Saturday, October 6, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

This Weekend Update is also the 150th post on Synthetix. It's a bit of a milestone, and the success I've had on here is something I'm very grateful for. The entire point of Synthetix was to give a home for modern 80s inpsired synth music, I was at the point where I was getting a bit tired of going through tens of blogs every week in the hope of finding one or two killer 80s sounding tracks and really just wanted to make a place on the internet where this was all that was being covered.

This place became a reality in no small part thanks to Facebook. Through hooking up on there with producers and fans on there we've made a community that is genuinely something I'm elated to be a part of. It's the sharing of music, ideas and other inspirations that makes the scene grow and develop. New producers crop up with wondrous regularity and established artists are constantly refining and developing their own sounds.

So what about the future? Synthetix is all about looking to the past as far music goes, but I'm looking to push Synthetix into more modern contexts in the future. I've got a lot of cool ideas for regular features and promotions coming up before the year's end which I hope all my readers enjoy. Synythetix has been picked up on Hype Machine too, which is great sign that I'm on the right track. It's an exciting time to be a fan of this music and I want to keep that excitement running as high as possible for as long as possible.

I'd like to thank all the people out there reading Synthetix and all the members of the Synthetix Facebook community who are a huge part of what makes this place as relevant as it is.

Here's to rockin hard for the next 150 posts and without further delay, heres this week's Weekend Update.

First up we have a killer new preview for the upcoming 12" EP release from Flemming Dalum and Kid Machine. These guys have made a powerful sounding brand of dark italo that really resonates. The EP is due out soon on Red Laser Records and will be a  release I'll be sure to cover on here when it's out.

A new artist I've just had the pleasure of experiencing for the first time is Synthaesthete. His second track is The City At Night and this proves to be a very exciting track. Moody, but still vibrant theres a delicate soul to this piece. Everything about this works exceptionally well and his understanding of what makes for quality 80s sounds is marvellous. Definitely someone I'll be keeping a close eye on.

It's always a red letter day when we get new Jordan F music and his latest single, Under The Sun, is no exception. Jordan keeps exploring his craft and refining his sounds in each new track. There's a real warmth, no pun intended, with this artists recent work making it feel light years away from his darker period with the likes of Abandoned Streets. Jordan F's always been one of the leading producers in the scene and this new track reaffirms why this is so.

Another bright star in the sky is, of course, LA Dreams. This rocker just can't stop making amazing music and the highlight from his work this week has been Jamie's Coming Over. More gorgeous synth romance from the genre's master. Spellbinding to the max.

The big guns keep on firing in this Weekend Update with a totally amazing new track from Professor Zonic Zynth. Ashley's Theme finds the Professor leaving his usual electro funk sounds for a bit of strawberry flavoured synth romance. This comes off brilliantly and, once again, his chourus work is absoloutely staggering. With any luck we'll be seeing this producers on soundcloud soon too.

This next song promises to be one of my Top 10 favourites of 2012. The combined talents of Silent Gloves and heart throb extraordinaire Patrick Baker has resulted in pure 80s pop gold with the title So Real. The short preview here is stunning, and after hearing the exclusive full cut on Project Friday (listen LIVE here every Friday night U.S time for more rockin action)  I'm thoroughly convinced this will be massive for both artists. Til the official release though this preview will have to suffice.

Keeping the Jordan F love bubbling over we have a phenomonal remix from Vincenzo Salvia of Jordan's track Aurora. I loved the original version and also love Vincenzo's reenvisioning. The extra sparkling layers of bright synths take Aurora directly into the heavens. I'll be giving Vincenzo Salvia's new EP, The Chase, the full Synthetix treatment next week too.

Our final piece of 80s loving in this 150th post on Synthetix is something special. This collective of artists working under the k-rad monicker of Chrome Brulee have made one of the greatest promo videos I've ever seen. I'm hoping this will result in an album sometime soon, whatever way this project goes  I'll definitely be making sure I closely follow Chrome Brulee in the future.

That's us done for 150 posts on Synthetix, I hope you've had as much fun as I have and I look forward to experiencing more glorious 80s inspired synth music with you soon. Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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