Saturday, June 30, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's a cold and wet weekend here in Australia, but I hope this week's Weekend Update brings some warm neon glow and sparkling light to wherever you are on planet Earth.

Kenji Run! has published a beautifully emotive piece of 80s synth passion entitled Together Until I Die. This demo version already feels super polished and allows the highly emotive melodies to shine. Excellent atmosphere and execution.


Another demo track surfaced this week from one of the scene's most prolific producers 80s Stallone. Radioactive feels like a more introspective piece, uncomplicated but still highly entertaining. The basslines are really something special in Radioactive, very entrancing.


Something a bit different now from Alloapm. This song called Face To Face To Phaze caught my attention and has something about that I find very delightful. Although not a strictly 80s synth song, it has copious amounts of 80s soul burning within. The vocal track is incredible too, one of the best I've of this style since M83's classic 0078h.


NeonFlashDrive has released an awesome cover of the theme song to the 80s inspired video game classic GTA Vice City. His reworking of this conjures many wonderful memories playing this game. His new original track Dark City will be featured on the blog next week.

80s synth scene legend Lost Years furnished us with yet another opus of musical adventure with Beneath The Surface. I think Lost Years recent foray into more Italo sounds has left a wonderful mark, or lets say beauty spot, on his sounds. This track is a total work of art in combining melodies and sounds. Incredible.

Cut Slack shared a phenmonal preview to their new work this week and it's a disco powered synth funk adventure. I'm assuming this will be a full album release from this group and I hope it's going to be out soon. Solid gold rockin action.

Lastly this week we have a short teaser video for a new release from Garth Knight. I've been an ardent fan of this producers work and the promise of a new release is always very exciting. As always, I'll cover this on Synthetix as soon as it's out.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix, I hope you enjoyed the music on offer this week and I look forward to sharing more 80s inspired magic with you next week.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sharing Daybreak With Mitch Murder

When it comes to 80s inspired synth music Mitch Murder is a producer that is constantly pushing the envelope and releasing visionary pieces, but his consistency at doing this is one of the most amazing things about his releases. Each new production is a precursor to excitement and it's, as I often say, a red letter day when a new Mitch Murder single is published.

With his recent Mars EP we were introduced to a more progressive side of Mitch's talents, with a lot of new sounds and directions beyond the stylised Current Events or Burning Chrome albums. His new track Daybreak is again and another journey to another land, and it's also a sign of more evolution from this producer.


The one thing that stands out to me in this piece is the beauty of simplicity. The sounds are uncomplicated and melodies are streamlined to the sharpness of a razor. One thing that a lot of Mitch Murder tracks have are dense details, seemingly infinite layers, and star point brilliant embellishments. Daybreak forgoes these gilded facades and mirror polished productions in favour of beautifully sparse landscape punctuated only by the barest necessities of aural details.

I can only imagine how hard it must have been for Mitch to restrain himself in the writing of this piece, I can almost feel the bridle being pulled back to stop to keep from galloping into the sun drenched horizon. But it's this control that makes Daybreak feel so wonderful. There's tension, passion and stories only briefly whispered, but only the lightest touch and hint of these are what makes them feel so perfect. This music is spun from gossamer and each individual thread bears a weight far beyond it's apparent limitations.

Daybreak adds yet another dimensional plane to Mitch Murder's existentially musical universe and it's one I hope he lets us visit again some time soon. As alway, be sure to follow Mitch Murder on his soundcloud here and on his Facebook page here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On An Arcade High In The Electric City

The newest sensation this week in the 80s synth scene is Arcade High. Out of nowhere this gentleman has unleashed a full new album of  solid gold 80s anthems. All the album's tracks are available for free download on soundcloud here and Bandcamp here, which I'd highly encourage to to enjoy as soon as possible.

Arcade High brings in a consistent new thematic to the 80s synth sound with the inclusion and superb use of the 80s arcade game soundscape. In tones and arrangements we experience this throughout the album, but it's incoporated in a way that stays true to the 80s synth aesthetic without becoming Chip Tune music.

