available for FREE download.

Like Mowrey was found exploring his darker side this past week and the results have proven to be spectacular. 'ZebraA' is an epic adventure into the realms of darkness and horror but not without the infectious synth melodies of Like Mowrey to guide us through the turbulence. The piece is steeped in darker elements but the onyx void is set ablaze by bright and verdant passages of great distinction.

A new rocker on the scene is Thailand's Niky Nine and his latest track 'Road' is a hugely impressive debut. It wasn't until the lead melody kicked in at 1.32 that felt the Niky Nine magic but once this point was reached I was in it it's entrancing grasp for the track's duration. The synthscape is full of drama but but never despairs and proceeds to a level of glorious jubilation. Many thanks to Neros77 for enlightening me to this producer.

Our final piece for this week's Weekend Update signals the triumphant return of Flash Arnold with his guitar synth saga 'Unlimited'. Flash Arnold's preponderance for creating totally kick arse synth with guitars being used as a major player is brought to all new levels of radness in this track. 'Unlimited' by name and unlimited by nature, this is one amazing thrill ride through 80s sounds and emotions and is absolutely k-rad to the max. Get this superb piece from one of the scene's leading producers for FREE while you can.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I hope you've had some rockin good times on here and I'll be back with more totally tubular experiences in 80s inspired synth next week.

'Till then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Plaisance Races On The Edge Of Disaster At Lake Havasu

Its hard to believe it's been nearly a year since Plaisance stormed his way onto the 80s synth scene with his first LP release Regatta (reviewed here). From the first time I heard this artist's music I instantly felt I had an affinity with the aural creations of Plaisance. The entire thematic used in Regatta is one of my most favourite concept releases, ever, in the 80s inspired synth scene. The passion and authenticity of the sounds were just so perfectly executed, and was something that resonated with me deeply.

Over the last year I've got to know Plaisance more, and although he is still much of an enigma to me I know one thing for sure and that is that his love of 80s sounds is a consuming passion that he nurtures and fosters. Through each successive release the Plaisance soundscapes pitch and yaw with a graceful flow that excites and entertains. I was hugely impressed by his last LP, Children Of The 80s, and in short time Plaisance has released a new three track EP that, once again, captures the spirit and sounds of the 80s in gloriously vivid way.

Havasu finds Plaisance returning to (what I believe is) his spiritual and musical home in the action filled, sundrenched waterways. This thematic seems to shine with the Plaisance sound and one just needs to hear the opening chapters of the title track to be thrust into the scene. One thing that really stands out in this opening piece is spatial nature of the production. The synths gleam with presence and the snare sound is a crashing wave of dynamic power. Melodies are funky and hook deeply with electro sounds warming in the midday sun while leads splash and weave through the competition.
'Havasu' has become of my absolutely favourite Plaisance tracks as it's combination of vital energies and emotional melodies create the perfect blend of action and grace, just like a jet ski cutting through the lake's surface at high speed.

The frenetic pace is kicked up even harder with the second track 'On The Edge Of Disaster'. The sheer exhilaration of the blistering bassline is accented by smoothly turning lead synths that take the listener into cacophonous chicanes of tearing wakes and raw power. The structure of this piece is spectacular as the narrative builds and builds to a scintillating climax and then separates from the pack with skilful jubilation.

The third chapter of Havasu finds Plaisance trading in his high speed water race for lakeside romance by moonlit skies and cool night breezes. 'Neon Waters' is deliberate in it's pace with just enough restraint to keep your cool, but not nearly enough to contain your passion. Arching melodies meet with explosive fireworks and neon reflections glinting in her eyes. The races across the lakes seemed to have happened aeons ago as the day's memories fade into insignificance when the touch of her lips against yours brings forth even greater excitement. The night is still young and the music guides us deeply into each others arms as the magic of Lake Havasu casts a magic love spell upon our hearts.

Thus ends this wonderfully rich experience from Plaisance. Over the course of these three tracks many situations and emotions are realised through an aural pastiche of beautifully authentic 80s sounds and arrangements. The water/seaside concept seems to bring out the best in Plaisance and his creativity takes on a lustrous glow that is impossible to resist.

Playmaker Entertainment presents Plaisance's Havasu EP on their Bandcamp page here and this released comes very, very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM. The Plaisance aesthetic is refined and delivered with quick turns and open throttle thrills and all three tracks compliment each other to complete perfection. I really can't get enough of this EP and I encourage all lovers of authentic 80s synth sounds to pick this up and rock it hard and often; preferably on a jet ski at dangerously high speeds across deep blue waters.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

I do believe 2013 will be remembered in the 80s inspired synth scene as the Year Of The Compilation. In the mid 90s I became a devotee of jungle music and the real 'gateway' releases for me where compilations such as the Jungle Massive and Jungle Tekno releases of the time. Each new volume would introduce me to kick arse new artists and provide for exciting new developments in sounds and styles. Back then, of course, the internet wasn't the go-to resource it is these days, which I think a lof of us today take for granted.

