Thursday, August 30, 2012

Arc Neon Turn Up The Night Heat

The UK's Arc Neon are back with a new six track concept EP seductively entitled Night Heat: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. This Director's Cut edition is six chapters of thrilling and arousing synth soundtrack music to the season's most adult feature; rated X for Xcitement.

Late night screenings on your local cable TV provider bring to life the story of betrayal and redemption set against a metropolitan heatwave where tensions explode into crimson passion and rage uncontrollably until the light of morning breaks.

The twin tales intertwine throughout, the good cop who's been set up, and the unbalanced killer, he himself his own worst victim. The quest for justice and lust for bloodshed mirror each's tortured soul. Through the night's blackness each man is tested to their limits, who will break first? And which mistress of both will tame them all?

Prey For Your Life is Night Heat's opening vignette, a steamy and seamy black lace curtain that parts just enough to see a hint of the nocturnal adventures of both characters. Melodies run deep, with a fierce maliciousness. The air is thick with night time emotions, black with intention, and moist with anticpation. This opener sets the stage for all that Night Heat promises to deliver.

The main theme opens up chapter two. The pace rises with the night air and the object of our passions is brought to mind. Through the cool of the night her body rises like the tide, ebbing and flowing. A mistress of untold pleasures and passions sure to make any man bow down, this is her night. The heat is completely pervasive throughout all living beings, yet she's so damn cool.

The lust gives way to terror by the third act, Midnight Madman is the aural encapsulation of a twisted and tortured mind who's pleasures have now been made a viscerally morbid reality. A terrifying lead melody summons the fear in all of us, each fresh victim a step down further into the psychic hell that sets the killer's mind afire. Control is abandoned and the ferverish synth melodies give no solace or reprieve, instead they make the frenzy rise even further. The heat of the night is coloured red with the life that once coursed through it, another citizen falls the blade of a maniac.

The atmosphere relents, finally. The scene changes to night time roof top shadow play. Our hero is on a time limit to disprove the guilt a corrupt court wants to hang him with. Breaking In By Moonlight is the only way to locate the evidence required. The law abider is now breaking the law he was once bound by in a quest to prove his innocence. The solemnity of the night, smooth with rhythm, his silhouette against the night sky. A moment's introspection as to how his life has changed, and how what he once knew as life has turned into bloody game of cat and mouse. The night toys with his emotions as the lock clicks open and the threshold of a new chapter is to be crossed.

The madness returns as the climax is upon us. The killer's jangled, staccato theme springs to life as the night brings the two tortured souls together. The realisation that each of them isn't who they thought they were twists like knives in their backs as the music builds a picture of the real truth. The melodies of madness meld with the familiar themes that once brought us comfort and gave us a sense of right and wrong. All caution is thrown to the four winds as the darkest realisation surfaces between them; the femme fatale has played them both against eachother for her own ends and her own amusement.

Femme Fatale finishes the Night Heat experience, the charm of the dark has now become the face of evil, her eyes no longer sparkle with lust for a partner, but now with the lust for blood. The souls already taken cry out for vengeance throughout, pleading for justice, only to be dismissed by a wave of her hand as the lethal murderess takes two more lives from the city. Both their bodies grow colder as the life leaves their bodies, submitting entirely to the Night Heat.

Future City Records presents Arc Neon's Night Heat: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on their Bandcamp here and I recommend you to take this erotic and thrilling adventure into the darkness of the night.

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