This is very special to me as it's only reecently that I realised new generations have never had the pleasure and excitement of having a local video arcade. The arcades in my city and the town I grew up in were a big part of my fondest childhood memories. The atmosphere was unlike any other, the arcade experience just doesn't exist these days as it did in the 80s, which a shame. I often reminice with old games and it puts me instantly back in from of a lumbering, cathode ray tube based, coin muncher. The elation of getting a high score, the tantalising joy of playing a new game for the first time. The sharing of the future of entertainment, the feeling of being a part of new technology in a very social way.

The 80s was a golden age in every respect and the more I revive, re-experience and re-discover the elements that made up those magical times the more of them I find. Arcade High has combined the feel of the 80s arcade soundtrack with the more atmospherically driven synth elements of the time and come out with a winning formula. Throughout the album we are taken back to visceral moments of joyful joystick jockeying and fire button frenzies, all while the air of emotional synth soundtracks fill the senses and drive the intensity even further.

Arcade High has become a part of the Synthetix-backed Aphasia Records collective and I hope he finds a welcome home with genre peers and friends alike, the future holds a great deal of promise for this artist and I hope you give him lots of support via the links above and on his Facebook page here.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rockin' Through Summer With Lueur Verte

The 80s synth scene has been evolving quite a bit over the last couple of months. More producers have been raising the quality of their releases and have begun experimenting in new directions. There's so much influence to draw from in 80s pop/electronic/soundtrack music that we're getting bold new sounds and the horizon's being pulled back even further as the neon colours it in ways we thought were only possible in the fantasies of dreams.

It's time to say, as SEGA so poingnantly put it, Welcome To The Next Level. With the advent of artists like Flash Arnold, Perturbator and others forging the way it has now come to pass that the total rocking riffage of electric guitars in 80s inspired synth music has become the sound of now. I've been longing for this to happen, the mainstay of the 80s sounds, the axe that wields the power, the feeling of electric excitement, the guitars are now, as they were in the 80s, at one with the futuristicly synthesized sounds of tomorrow.

There have been numerous tracks released with guitars in the past, but the new release from Lueur Verte entitled Rockin' Summer is the watershed moment for this next phase in the development of the music we love. The reason for this is simple, but first, lets get rockin!

As the golden tones of summer melodies fill the atmosphere both synthesizer and guitar take flight. The complementary nature of their sounds are both rivetting and enthralling. Then the main rhythm kicks in and we're taken far away through pounding basslines chugging guitar riffs and synthesized melodies. It hits hard and it hits instantly. The melding of all the sounds into a complete powerhouse. It's like going from a string quartet to a full orchestra, the experience becomes a supercharged juggernaut of aural intensity.

The real reason for this is that the guitar track in Rockin' Summer is the engine room of the experience. The guitar isn't used just an extra layer or solo, it's used as the focus, and the energy is allowed to rise from each chord through the atmospheric layers of synths into what is, quite simply, the 80s.
The balance is perfect and the experience is a bitchen epiphany.

Lueur Verte's masterpiece is the essence of finely distilled 80s love and is bottled fresh and ready to refresh the pallete of the listener over and over again. Let's hope we hear Lueur Verte rocking all the way through summer and beyond so please be sure to give him all the love you can on his soundcloud here and Facebook here.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's time to rock the Weekend Update on Synthetix. Let's get down to business!!

First up we have the new Engarde song. These guys are one of my favourite acts for doing French Touch that is drenched in 80s loving. Firebird is another bouncy piece disco that builds exceptionally well and has hooks the run super deep.

Keeping on a disco feeling the new piece from Dizkopolis entitled Class of 91 (part 2) is more sweet synthy loving with a bit of a 16bit mood thrown in for good measure. This is so catchy and perfectly engineered, just beautiful. A really great example of the disco/French Touch/80s synth genre mixture.

