Monday, February 11, 2013

20/80s With Garth Knight

Garth Knight's 80s inspired synth sounds have been some of my favourites experiences on Synthetix.FM over the last year. With every new track this producer always comes across as someone who's always pushing themselves into unfamiliar territory to expand their virtual aural arsenal. A new Garth Knight release always leads to huge amounts of excitement as you're never sure where you're going to end up while he's at the wheel.

With the release of his latest album, Goliath, it has become apparent to me just how much this artist has grown over the last twelve months. The album is almost like a Greatest Hits compilation with so many of my favourites all in one package. From the (still!) totally rockin Breakpoint, through to his Transformers period and on into his verdant synthscapes like Solidstate and Silicon Dawn it's a full catalogue of superb synth music. This release is almost entirely devoid of his more recent funk synth odysseys, but I believe thematically they mightn't have worked in the context of the other pieces.

Although many fans will already have some of these experiences already in their collection it's well worth the purchase as an extra refinement to the production has been added to the tracks, giving them an extra glossy layer to behold. It also must be said how well these tracks work as an album, the moods and textures always feel cohesive and no track feels like it doesn't 'belong' even with the different thematics.

The Goliath album is presented by Lunar Boogie on iTunes here  and Juno Download here and is quite honestly a must-have release for anyone into authentic 80s inspired synth music. In fact, I'll be recommending this album as an example of the perfect 'gateway album' for newcomers to the classic synth styles of the 80s to experience the lion's share of the musical spectrum all in one super hard rockin release.

So please take in an abbreviated taster of Goliath while we spend some quality time with Garth Knight's 20/80s on Synthetix.FM.


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