Thursday, September 20, 2012

Le Cassette Open Their Arms

Le Cassette's work in channelling authentic 80s pop synth has been taken to a new level of majesty with their song Arms Of Mine. When a band like this get everything so exceptionally right it bears noting as it's such a rarity to have a fully authentic 80s sound both instrumentally and vocally.

Arms Of Mine trancends time and brings everything back to 1984 to the epicentre of classic UK synthpop. Equal measures of many classic 80s bands of that period can be heard in this track, but theres a genuine identity to Le Cassette's sound the makes this much more than just an homage.

The slow and deliberate pace of this song makes it's emotional lyrics manifest even deeper with each word hanging, longing and pained on each note of the melodies. The presence in the voice is undeniable, melding musically with ebbs and flows of the synthscapes, making for a single coherent experience that feels true and natural.

Tiny details in the sounds make the biggest effects. Slight inflections on select words make each lyric ring with a strength and permanence that is betrayed by the frailty of the actual words used. It's a side that is attempting to hide a vulnerability which is threatening to breack down entirely and by the track's end this collapse becomes inevitable as the melodies degenerate into a glitchy mess of frustration and anger.

Upon initial listens I found this last part of the experience to be hugely jarring and instantly disliked this change of tone and style. But with repeated listenings I've come to appreciate the contrast of the final chapter in this tale as the ending we didn't want to experience and feel. The ending isn't happy and blossoming with the ideals of rekindled love, but is dark, confused and offers no peace of mind, which in life is sometimes a much more realistic experience when powerful emotions are left unrequited.

Although Arms Of Mine is not available to buy anwhere as yet, I'm hoping for an impending EP release from Le Cassette in the near future, to keep informed of all the happenings with this wonderfully complex and inspired band please follow them on their soundcloud here and give them some love of their Facebook page here while you're at it.

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