Greetings Program shared a new untitled demo this week and it's a totally rockin work of electro synth breakdance gold. Even in this demo form the music is right on point and the sounds used bring together the 1985 vibe perfectly.

Let's ramp up the drama now with AKAHandsDown's new synthscapade: Death Chase. This new producer is building up a great repertoire of tracks on his soundcloud and this latest one is definitely the most rockin. I'm hoping for a full length mix of this to turn up soon!

Hard New Wave raconteurs extraordinaire Monster Domino are kicking into high gear on their new work Lamborghini Countach. Rockin a super rad melody over driving guitars and drums makes for a high powered rocket fuelled odyssey!

It must be the return of summer to the northern hemisphere or something as it seems the warmer weather is stepping up the production rate with some of our favourite producers. 80s Stallone shared another quality piece of new material with Super Pursuit Mode this week, yet again we have another beauiful experience of sublime melodious and delectable sounds.

The last stop off on this week's Weekend Update is a totally kick arse mix from Italy's Vommino. This plays like a year end highlight reel from the Rosso Corsa record lable, A very high quality mix of some of the best the 80s genres have to offer is included in this experience.

That's us done for another Weekend Update, I look forward to sharing more classically style synth experiences with you over the coming week.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Flamingo Drive Are Thinking Of You

When I look back at all the classic 80s sounds and really look for the hallmarks of what makes something sound so much like this epic decade there are obvious ones, and then there are less obvious traits. We all know and love the classic Italo sounds, and the sweeping synth soundtrack work of the time, and of course the acres of gorgeous synth pop. But there are other forms from the 80s that are more subjective to one, or only a couple of bands or artists.

One of these is New Order. I've loved New Order since the early 80s, True Faith is my favourite song of all time and when I hear a new song that has elements from this seminal group in their sound I can't help but sit up and beg for more. The new single from Flamingo Drive released on Pole Position Recordings is a lovely piece of laid back nu-disco with a distinctly 80s edge, and that edge is sharp, precise and delightfully dangerous.

The song is made up of some hazey dazey melodies with a ghostlike vocal from Eric Cozier, but when the bassline comes in it's like Peter Hook circa 1987 straight off the latest New Order 12inch single. And I love it. The bassline and main rhythm add a great dimension to the sound and as the track moves throughout it's stages it keeps a distinctive air and a very smooth flavour.

The four track EP has extended mixes from Satin Jackets and CRAM, and even though I do like the way the vocal is used in the Vocal Mix, I find the Instrumental Mix completely enrapturing and absorbing. It's just awesome to hear the new love for a vintage sound, that really isn't vintage at all. If anything this new release from Flamingo Drive proves how much the 80s gave us for musical inspiration, and the scope for how much more inspiration it can offer us seems entirely limitless from my perspective.

You can buy the EP on Juno here and be sure to follow more 80s lovin' from Pole Position Recordings on their soundcloud here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Down To Business With Mr Nissness

Last week was highlighted by the Makeup And Vanity Set album 88:88, this was released through Telefuture Records and this week I'm going to cover another of their quality releases, this time Mr Nissness' EP Formative Epoch. Telefuture Records are focussing on 80s inspired music and the new Mr Nissness' EP is a superb example of a whole bunch of multidirectional 80s loving.

The EP spans numerous directions and disciplines of 80s synth music and each piece has it's own flavour. From spicy chip tune influenced work to richly delicious synthpop styles it creates some rather delectable audio fare.

Nightfall/Emissary begins the proceedings with a high energy bassline, driving beat and elements of pure OutRun racing into the sunset. The reasonably minimalist affair production-wise works perfectly and when the guitar solo starts ripping the sunset gives way to a neon drenched night.

The next track entitled Departure is my favourite experience on the EP. The music is pure 80s synthpop, with a melancholy edge. Emotional basslines and deep synth melodies create a somber mood. The percussive fills are the perfect accents to the experience. I really feel this track, it's a totally captivating piece of work, absolute brilliance.

