Saturday, July 7, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

I hope this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix finds you well and rockin the weekend hard, lets get right to it and keep the temperature sizzling!

Pilotpriest has release a magnificent new piece entitled Canyons, inspired by the upcoming Paul Schrader movie The Canyons. This is a sublime work of absolute quality. One of my favourite Pilotpriest ventures, it's thoroughly deep and mesmerizing.

Lost Years is keeping up his manic rate of production of superb synth sounds with his newest refinement of Breeze. This second version is cementing Lost Years' blending of italo synth and soundtrack synth in completely beautiful directions. This fine producer's work must be due for an album release some time soon, we can but hope.

DigitalNativeDance released a magnificently remixed version of Bikslow's Artanist. This has 80s love and power coursing through it's veins and makes for a totally high energy synthtacular experience. Very impressive work!

Continuing on the remixi theme we have had two brilliant remixes released of Lueur Verte's Night Slasher II. Both Perturbator and Arcade High have provided the reinterpretations and both are works monstrous magnitude. Perturbators dark synth stylings lend themselves well to the original's air of menace with rapid drum fills and thundering bassline terror. Arcade High brings in some kick arse video game drama to his remix and creates a new atmosphere of fear in the digital world. Both are must-hear!

Giallo Disco raconteur Vercetti Technicolor published another piece of horror synth work with L'incubo Senza Fine (Reprise). This genre is a thoroughly wondrous sub-genre of 80s inspired synth work and once again Vercetti Technicolor nails it, violently, into digital oblivion.

Dreaming Android Films has released the video envisionment of Klockhaus's Damage Report this week. A perfect companion to the aural majesty of the music, the video is a hypnotising mix of classic clips from 80s commercial ans promos. A perfect mix.

Another excellent clip from video editor extraordinaire Neros77 was released this week also. This man has once again made the perfect visual accompaniment to one of my favourite tracks released this year; Lazerhawk's Theme. Superlative work as always from Neros77, capturing the spirit and vision of this piece of music perfectly.

That does us for another week  on Synthetix. Next week I'll be covering, amongst other releases, AKAHandsDown and Sello RekT, so stay tuned for more music to keep you firmly stuck in the 80s, right where you want to be!

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