The compilation releases, in most music scenes, serve as an introduction for those just finding their way into the music, offering diversity in sounds and artists. Indeed, my first real introduction to the wealth of talent in the 80s synth genres were the MOTU2 and Valeries compilations,  that are both now regarded as being instrumental in initialising the scene we have today.

Each new compilation that is released gives another opportunity for producers to expand their fanbases and hopefully gain exposure through other avenues. This is why every compilation that comes is permanently linked on the right hand column on here. I like to think that people just getting interested in the music can then experience a smorgasbord of what is on offer in the scene, as this is what I wished I could've had access to when I was first discovering 80s inspired synth music.

On to the latest compilation for 2013 which is a monster release from Future City Records. Compilation Vol. III contains twenty five tracks from some of the most rockin producers in the scene. The diversity of styles is a spectacular cross section of all the 80s synth sub genres from soundtrack, to pop synth, to italo and electro and everything in between. There are some huge tracks on this release, and more than a few tracks are sure to be included in the next Synthetix Mixtape.

Congratulations to Future City Records on this magnificent cross section of what is on offer in the scene in 2013, it's a great time to be a devotee of 80s styles and without labels like FCR we the fans would be finding it a great deal more difficult to find the music we love. Keep on rockin, FCR!!

Now the mood has been set and the rad meter is peaking into the red zone, lets get this Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM kicked into high gear!

First up is a hot new rocker coming out of Ireland going by the name of Aysyne. I believe this is his first foray into the golden realms of 80s sounds but he sure as hell hit it out of the park with 'Out Of Time'. The melodies and sounds intimate a deep story and the supporting cast of orchestral stabs and pounding rhythms make for a hugely exciting adventure. Synthetix.FM will be keeping a close eye on this new producer and I hope you do too, so please give him some love on his soundcloud here.

For some reason, unknown to me, there has a been a huge amount of italo disco releases in the scene, which is totally kick arse. I think this is one of the most under represented styles in the scene, so it's great to get so many rockin italo track in one week. The first one,  although it did come out a couple of weeks ago is a killer new tune from Spacious Sweep. 'Shadow Moon' adds some eastern elements but pumps with a heart of pure italo as grooving basslines and nifty handclaps are expounded en masse.

Developing his own self confessed brand of ninja italo is Henrique Kuba Kubinski with his latest track 'Katana'. I really applaude the aesthetic he's going for in combining ninja synth magic and italo gold as the results are totally rock hard. I hope Henrique is working towards as full length release of this denomination as it's a totally killer combination.

Launching into the cosmos with some italo space disco is Hyboid with his new epic 'Utopia'. The build on this experience is more akin to something much more soundtrack based and it adds a new layer to the synthscape before the disco sets the cosmic void ablaze. The hypnotic vocal and sparkling melodies really create a wonderful atmosphere that resonates deeply.

Taking the disco sounds into more modern styles is Hologram with his new track, the beautifully titled 'The Aspens Turning Gold'. More huge builds and dancing synth melodies layer in over a totally rockin bassline while the exploration of exciting soundscapes continues unabated. It's another epic adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Sady K has released a totally killer new preview teaser for his next release which is due out on the 9th of September. I'm not sure if this constitutes a full length album or an extended EP, but either way this is some absolutely kick arse music that channels a whole mess of quality 80s inspirations. Many thanks to Vincenzo Salvia for the heads up on this one.

Released on hours ago is the debut EP from Fantastisizer: The Dark Sun. Fantastisizer has been a favourite on Synthetix.FM over the last few months and it's marvellous to be able to experience all four chapters of The Dark Sun story in one complete package. The soundscapes on this EP tend towards the ambient and space synth dimensions with delicately written melodies allowed to gestate and bask in their own cosmic radiance.

The two opening tracks with their vast atmospheres lead into the much more action oriented 'The Chase' which takes the story into much more dangerous zones powered with  panic driven rhythm section while being coloured with fragile synth melodies that waver and oscillate in the alien winds.
The EP closes out with 'Before Dawn', which takes a more pointed and deliberate melodic adventure that remains much more focussed and determined. There is still a majestic ambiance and dream like quality to the synthscapes but with more purpose this time around, making for an exciting conclusion to the EP.

The Dark Sun is a classic example of how to do a four track concept record that engages with a deep narrative without meandering or losing the initial vision. It's a superb EP and one that I encourage everyone to pick up. Fantastisizer's Dark Sun EP is presented by Werkstatt Recordings on their Bandcamp page here.

