Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gost Works The Nocturnal Shift

Gost's second release has landed with a heavy thud and screams of alarm as his horror disco spills out in crimson waves through the cold night. This four track EP displays an evolution to the Gost sound that goes for a hard edge straight to the jugular with a massively visceral delivery of electro violence.

The ambient elements of his previous EP (reviewed on Synthetix.FM here) have been almost entirely extricated from the Gost experience in favour of a brutal energy that goes from the graveyard to the dance floor with dire consequences for all. The combination of sounds create a very individualised aura that is absolutely rockin to the core.

The opening title track sets the scene in seconds. There is no long build or mood setting pieces to allow the listener to ease into the experience, instead we're dropped head first into a crunching belligerence which scratches with ferocity and pounds with demonic rage. 'Nocturnal Shift' is a discordant anthem that has no safe listening distance and it's primal rawness is self evident throughout.

With such a strong opening piece I was wondering whether the next track would attempt to retain or raise the energy levels or go down lower for contrast, and just like any horror experience worth it's salt Gost fires a swerve ball of dangerously devilish disco in the listener's direction that lands with maximum impact. The rolling bassline bends and distorts through diamond sharp melodies all while the transition from man to wolf twists the body and mind of the lycanthropic victim.

Moving into 'Day 30' the disco elements are cranked into a super catchy bass line driven odyssey into madness. The smooth synths take on a much more organic flavour that feel natural and stable but the panic of the basslines betray the madness beneath the skin. A boiling mass that is part animal and part human becomes a fusion of giallo disco brilliance.

The final movement titled 'Silver Bullet' turns the hysteria into a deliberately paced dirge. The music feels slightly introspective, as if the werewolf recognises it's own human elements, but knows it's far too late to be anything but a moon driven murder. The music is raw and full of coursing energy but the final showdown is near and the ending is a foregone conclusion as life drips away but the wild inside refuses to die.

Werkstatt Recordings presents Gost's Nocturnal Shift on their Bandcamp page here. This EP is a wonderfully macabre journey into the darker side of the 80s inspired synth scene with a fresh and original take on giallo disco sounds. The ferocity of the action and depth of the story are massively entertaining and I can wholeheartedly recommend this release to anyone who dares to walk on the wild side, by the light of the moon, with a distant howl echoing through brisk night air.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

I hope everyone's recovered from the emotional overdose of So Real by now, I believe I can now move on to more music myself after this this song has so deeply affected me. Moving into May the big releases keep on pumping. With a bunch of killer new EP's from Tommy, Gost, Patrick Baker, Vercetti Technicolor and Arc Neon plus many others, it's going to be another great month to be a fan of 80s inspired synth music. But now it's time to rock the past week in the scene with the all new Synthetix Weekend Update!

First up is a smoothly serenely piece of funky fried synth gold from Betamaxx. Dolby Dance works is as slick as is gets with the perfect blend of sounds and a structure that feels light and breezy. The huge range of instruments just engages even further. Definitely an evolutionary step in the Betamaxx journey.

A new artist I discovered courtesy of the Synthetix Facebook group is SPF5Ø. This dabbler in the darkened arts of 80s horror synth has come up with something rather special in his new track Love Crime. The intensity of the terror with is unrelenting with a cacophonous atmosphere that intensifies the brutality. Currently available for FREE download.

Alpha Boy hit close to home with his release which is dedicated to his father. Axel Theme is a poignant at intimate piece which combines the Alpha Boy trademark sounds in a more languid setting. It's obvious this track is very special to the composer and the delicacy at which he handle the melodies is wondrous to behold.

New rockers Slow Knights came into my world this week courtesy of the always delightful Patrick Baker and although their tracks have been up on soundcloud for a month or so I felt they definitely deserved some love on Synthetix.FM. The Slow Knights sound is reminiscent of classic mid 80s synth funk pop with a transatlantic aura about their sounds. There's an uplifting familiarity to their music that I absolutely adore, lets hope they've got some official releases planned soon.

Amping up the funk even more is the totally rockin new Jupiter Gang track Planet Lazerium. The Jupiter Gang have been upping the production rate quite a bit of late so I hope this means there'll be a release of some sorts soon, but for now this is available for FREE download, so get your own slice of sweet 80s funk pie courtesy of Jupiter Gang now.

The return of Night Sprite with a short preview for his next release (also due out in May) was massively exciting. This short video speaks volumes and certainly piques my interest in where the next Night Sprite adventure will  be going. I'll be sure to cover this album upon it's release.

Time to get your italo trousers on with James Baker's upbeat new single Voyage. The authenticity of the sounds and melodies work together in a very magical way throughout, totally infectious from beginning to end. Also available for FREE download currently.

Babylon 86 are certainly rockin all the right ways and their new track Teenage Breeze encapsulates a galaxy of 80s sounds and moods into one beautiful adventure. It builds to perfection with an action driven synth romance style that I truly love. Another track that's available for FREE download.

Some new funk pop rockers on the scene are Black Forest Ghetto. This duo is finding their 80s soul and have released a new track to denote this direct called Purest N.G.T. These guys have a really energetic live sound and I love the girls vocal style, it befits the personality of the music perfectly. I'll be following Black Forest Ghetto with much interest in the future as this song is very promising.

Electric Dissection's taken his sound into a delicately intimate dimension with his release Becky (The Girl With Autumn Leafed Hair). Melodies are haunting but the mood is kept light and positive in swirling synthscape of sparkling emotions. A genuinely beautiful piece of music, which is also available for FREE download currently.

Sunglasses Kid rocked my world to the foundations this week, his blend of authentic sounds and deep passion for the 80s has given his music a superb tone and atmosphere. My 80s Romance is the perfect introduction to this artist and really displays his understanding of synth romance music. Many, many thanks the fellow synthficionado Jarred Hageman for enlightening me to this producer.

Zombie Hyperdrive has exploded onto this scene with his own blend of soundtrack synth stylings that really caught my attention. Skylight is a true epic of stupendous power and drama. The Carpenter-esque bassline leads into smooth synth melodies and highlighted by high energy guitars. Massive in scope, this composition is totally bitchen to the max.

The final stop off in this week's tour around the 80s synth scene comes courtesy of Mitch Murder and his new piece High Performance. Mitch's adventures into the avant garde continue with his most 'fusion' sounding track yet. The energies spike and fall with total precision and the music takes on a really cool 'live-jam' kind of air towards the mid section and beyond. Beautifully orchestrated from beginning to end.

