Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rolly Mingwald Stars As The New Girl

The latest release from Telefuture Records is Rolly Mingwald's debut EP called The New Girl. After their recent gorgeous releases from Makeup and Vanity Set and Mr Nisness Telefuture have brought us another exciting new producer positively bubbling over with 80s love.

This seven track EP is driven by a lot of the classically styled 80s synth sounds but Rolly Mingwald throws in the occassional modern touch to the production. This brings a balanced level of familiarity and unexpected surprises to the experience and walks a line that gets everything sounding righteous while still adding some individual flair.

This 2012 Shermer soundtrack is, however, of two personalities. Theres a lightness and contrasting darkness to this EP that is invigorating and fascinating. As 80s inspired synth styles go theres lots and lots of sub genres that traverse all moods and feelings, and for a seven track EP The New Girl manages to cover nearly all of these into a condensed experience. It's like The Reader's Digest for 80s inspired synth music, which I mean in the most endearing way, without any negative connotations.

From the intoductory track we're greeted with light and radiant naivete. The spectrum is filled with aural rainbows of exuberant happiness and catchiness. This motif runs through the first half of The New Girl perfectly. In fact, the opening three tracks feel like they're one piece cut into three shorter vignettes in order explore their sounds fully. The title track is a bouncy and sparkling synthtopia with a bassline that I find thoroughly magical. By the time we move into Sleep Over (Up All Night) the ante is upped massively to what I believe is the high point of the EP. This track is one hell of an exhibition of how new and old techniques can coalesce into an experience of stupendous exhileration. I just can not get enough of this track's bass line and drum track, it's perfection is utterly wonderful and the naivete of the opening Intro is further explored in an explosion of positivity.

It's when Missed Call kicks in that the darker sounds and moods begin seep into the bright sound. A melancholy air floats through what was once a place where only joyous sounds once belonged. Melodies become harsh, and the naivete and innocence of the opening chapters give way to a seamier side of life. The shadows grow longer, and begin to cover the entire soundscape and by the time Dead Man's Curve kicks in we're entirely in the realm of darkness with survival now being the main thing on our minds.

As the curve winds around the dark and jagged coastline we hear night versions of previous Rolly Mingwald sounds. All naivete is now replaced by depravity, and pulses race from fear instead of joy. As the tyres squeal around each death defying bend it becomes very clear that we're light years from the intro and right before we careen through the guard rails and into the gaping maw of dark and broiling sea below us the roas veers in a new direction

The last two chapters of The New Girl eschew the night's darkness and catapults the listener into a glowing party vibe that rediscovers our intial feelings. The happiness returns and the darkness is drowned out by the shining lights and elevating mood of For The Winner. Jubilation and elation are the hallmarks that bind us as we experience a winning feeling of overcoming the odds and no longer just being The New Girl.

Our journey wouldn't be complete without a time for introspection and contemplation, the Outro track finishes our time being The New Girl succintly and satisfyingly. As the credits roll through it's become clear that our ride through the harrowing time of initiation and just fitting in has given way to finding our true selves; becoming self aware of who we are and taking that next step into the unknown and exciting future.

Telefuture Records presents The New Girl EP from Rolly Mingwald which opens on the 18th of September, be sure to get your copy here. This EP is most definitely Synthetix approved and recommended to all lovers of fine 80s sounds.

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