The EP continues on with Failure Embrace. This delves into more traditional 16bit sounds and rocks a killer breakbeat. The track meanders a little, however but by the mid point it intruduces some super catchy melodies that move things in a more deliberate direction. It's a piece that grows on me more and more however.

The Formative Epoch EP finishes off with it's title track. Another more chip tune sounding piece that again goes in another direction to the rest of the EP. That said, this is the most emotive chip tune style music I've heard outside of a game. The melodies really soar and the uncomplicated sounds lend a charm to music that is very infectious. I'm not entirely sold on the drum track for the the first half of this piece, but all is made right by the midpoint when a burst of speed creates a driving soundrack that would be at home on any classic 16bit shoot em up. I can almost hear the scan lines.

I do greatly enjoy this EP, although Departure is far and away my favourite composition on the release the other pieces do provide a great ride through many colourful 80s destinations. This is another stellar release from Telefuture Records and I'd encourage you to pick this EP (and Makeup And Vanity Set's 88:88) of their website here. Be sure to listen to more Telefuture experiences on their soundcloud here and get behind this bitchen label.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mitch Murder Takes Us To Mars

After the short hype video posted on the Synthetix Weekend Update we now have the fortune of experiencing Mitch Murder's new EP: Mars. There's always much excitement whenever new music surfaces from one of the scenes leading artists and the Mars EP proves his stature once again.

Mitch Murder usually works his releases around a thematic or unifying idea and Mars is definitely the spaciest Mitch has sounded. The more urban drama staged in his last album Current Events is eschewed for a cosmic odyssey to the red planet. The sounds and melodies dance in more apparent void. Far less constrained, more expansive and definitely more free flowing.

The introductory piece (The Arrival) sets the scene and mood perfectly, the perfect soundtrack to the first space shuttle launch in the early 80s. Escaping the Earth's gravitational pull and soaring through the cosmos. A very 70s prog feeling accompanies the first full track The Deimos Incident. This is as laid back as I have heard Mitch Murder in this piece. There's no rush into anything, synth layers and melodies are allowed to steer their own course through a star filled backdrop.

The pace and action builds through Phobos Gun Run with more of Mitch's musical trademarks hitting their stride, but building in an almost jazzy manner. That Mitch Murder timing on his breaks feels at it's best in this track. The middling pace just increases the emphasis ten fold.

For all the enjoyment and pleasure the first three tracks bring to the listener I find all three serve as a build up to Valles Marineris Pursuit, the last track on the EP and, for this listener, the true climax of our Mars voyage. All the space synth elements sound like they finally have fallen into place. The sounds combine to perfection with every accent and nuance delivered with laser precision.

This last track isn't just tmy favourite track on the EP, but it's one of my favourite Mitch Murder tracks of all time. There's just something about this that feels like the artist has thrown off the shackles and rocked as hard as he can. That said, the entire EP is a wonderful listen from start to finish. And if anything, the final piece is made all the more special by the preceding three, the Mars EP is a full and rewarding experience that is a genuine interstellar experience unlike any other.

For only $3.99 you can pick up the Mars EP on Mitch Murder's Bandcamp here, and be sure to follow him on soundcloud here as well.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Patrick Baker Gets 2 Know You

I've said it numerous times on this blog in the past, and I'm sure I'll say it many times in the future, that it's very, very hard for modern producers to totally nail the 80s synth pop sound when it comes to full band sounds and especially vocals. When it's done right, however, it's a true epiphany and Patrick Baker's new song Get 2 Know U is that epiphany actualised.

Right from the get go this song is a sugar rush of synthesized delicacies. Patrick brings in a great vocal style that really shines throughout the song. Verses and choruses are delivered in a totally authentic manner. Angsty, pouty, suggestive, but always with that boy-next-door element. The chorus itself is an infectious piece of brilliance, in fact all the arrangements are 1000% accurate and engineered to please.