The wraps it up for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back to normally scheduled programming throughout the week ahead with more gems from the 80s inspired synth scene. 'Til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Monday, April 22, 2013

So Real That It's Unreal

The musical deluge of April, 2013 has finally peaked. The epicentre and focusing of all elemental powers has exploded with a force that will be felt for generations to come. The storm of sounds through the month have all been a precursor to a a once-in-a-lifetime event of monumental brilliance.

Today, the 22nd of April 2013 will be remembered as the day the 80s inspired synth scene took it's next evolutionary step. Ushering in a brave new future of music with a bar raised so high the heavens themselves must crane their necks upwards to bear it's witness.

The release of So Real by Silent Gloves featuring Patrick Baker has arrived. A song I originally experienced late 2012 which has affected me deeply and moved me far beyond that which I thought was possible. Upon it's release we all have a chance to make this part of history our own and let it become a part of us forever.

The perfect storm analogy runs deeper than most listeners to this opus will ever know as the story behind it's inception, creation and evolution was something I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand. The magic that occurred that night when the powers of the universe cast a beautiful muse to work her magic between Silent Gloves and Patrick Baker, live on Project Friday sparked a fire that glows with eternal presence and will forever be a torch, held aloft for the heart's of millions.

The song itself is something I'm still, after many, many listens trying to fully absorb. 'So Real' attains a perfection to an 80s inspired synth pop song that is something I'm unable to entirely fathom. Each element I attempt to dissect becomes a universe in itself that defies my understanding, every chord, word and beat  is like a blinding eclipse of brilliance one only retains a ghosted memory of upon further lamentation.

The combination of melody and vocal are inexorably tied together in a melding of emotional dimensions that run as passionate as they run deep. The instrumentations are the essence of everything that makes the 80s so magical, while sounding fresh but even more so, absolutely timeless. The longing emotion of every teenage crush, summer romance and adult love affair has been joined in an embrace that fills the unrequited need with an empathic anthem that will forever endure.

'So Real' is the reason why I listen to music. Purified into four minutes and forty four seconds is every dream, reality and possibility of emotional connection I could have for someone else, and it describes these feelings with an intimacy I hope I one day get to be made so real for myself. But this is what music is all about, it makes us feel something and conveys those deepest of emotions in ways that words fail at alone.

The 'So Real' EP is presented on Rosso Corsa Records Bandcamp page here and comes packaged with remixes from Sim0ne, Miami Nights 1984 and Mitch Murder. This single is not only one of the high points of 2013 but one of the biggest pleasures I've had listening to music, period. This is the definition of a Synthetix Reference Experience and I hope you allow it take you in it's eternal embrace as deeply as possible.

In reverence to this masterpiece this will be the only post on Synthetix.FM this week. Normal programming will continue with the next Weekend Update.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been a week of heavy, incessant deluges of rain once again with the month of April continuing on with a heavy downpour of rockin new music from the 80s inspired synth scene. On the horizon next week is a megaton lightning strike that is sure to rock you to your foundations, but for now the rumble of thunder works in tandem with the luscious synth sounds of this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM

I really need to post this first, as it's going to make a lot of people, as it has myself, very happy. MPM's return to the scene has been heralded with a sampler he shared on his YouTube yesterday and I have word directly from the man himself that he's trying to get something out this year. I'd honestly given up on ever getting any new MPM music, but these words that he's 'trying' plus the incredibly rockin new preview have rekindled some of my faith in MPM's come back. Time will tell, but for now this preview and whisper of a promise will have to suffice.

Rockin back into the brutality of Gost's brand of synth action darkness is his latest track: Cursed. This producers mix of new and old styles is once again executed beautifully with highly violent sounds combined with delightfully delicate melodies.

Kid Machine shared a very cool new demo this week for Hyperion. Kid Machine's moody side is presented here with a dramatic flair that add real substance to the experience. I'm unsure as to whether this is to be used in a separate project or an EP/LP release but either way it's full of Kid Machine's trademark quality.

Cougar Synth keeps on rockin with his latest track that's also FREE to download currently. Conqueror has a slightly ninja synth mood about it but elements of synth romance add vast amounts of emotional investment. The story is rich with beautifully orchestrated arrangements and perfectly vintage sounds.

On a similar dimensional plane is James Baker's new composition: Inside The Game. This classically styled work is full of authentic early 80s synth sounds and melodies and has that beautiful naiveté in it's personality that always feels so honest and engaging. This piece is also currently available for FREE download.

Bluezz Vylez is back with his new adventure in Moonlight Camp. This producer's individualised soundscapes are something I always find absorbing and this latest work does so yet again. Synths
sounds are taken out of their comfort zones and the arrangements are energising in their delivery.

The Evanton sound continues to evolve with this duo's new track Disco Heat In Meatpacking District. The powerhouse basslines are set to maximum but this piece displays a new tenderness in the melodies that really adds a new dimension to the soundscape. This is taken from their upcoming release Electric City which will be sure to provide vast amounts of Evanton italo electro gold.

Python Blue shared an outtake from his submission to the next New Retro Wave compilation release and has made it available for FREE download. This is track is a superb hybrid of this producer's soundtrack and synth wave styled work making for an atmospheric and engaging adventure into the future.

Babylon 86 is a new rocker on the scene and is kick some classic 80s sounds with his track Technoir. The energy in this piece is fierce with driving percussion and high speed melodies. He's released five other tracks on his soundcloud which encourage you to partake in also and all are currently available for FREE download.

The latest release from Farfletched is totally rockin my world. The melodies are just so catchy and thrilling but it's the way the experience is structured that provides the most enjoyment. The many breakdowns and builds accentuate each element magnificently.

LA Dreams published two tracks this week but Young Scavengers became my pick for the Weekend Update. This guitar driven rocker is full of LA Dreams synth magic delivered with a deep emotive refrain that is thoroughly exciting. Be sure to check out his other release this week, Wild Tiger, on his soundcloud too.

Turning the drama up past the point of safety comes Dr PECCO with his new foray into the forests of fear: Green Inferno. The music is almost video game like in personality, but it contains a depth to the synth sounds that add a very atmospheric layer. The rhythm section is unrelenting throughout but those soaring synth melodies provide the perfect contrast to the soundscape.