Palm Highway Chase keeps on rockin and his sounds are still some of the most exciting in the scene. Each new track this producer shares has a new elemental idea behind that always sounds fresh and full of possibilities. In his latest track 'Holy Days' we get to experience beautifully shimmering synth melodies that take on a glorious life all their own. The music is pure synth romance created with the imaginative vision that could only be done by Palm Highway Chase.

Speaking of synth romance we have another totally kick arse track from the modern master of the genre, the irrepressible LA Dreams with 'Lipstick Blush'. Synths are set to maximum crush level throughout this glossy journey into the hearts and minds of every 80s teenager. The production on this piece is so dazzlingly polished you most certainly need to put on a pair sunglasses before pressing the play button. Totally rockin.

Seipa's kicking massive amounts of arse in his new electro rocker 'Florida Weather Report'. Shades of library enter into the soundscape but the truly punishing drum track and a bassline that funks harder than a melonfarmer pushes this track into a class of it's own. The groove is deep and the sizzling synthscape is set to ignite passions state wide.

Taking the electro funk under the cover of darkness after a sun drenched day is the rock hard Pumping Body with his new track 'Don't Touch Me Man'. Scintillating synths keep time with a totally rockin guitar track and join forces to make for an experience sure to make you want to pump your body in all the right ways.

Easing back into more ambiant pastures we find Ed Harbinger using his synth alchemy skills to create a sprawling journey over time and space called 'Logan's Epiphany'. The languid nature of this piece allows a full and detailed exploration of the melodic passages in a timely manner that engages the listener in a transfixed state of wonder. Beautifully sounds are only the beginning of the story, allow Mr Harbinger to take you deep into his creative process via 'Logan's Epiphany'.

A new synth pop force to be reckoned with in the scene is the three piece group going by the name of X Priest X. This very interesting combination of talents has resulted in their first single, to my knowledge, titled 'Samurai'. The sweetly sung vocals add a layer of beauty to the bass driven synth melodies. I can hear a lot of my favourite early 80s UK synth pop based bands in this track,  while the vocal track adds a modern flavour that gives it a more timeless  quality. I'll definitely be looking forward to hearing more from the promising new band and I thank Mike Goosens for enlightening me to their existence.

Our final track this week comes from Russia's PinWizz and his absolutely k-rad to the max track 'FM Synth AM  Station (Secret Password)'. The grooving bassline ushers in lightly coloured synth melodies before the chorus kicks in and takes no prisoners in an explosion of golden 80s magic. Plus, this single has some of the best art I've seen in recent times, hands down! Be sure to follow the PinWizz experience on his soundcloud here, too.

That does us for another rockin Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have and I'll be back next week for more good times and great rock'n'roll.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DreamWave Dave Gets In Your Dreams

DreamWave Dave is back on the scene and rockin up some hot new tunes in his latest EP In Your Dreams. The DreamWave Dave story has been an ongoing journey through many diverse 80s styles and themes and this has in many ways resulted in this EP. Ideas, tones and stories alluded to in his previous singles now seem to have gelled into a solid form, creating the personalised sounds of this exciting producer.

This five track release is full of the appreciation and affection for 80s sounds we love on Synthetix.FM, and the DreamWave Dave vision of the 80s through modern eyes and techniques makes for an electrifying experience.

'Truly Dazzling' opens up the EP with the glowing and bouncy tones of uplifting synth romance filling the atmosphere. The basic elements of this track remain true and honest throughout as the uncomplicated structure allows for the listener to get intimately close to the sweetly constructed melodies. DreamWave Dave knows exactly how to work a melody in an out of modern arrangements whilst remaining true to it's 80s soul,  a feat repeated across the EP.

In fact the second act of the EP introduces some decidedly modern flavours but never at the expense of the vintage atmosphere. The use of vocals on this track work beautifully with frisky bassline and rockin guitars. The overall effect makes for a fantastic electro tinged synth pop song, full of excitement and passion. 'Valley Girl 1983' makes it's intentions abundantly clear and rocks to the max.

'Driving The Night Away' is presented next and this piece instantly takes me back to the 2010 era of 80s inspired synth music for some reason. The melodies are fresh and beautiful and contain that wonderful naiveté that seems to get a bit lost in more recent releases in the scene. Theres a magic in this track, a sleight of hand that turns the synthesizer into something alive and vital. Special moments like this are timeless and really what this music is all about.

We continue the journey into 'Dreamwave'. I'm not sure if the levels on this track are as-intended from the producer, but the soundscape verges on the abrasive side just a tad in this piece. The arrangements are rockin in all the right ways as the lead melody is explored through a detailled story. The finer nuances of the melodies are sometimes lost amid the harsh soundstage however.

The final track on the EP is 'Wildlife' and once again this track takes me back to the early days of the revival scene. There are certain portions of this track that remind me a great deal of the early Futurecop! music, which I still love dearly. Fast paced hi-hats and powerful melodies register high on the rad-meter with delightfully orchestrated arrangements providing a majestic flow from one idea to the next.