The breakdowns, bridges and the absolutely stunning sax solo all combine to make the perfect 80s synth pop song. Such a fulfilling experience is uncommon these days, I often hear tracks that are so powerful and passionate that they don't require a vocal but Get 2 Know U just goes to show how 80s music should be done in no uncertain terms.

I'll be following Patrick Baker like a Duran Duran groupie in 1983 and I hope you will too on his soundcloud here and his Facebook page here.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's Weekend Update time once again on Synthetix, so let's get a rockin' and a rollin' into some of this past week's highlights.

First of we've got a magnificent new demo from 80s Stallone. Entitled Expectations this yet another shining example of this artists skillful work. The man has a gift for creating perfect, catchy synth melodies and Expectations, even in this demo form, sounds like it's going to be another instant-classic from this producer.

NeonFlashDrive keeps going from strength to strength with his music and he's refining his sound with each new release. Teenage Dream has a gorgeous (what I'd call) 80s euro-synth melody over the top of a brightly coloured main melody, giving both a beauitufl contrast. Beautiful music.


One of my favourite 80s inspired acts that always leave me wanting more is Jupiter Gang. Their brand of 80s electro funk synth is totally entrancing and always pack with catchy hooks. This new track is even more glittering funk gold. I'm really hoping an album or EP surfaces from Jupiter Gang soon.


Lost Years has been channelling Jan Hammer from the sounds of his latest teaser: The Harbour Heist. This is pure action drama soundtrack synth work from one of the modern masters. In just under a minute Lost Years puts you in a time and place perfectly. I'm hoping this develops into a six or seven minute epic.


I was originally planning on covering the demo of Vector Hold's Tough Turf in this Weekend Update but this producer has finalised this track in the meantime, which gives me even greater pleasure. A sterling example of refined melodies and laser guided arrangements with pin point accuracy. This is next-level work from Vector Hold and raises the bar very high for his future efforts.


Our last stop on this week's Weekend Update is a tantalising teaser for a new project from Mitch Murder. I'll let you make your own interpretations for what this cryptic message means, but I know one thing that's guaranteed with any new Mitch Murder release: 1000% excitement!


Next week on Synthetix I'll be covering some exciting news from Aphasia Records and Telefuture Records as well as the stupendous new song from Patrick Baker along with even more synth-scapades in 80s inspired synth scene.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Arc Neon Goes Beyond Our Control

Arc Neon (formerly Wolf and Yeti) has just released the wonderfully prophetic and apocalyptic Beyond Our Control to their soundcloud and it's one k-rad ride into oblivion.

For those that didn't grow up in the 80s it's hard to imagine how pervasive the air of possible nuclear annihilation was. The Cold War brought a huge air of tension to the decade. As a child in the early 80s I was personally pertrified of nuclear war, and it all seemed like the end of civilisation was around the corner and we were genuinely on the brink of extinction.

It was a common theme of living in the 80s, between all the reinterpretated Nostradamus predictions and disasters natural and other wise as well as the new AIDS epidemic it seemed like it could all go up in in a mushroom cloud at any given moment. This is probably a bit harder to understand these days, as theres no real threat of nuclear war and we are much more conscious of looking to the future and are more aware of our ecology and environment. One just needs to look at all the nuclear-fear movies made in the 80s, and their post-apolcalyptic counterparts to see how real this was at the time.

The reason for this history lesson is because Arc Neon's new track encapsulates that time and feeling. With a super catchy lead synth and selected current affairs samples this composition really conveys that mood of unknowing and tension. Everything seemed 'beyond our control'. This was the constant shadow over the 80s, for all the wondrous times and discoveries, the air of a fate we could do nothing about was ever present. Arc Neon recounts these events over thoughtful synths and reflective melodies that work exceptionally well together.

This track is "80s" on an entirely new level and the darker side of what went on in my favourite decade is something worth revisiting, especially in such a poignant manner as this track.

