Saturday, September 29, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

A slightly early Weekend Update this week as I'm getting away for a few days down the coast chasing waterfalls during my vacation. Regularly scheduled programming on Synthetix will return on Thursday the 4th of October. Til then, keep on rockin hard and enjoy the cream of the crop from this week in the 80s inspired synth scene.

First up we have a new track from a new talent on the scene. Russian producer Ezavskih's track Night Of The Comet is a moody piece of dark synth with 80s personality out the ying yang. Style after the classic 80s movie this brings to mind lots of apocalyptic visions as the sirens scream the death knell for humanity. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Ezavskih in the post apocalyptic future!

Although verging the borders of ChipTune material the new two track EP from Arcade Metropolis is most definitely 80s through and through and the arrangements and orchestrations throughout both tracks are superb. Theres a dark edge to both pieces, but the energy as is a neon lit as it gets and both have a presence that is totally irrepressible.

Jaypeau's turning up the heat with his new composition of scifi themed drama: Fire In The Sky. This producer's upping the ante with each new track and is getting a lovely glossy polish to his sound. Theres a spatial nature to all of Jaypeau's tracks and this one is amping it up to epic proportions.

Fanateek One's unleashed more electrofunk 80s rockin with Night Drive. I really love this track, the bass line and percussion are absolutely stunning. Fanateek One is getting his sounds so perfectly refined and in the process finding his own musical voice. This is surely a sign of an impending EP or LP release in the near future with any luck.

In last week's Weekend Update I shared the Greetings Program remix of Warrior by Kimbra/A-Trak and Mark Foster. This week we have Silent Gloves reimagining of this song and again it brings forth much 80s love. It's a toss up for me which one I prefer, but I do prefer Greetings Program's work through the chorus to Silent Gloves. That said, this remix has extra dimensions through the break down.
You can't go wrong either way, so please vote for both!

A new untitled demo from Andy Fink really caught my attention this week. Although obviously still in a very early and formative stage I can't help but be hypnotised by the majestic percussion track. The effects on the drums compliment the bent keyboard melodies flawlessly. I can only dream about what this will evolve into!

One of the absolute highlights in album releases this year has been Pilotpriests Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack (click here for the full Synthetix review of this wonderful album). Pilotpriest has unearthed another track intended for the album but it didn't make the cut. Nighthawks isn't what I'd call traditional 80s synth by any means, but the mix of early 90s sounds, modern sounds and lots of magic 80s synth-fluence make for a very interesting experience.

Our final track this week is from none other than LA Dreams. It's yet another beautiful piece of rapturous 80s synth love with his piece FutureEarth Contact. Using some classic NASA samples and and a thumping rhythm section brings an element of drama to the track, but it still keeps those velvet smooth LA Dreams synth melodies at the forefront. If you missed my interview with LA Dreams this week please click here to learn a bit more about this gifted producer of quality 80s experiences.

That does us for September 2012 on Synthetix, as I said I'll be back in action and rockin hard from Thursday the 4th of October. Until then thanks for spending some of your valuable weekend on Synthetix, stay true and stay 80s.

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