Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chromatic Dream Opens The Box

Although I do dearly love 80s inspired synth that is largely authentic to the original sounds and moods theres occassion where I find the sound of the 80s in more modern arrangements. The nu-disco scene still delivers a lot of quality 80s influenced synths and the more avant garde styles, like Com Truise, I find particularly engaging.

Which brings us to Chromatic Dream's new Colour Box EP. This is definitely in the same galaxy as Com Truise's sounds, but also have their own beautifully twisted personality too. There is a much 80s love through out this five track EP but every familiar convention is matched by a one less traditional which keeps the experiences fresh and most definitely funky.

It's this driving funk bizarre, felt especially in the basslines, that bring things to an off centre point of gravity, making their kinetic action the one thing holding the experience together. The eclecticism of styles is most definitely to be applauded as more spatially conceived orchestrations prove to be very satisying but the soul of the 80s is ever present.

From the opening track the sounds of Com Truise are an obvious cue in Chromatic Dream's constructions but there are, I believe, a lot more stringent 80s elements in the tracks. Theres bits and pieces of other influences to be heard, including resonations from Synthetix favourite Klockhaus, but the overall atmosphere still feels fresh and hugely entertaining. The Chromatic Dream is much more entrenched in the 80s sounds than moving towards the hypnogogic side, making each track a delectable delicacy of aural magic.

The five tracks are islands unto themselves in this electric ocean with each taking a new direction upon the theme. From the opening drama of Twelve Feet we're carried into the electro funked Space Woman and on into the frozen realms of Siberia, which has some of the most beautifully bent synth stabs I'm yet to hear. As the trek continues the Chromatic Dreams has dalliances in atmospheric soundtrack style arrangements as well as a deviated excursion into Synth Romance territory on Duk Boki, which proves completely disturbing in the most wonderful way.

Chromatic Dream will always draw comparisons to the likes of Com Truise, but I believe this debut EP could lead to fresher pastures as this producer's ability to bring the 80s love into his modern sound is done very succinctly. The apparent love of vintage sounds seems to be the driving force of his creations, more so than adding 80s elements at a later stage. I'll be keeping a close eye on Chromatic Dream as the Colour Box EP is something I've definitely enjoyed and I hope you have too. Keep in touch with the Chromatic Dream on his soundcloud here, and be sure to download your FREE copy of the Colour Box EP on there too.

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