Saturday, February 18, 2017

Synthetix.FM is On Hiatus for 2017

After five years of doing Synthetix.FM I'm taking this year off. I don't feel the drive to do the site anymore and want to go back to listening to music just for the sake of listening to it for a while instead of feeling the need to critique/promote/share/etc everything I listen to.

I'll be evaluating things throughout the year and always leave the possibility open for returning  sooner rather than later but for now Synthetix.FM is on hiatus til next year.

Bear in mind Synthetix Music on Facebook is still rockin, so please share your own music and musical discoveries in there.

The site will stay up but won't have any further updates until I deem it necessary to post something. Many thanks to all the contributors the site has had over the years and to all the site's readers and supporters.

Here's to staying 80s forever.

Keep on rockin.