Saturday, October 20, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

Let's get down to business and rockin hard with this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix!

Firat up we have an exciting new italo epic from Dreamwave Dave. The bouncy bass line and smooth synths on this piece work like magic, the vocal track steps the experience up to the next level too. This is a text book piece quality 80s love and by the time the rifftastic guitars start up the Valley Girl has already set the night on fire.

Although his style is unabashedly more modern I still have a bit weakspot for Oxford. His nu-disco synth house music is always massively hooky and full of 80s love. What really sets this track apart is the catchy as hell guitar that kicks in in the final chapter. It's totally rockin and funky to the max.

Keeping the funk pumping is a superb new track from Evanton. This producer's feel for an 80s groove is totally on point. His new album is available on Binalog Productions Bandcamp site here and is definitely a healthy dose of electro injected 80s vibes.

Synthetix favourite Camille R shared a bittersweet piece of lovely music this week, bitter because it's probably not going to be developed any further, but sweet with golden melted sugary synths. Even in this truncated form it's totally rad, here's hoping a resurrection of this movement is possible in the future.

A superfuturistic track from none other than Flash Arnold made for a very strong return to the scene this week. Technologically Advanced is the perfect display piece for how to make a melody work it's magic on the listener. Completely infectious and always up to a very high production standard this absolutely killef.

Maybe it's the ET connection, or the way my mind works in general, but I always think of Halloween as a very 80s holiday. With this festive day fear nearly upon us Vincenzo Salvia has started to up the spookiness with his track Figures In The Rear View Mirror. It's definitely melancholy in tone, but theres a sweetness to this piece of synth candy that makes it even more dangerous. To celebrate Halloween this is also currently available for FREE download!

Upping the ante even further for Halloween themed dark synth horror is a new piece of hi energy mayhem from the twisted minds of Judge Bitch and Perturbator. This epic of evisceration cuts swathes of manic melodrama with a driving percussion track and makes the screams of terror turn into screams of joy with a guitar solo forged in the fires of Hell itself. Magnificent malevolence!

One of my absolute favourite tracks this year is Rain Sword's Summer Breeze. This is thoroughly one of the single most incredible piece of music I've heard, capturing 80s sounds and emotions with comeplte perfection. This has now been combined with the video talents of Neros 77 for his latest video project and the imagery brings the taste and flavours of summer right from the sun kissed 80s directly to you today.

As the sun sets on another Weekend Update on Synthetix I hope you keep tuned for more beautiful music next week and always rememeber to stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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