Plaisance has teamed up with Shio-Z for a vocal rework of his track Deep Blue. The end result is a hugely immersive experience that vastly magnifies the presence of the original. Shio-Z's vocals performance is right on point for the classic early 80s new romantic style and Plaisance's soundtrack feels like it was made for the vocal. I hope this is only the first of many projects between these two talented producers.

RF.Extreme shared his exciting new track LED Lead Foot this week in it's latest evolutionary form. Still a work in progress this promises to deliver thrills and chills out the yin yang with it's thunderous bass line and distilled melodies. Really looking forward to where this piece is going.

Glass Mirrors keep on rockin their own brand of 80s influenced synth pop with their new song Wanting You. The combination of new and old sounds work together in harmony while the vocal track adds a great deal of impetus to the emotional thrills and chills. I hope these guys keep the 80s strong in their music as they have an excellent combination of all the right skills to produce totally rockin synth pop.

Time for some epic space synth disco with Sirius B from Like Mowrey. This artist keeps honing his craft with every new release and Sirius B feels like a fully realised idea that's been worked to perfection. Full of emotive melodies and a vast spatial quality this track is pure energy.

A bit of a Synthetix.FM Public Service Announcement now. An artist whom I've grown rather fond of in the form of Jaypeau has consolidated his partnership with Toe Knee and launched their project as Dance With The Dead. This is now their official monicker, so please follow them on their new Facebook page here. With that done, let's get rockin with their totally rad new track Fracture. These guys have a knack for extracting equal amounts of terror and atmosphere in their music but always manage to keep super-hooky melodies as the force that drives the experience. Dance With The Dead are planning a full LP release in July and based on all their previous tracks I'm greatly looking forward to enjoying their music in an album format.

That wraps things up for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I'll be back early next week with a very special release that I seem to have been waiting forever for, but all things come to those who wait, as they say. 'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cronenberg Interferes With The Things Inside

Theres a new threat to the safety of the disco crowds. A threat to their very lives, hiding in the shadows with a blade full of hatred and a gleam in his eyes. Cronenberg is the the latest serial producer in the giallo disco genre, joining by the likes of Vercetti Technicolor and Antoni Maiovvi as marauders of the menacing melodies with evil on their minds and disco in their hearts.

Cronenberg's new EP, Things Inside, takes inspiration not only from his namesake and the classic works of John Carpenter but also a lethal dose of Giorgio Moroder and Mike Oldfield's late 70s work, all thrown into an experience that punctures gaping wounds into the black of the night with passionate fervour.

Things Inside sets the scene very quickly with The Complex opening up for the first victim's demise. Shades of the Escape From New York theme are layered over a rapid pulse bassline. A scene of night stalking mortal torment is painted in garish colours from a palette Dario Argento would be proud of. The one thing that really drew me into this record, from the first track, was the simplicity of the pieces. Throughout the EP ideas are not multifaceted refractions but instead are refined moments. Moments that build as panic becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse.

The second act, which is the title track, begins introducing vocal work that is implemented exceptionally well. Highly effect drenched vocals are accompanied by a more natural voice that adds huge amounts of menace to the atmosphere. Things Inside takes on a gloriously malevolent tone with these repeated refrains of rapturous rage, the climax of which is a violently visceral opening of veins and hi-hats to complete the experience.

Onto the third act, which departs slightly from the standard arrangements and instead ventures into trance-like hypnotising giallo disco. Keloid Clinic is five and a half minutes of experimental terror which casts an arcane spell over the listener who's unable to escape it's deadly grasp. The soundtrack to the demise of many is constructed with a more restrained benevolence in the next chapter Rose. I think this is the signature experience of the EP as it's build and bloody pay-off positively gush with arterial spray. The use of superbly orchestrated disco hi-hats just complete the atmosphere which builds and falls in time with the bodies collapsing in Cronenberg's wake. Absolutely reference giallo disco.

By the time Shiver kicks in we are entirely at the mercy of Cronenberg's diabolical designs. Infectious basslines work their magic while synth melodies slice the deepest in quick succession before disappearing back into the inky pitch of night. The percussion throughout this piece is stellar with just the right amount accents to create intrigue without casting too much light on the ghastly proceedings.

The downtempo High Rise completes the EP. Brutality takes a trade off to more moodiness that provides a filth caked window into the mind of the killer. Deeply brooding melodies take you down a path less travelled, winding through the the corridors of the past with much introspection. We begin to see the human face of the this monster, but the glimpse begins to fade into madness before we know it.

Cronenberg's Things Inside EP is presented on his Bandcamp page here. This EP is a hugely entertaining adventure into the pure onyx darkness of giallo disco's finest trappings. Make sure you give him some of your attention on his soundcloud, here for future nightmarish episodes.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Protector 101 Versus Beatbox Machinery: Fight!

In what can only be described as a stroke of genius, Werkstatt Recordings has begun a new series of two track releases under the title of The Versus Series. These EPs are like a showcase exhibition bout to display the strengths of each artist. The is is the first volume of this series and I really hope there is a tonne more being booked as it's the perfect format for two producers to go head to head in a no holds barred, cage death match where winning is worth any cost for all the glory.

This first match pits dark the synth soundtrack symphonies of Protector 101 versus the high speed firepower electro synth of Beatbox Machinery. Round 1, FIGHT!

The bell rings with a shrill resonance and Protector 101 enters the fray with tentative strides that feel out the competition. The atmosphere is tense, while anticipation for the impending brutality reaches fever pitch. With deliberate movements prey is stalked as the canvas battlefield is set alight with rippling manpower that delivers crunching blows of total devastation. Percussive punches and bewildering melodies confuse the opposition as Protector 101 hypnotises his foe with arcane martial arts of monstrous power. The entire conflict is drawn into a slow motion slugfest that fades to black as the blood drips slowly onto the mat in rhythmic drops. The bell that signals the end of round one echoes throughout the arena while the shadow of a fist held aloft is lit by the ringside paparazzi.

