Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tune In To The Gost On Radio Macabre

An exciting new producer of exceptionally powerful dark synth has arrived on the scene under the name Gost. This producer has just released his first (to my knowledge) EP entitled Radio Macabre, a three track explosion of sone seriously bitchen synth-evil that rocks as hard as it rolls.

Radio Macabre is the perfect name for this trilogy of terror, each track is a self contained horror show full of suspenseful melodies, demonic drums that are totally unrelenting in their severity. There's a huge shroud of blackness that each track is dripping in with a primal fury that pulses and glows with hellish abomination.

The nightmare begins with Dead End channelling The Exorcist/Tubular Bells directly into a savagely pounding monstrosity of pure black magic. Melodies actually keep to the slightly brighter end of the spectrum, but instead of sounding like a positive hope end up feeling like things are constantly on edge and being further skewed to the darker dimensions. Dead End is very well arranged, a hallmark all true dark synth really needs to fully tell a story. Each page turns with devilish precision, building atmosphere with every second and keeping the listener on the edge of their seat right through to the grisly conclusion.

The title track is chapter two and Radio Macabre begins to introduce a lot more traditional OutRun arrangements with a megaton bassline and melodies that ring with a tinge of sweetness that leads to drama and panic quicker than expected. The track's moods swing madly into the realm's of chaos with alarming force with layers of deeper and darker forces taking full control of the situation. Again, the arrangements and execution of each component work marvellously well right through to the last minutes where the scene disintegrates before the final, chilling farewell.

The final chapter of this experience is another fantastically dark OutRun affair called Night Crawler. The familiar thunder of the bassline and unforgiving percussion track lead into smoothly surreal synth melodies that again provide excellent contrast in sounds. Melodies glow with reverence in the face of darkness making a wholly holy versus unholy soundscape where good and evil are building their forces for the final showdown. We as human pawns can but look on as the armies battle through the heavens with searing melodies cutting through the cataclysmic atmosphere. As the sky seems ready to explode in a final Armageddon both forces retreat as the empyrean ether loses it's red glow and reverts back to a peaceful blue. It appears that now is not the time for the final battle, but who knows when this could happen again and will good be strong enough to win over evil next time?

These questions and more are to be looked forward to in future releases from Gost but for now the Radio Macabre EP will have to suffice. Radio Macabre is available for FREE download on Gost's Bandcamp page here and is thoroughly recommended by Synthetix as the perfect accompaniment to those cold, lonely nights when you want to welcome in the fear like it was an old friend.


  1. I recently discovered this blog and i already love it.Happy 1st anniversary and keep it 80´s :D

  2. Thanks for posting the ep and for the killer review! The blog rules man.