Saturday, July 14, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been a massive week in the 80s inspired synth scene, so many quality releases and new artists cropping up too. The scene is always exciting, but this week's produced a bumper crop of rockin 80s action.

Peturbator's been blowing minds for a few months now and his latest work is providing even more excitement for his upcoming album. Welcome To Nocturne City is a piece of pure full throttle synth drama, unrelenting and massively atmospheric. His new album can't arrive soon enough!


Another artist upping the ante with each new track is DreamWave Dave. I love this producer's style and his synth pop style has developed even further with his new song Free Dreamer. This has a got a killer vocal track that is pure early 80s, the melody and arrangements all come together in one very rockin track.


A new work from Greetings Program always piques my interest and the demo released this week entitled To Memory 0222A is one hell of a killer track. Even in demo form it is packed with action, super catchy melodies and some scintillating synth solos.


This week I had the pleasure of being introduced to Antoni Maiovvi and am instantly a fan of this producer's work. His newest release, Prisoner Nightdrive is a menacing symphony of total giallo disco. Hypnotising melodies and an atmosphere of macabre malevolence make for one magnificent experience.


It wouldn't be a proper Weekend Update on Synthetix without something new from Lost Years to talk about. His recent forays into italo synth have now given way to some absolutely amazing electro synth funk. The teaser for The Funk is such a great piece, I can hear Lost Years stylistic accents throughout it and am champing at the bit to hear more.


Keeping in the poppin and lockin mood one of my new favourite producers SelloRekT/LA Dreams put up a total breakdance anthem entitled Breakin' The Electric Streets. A beautifully bouncey bassline and high energy melodies make this the must have song to have in your boombox on every city street corner this week.


Lastly this week I wanted make mention of synth pop producer Collins' new Bandcamp page. His classic Secret Admirer EP is up on there as well as some other gems including is awesome Loverboy song. Make sure you pay Collins a visit on this new home for his music by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Weekend Update as much as I did and I look forward to sharing more future memories from the most exciting new producers of 80s synth music next week!

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