The squared circle is reset as earnest preparations for round two begins. The instant the bell is struck a flurry of lightning fast synth melodies are unleashed upon the stunned enemy. A towering shadow of blurred limbs utters the words "Stitch My Cyborg Heart" in a moment of freeze framed clarity which seems to make the blink of an eye feel like decades. In an instant fists of pure Beatbox Machinery rain hammer blows of untold consequences upon his still dazed rival. The seconds between bell ring and total capitulation by his opposition are still in single digits as consciousness is lost while the cyborg heart beats with raw, animal intensity. The thrill of the kill is counted out while the bell is furiously rung to stop the onslaught of violence. A pool of disappointment below a storm of victory is all that is remembered.

Werkstatt Recordings is proud to present the first volume of the Versus series on their Bandcamp page, here. Make sure you get your ringside ticket to this grudge match for the ages and bask in the glory of this digitally orchestrated pugilistic resplendence that will be the first of many synth cyber brawls made of 100% explosive energy.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mr Pteez Rocks Radio Vice

Although this album was released last year it only came into my radar this past week courtesy of Michaël "Aphasia Records" Brun, whom I'd like to dearly thank for enlightening me to this release.
The Radio Vice album by Mr Pteez is a wonderfully diverse experience in 80s inspired synth music that works like a genuine soundtrack album; structured with set pieces in mind to reflect many moods and ideas.

The opening scenes of this album instantly display that Mr Pteez's understanding of 80s synth music is as sound as it is involving. We're drawn in with totally authentic instrumentations and melodies that speak succinctly and eloquently with a voice of harmonic distinction. Initially pedestrian moods are explored in wonderful detail by the second track "Street Is Watching".  The music is full of crisp production and accented with loving regard to the magic of 80s synth melodies. This track channels the likes of Harold Faltermeyer's synth opus's especially with an uncanny knack of being able to make a piece that is rooted in soundtrack based ambience but also full of exciting melodies which one is instantly hooked on.

Mr Peetz's enjoys flexing his romantic side as well, "Lets Spend Life Together" is a lovingly crafted piece of synth romance that is full of the innocence of a first kiss and at the same time longing for a life time of togetherness. The simplicity of the production is something never to be under appreciated as it allows for a crystalline clarity that feels authentic and spatially balanced. These moods continue into "When Night Falls", which keeps an air of distinction about itself that doesn't take you into dark or sleazy zones, but instead brings the wonder of the night out into the open for us to behold it's magic.

Moving into the realms of adventure we join Mr Pteez in the thrilling "Marathon".  This producer's gift for distilling the essence of a melody into it's base parts and then combining them into their strongest form is consistent throughout the album. The music never seems forced or elongated to pad things out, instead it builds each track with a glowing dexterity that makes the synths really come alive in his hands. The evolution of "Marathon" is the perfect example of this with it's absolutely awe inspiring culmination of glorious sounds.

The pacing continues to ramp up with the high energy action of "Fastlane". I wouldn't call this a strictly OutRun track, although it does have some of the characteristics of the genre, instead this blends hugely atmospheric and deep melodies with fast passed percussion and a flurry of rhythmic accents. The drama is ever present and the combination of sounds amass a desire and need with overriding emotional tones.

"Workout 83" takes energies into the realms of italo flavoured disco, but once again the synths combine emotional chords that strike deeply and are much more substantial than their glossy exterior would have you believe. Mr Pteez just can't help but get emotionally involved in the music and he lays his soul bare in each track. The intimacy is right there in each part of this album which finishes with the synth romance ecstasy of "Last Date".  Rolling waves of synth energy create tidal forces of passion, unable to be controlled as a universal intimacy echoes through each note and chord.

Radio Vice is a perfectly complete experience in what makes 80s inspired synth music so wonderful, it engages deeply and is full of a love and understanding for the classic sounds while remaining honest throughout. I do hope this is the first of many Mr Pteez experiences we get to enjoy, and I'll be ardently following his musical journey.

The Radio Vice album is presented on Mr Pteez's Bandcamp page here at a "name your own price" price point. Be sure to dig deep and pick up this fantastic album and please give this exciting new artist some love on his soundcloud here too.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

The heavy weather has definitely set in. This week's downpour is full of life enriching musical elements that will provide you an inspiring listening experience full of 80s love to get you through these damp days and storm filled nights.

While the showers persist it's seems like the perfect time to get rockin with Lazerhawk's latest track Children of The Night. This is another work from the impending Skull and Shark comic he's collaborating on and it's one of the darkest pieces we've heard from Lazerhawk in many a moon. Definitely well in keeping with the mood of the visuals and if you've not had the pleasure yet please view the preview to Skull And Shark here.

Python Blue is expanding his horizons in each new release. His once dominant ambient soundtrack style has blossomed into pure OutRun gold in his just published track High Ways. This producer's understanding of what gives power and spatial depth to his arrangements is very well displayed in this piece.

 A new rocker on the scene with a sound as intriguing as his name caught my attention this week. Right Knider's sounds have a bit of a skewed out-of-time bent to them but the soundscape is thoroughly engaging as melodies as cast like spells full of powerful elements. This is currently available for FREE download also.

The next track is a bit of an oddity, that I found as engaging as it is perplexing. Asian Ganja Crew's eclectic styles heard in their previous release seem to have found a home in the 80s funk dimension if their preview track on Bandcamp is anything to go by. Even as this short preview I can't help but br intrigued by this release. I'm yet to take the plunge on the full record, but I think it's a calculated risk I'll be taking over the next week. If the rest of the album is as rockin as Horn I'll be sure to give this record some love on Synthetix.FM in the near future.

Neon Flash Drive's made a stunning return to the scene after a near six month hiatus with superb new work, Caught Her Name At Recess. This is a pure and rich synth romance experience, full of emotion and deep like a first crush. Beautiful from beginning to end and also available as a FREE download.

Keeping the love rockin all the right ways is the new one from Adeyhawke: Looker. Synths dodge and weave in an out of totally killer bassline and the experience feels naturally free-form as it builds. This is full of 80s magic and accented by some more modern arrangements with an end result that is bitchen to the max.

Moving to more dramatic times is the new track from Silenx. Dataflow's mechanised coldness and sparseness is orchestrated with drama being the dominant force. This track feels austere and methodical with a machine like precision that brings to mind a eerie bleakness. Totally spellbinding.

Britain's Saint Remy has been dabbling in many forms of electronic music in recent times but in his latest work he's definitely found his love and desire for 80s sounds blossoming. Nearly Lost Her is a slow burn full of emotionally charged melodies and arranged with an interesting flair. It's quite unlike anything else with it's repeated samples and clean piano details, but it's story is beautifully written from beginning to end.

