Monday, October 22, 2012

20 /80s With Neros77

20/80s is fast becoming one of my favourite things I do on Synthetix, it's just pure fun to find out other's favourite 80s gear. This week we're going 20/80s with the master video magician Neros77.  The official producer of videos for the 80s inspired synth scene and man with peerless taste in 80s celluloid gold. His videos are meticulously created and his source material is massive in scope. The Neros77 Channel is the modern day equivalent of the old MTV from the 80s for the scene, hence the permanent link to it in the Enlightened Ones links section on here.

For Neros77's post I've included a video very special to me. This was the first video I found of his, and it began a snowball effect to what Synthetix has become today. If it wasn't for my contacting Neros77 through YouTube and gaining more contacts in the scene theres a very good chance Synthetix wouldn't exist today. Thanks for all the work Neros77, you're a pillar of the community.

This video to Camille R's rocktacular THRASHER 83 is what I call total synergy in terms of aural and visual presentation. So get rockin' and let's revisit the best decade ever with Neros77!

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  1. Hot damn! This is really very kind words for my Channel! I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart.

    Synthetix rules the planet :-)