DreamWave Dave's debut EP is a special release as it serves as type of milestone between the initial wave of 80s inspired synth and the current generation, over time styles and ideas change and evolve; even when based on a well established genres and I find myself enjoying this release with a genuine sentimentality even though it's all rockin brand new.

The In Your Dreams EP is presented on DreamWave Dave's Bandcamp page here and Synthetix.FM highly recommends this release. If you've been listening to 80s inspired synth for a couple of years already you'll find much warm familiarity in these sounds that is rather endearing, and the uncomplicated and honest nature displays the composer's genuine love of the 80s in every track. Some slight production choices aside, this EP rocks from beginning to and end and takes you on a neon adventure you'll want to experience again and again.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

The discussion about genres and titles in the 80s inspired synth scene is one that crops up regularly in the Synthetix Music group on Facebook. It's a likely reason for the scene being so fractured in that there isn't an overriding genre title that everyone can agree on. By far the most common name attributed to the music is Synth Wave, which is has been around for a few years now and is commonly used. But what does it mean?

One of the biggest issues I have with this name is that it has connotations with New Wave. New Wave is possibly the broadest and most meaningless descriptors in all of pop music. It means so little and has many, many different interpretations and none of them are specific to anything. To quote the Wikipedia entry for New Wave:

"The catch all nature of new wave music has been a source of much confusion and controversy. The 1985 discography Who's New Wave in Music listed artists in over 130 separate categories. The New Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock uses the term "virtually meaningless" in its definition of new wave, while Allmusic mentions "stylistic diversity"."

Therein lies my own personal issue with giving 80s inspired synth music the blanket term of synth wave and that is that is that it doesn't mean anything. It's a genre that people need to listen to first and then learn that it's synth wave. The ambiguity of the name just doesn't resonate with me, but my perspective is of course tinged with the memories of New Wave. Then again perhaps the stylistic diversity of 80s inspired synth that ranges from soundtrack to italo to pop synth sounds actually benefits from the blurred definition drawn from New Wave?

The music covered on Synthetix.FM is genre specific music. All the music contains similar sounds, arrangements and emotions, albeit executed through different musical styles that are defined as being 80s as their unifying motif.  Like any type of music that is drawn from similar influences to create something that reflects that inspiration. I often draw similarities between the metal scenes and the 80s synth scene, and under the blanket term of heavy metal you have tens of variations and they all have hallmarks of their specific genres that make them what they are.

I remember when dubstep first surfaced and I had no idea what it meant. Initially I thought it was some kind of dub-reggae based music from the name, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Nowadays everyone understands what dubstep means and for better or for worse the music pigeon holed as dubstep is very specific.  I believe that, eventually, the names for the genres and an overall definition will come into being on it's own for 80s inspired synth music and this will take time.

Perhaps Synth Wave will become 'the' name? For this to happen the producers of the music need to embrace this name and push it as a brand they're associated with. Through creating these ideas in movements the name will become adopted. But people need to know what it means first and the ambiguity needs to be focused much more.

I must say, this is all just my personal opinion, and may in no way reflect your own opinions. I'm just a fan of this music not an expert but this is a constant issue that will keep on cropping up and I wanted to explain my own thoughts on the subject. To the producers of the music I love I'd just like to say that it's your art and exists only because of your love and passion and how you define your music in genres is entirely up to yourself.

Now, lets get rockin with the latest Synthetix Weekend Update!

First up is a hot new experience from Garth Knight. In 'Subroutine' Garth Knight explores hypnotically atmospheric with totally rockin computer speech samples. An air of Kraftwerk emanates throughout this piece and gives this producers work yet another dimensional soundscape to work in. 

PH Groove is back with more of his disco funk gold with his new release 'Fascinated'. The pounding rhythms and high energy drums make for an adventure full of flashing colours and glinting mirror balls. This track is currently available for FREE download through the link in the player.

It was brought to my attention this week that the name 'Gina Calabrese' was the name of one of the detectives in Miami Vice thanks to RF Extreme. The actually identity of the Gina Calabrese making music in the scene today may never be know, but one thing for sure is, whoever they are, they make totally rockin tracks. 'Tale Of The Goat' is another emotive soundtrack styled affair that ebbs and flows with much beauty and grandeur.

This past week found Rutger Megahertz dancing with extreme danger in his rockin giallo disco flavoured 'Texas Chainsaw Italo'. The production on this piece adds greatly to it's off kilter nature,  hiding terror in the shadows, but not before we dance like demons. This track is currently available for FREE download too. Coming up next week I'll be covering the new Rutger Megahertz EP: Enter Frame for more rockin action.

