Monday, July 30, 2012

MegaDrive's Electric Getaway

I'm back from a week's vacation and ready to rock on Synthetix. I do apologise for not doing a Weekend Update this past weekend, I managed to contract a cold that sucked all the life out of me for a few days. The sickness is passing however, and the 80s synth scene is alive with beautiful music, so lets get into a new week with a new artist: MegaDrive.

For those unaware, the name MegaDrive was the name of SEGA's 16bit videogaming console from the late 80s. It was named Genesis in the U.S and MegaDrive everwhere else. This console is still one of my favourites, one of my MegaDrive's permanently sits under my TV, currently with Lightening Force inserted and ready to rock. This was arguably SEGA's most successful console and is one of my favourite memories of late 80s and early 90s gaming.

For an 80s synth artist to surface calling himself MegaDrive brings with it an aire of excitement and it's a mantle a weak or lesser artist would be mistaken to use. This gentleman, though, is well worthy of this monicker. His music is action packed with killer set pieces, driving pace, untold drama and swells with emotion.

MegaDrive's Electric Getaway is a fantastic example of his high octane synth thrillrides. This track explodes with pure raw power and demands the listener's attention as distorted melodies paint the sky in red rage. Blast processed arrangements of parallax glory create a spectacle of earthshattering vision. Million volt handclaps ignite the electric atmosphere with forked lightning, dousing all below in a millisecond of stark light; cutting through the darkness with astounding ferocity.

The Electric Getaway is a neutron bomb of raucous synth work, and is one of MegaDrive's more energetic compositions, I find this elevates beyond his other tracks on soundcloud, but all of his work is definitely worth the dread and dark synth terror beholdent to the listener. We can but look forward to more high grade experiences from this artist, so please follow him on soundcloud ... if you dare! by clicking here and Liking him on Facebook here.

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