Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lolski Takes Fall To The Sky

Amesterdam's Lolski has just released a new EP and it's two tracks are both beautifully written and produced 80s inspired synth, coloured with autumnal tones. Future City Records rocks another great release with this one and it definitely makes for a special listening experience.

The Autumn Skies EP contains the titular track and Downtown District, but a nice bonus track has surfaced today in the the Vincenzo Salvia remix of Autumn Skies as well. The direction of this EP is new, and fresh, keeping the 80s spirit glowing within, while the last rays of warmth light our days before the cold of winter begins.

The opening refrain in Autumn Skies is the definition of mellow. The tonal warmth of the synth sounds feels welcoming and inviting; like a cloudy day that finally has some rays of sunlight peeking through the dreary sky. Lighting the afternoon, bathing it in a glow that warms the skin raises the spirit. The feelings of Autumn always seem fleeting, just as the season gets to it's azimuth in colour and mood it begins to fade into the coldness of winter. But the Autumn Skies we can share in this track make the last just a bit longer. The moment's of golden synthscapes as the leaves fall gracefully around us are truly wonderful, capturing the lightness and frailty of the mood perfectly and succinctly.

As the amber sunset relinquishes it's colour to the purple dark of night we hit the Downtown District. Lights begin to replace the failing natural light and the chill of the air is much more noticible than it seemed only last week. The night gives us new energy though, a powerful rhythm drives a velvet smooth melody that falls around, warming us against the cold and taking us deeper into the excitement this autumn night will bring. Shimmering sounds make the cares of the day disappear, the Downtown District is where we want to be and it's where our adventure tonight begins.

The Autumn Skies EP is available for FREE download on Future City Records' Bandcamp here and is an EP you'll be wanting to spend time with again and again, regardless of the season you're in.

The lovely bonus to this delectable EP is the re-envisioning of the title track by Vincenzo Salvia. This is a beautifully constructed retelling of the autumn afternoon, continuing the theme into brighter direction, adding some more detail to the melodies, but still keeping the warm soul of the original at that forefront. The Autumn Skies remix is available here free download.

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