Arc Neon will be releasing a new EP in the coming months, and I'll be sure to cover it on Synthetix, make sure you give them lots of love on their soundcloud here and follow them Facebook here in the meantime.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lolski Stays Young At Heart

With combined talents spanning the globe from Indonesia to Amsterdam, Lolski and Bramirez have released Young At Heart. Once again Future City Records have released a quality piece of lovingly made 80s synth worship and this two track EP is thrilling and entrancing in equal amounts.

The elements blend beautifully in Young At Heart, creating a swirling dreamscape of synth melodies, but still manages to keep an energetic feeling to the piece. There's a a lovely melange of sounds and styles in this piece, some of the synth layers can sound more hazy and Dreamwave like, but there's also a driving Italo feel, overflowing with passion and energy.

Lolski's other track on the EP is Metropolis, which were are now fortunate enough to be able to own after hearing it's gorgeous tones for months around the traps. Both these tracks are thoroughly wonderful pieces of true 80s inspired synth music and for 99¢ on Bandcamp, you can't go wrong.

Pick up your copy on Future City Records' Bandcamp here and give Lolski lots of love on his soundcloud here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Makeup And Vanity Set At 88​:​88

I've only just come to know (and love) Makeup And Vanity Set. I stumbled upon their Charles Park III release of last year and have now come across their newest release entitled 88:88. This is a very, very special record and it's probably the most soulful and deep 80s inspired synth music I've heard. Theres a magic feeling about each piece of every track that permeates and reverberates from within.

To be honest it was very hard to choose only two tracks to include in this review, but I think both give an insight into the entire 88:88 experience. I think the biggest ingredient that makes the biggest difference in this release's sound can be summed up in one short four letter word: prog. This album is a glorious mix of 80s synth art combined with a heaping helping of 70s prog synth.

Combined it makes a timeless sound that has infinite depth and limitless scope. Their masterwork, simply entitled Val, sounds like it's been cut directly from Vangelis' Bladerunner OST; a higher regard I could not give.

88:88 is a markedly more atmospheric release compared to Charles Park III, both records are sublime and are loaded with integrity, but this latest album is something else. The majesty and evocations of 88:88 create entire galaxies to experience, utterly entrancing and wholly encompassing. Allow yourself to be taken on this synthesised adventure and you'll come back enlightened, invigorated and totally enriched.

You can buy 88:88 off Makeup And Vanity Set's Bandcamp here for only $8.99. Make sure you follow them on souncloud here and Facebook here too.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been a massive week in the 80s synth scene and we've got a bumper Weekend Update to cover the brightest stars that shined over the past seven days.

Let's open things up with a massive new track from DigitalNativeDance. Rise Up is an anthemic powerhouse of pure 80s synth gold. This artist is maintaining a very high standard with each successive release and Rise Up elevates his sounds even further.

On the more experiemental Dreamwave tip the most bitchenly named Puffernutter released Dream World. A swirling and reverberating ride through new dimensions of synthesized delirium. Puffernutter's really nailing the sounds and moods here, brilliant work.

One of my favourite new artists Kenji Run published a demo of his newest work entitled There's Rain Outside. I adore the pace of this track, it gallops along and creates an ambience of total excitement. Once it's been completed I can see this being one of his strongest songs thus far.

Newcomer Delenda Est has only two tracks up on his soundcloud, but this piece entitled June 3rd is a beautiful example of total 80s synth love. I'm hoping this producer keeps at it as he's definitely got the feel and for what this music is all about.

FlashBoy (formerly Horror Machine) has released a preview of his latest work Summertime. This preview promises a beautiful example of classic 80s/French Touch that he does so very well. I'm imagining this is going to be an epic summer time anthem by the time it's done and could well prove to be FlashBoy's breakout track.

Garth Knight keeps raising the bar higher and higher with each new release and Vigilante Part 1 finds him dabbling in a more soundtrack style atmosphere. He's developing his own style and allowing his pieces to really evolve. A really superb example of creating drama towards the back end too, magical!!