Future City Records has just released the new Cosmic Sand EP entitled Find Me At The Bay Tonight, consisting of two originals in 'Find Me' and '9h00' and three remixes of '9h00'. The first track sets the stage for epic synth glaciers of melody that reverberate deeply. Sounds are curved and based on ethereal matter that speaks of other times and dimensions while always remaining entrancing. '9h00' provides an entirely different aesthetic with more traditional sensibilities creating a synthscape of dancing melodies with a hint of moroseness but still marching with jubilant triumph. The three remixes of '9h00' take the ideas of the original in different directions that work quite well for Vincenzo Salvia and the surprisingly uplifting vision by Nightcrawler, but fall over in the modernist interpretation by Dorian.

The two originals on their own make for a wonderfully rich experience, however, and I definitely recommend picking this EP up and supporting the fantastic soundscapes realised by Cosmic Sand.

Robots With Rayguns walks a line that crosses over back and forth with 80s ideas and more modern influences but his latest track is firmly entrenched in glorious 80s sounds and emotions. 'Hush' is an intimate display of synth sensuality layered with the trademark RWR indistinguishable yet always familiar vocal sample cut ups. This track is full of vibrancy and energy while keeping an affectionate warmth deep in it's heart.

For those unaware there is a brand new documentary due for release this year focusing on the video game arcades of the early 80s called 'The Video Craze'. The soundtrack has been provided by many of the talented producers in the 80s inspired synth scene, including Lost Years, Silent Gloves and Mitch Murder. Lazerhawk has also created music for the production and the title track has just been released this week. The mellow and sentimental melodies are accented by the vocal refrain that is both haunting and endearing. This track is available currently for FREE download through the player, but make sure you follow all the rockin happenings of 'The Video Craze' on their Facebook page here

Like Mowrey keeps on rockin with his brand of synth based creations that are full of wonder and possibilities. 'Tikal Secrets' finds Like Mowrey travelling to new dimensions that twist and distort with a galactic resonance. This track is epic in nature and covers a lot of ground but the adventure is spectacular from beginning to end.

Taking a trip to the darker side is a producer new to Synthetix.FM going under the great title of Surgeryhead. His new track 'High School Blood' is totally kick arse horror synth with visceral stabs and  showers of crimson amid an array of samples. The music is unrelenting and builds in spectacular fashion, finishing with final crescendo of rampant evil violence. Available for FREE download through the player below.

In an inspired move, that I hope happens more often with other producers, Alpha Boy has made a Best Of compilation and released it in cassette format through Bandcamp. The 15 previously released tracks plus 1 unreleased track all contained on the always rockin cassette format provides the ultimate Alpha Boy experience. Pick up your own copy through his Bandcamp here while you can as they are a strictly limited edition.

Coming out of nowhere from the past and rockin into the future is Sam Haggblad with his totally rockin new two track EP Jammin' (To The Beat). The pop drama is set to dangerous levels as 'Jammin' (To The Beat)' takes shape with massive orchestral stabs and a totally killer vocal track. Hugely authentic and overflowing with passion for the 80s this track just plain rocks. The B side, 'Machines (Or Back To Humans)' takes the sound into more guitar driven dimensions but retaining the true 80s love. Shades of progressive late 80s synth sounds combined with more early 80s pop sensibilities make for a k-rad to the max follow up to the strong A side. These two tracks are from the upcoming full length album Never Say Never which I'll be sure to cover on Synthetix.FM based on the strength of these two songs.

Bobby Outro is back with a kick arse new tune in FM Hacker. The story in this is deep and varied, rocking a gamut of synthscapes while keep a direct focus on the lead melodic refrain. The production has a vast, echoing quality to it that adds greatly to the ambiance. Bobby Outro once again uses many inspirations and influences to creating something all together new.

In what is definitely the most epic piece of music I've heard this week we have a spectacular piece of soundtrack synth music from Saint Remy titled 'As The Fog Clears'. This producer has been predominantly creating more modern experiences in the past but his love of 80s sounds is definitely developing a great deal of late. 'As The Fog Clears' is nine plus minutes of aural rapture that is full of deep chapters that flesh out an uplifting narrative of incredible beauty. Entrancing from the first second to the last, this is sublime work in the field of melody driven soundtrack synth.

Our final piece in this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM is the return of scene favourite Neros77 with his incredible video from STARFORCE's Omniversal Oscillations. Using clips from the 1984 classic Reckless and a myriad of cosmic themed elements Neros77 has created a masterpiece video for a masterpiece track. A synergy of music and video works within in ways only a true artist can envision. Inspiring work.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I hope you've found some new favourites amidst the rockin tunes this week and I look forward to sharing more with you over the next week.
'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Synth School Is In Session, Take A Class With Professor Zonic Zynth

There are some producers in the 80s inspired synth with whom I have a love/hate affair. Producers who make amazing and beautiful music, but rarely are happy enough with it to share it with others. I'm rather old fashioned in that I like to physically own music. It's my connection to the artist, and in lieu of much synth music being made into a physical release I find that the digital download version has to suffice. Alas some producers, with their own reasons that I respect, don't allow for this to happen and instead exclusively use streaming content sites for their music distribution.