Jupiter Gang, along with a handful of other artists are on my list called "Please release a goddamn album already".  This producer is one of the most rockin in the scene doing 80s synth funk and his latest track, Under Arrest, adds some very interesting drama to the soundscape. It's got 80s cop action shakedown written all over it, which is supremely entertaining.

Keeping things funky, but a bit more fried is the new preview for Aminova's Research. The music has a very 16bit personality to it, but it's not what I'd call ChipTune music. The Aminova magic is ever present throughout and this producer's hallmark melodies are a joy to once again behold.

Droid Bishop keeps on rockin with his latest EP teaser Electric Love Interlude. This piece of synth romance is delightfully engineered with a heartfelt beauty that permeates through the synth melodies. It bodes very well for the full EP which I can only hope is going to be released soon.

Neon Workout's really kicking some major amounts of arse of late, his new preview/sketch of L.S.F.E goes great lengths to show his proficiency in creating super hot sounds. This has an infectious electro funk vibe that totally kills. Very promising, and hopeful a sign that a full EP or LP release will he happening soon.

Alpha Boy is going through a wonderfully diverse experimental period this last month or so and his latest foray is into an interesting library-esque style. His sounds work really well for this style, and the inclusion of new samples adds even more to the experience. Definitely something the Alpha Boy style works well with.

I'm not sure whether Run Vaylor's latest track is called New Beginning for it's name only or whether he's ushering in a new era in the Run Vaylor experience. Either way this composition is stunning to be behold as it remains wonderfully epic in scope, but intimates with emotional melodies wonderfully. This track is currently available for FREE download also.

For my tastes, Futurecop! had lost their ways in recent times. A lot of their sounds that I found absolutely stunning have been succeeded by far less engaging pieces to my ears. With their latest release, Superheroes, they've enlisted the always glowing Kristine and this has made for quite a special experience. That said, I wish there were less effects used on Kristine's voice as her 's is one of perfection and grace that has no need for extra processing. It's probably only me who has this issue with Superheroes and as a work of 80s crossover it works rather well.

Rockin back to some classic italo disco is the new Spacious Sweep piece Radiant. I love the Spacious Sweep italo sound and this is brought right up front in Radiant. Driving basslines, catch melodies and on point percussion make for a very authentic experience.

Fanateek One's brand of rocking 80s funk synth is once again lighting up the night skies with his mysteriously titled F One #13 Day 2 composition. Spaces are kept open and unconstrained and there's little to confuse the intentions as delectable melodies are coated in sweet candy gloss.

A new rocker from Norway who's taking the 80s deep into his heart is Transcend. His just released Years is bright and joyous with layers of synth romance working in total harmony. I hope this producer continues his 80s love affair in the future. This track is also available for FREE download.

Arc Neon are back with some sexy summer synth sounds in their instrumental version of Wet Dreams. The Arc Neon sound is developing it's own personality that is evenly balance with light and dark elements, making for a superb contrast in their music. This track epitomises this and totally rocks throughout. Also available currently for FREE download, so get on it as soon as you can.

Our final entry in this week's Weekend Update flood is a kick arse new synth pop odyssey from Who Ha called Out Running. This producer's really got a killer style and his vocals are totally rockin the right 80s personality. If that wasn't enough there's also an instrumental version available too.  Very authentic, in both forms, and totally k-rad to the max.

That does us for yet another tsunami sized Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back soon with more good times and great rock'n'roll next week. 'Til then,  stay 80s and keep on rockin!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Seventh Element's Midnight In Equestria

When it comes to 80s inspired synth music the inspirations can be many and varied. The sheer amount of pop culture that became iconic from this decade is seemingly endless and when a producer takes a sidestep for his inspiration as broad as Seventh Element has for his new record it really 'removes the blinkers', for want of a better term.

We've all heard the inspirational cues from much of the classic movies and TV of the 80's the Terminators, Knight Riders and Top Guns are well travelled tracks in the 80s universe. I always try to be one to offer new creative inspirations outside the usual mainstreams of the time; and I am still finding new experiences from the 80s myself, but when I came across the Midnight In Equestria album my imagination was taken on a new ride into an all new dimension. Seventh Element's inspiration for this release is one I've previously been ignorant of, but after listening intently to this album I have a new appreciation for their passions.

Readers of Synthetix.FM, I present to you the first, and hopefully not last 80s inspired synth album inspired from and paying homage to the one, the only, My Little Pony.


When I initially found album my interest was piqued by the title, Midnight In Equestria. Being somewhat of a fan of made up words and words that expand my vocabulary I was taken by this word 'Equestria'. It sounded so epic, and fantastic, but I couldn't help but see the equine side of it and wondered to myself if it was, indeed, horse-related. Upon glancing at the track listing to this album my inquisitive expression turned to a wide smile. Sunrise In Fillydelphia, Sugar Cube Corner Brawl, Midnight In Manehatten and the classic Streets Of Canterlot all share a common theme that is based firmly, I learned, in the My Little Pony universe.

But this thematic is not all 'sunshine and lollypops', no. Seventh Elements vision of the 80s future of My Little Pony is an homage to much classic dark and soundtrack synth styles, flavoured with a passion for the greyer side of life on four legs. The twelve original tracks (plus one remix) span furlongs of synth sounds and moods. Darkly epic tracks like the opener and Ponyville 2055 provide for spatial drama and arrangements that display a genuine love of quality 80s sounds.

Initially I thought the entire release might be themed to the blacker end of the spectrum, but through the album there is a balance of other styles. Highly energetic OutRun style affairs go from a canter to a full gallop as melodies break free of their reins and are allowed to run wild and free across the soundscape. The underlying menace is never far away though, however it's never at the expense of the other elements and even through some adventures into synth pop sounds the shadows are ever present; but always adding a lot more than they subtract.

Each track feels natural and uncontrived, and it's very apparent that Seven Element is a true devotee of quality 80s synth sounds. There are some passages that do feel a little too familiar, but these aren't so distracting as the hamper the enjoyment of the album. Which is really my main contention. Midnight In Equestria is an absolutely splendid album experience from go to whoa. After listening to the album from start to finish four times in a row without even realising it I began to appreciate the level of craftsmanship that has gone into the experience as a whole. From the rich stable of inspirational material  combined with excellent use of samples and some stunning arrangements this album totally rocks.

