Saturday, October 13, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

As we moonwalk through October the new releases are coming thick and fast. Over the next couple of weeks there are some massive new release coming from many of the scenes more established producers so make sure you keep on rockin by Synthetix to keep up with all the hot 80s inspired synth action!

So let's start off with a preview from one of these upcoming blockbusters. Alpha Boy's got a hot new sound and a hot new album with Streets Are Hot. The compilation preview track has lots of signature Alpha Boy sounds, but theres a new personality hinted at through much of the previews. Due out next week I'll be sure to give it the full Synthetix treatment.

Brand new music from NeonFlashDrive up next! This producer's sound is gaining more personality with each release and his new soundtrack styled piece called Akira is full of 80s magic. The darker sounds of this piece are black as pitch, while the small eastern flourishes and spatial details engage the listener even more. Akira is also up for FREE download, so get on it asap!

Our next track was, unfortunately, from an unfinished project, but Grooveworthy has shared this awesome track out on soundcloud regardless. This homage to the high action theme track is a work of brilliance as it thunders through in a magically 80s way. Lets hope more music of this style comes out from this producer as this piece is definitely rockworthy.

Synth mastercraftsman Mitch Murder unleashed a scintillating new experience this week called Rush. This is the perfect title for this track as it is a fiery ball of energy that is being propelled at the speed of sound. The mood breakdown in the middle just goes further to prove this artists skill at arranging elements to perfection. Magnificent work once again.

A brand new act on the scene is Only You and their first song Secrets grabbed my attention this week and has never let go. This is a beautiful piece of emotive synth pop with a vibe that reminds me of many early 80s bands, but also combines a more mid 80s style vocal track. This combination is supremely rocking and is hopefuly a precursor to more music from Only You in the future.

Arc Neon's new track is settling into it's final diabolical transformation and is leaving only brutality in it's wake! At The Highways Of Madness is turbocharged darkness with a super hooky lead synth melody that will drive you over the edge. I think this will sound absolutely monstrous once mixed.

It just wouldn't feel like a Weekend Update without a new LA Dreams track. This producer's still releasing new tracks with ravenous fervour and it's getting hard to keep up! Victims was definitely my favourite piece of his released this week. It's got a lovely spatial quality that is uncomplex but supremely emotive. The flow is totally entrancing. LA Dreams has a new EP out soon, so I'll make sure Synthetix covers it upon it's release.

To finish of this week's Weekend Update we have a totally rockin video production from none other than Neros77 for Quasar's Shocking Facts. This is massively entertaining and proves to be the perfect video for The Robocop inspired track.

I hope this Weekend Update on Synthetix has kept your weekend rockin the 80s love and I look forward to sharing more with you over the coming week.

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