Saturday, September 1, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

Welcome to another Weekend Update on Synthetix. One thing becoming very evident is how hard the deciding line is becoming between releases getting their own dedicated post during the week or being included in the Weekend Update. I usually try to give the weekday posts to new artists, EPs and album releases, whereas singles/previews and remixes are covered on the Weekend Update. With the amount of quality music coming out that I'd like to cover it's becoming difficult as to how I'll cover everything.
But this is a wonderful problem to have, the scene's rich with talent at the moment and I want try to give every producer the chance to find an audience that appreciates their music.

One thing for sure, it's a great time to be a fan of 80s inspired synth music! Let's get rockin!

First off is superb preview for Dynatron's new EP release entitled Fireburner. This is due out September 8 and is sounding like it's going to be a grandiose spectacle of synthesized gold. The Dynatron sound is definitely rising to new levels from this preview, I'm greatly looking forward to the full experience.

LA Dreams is keeping his work rate as high as the standared of his writing and his new track Missing You is cementing his place in the upper echelons of the scene even further. It's becoming apparent to me that his Synth Romance tracks are his strongest sub-genre and Missing You proves this further.

The new song from Alloapm instantly grabbed my attention this week. The sounds in this track are beautifully constructed and the vocal track adds even more dimension to the experience. This avant garde track definitely has the soul of the 80s deep in it's heart. I hope Kingyo is a sign of sounds to come from Alloapm.

Jowie Schulner's music has been getting back to some classic 80s sounds recently, which is absolutely awesome in this man's eyes. His preview of the new track Klangk is a powerful and emotional piece that is begging to be fully realised in an extended format.

I've been a fan of Navigateur's experimental synth music for a while now, as I hope you are, and his latest release is the title track for his next album called 2020. This is so catchy it hurts, I love everything about this track and it's a wonderful hybrid of new and old sounds. The 2020 album is going to ROCK!

Professor Zonic Zynth's been hard at work in his laboratory creating new music and his piece Grace's Theme really does a magical job of creating a totally 80s atmosphere. This producer's work goes from strength to strength and I'm really hoping an album release is going to happen sometime soon.

Synthetix favourite Klockhaus has released his first EP through Purr Tapes on Bandcamp. This EP has a couple of new pieces as well as including some singles previously released, including the reference Brainchild. This has a limited edition cassette release so get on it while you can as they won't last long.

To finish off this Weekend Update we have Matt Creamer's new work. I find this very special as he's taken inspiration from an 80s TV commercial from Philips and written a track to go with the visuals. The end result is a sublime melding sound and vision in a manner I've not seen realised before. Exceptional music, and the perfect way to finish off another week on Synthetix.

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