Professor Zonic Zynth was, and I stress was, one of these producers. His constant stream of incredible music that landed exclusively on YouTube was some of the most wonderful I'd ever heard, but his choice to not allow any further ownership of these tunes beyond favouriting them meant that I was only able to adore them from afar. This has been happening for the better part of year but now, thankfully, the good Professor has begun to share his works of genius through a Bandcamp page, which has made this fan very, very happy.

I felt it was the perfect time to give this shining star of the scene the love he dearly deserves as his latest EP, Nostalgic Fantasy has just landed and for those uninitiated with the Professor's music this serves as the perfect introduction.

The Nostalgic Fantasy plays out over seven pieces of synth driven 80s love. The consistency of Zonic Zynth's work is something that has always floored me. Over his many tracks I've always found myself entranced by his melodic work and authenticity. The Professor's style spans numerous 80s styles, from synth romance to italo tinged disco and onto more bass driven funk and then into more soundtrack oriented affairs. His soundscapes are always genuine and honest in their presentation and a tangible love flows through every golden moment.

His latest EP opens up with 'Mischief', which in itself presents new visions from the Professor's imagination. A darker soundtrack atmosphere permeates through swirling melodies and dramatic cues. These shadowy tones take a turn to more romantic dimensions in the next track, 'Grace's Theme'.
This producer's sounds are usually personified by his vice like grasp on what makes for a truly authentic 80s melody. It's hard to explain, but some melodies upon hearing them create an instant 80s crush and this is achieved with stunning results in 'Grace's Theme'. The lead synth animates and intimates with soft warmth while the bassline adds a funky glow to the ambiance.

Even though there is a decidedly romantic bent to most of the tracks on Nostalgia Fantasy other styles are explored and expanded upon to provide a delightful contrast. 'Starlets' laces dramatic orchestral stabs over the rolling bass line for maximum effect and giving the delicate melodies ample distinction. The Professor's 80s pop sensibilities are never far away though and when 'Veronica's Theme' hits the hooks go deep and the pounding percussion creates an intoxicating 80s sugar pop hit.

The sugar rush is allowed to subside within the calming tones of 'Dark Whisperings'. One may think this is a purely dark synth excursion but the Zonic Zynth shadows are often more mellow and far less threatening. Jazzy melodies are given time to brew and linger, creating an aural invitation that is welcoming more than foreboding.

Things begin to rock harder in 'Ambivalence MKII'. This is possibly one of the most ambitious Zonic Zynth pieces yet as the moody atmosphere is rocked with kick arse guitar riffs and massively epic drums. This is pure action soundtrack gold, creating a swagger in a slow motion gunfight and causing hearts to break in the flurry of a hellish crossfire. 'Fantasitalia' finishes the EP off with beautifully building synthscape that remains intimate and light with a dreamlike quality to the nuances and details within.

It brings me great pleasure to be finally able to cover Professor Zonic Zynth's music on Synthetix.FM and in the Nostalgia Fantasy EP we're given the perfect representation of the Zonic Zynth experience. I look forward to sharing much, much more of this wonderful composer's work in the future but you can also keep on top of all the Professor's work through his YouTube page here, his Facebook page here and his Bandcamp page, of course, here.

The Nostalgia Fantasy EP comes very, very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM. Professor Zonic Zynth is a true talent in the 80s inspired synth scene who's music is wonderfully authentic and created with verve and passion that resonates through every track. Be sure to invest some time in his previous releases on his Bandcamp page to keep on rockin the Professor's totally k-rad to the max sounds.

Class dismissed!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Take Off On A Cyberlight Adventure With Biff Taylor

Streaking through the cosmos at the speed of light and conquering galaxy after galaxy is Biff Taylor. This producer's deeply infectious brand of kick arse electro funk synth has been collected and released in the form of the Cyberlight EP. Over five chapters the Biffmeister himself rocks out grooving basslines, KO punch percussion and spacey melodies that forge a galactic funkpower starcrash.

I do believe this a debut release from this producer, and it sure does promise great things. The music displays a great deal of understanding for classic 80s electro funk sounds and the authenticity of the arrangements provide for a totally rockin experience.

'Heaven 87' opens up the EP with a massive, driving beat that layers in blistering laser samples and rocks to a spectacular bassline. The melodies tighten up as the electro funk begins to really take off into the stratosphere. The soundscape retains a wonderful clarity through this piece which is in no small part due to the instruments used. Each element has just the right personality, creating the perfect atmosphere for the futuristic sounds to weave their magic into the starry void of space.