Russia's Bluezz Vylez has been experimenting with a 80s synthwave sounds for a while, but his latest piece entitled Ocean Console really makes for an exceptionally radical experience. I love the timing of this track and the layers of synths compliment eachother perfectly.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have another collaborative composition from Perturbator, this time with Starforce and what these talents have combined to create is absoloutely gorgeous. Retrofuture's is an anthemic soundtrack of dimension defying proportions. This must be listened to numerous times to pick up all the magic weaved throughout it's near six and a half minutes. So delicate in delivery, but powerful in atmosphere and mood. A true work of genius from both producers.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix and I look forward to sharing more discoveries in the world of the 80s inspired synth scene next week.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ventilate The Hot Hot Hawk

Russia keeps producing such wonderful artists with the love of the classic 80s sounds burning in their veins. Every producer I hear from the now defunct Eastern Bloc seems to have slightly different take on their reenvisioning of the 80s when compared to their Western or Eastern counterparts. There's just something more visceral and primal about this region's sounds. I can't put my finger on it, but it's definitely a tangible difference.

In Hot Hot Hawk's music I hear this raw passion and throughout his new six track EP entitled Ventilate the experience is an insatiable cavalcade of pure listening excitement.


The music itself is presented in an uncomplicated and clean way, definitely in keeping with the traditions of 80s electronic music production. The rhythms, melodies and orchestrations are crisp and crafted with care. Sounds are written into tapestries of music and each piece adds new dimensions to the experience. The use of guitar elements elevate the soundscape while the percussive details all count and nothing gets lost or undervalued in the mix.

Over the six tracks Hot Hot Hawk traverses light years of 80s love, from drama and thrills to intimately sentimental moments that touch deeply. This EP brings it's own flavour to the table in a six course repast of music sure to fill the biggest 80s appetite. You can buy Ventilate on Hot Hot Hawk's Bandcamp here and make sure you follow his future odysseys on his soundcloud here.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pilotpriest: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I'm a big fan of 'concept' work in the 80s inspired musical genres. I think the nature of 80s synth music lends itself beautifully to a theme or mood spread over an array of tracks. Much like the classic Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis albums that worked a concept over an entire album while encompassing so many moods and visions the modern take on this music does itself huge favours when a concept is used. Pilotpriest has released a new epic that takes the definition of what defines a concept album and makes it his own in a very special way.

This album is entitled Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and it's track names consist entirely of 80s movie titles. All the music is original compositions, which I'm imagining, has been inspired from said movie's they're named after. What we have here is twenty five (yes, 25) tracks that are one mans reflections on a decade, compiled into one blockbuster experience.

The sheer volume of pieces combined with their own individual intricacies and microcosms makes this a soundtrack to the 80s itself. It's taken many months for Pilotpriest to get this together, and upon a full listening it feels more like a life's work. There is meaning and depth to each and every work on here, delicately composed melodies and deliberately layered soundscapes making each track a new experience and a new chapter in the story.

The variety of sounds and moods all have common themes that bring life to each one, underlying feelings that radiate and resonate throughout the entire record. To say this album is a masterpiece is a not strong enough. This album is an experience that is entirely individual. The massive amount of music combined with the artistry and evocations of each track makes for a record unlike any other I've had the pleasure of listening to.

I also love that I've been hearing numerous pieces off this over the last six months, it's been like see short trailers for a movie that ignites a spark in your imagination and sets fire to the possibilities of what could be in store for you. And like any great movie you experience by the time it gets to the end, you're ready to rewind it back to the start and experience the magic all over again.

Pilotpriest's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack should be in everyone's music library. It's an album full of familiar friends, new faces, exciting locales and sumptous vistas. All this for only 99¢ on Bandcamp makes this the biggest bang for your entertainment buck possible. Get your own copy of Original Motion Picture Soundtrack here and make sure you tune into to Pilotpriest's soundcloud here for the next exciting episode.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Getting High On Remixes

I wanted to cover something a little different today on Synthetix. Although I strive to cover 80s inspired synth music exclusively I'm not one to shy away from quality remixes of modern tunes given a classically 80s flavour from the scene's producers.