I can but hope this is not a stand-alone release from Seventh Element and that they continue to follow their hearts through the glorious 80s synth sounds we all love. Midnight In Equestria is yet another glinting star in the sky above that's populated by the myriad of 80s inspired synth sounds. Right now, it's clear and visible to us in our current hemisphere. I hope I get to experience this starlight again soon, and I'll be watching the night skies for signs of it's return in the future, most assuredly.

Seventh Element's Midnight In Equestria album is presented on their Bandcamp page here and I highly encourage all fans of 80s inspired synth to give it the time it deserves and if you're a My Little Pony fan, needless to say, it's definitely a must-own experience.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DJ Ten's Adventures In Zionen

DJ Ten's latest EP is hot off the presses and blasting into hyperspace with five epic adventures that take the listener on a fantastic voyage into a futurised synthtopia full of excitement and glorious homages to classic 80s sounds. It's almost a year to the day since I reviewed DJ Ten's Retrological album (available for your perusal here) and it's wonderful to see DJ Ten come back rockin hard with a brand new record.

The style of the previous release, with it's mixture of new and classic sounds and arrangements makes a return, but the twelve month period between releases has found DJ Ten's sound crystallised into a more coherent vision. The five pieces on Zionen feel more in direct connection with each other, much more so than the Retrological album, which came across a tad disjointed. The five pieces are individualised experiences in many and varied soundscapes but an overriding thematic in sound and vision makes this a very engaging experience that makes the whole much greater than the sum of it's already rad parts.

Opening with some classic Futurama worship and a cacophony of synth melodies the title track builds a monstrously epic atmosphere within seconds. The main melody hits with wave of space tearing  percussion that rips the synths chord from chord as the saga is illustrated in waves of electric colours and aural turbulence. This track is so forceful and in-your-face with a one-two  knock out punch of visceral audio that it becomes a furious tornado of synth magic. Spectacular in delivery and execution from start to finish.

The mood takes on a more horror-esque dimension with this second track Electric Airglow. The intro sets a scene that is then taken to further extremes by more highly energetic synth melodies that are keep under control by a march of percussion that ensures things aren't allowed to get out of control. This is a perfect companion piece to the opening track as the instrumentation shares a common personality, however the music itself is taken from triumphant adventure into unknown savagery in an instant.

The EP hits a massive high note on track three with the powerhouse number-one-with-a-bullet hit single Tronical. This modern day take on classic 80s electro/break a'la Shannon's Let The Music Play sounds totally fresh and rocks eight ways till sunday with a kick arse vocal track that has just enough modernity to it without losing the seminal 80s qualities. The "I'm feeling so, Tronical" refrain is a work of genius, and makes this song absolutely rockin to the max with a chorus as catchy as it is timeless.

Moving into the fourth track we're kept firmly rooted in the classic mid 80s breakdance/electro rock dimension as the aptly named HyperDrive kicks in. The supercharged drum track is complemented with dramatic melodies and completed with a delightful array of classic 80s samples. The energy in this experience is once again held at maximum levels throughout and the music's blend of new and vintage sounds it once again balanced to perfection. This is THE song to be seen cranking on your boombox on the streets at maximum volume in 2013.

The Zioneon EP finishes with the K. Thallium Theme. This composition is an intriguing mix of synth romance melodies arranged with much more soundtrack oriented drama in mind. The contrast of these elements is very engaging, as a myriad of details are introduced and the atmosphere moves into more alarming territory. This track is very ambitious but works exceptionally well, finishing off the EP with the same intensity it began with.

And 'intense' is the perfect descriptor for this EP, the sounds are so intensely presented that five tracks really feels the right amount of music. Over a longer journey the intensity could become tiring, but in this format it feels like the perfect orchestration of the pleasures and adventures to experience in Zioneon. There is no respite from start to finish, making this EP easily one of the most exhilarating of had the pleasure of enjoying this year.

The Zioneon EP is presented on DJ Ten's Bandcamp here at a 'name your own price' price point. I highly encourage all fans of 80s inspired synth to get to the launchpad and strap yourself in for a thrill ride through the Zioneon world with DJ Ten as your pilot.

Set the afterburners and volume to maximum and get ready to rock!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

We're now in storm season on Synthetix.FM! It's a time when the releases come in thick and fast with unrelenting velocity. Lots of huge releases are scheduled for April and the single releases are falling from the heavens incessantly. This week's Weekend Update breaks all previous records with twenty one hot rockin tracks. Nowhere will be safe and dry! It's time to get out in the elements and bask in the glory of nature and rock the Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

 Garth Knight continues his adventures in the realms of 80s funk with sterling new track Stuck In A Rhythm. It's becoming evident that this style of 80s inspired synth is his calling as there is such a smooth effortlessness to the sounds. With a totally rockin vocal track and energy to burn this is one of Mr Knight's finest thus far.

Some new sounds from one of the latest signings to Future City Records with Lazerspek's new track Twilight In The Age Of Man. This is quite unlike anything I've heard before with some of the most brutal side chaining compression I'm yet to experience. I initially found this distracting, but in the context of the track it's grown on me.

ForeignBlade is a new producer on the scene and his latest work, Ghost Patrol, displays a wonderful understanding of how to make some very engaging synth soundtrack styled music. This has a spectacular tonal quality to the soundscape that works perfectly with the arrangements. Download this track now for FREE.

Vestron Vulture's library is growing in mass and quality with each new release. His latest song is called Ellen Page is a dedication full of unrequited love and dark desires. The vocal track is perfect for the slightly sinister music, creating an atmosphere of uneasiness yet one is unable to resist the infectious melodies. Currently available for FREE download also.

C-60 is really bringing his understanding for synth soundtrack music into the disco with his new preview for Rocket Force. The soundscape is beautifully created and explored and combined with a high energy rhythm section makes for an invigorating aural adventure. I do hope an EP or LP release of this styled affair is impending as the preview is solid gold.

With a penchant for the darker side of the synth comes Fetchis with his new release Le Fantome Arrive.
This brooding giallo disco track is absolutely wonderful with the perfect mix of musical elements to create that killer horror vibe. Special mention must go to the stunning drum track, whose sounds and patterns taking on a truly authentic personality.

