Sunday, September 9, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

After a monster week of hot released the sounds keep on rockin on Synthetix with a fully packed, strapped and jacked Weekend Update!

Vector Hold had been a bit quiet of late but he's returned with avengeance with his new track Out Of Limits. It's boppy bassline and delectably delivered synth layers accent the moody melody. This feels like it should accompany something like Ghostbusters with it's haunting soundscape.

One of my most listened to tracks this week is a demo from Betamaxx called Punks In The Disco. I absloutely love the bassline in this, the high energy drums and synths make for a classically 80s experience. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this develops into a final version as this demo cut is totally rocktacular.

Dreamwave Dave came out with another solid track in Push this past week. Dabbling in some delightfully twinkling  chiptune sounds this piece is loaded magical melodies and a drum track that powers along jubilantly. This producer's consistency in delivering great music is something to be applauded.

It looks like Sternrekorder's recent hiatus is well and truly in the past, for which I'm eternally grateful. His two recent killer cuts, Carousel and Heimweh have been joined by another totally kick arse release entitled Comma Eight. Lots of italo love in this track and absolute perfection in the sounds. Incredble.

Giallo Disco pioneer Vercetti Technicolor unleashed the supercharged Sports a few days ago, once again providing chills, thrills and disco kills. This is the ultimate olympic anthem, coursing with energy, tinged with terror and unrelenting in delivery.

Lost Years is already up to version two of his new track Black Waves. Hitting a bit lower and darker than his last few tracks this moody drama has some of the most rocking handclaps I've heard in recent times. I can only hope version three will bring in some classic samples from American Psycho, as teased at by the cover art.

In what I'd describe as a near fatal wet dream of musical collaborations, Televisor has teamed up with 80s synth scene pin-up boy Patrick Baker and created something sure to get girls screaming all over the planet. Run Away is 80s pop synth magic that will hopefully find both artists working again together soon.

Last but most certainly not least we have a wonderful new track from Lueur Verte that's just come out. This is the follow up to Rockin' Summer and continues down a similar path. Once again we get a great dose of guitars to compliment the soaring synth work. It's a very polished experience and makes me wish for an EP or, better yet, an LP from Lueur Verte to really be able to drink in the atmosphere of this talented artists work.

Thanks for sharing all the action in the 80s inspired synth scene this week on Synthetix and I hope to share more musical magic with you next week!

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