House mainstay Lifelike has released a new track with Popular Computer entitled Getting High. To my ear the song itself is pretty cool, but it's not something I'd fall in love with. But when Tommy, Final DJ's, Silent Gloves and Collins get into action and work their own 80s magic into the music we get some interstellar results.

Each producer brings their own love to the experience. From Tommy's restrained ethereal musings, to Silent Gloves' sweeping and building delivery to Collins robotic space safari through to Final DJ's melodiously synthesized melange. Getting High gets taken to the next level in each remix and sounds all the more exciting for it.

These tracks make it plain to see that the scene is able to inject the 80s love in just the right doses to cure anyone's modern doledrums. Afterall, sometimes all we need is a little of that 80s magic in our day to make it a special one.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Day For Jordan F

Jordan F is a name of repute in the 80s synth scene. His body of work has grown immeasurably in quality of late, with the irrefutably epic Abandoned Streets EP along with other renvisionings of his past work as well as his other experimental projects. Jordan F is an artist constantly pushing himself and yearning for more from his music. A New Day marks an important stop on the Jordan F experience as it bridges the light and dark sides of his work and manages to do so seamlessly, which is a spectacular feat in itself and makes for an aural adventure unlike any other.

The magic of A New Day is that it's uplifting and infections melody is highlighted by dramatic percussive punctuation and searing synth solos. This creates a dual mood that works on many more levels and provides an all new aesthetic. The melody takes us into a radiating glow of  warmth and energy while the drums tracks deliver thunderclaps of power. The thrilling solos throughout the compostion add an even more electrified charge; making for a soundscape of contrasts, but also one that works as a whole entity as well.

I feel this artist is finding his own sound, discovering his own magic; and the leap of faith evidenced in this track provides proof positive of the next evolutionary phase of what this composer is capable of. I do believe Jordan F has found his sound, his muse and his inspiration in A New Day, and my interest couldn't be more piqued as to what will be next from Mr F.

Be sure to give Jordan F lots of love on his Facebook here and his soundcloud here to make sure you keep abreast of the happenings in Jordan F's musical adventures.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's Weekend Update time on Synthetix and once again there's been a slew of quality releases published this past week.

Where better place to start this week than with the atmospheric brilliance of Thomas Barrandon's new piece entitled 1111101. Punctuated by a live great live sounding drum track and glittering synths this is a very beautiful piece of music from start to finish. Thomas brings a lot of individuality to his music and obviously draws from many diverse influences. The results are always quality experiences.

Next up is bona fide coolrocker Fanateek One with his latest work in progress Extra Special. A saucy piece of smoothly distilled electro funk with a groove that's deep like a diamond mine. I can't wait to hear how this devlops further in the future as it's a very solid basis already.

I've covered Pilotpriest recently, but the culmination of his recent work has been released this past week. In preparation for larger post next week I wanted to include a track off his Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album in this Weekend Update. This album is hugely special, so please enjoy his Risky Business piece to whette your appetite.

Lost Years is continuing his intoxicated love affair with Italo Disco and his new track The Hunger (V1). Perfectly crafter Italo style melodies are laid on thick and fast and keep rockin hard. I for one think this adds a fantatic extra layer this talented artist's work and proves the ideal counterpoint to his more soundtrack oriented work.

Next up is a great little demo from Lambda with What Else Do You Wonder. This is a very cool piece of music that will hopefully evolve into something massive. Even at it's current two and a half minutes it is brimming with power and emotion. Good signs, indeed.

After releasing the absolutely stuning Break Point earlier this year Garth Knight has released his second composition entitled Silent Strike. This is another very strong track and is one of the most developed pieces I've heard from anyone in the scene. The music evolves and takes on a life of it's own with killer changes and luscious melodies throughout.

That does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix, next week we'll be taking even more adventures into the 80s synthscapes of the future and I hope you'll be coming along for the ride.