Fantastisizer is rockin a new tune this week called Secrets. Taking some darker cues which are then infused with hypnotising melodies the simplicity of the experience enforces the power of it as well. The sounds are full of the genuinely 80s naiveté that proves to be hugely engaging throughout the track's duration.

A similar vibe is present in the latest 80s Stallone experience entitled The End. The melancholy piece 80s Stallone magic shows even more exploring of vocal work in his sounds and it something awesome to behold. The effects laden inflictions are full of human emotion and the music feels arranged around the lyrics for maximum atmosphere. Definitely one of the strongest songs I've heard from 80s Stallone.

From one veteran of the scene to another, the enigmatic Mitch Murder shared his latest opus The Touch this past week. This experience goes even more into a dreamlike ambience that is much less dense and complex than this composer's usual fare. But this is by no means a negative, the sparser soundscape allows the listener to fully appreciate each nuance of each instrument all the more. Rapturously executed.

A new rocker on the scene going under the name Molester Moustache caught my attention this week with his eloquently beautiful synth track First Touch. The music is full of warmth and authentic arrangements but also has an energy in the melodies that demands attention. I can but hope this is the first of many rockin Molester Moustache experiences we have on Synthetix.FM.

Ed Harbinger's latest release provides vast amounts of 80s electro energy. Rousseau is full of drama and   raw synth power that rocks hard. This brings to mind a great many of the classic early 80s european producers while keeping some more modern sounds layered in the mix for extra bonus points.

An exciting new preview for Gost's next EP is rockin YouTube as we speak. The dark horror synth of Gost sounds like it's developing in exciting new directions from this preview, I'll be sure to give it the full Synthetix treatment upon it's release.

A new demo for the latest Rutget Megahertz venture, Just Routine, was another highlight this past week. I adore the personality of the track with it's funk bass line, dreamy synth melodies and totally rockin percussion. This demo is currently available for FREE download currently too.

Sternrekorder is back once again with another totally rad new track, Stahlkonstrukt. I love this producer's music a great deal, his sounds are always so authentic and full of 80s love. This latest track is yet another gem from this producer. Please visit his soundcloud page for more Sternrekorder magic if you've not yet had the pleasure.

Evanton's brand of electro fuelled 80s synth has kicked into high gear with their latest track Beverly Hills Pop. The soundscape is unmistakably Evanton with disco chills and synth thrills and this release is positively charged with equal doses of action and drama. This is also currently available for FREE download, so get on it and rock it as soon as you can.

Definitely the biggest news in the scene this week was the return of Power Glove with a new project for the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon video game soundtrack. This game's development is going for a very 80s motif and by enlisting the always rockin Power Glove for the soundtrack has cemented the hype for this title very securely. The music is pure Power Glove, with lots of drama and energetic sequences all marching into oblivion with a power house rhythm section. Synthetix.FM will be following this project very closely indeed.

Kicking the synth romance back into the scene is Photosynthesi with the teenage crush brilliance of Once Again. The driving drum track provides the perfect background to the layers of synth beauty. Arranged to perfection with a thumbs up freeze frame right before the credits begin to roll this is yet another golden moment from Photosynthesi.

The lead up to Tommy's impending EP keeps gathering momentum and the single he released this week is another window into Tommy's more ambiant moods. The swelling Aurora is full of bright colours and natural beauty, delicately poised upon the horizon with entrancing melodies and total air of triumph. Currently available for FREE download this track is a must-listen-to experience.

Taking a walk into the darker side we find Lost Years crafting all manner of demonic incantations with his new work Rising Of The Dead. I'm not sure just how much dark synth I've heard from Lost Years, but it's not a great deal, I know that much. Whether this is just an experimental diversion or something he plans on exploring more remains to be seen, but I for one greatly enjoyed this adventure into realms of horror courtesy of Lost Years.

Luxury Elite are one of those artists I find vastly entertaining. This slow tracked looping of  80s music is something I really enjoy and along with Laserdisc Visions and Macintosh Plus; Luxury Elite is becoming a real force to be reckoned with. His latest opus, Aerobics, is undeniable in it's brilliance and
totally kick arse in it's execution.

Our final piece on this week's Wekend Update comes courtesy of the always marvellous LA Dreams and his experience called Dreamers. The LA Dreams sound takes on a bit more of an epic soundtrack flair with this new track but it's most certainly full to overflowing with the LA Dreams magic I instantly fall in love with.  The thematic on this track evolves majestically with a really beautifully orchestrated back section that completes the experience.

That does us for the first April Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I hope you didn't get too saturated in  the deluge of new music, because there's lots more to come! I'll be back next week with more good times and great rock'n'roll, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Moustache Machine Rocks With Fosbury

Moustache Machine's brand of eclectic french touch/80s influence disco is less of a musical style and more of a state of mind. This producer's love affair with 80s sounds mixed with modern elements and arrangements has made for some very entertaining music and his latest EP really shines like chrome neon set ablaze across the sunset.

The Fosbury EP consists for four original suites and two remixes. The remixes drag originals too far into modern climes for my tastes but the four original tracks are magical experiences that transcend time and genres.  The story is complete in it's four chapters though, and makes for a beautifully rich adventure through the looking glass of the the Moustache Machine.

The EP begins with possibly one of the single best introductory pieces I've ever heard. Chords and notes are intimated with delicate manipulation but build to a soaring crescendo of rushing drama that is so forcefully invigorating that one's breath can barely be snatched from extreme levels of exhilaration. The fact that this intro manages to build even further is testament to the Moustache Machine's supremely awesome disco power. Incredibly wonderful music.

The title track from Fosbury begins with a discordant air that initially put me aback, but the double timed hi-hats brought me back in from the cold with a crisp warmth. Synths are introduced teasingly for maximum impact with a build up that lands with an force that washes over the listener rather than blasts them into the next timezone. The modern french touch dramatics have a flair that doesn't lend itself much to the classic 80s styles, and in all truth the title track is the least vintage sounding of the four originals, but in the scope of the full EP exists perfectly alongside the other tracks offering a thematic that complements the other pieces.

Moving on into Doing It Wrong the 80s funk synth is turned up to sexy with a stunning work of total brilliance. This is the track that sold me on the EP, it's got all the ingredients rocking in perfect harmony with the vibrant tonal shades to bring in the neon flair that makes the synths soar while keeping the arrangement true to modern aesthetics. The end result is an inspiring blend of old and new that brings a unification of all things rad.

