Saturday, February 16, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Lots of totally rockin new music to cover once again in a huge Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. If this trend continues over the next few weeks I might need to split this over two posts, possibly as a Midweek Update. There's way too much killer music around to trying filtering things down, I always want to cover as much as possible. I'll let things keep on rockin as they are for now and evaluate things in a few weeks. But right now it's time to rock, so lets dive right in!

First off, a most fitting way to start with Amazing Police's new track Cizeta Intro. This producer blew my mind a few weeks back with his track White Tape and it looks like the 80s magic is going to keep on flowing as this new experience is yet another superbly crafted composition.

Cougar Synth is back with some more synth romance themed music called Make It Hot. Once again Cougar Synth totally rocks with stunning arrangements and supremely uplifting instrumentation. The love feels deeps from this producer, so please be sure to follow him on soundcloud. Make It Hot is also currently available for FREE download too.

Hyboid's new track Martians Do It Better provides lots of cosmic italo disco complete with totally kick arse vocal track. Everything about this is feels thoroughly authentic and makes for an energetic interplanetary discotheque where the martians get all the girls. Many thanks to Eduardo Del Pozo for sharing the Hyboid experience.

Mitch Murder is back with another instant classic, Stages. A great deal of classic Library Music influences flourish throughout out this funk filled, groove-tastic experience which adds a huge amount of class to the soundscape. All the hallmarks of Mitch Murders magic are replete in Stages, here's hoping it makes it onto an EP or LP release soon.

After experimenting with vocals in his last track, What I Need, LA Dreams has expanded his horizons a little bit further in another direction with his new work Common Places. There's a new and different feeling to the melodies and percussion that feel very fresh and involving. It's definitely an LA Dreams track, no mistake there, but it feels like he's just pushing out of his comfort zone a bit more, which is to be applauded rapturously.

A new producer on the scene full of promise and 80s love is Brain Food Deluxe, discovered courtesy of the always rockin Deniz Akbas. Brain Food Deluxe has a wonderful air of classic 80s naivete in his sounds that I always find engaging. Arrangements and melodies are simple but always totally kick arse, providing for some really energising music.

Keeping on a similar thematic is the wonderful new track from Sternrekorder: Antipodes. This producer is a master of the uncomplicated yet endlessly deep style of 80s inspired synth music and this latest experience distills the essence even further. With so many new tracks being shared on his soundcloud over the last six months I hope an album release isn't too far off from this massively under appreciated producer.

Pumping up the sunshine and taking to the streets is Glass Mirrors, a new discovery from Synthetix.FM favourite Jordan F. This Australian producer is making some massively rockin 80s inspired sounds and his latest song, Marine Parade, feels hugely authentic and charged with kinetic mayhem that rocks the streets to perfection. Many thanks for sharing the love, Jordan!

Getting off the streets and back into the disco we have a totally rad new track from Laserama, brilliantly titled Fade Into CMYK. Smooth disco vibes are punctuated by electric hand claps and an electro disco bassline creates an aura of pure intensity. Fade To CMYK is currently available for FREE download too, so rock it like a melonfarmer ASAP!

Beaumont is one of the most experimental producers I follow, you're never sure where his next track will come from, or be going to. His latest track Milton's Party is one his most awesomely rockin experiences of recent times. This composition is bright on colour and glowing with an 80s soul. Part disco, part electro funk that's then mixed with a more modern arrangement Milton's Party just plain rocks.

The build up to Arc Neon's new EP Blood Sport 2093 has just reached fever pitch with their latest teaser track just being shared to soundcloud. "How fast you move, determines how long ya live" is rife with dark energies and moody melodies that convey the fearful future of Blood Sport. I can't wait to hear this concept release in it's full form but for now the latest teaser will have to do. Let's hope the full release isn't too far off.

To finish off this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM we have an exciting new remix from Jordan F. I'm not usually a big fan of posting remixes unless they do something particularly extraordinary and Jordan's re-envisioning of Flume's Sleepless is just that. We get to experience a Jordan F that is very different to what we're accustomed, and it works beautifully. There are elements of Navigateur's soundscapes in there (whom we'll be visiting with in greater detail next week) which are then reinvented and coloured with Jordan's own pallette.

That gets us done for another rockin week on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back next week with more glorious and inspiring music from the 80s inspired synth scene. 'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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