The funk keeps on rockin into track two, 'Cyberlight Systems'. Huge drums, accented by perfect fills and details are accented with a melody designed for a space funk flight. The lead synth adds a deeply epic quality to the proceedings but this freeform piece takes on a life all it's own as the basslines move into new heavenly bodies, rich with colour and life. As if landing on the sandy coastline of an alien planet 'Beach Sequence' begins with it's slightly bent melodies and bright sounds. The music chops up nicely with a definite summery air to it, although the brevity of this piece leaves some questions yet to be answered.

Fast paced cutting and diving thrills personify the fourth chapter of Cyberlight with 'Night Chase' which thunders along at dangerous speeds. The music is an aural ricochet of pumping rhythms and churning melodies, moving and weaving in pulsating patterns with the accelerator held firmly to the floor. Things finally calm down in the last chapter of the EP and the music is allowed some room to breathe and evolve.  In 'The Tracks' we get to experience Biff Taylor's more atmospheric side that trades energy for emotion and adds a robotic machine-like mystique to the sound. It's definitely cut from a darker cloth than the rest of the EP and completes the Cyberlight experience with aplomb.

Biff Taylor's debut EP is a marvellous start for this producer. It's rare for a purely electro funk based EP to be released as most producers use this genre as a diversion more than a strict purpose and I genuinely enjoyed having these five tracks working together to keep the space funk rockin throughout.

The Cyberlight EP is presented on Biff Taylor's Bandamp page here and Synthetix.FM highly recommends this release for everyone in need of that classic 80s electro funk sound. Let Biff Taylor be your pilot and take you through an intergalactic adventure powered by the cosmic funk of a thousand stars.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been another monster week in the scene with a bunch of very rockin tracks being released. The coming week's look to set the scene afire with some killer new EPs and LPs coming out, it's definitely a good time to be a fan of 80s inspired synth!

To really set this off we have a brand new EP released from Mitch Murder entitled The Touch. This record displays even further refinement in his sound as complexity is kept to minimum and the melodic harmonies and instrumentations are allowed to shine. Mitch Murder's love affair with classic Library music is very prominent throughout both tracks, but the luxuriously smooth production is what really holds the experiences together. Everything flows, nothing feels forced and personality of Mitch Murder's music is feeling much more live and natural as a result, there is nothing sterile or cold about these sounds, they are full of vitality and warmth. Both 'The Touch' and 'Race Day' are spectacularly orchestrated and executed originals and the remixes of 'The Touch' by Night Sprite and LIFELIKE add interesting new ideas to the original intentions while remaining true their organic souls.

The Touch EP is presented on Mad Decent and is available for FREE download through the links in the player. Be sure to rock this hard and often!

An extra Mitch Murder bonus arrived this week with a free download of his cover of 'Outride A Crisis' from the classic SEGA motorcycle racing game Super Hang On. This is more totally kick arse work from the scene's leading producer and is available for FREE download here.

Keeping our tires gripped to the asphalt is the rockin new track from Professor Zonic Zynth and his OutRun flavoured adrenaline rush 'Scoring Wheels'. I must say, it pleases me great that this totally kick arse producer is now releasing his singles so that his fans can purchase them. 'Scoring Wheels' is full of high energy synth leads set to a raging pace. Excitement is the destination and the journey is an adventure!

Gost is back to rockin his menacing electro synth aural nightmares with his new track 'Ritual'. I personally found Gost's last album, Skull, not to my own personal tastes. He seemed to lose the underlying 80s melodies and nuances his previous works contained. It brought me great pleasure to hear a return to the classic 80s horror synth melodies in this new track. It's still an all out blistering attack but the brutality is contrasted by the classic 80s horror ambiance.

Time to get a bit more atmospheric, this time with the wonderfully talented Pilotpriest and the latest demo version of 'White Blazer'. The music is set to a languid pace but the bright and jubilant melodies create emotional vortexes of spiritually enriching sounds. The Pilotpriest magic flows beautifully throughout this adventure.

I'm really getting used to having a new RF Extreme track to share on here nearly every week. RF Extreme has a very sound work ethic that resonates in each new composition he shares. His latest works have been leaning smoothly into synth romance territory and his latest track, 'Never Ending Desire' dives headfirst into limpid pools of warm affection. The melodies are intimate and hopeful while the synthscape pulses with a yearning desire. This instantly became one of my favourites form RF  Extreme and with the amount of music he's been creating I'm hoping an album or at least an extended EP is going to see the light of day soon.

The quality synth romance keeps on rockin with the latest release from Russia's Quasars called 'Girl In a Varsity Jacket'. Teenage emotions and searing 80s synths always go hand in hand and Quasars have captured the spirit and feelings tremendously well. The minimalist atmosphere allows every instrument to have it's own presence felt, which goes double for the rockin guitars that kick in. This track is currently available for FREE download so get on it while you can.

