Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Futura From Aphasia

Aphasia Records have released their first compilation album: Futura. This compendium of some of the greatest producers and tracks in the 80s inspired synth scene is an absolute must-have release in every respect. It's not just the familiar names of synth superstars that fans love and adore, but it's the way the tracks have been presented as a cohesive experience that unites the sounds as one.

The Futura Compilation isn't some randomly arranged pieces to represent the diversity of what Aphasia represents. No, this is an album that gathers ideas, nurtures seeds that are sewn and creates a conglomeration of music that moves through the space it creates and evolves throughout it. This is more than a compilation, indeed it feels more like a soundtrack created by different artists inspired by the same material and working as a whole on entirely the same wavelength.

The opening suite of melodic and vast soundtrack synth is headed by Lueur Verte, expanded upon by Starforce and completed by Dynatron. Through these three pieces a mood is created and developed. In a void of space where time has no relevance and sound is the only reality the Beauté Glaciale drifts like a cosmic monolith. The epic nature of the music is something breathtaking, flourishing details shine in the looming shadow cast by the enormity of this floating giant. Closer and closer, the music intimates to a subtlety underlying it's astronomical size.

These details are in contrast delicate and almost fragile. Gradient Hues of starlit colours dance like a cosmic waterfall across the surface as our almost fearful beginning takes on a joyous tone. It's a hynotizing and enthralling display that leads further past the surface and into the Stars Of The Night. Like an awakening of a sleeping giant the stars become our guide and power the journey even deeper. The driving percussion opening up the void as path to greater kingdoms. Sweeping synths punctuated with energetic handclaps bring us the horizon and take us beyond into the second of three acts.

The second part of the journey hides the sun from view as constellations dim each star one by one to the point that sound is our only guide, for it's the fear of what might be behind the darkness that inspires a terror untold. The unholy dark synth trio of Protector 101, Perturbator and Judge Bitch turn the light down to zero and the fear up to maximum as their individual vignettes pulse, charge, chase and capture the listener, toying with them in a synthesized game of cat and mouse.

As individual tracks they work brilliantly, but coupled together into a three part story of electronic shadows and interplanetary demons they take on an awesome power of united fear. The story seems like it's going to end in an overwhelming display of darkness covering the atmosphere permanently as no moon rises and no star shines. Then when all hope appears lost, a spark is ignited.

The tiniest of sparks, a light so small it strains our vision to see it. But it's there. And it's growing. It takes the coin-op magic of Arcade High to the darkness of the middle chapter and zoom out to show the digital display in front of us that we were faced with was merely a game. The torturers from the void become sprites we can destroy and dexterity becomes the only tool we need to send the evils of the universe back from whence they came. The melodies are bright and sparkling and our chance to bring order back to the galaxy is only another quarter away.

The Futura allows us to leave the arcade and walk the Streets Of Metropolis triumphant. Orchestral stabs and a driving bassline bring an electronic glow to avenues of the future while speeding melodies arc across the celestial highways at the speed of light, courtesy of Flash Arnold. The sounds of the Futura are a synthesizsed skyline of beautiful neon colours, leading back to our own patch of Tuff Turf. Vector Hold's track is the perfect bookend piece to this compilation, an uplifting and inspiring work that complements all the previous experiences to perfection. As the sounds drift away we're left contemplating our journey, but revitalised and ready for another adventure in the Futura.

Aphasia Records presents the Futura Compilation on their Bandcamp page here for FREE. This compilation works so incredibly well as a single experience I believe this should be one of the first albums anyone listens to who is finding an interest in 80s inspired synth music. It represents so many details and emotions that it demonstrates to the listener just how inspiring these genres of music can be.

The Futura Compilation is undeniably a Synthetix Approved Experience and is one I hope you'll enjoy as much as I have.

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