Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aminova Develops Clarity

Aminova's synthesised symphonies have been developing with each new release. His last Ep, Variants, was absolutely stunning in scope, sound and space. With his latest EP, Clarity, Aminova takes his sound in even more directions and into previously unknown and untapped territory. This five track release contains four originals and a remix of the title track by Lolski, making for a very complete and satisfying experience.

Clarity is an especially apt title for this EP. The clearness of sounds and emotion make for a spatial transparency, each track takes different cues for these, but all our bound by an overall invisible window of aural glass; reflective, brilliant and a planar existence unto itself.

Hollow City opens the affair with a spatially expansive synthscape of sparseness but full of presence. Each sound feels liks like another element that combines into one vista. The layering of the rhythms and melodies coerce the listener through many details that remain beautifully separated and uncomplicated. This delivery combines into an electro synth experience of colourful and bright sounds with the crispness of a new day, but with emotion that feels timeless. The sounds resonate through the Hollow City, reverberating and echoing throughout it's husk of cavernous buildings, while still remaining somehow intimate. Beauty lies in the crumbling facades of even the most dillapidated construction.

The second track of Clarity is the positively luminous Lux Maxis. This brings to mind the staccato basslines of previous Aminova affairs, something that is totally engaging to listen to.  It's a positively more funk oriented piece than the opener and allows an almost freeform format for the track to build and evolve through. A jazzy and bright piece, that careens in multiple directions at once but always remaining in a deep groove of beautiful synth radiance.

Things take a turn to synth rock with Challengers Champions, the third movement of Clarity. The American sports comentator sample at the start sets the tone for rocktastic rhythms and powerful driving beats. The synthesized guitars are used very nicely in this piece, not taking on a pretence of convincing the listener they're listening to an actual guitar, but more making a familiar sound take on a new electronic personality that dives, ducks and weaves with the greatest of ease. Through this track I'm reminded of The Young God's early 90s work, which is always to be encouraged in this type of affair. This piece rocks hard however, and the beauty of the synths combined with the brawn of the synth guitars is truly delectable combination.

The title track of the EP completes the four compass points of the EP. We're treated with a slight return to the textures and moments of the Hollow City, as the spatially vast sounds build and form before us. Theres a new light in this experience though as the solemnity of the opening salvo gives way to a much more uplifiting and joyous adventure. Once again the magic of the Aminova bassline construction is the driving force behind the shooting stars and wistful synth melodies. There is an almost tactile new age feel to this piece, be it from the sound selection or the spiritually charged arrangements. It's a beautiful experience, and ends the quadrilogy of soundscapes perfectly.

The Lolski Andromeda Extended Remix of Clarity takes the original through a a dimension of shiny nu-disco, making the energy change colour as a new aura is bestowed up the piece. This works well and gives the sounds a chance to make their way into a energised cavalcade of pumping rhythms while still keeping its sould bright and true.

Future City Records presents Aminova's Clarity EP on their Bandcampe page here for the low price of $3.50. This is a wonderful new excursion into the expanding Aminova galaxy that guides the listener through new yet familiar dimensions, the Clarity of which is always beautiful to behold. A Synthetix Approved Experience is most certainly assured.

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