80s synth scene rocker Flash Arnold is back with some mood dark soundtrack inspired synth work with his new track 'Shadow Runner II'.  The foreboding atmosphere and dramatic percussion make for an entirely unsettling experience. The instrumentations are layered for maximum atmosphere and the surprising choices for the final chapters of the piece prove to be a stroke of genius. You can buy 'Shadow Runner II' through the link in the player to Flash Arnold's Bandcamp page.

The debut EP from The Boy & Sister Alma hit this week and it's a highly recommended experience in 80s driven synth pop magic. I've previously featured the glorious 'Lizard Eyes' on Synthetix.FM, which is included in this EP along with four other tracks. The EP covers a lot of territory with some tracks not gelling with me quite as much as others, but one only needs to hear the complete aural magic of 'Keep Your Head' to fall in love with their sounds. For a debut EP this is massively promising for the future of The Boy & Sister Alma as I believe their honest and intimate sounds are perfectly suited to 80s oriented experiences and it's these ideas and elements that shine throughout this release.

Gina Calabrese is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the 80s inspired synth scene as each of her tracks seem to contain a magical almost supernatural presence about them. This latest track, 'Back In Te World' is haunting and ethereal with a ghostly ambiance that reminds of something I'd hear in a David Lynch movie. There is never a maliciousness or evil intent in the music but instead it opens a window in the sky to new possibilities and unexplainable phenomenon.

Like Mowrey is rockin up some epic sounds with his new piece 'Timeless Moment'. The scope is huge for this experience that builds and expands with dramatic wonder. I particularly love the way this track uses such contrasting instrumentations but never loses the focus and atmosphere. The diversity of sounds adds vast amount of engagement to the piece and by it's end if feels like we've travelled light years in mere minutes, definitely a 'Timeless Moment'.

Lightening the atmosphere with a pink neon glow is the k-rad new track from Pumping Body. 'License On Women' is full to the brim with totally rockin 80s sounds built on a supremely catch synth hook that bites deep and refuses to let go. The synthscape flows and rolls with a dreamlike quality that is hypnotising and layered with gorgeous details and percussive work. Totally kick arse.

Garth Knight has come back to the electro funk rockin he's does oh so well with his new track 'Probable Target'. Using much influence from classic Paul Hardcastle this composition is full of high energy percussion, vocal samples, violent orchestral stabs and a groove that is unmistakably Garth Knight. I think Garth Knight is one of the scene's best producers of this style and 'Probable Target' reenforces this ten fold. Be sure to buy your copy of 'Probable Target' through the link in the player.

Elsewhen is another producer on the scene who's making me sit up and pay attention. In his track, 'Mortal Machines' we get to experience dramatic soundtrack synth that harkens back to the classic giallo horror soundtracks of Goblin and Tangerine Dream. The mood is slightly unnerving and detailled with just enough flourishes to keep your pulse rate high. The introduction of the drum track at the midpoint which opens up killer new possibilities and will ensure you're kept on the edge of your seat until the final act.

One the most surprising, and inspiring, tracks of the week is the new preview for Tommy's next record. 'Vision Of The Future' brings noticeable new changes to the Tommy soundscape which I found very exciting. The overall atmosphere is much brighter and cleaner, and feels more vibrant and live sounding. There is an uncomplicated and natural sounding personality that is carried through the melodies that I find all together intoxicating. Tommy's 'Vision Of The Future' is indeed a glimpse at whats to come from one of my all time favourite synth producers and it is most certainly very exciting.

Another favourite all time producer in the scene, which will be no surprise to any regular reader of Synthetix.FM is LA Dreams. This producer continually captures my heart and imagination with his beautiful music and has done so yet again with his new track 'Avenue Electric'. Lead melodies are stunning and the LA Dreams bass work is yet again exemplary. I feel like the LA Dreams production style is getting an extra layer of polish in his last couple of tracks as sounds are definitely packing more dimension, like when the final melodic refrain crashes in towards the end of this track. Wonderful music, as always.

Our final track this week is something very special with two of my favourite producers joining forces to create a huge 80s synth pop masterpiece. The totally rockin Dance With The Dead and the irresistibly amazing Kristine have unleashed 'The Power' and it's something spectacular to behold. I don't think I've heard Dance With The Dead sounding as pop-oriented as they are in this track and it's something that works exceptionally well.  As collaborative projects go this is definitely one of the big highlight of 2013. This hot rockin slice of 80s pop heaven is currently available for FREE download through the player so make sure you add this to your music library and crank it to the max.

That brings us to the end of another Synthetix Weekend Update, I'll be back during the week with more action from the 80s inspired synth scene, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.