Saturday, September 15, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

Another week in the 80s inspired synth scene has produced some kick arse new tunes, let's catch up on some the special highlights and bring some neon 80s love into your weekend.

AKAHandsDown's most recent track called Morning Breeze is the perfect place to start. This lightly swaying piece of moody synth work is thoroughly beautiful. The sounds move in and out of visibility with gorgeous nuance, summoning feelings of a bright new day streaming with golden sunlight.

Shifting into high gear Stellar Dreams' new track Sunset Chaser is loaded with high energy action. The super busy perscussion tracks provided the perfect complement to the smoothly undulating synth melodies. The music powers along at gallop  and the slow canter in one of it's later acts serves even more enriching.

Lost Years is getting his electro groove rockin hard in his latest preview The Electro Clash. Channeling some Paul Hardcastle and bringing in the trademark Lost Years synth melodies makes for the tantalising experience. Although on a short demo, it will no doubt evolve further in the coming weeks.

A great new track from the talented Fanateek One surface this week called September's Nights. This has got to have one of the funkiest bass lines I've heard recently. The accompanying video clip from The Wizard just makes it all work even harder in recreating that quality 80s experience.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Tommy's back in action this time with a remix of a song by Pasha. The Tommy magic is a perfect match for this vocal heavy euro pop, and it's subtlety and emotion sound very 80s indeed. Black Tears is supremely atmospheric and completely invigorating.

A new talent on the scene is Jaypeau, his new track Cobra is an action packed synthphony buzzing with energy and beautifully layered. The arrangements of this track are stunning, maximising the drama and ensuring the listener isn't sure just what's around the corner.

A new synth producer has come to my attention courtesy of Telefuture Records delightfully called Rolly Mingwald. This preview track to the seven track release due next week is superb, incorporating classic synth romance with a great distinctive sound. Expect a full review on Synthetix upon it's release.

I'd be completely remiss not to mention Slick Moranis' new song, Another Sleepless Night which was shared to soundcloud this week. This is a deeply emotional piece of 80s indie synth that has a magic all it's own. The haunting melodies and ghostlike vocals work together in a supremely wondrous manner. Be sure to check out the excellent Perturbator remix here for more sleepless nights love.

From AKAHandsDown's Morning Breeze to Stellar Dreams' Sunset Chaser to Fanateek One's September's Nights to Slick Moranis' Another Sleepless Night we've traversed a full day here on this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix. I hope your weekend is just as full of action and emotion and I look forward to sharing more music with you next week.

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