The EP completes with a delightfully airy outro track called Cygnus. This moves in and out focus while maintaining a chorus of angelic synths over a pounding and destructive bassline. The sounds are from different planets but share harmonic origins that allow for the perfect 'come down' after the full force explosiveness of the previous tracks.

The Fosbury EP is presented by Yeah!/Dish Records on their homepage here and is a FREE download release. I highly recommend all lovers of french touch with a definitively 80s flavour to get on this totally rockin EP as soon as possible. And please give the Moustache Machine himself some love on his soundcloud page here and Facebook page here as well.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Protector 101 Embarks On The Hunter's Journey

The Protector 101 experiment seems to be moving from solid matters, to liquids and now into gaseous forms. This producer's work has taken on entirely new shapes and forms with each successive release. One only needs to partake in the LA Cop Duo EP from May last year, then move into October's The Prime Directives and now to Hunter's Journey to see bold advances and a shifting of soundscapes to be self evident.

With his new EP Protector 101 really does make the leap into purely synth soundtrack work that foregoes much of his dark synth origins and instead becomes more of a director of sounds that form of their own volition, guided by his hand but allowed to choose their own destinies. Nothing in this EP feels fabricated or based of a template and instead we're taken on blind journeys where letting go of the steering wheel and allowing the energies of the machine to take their own course are our guides.

Opening with much ambiance that paints a rusty neon future from a palette of grays the mists begin to part with pulsing echoes of electronic synthscapes amid towering skyscrapers. For such congestion and pollution, nothing feels rushed or ordered, the industrialised future does have an organic heart which emanates strings of human emotions through the streets and skies above. As I mentioned previously, much of the darkness of early Protector 101 experiences seems to have been replaced with more complex emotions, often running concurrently. This is especially pronounced in Club LaZer, with the panic and vengeance on the streets being contrasted by the poetic saxophone layers.

Protector 101's inclusion of these analogue and natural sounds are what tie much of the experiences together. These hints of familiarity draw the listener into the music while other alien concepts are introduced to us vicariously. Again, it's the contrast that provides this magical aesthetic that makes the pieces work on conscious and subconscious levels. Chase Down In Little Tokyo harkens back to some more traditional Protector 101arrangements but the evolutionary step that has been taken between releases make the manifest of an entirely new origin and destination. The coarseness and belligerence is replaced with a balance of light and dark that instills far greater hope and humanity, even in the darkest sectors.

These attitudes are displayed perfectly through Infiltrate. A brutishly powerful bassline threatens to obliterate all in it's path but cumulous synth formations keep the atmosphere balanced and controlled under huge aural threats. I feel like I'm constantly on the verge of falling off the precipice into the twisted  mass of steel and concrete below, but I'm kept from harm by the awesome powers of melody which keep the perspective balanced, albeit on a knife edge.

Through the final chapters of Hunter's Journey the elements at play never give any quarter. The fierceness of the arrangements are set to such an intensity that the fabric of the medium tears and judders; attempting in vain to control the uncontrollable. The rise and fall of the hero is described in a pastiche of moments that become a timeless myth. The triumphant glory of Hunter's Descent is deeply moving as the cost of immortality becomes the unpaid debt to the powers of the universe. The legend of one man will always live on and the story becomes a part of who we are, as if our own pain and joys are shared as one throughout time. The Hunter's Journey has no destination, or conclusion, it is instead a struggle that never ends.

This astonishingly beautiful EP contains a vastness and depth uncommon. It's rare that I can feel every second of a release so intimately, but Hunter's Journey affords me this and each subsequent listen takes me further into the world of Protector 101's vision.  This is truly a Synthetix Reference Experience in the genre of true soundtrack synth work that is most definitely rooted in the classic 80s styles, but is also a timeless record that transcends the concept of time.

The Hunter's Journey EP is presented by Aphasia Records on their Bandcamp page here and I wholly encourage all fans of quality synth music to make this essential and existential musical journey their own.

Monday, April 1, 2013

JF Conrad Tears Up The Streets In One Hot Ride

For those unaware of the musical stylings of one Jan-Friedrich Conrad please have a read and a listen to his previous album collaboration with Alpha Boy here. This producer's body of work speaks for itself and I pleases me greatly to be able to share JF Conrad's latest solo single release: Giugiaro Prototype Theft.

Any time a musician who actually produced in the 80s releases new material that is intentionally of their vintage inspirations my imagination gets carried away almost instantly. I'm known to go on and on about authenticity in the 80s inspired music produced today, meaning it's got the taste, flavour, sound and presence of the 80s running through it's entirety. When something like the latest JF Conrad single comes along it grabs me hook, line and sinker. The soundscape is a window through which I can see the 80s still lives and thrives, with a heart the beats to a rhythm beyond the passage of time.

Giugiaro Prototype Theft is a classic example of 80s nouveau synth jazz that reminds me greatly of the classic instrumental composers like Toshiki Kadomatsu who's sounds were of a much more exploratory and ethereal nature that engaged the listener in exciting new ways. From the beginning of Giugiaro Prototype Theft we're taken by a melodic refrain full of drama that provides the basis for the experience. The structure of this track is what makes it such an adventure though, guitars scream their importance through middle stages and synths are allowed to run wild through traffic filled chicanes of heart pumping action.

Every instrument is given a role of importance and carries the piece equally, the live-sounding drum track is augmented beautifully by the bass guitar melodies that pump and dive through dense passages of intricately deft stretches of scorching tarmac. The keyboards are really where the lights flash the brightest with barrages of paparazzi-like bursts that freeze frame into moments of crystallised musical magic.

This experience is so deep and full of engaging nuances and ornately sculpted passages that repeated listens or not only suggested but demanded. There is just so much to take in and enjoy that this track seems give hours of entertainment far beyond it's three minutes and forty eight second duration.

I dearly hope that JF Conrad continues producing odysseys like Giugiaro Prototype Heist. His background in making 80s soundtracks and his obvious love for the authentic arrangements really give him a huge arsenal of weaponry to make for some very explosive experiences.

Please add this totally rockin synth jazz escapade to your music collection by purchasing it through JF Conrad's Bandcamp page here, and get a direct view into the past from the present into the future.