Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Get 2 Know Patrick Baker All Over Again

In my top tens that I did for 2012 Patrick Baker's song Get 2 Know U was my number one hit in the Synthetix Synth Pop Charts. This track has finally seen a full single release with the totally kick arse original mix and three sterling remixes. How much love can Synthetix give Patrick Baker? Not nearly enough, I believe.

Get 2 Know U is as authentic as it is pure. The authenticity of the arrangements and instrumentation are complemented by a purity of vocal, lyric and aesthetic that is uncommon in the 80s inspired synth pop scene. I've already gushed like a rabid teenage girl over the original mix of the song  here on Synthetix mid last year but it bears repeating how stunning the Get 2 Know U experience is. I can count on one hand the amount of acts that can do 80s synth pop as authentically as Patrick Baker and this song is one of the yardsticks by which all others are compared. Get 2 Know U is still one of the penultimate Synthetix Reference Experiences and being able to revisit with this gem just reinforces everything I've previously stated.

This single release is accompanied by three new remixes too, which shouldn't be understated in the slightest. In the glowing pink light of the original it would be hard to make a 'bad' remix of this song, but the three contained here add different dimensions to the experience like a prism reflecting and re-imagining the original experience.

First is the Televisor remix. The Televisor magic is very identifiable and when it works (like in their absolutely stunning Pin Up and Le Rock Francais) it becomes awe inspiring. Televisor's remix of Get 2 Know U is full of this magic and really tells a new story to song. It's a more measured approach, and refuses to march so voraciously into the glorious aural chintzyness of some of my favourite Televisor tracks. In doing this it makes for a beautiful balance in the sounds and never betrays the vocal sincerity. A truly wonderful combination of sounds and emotions.

Robots With Rayguns' take on Get 2 Know U travels a new path for the experience which is full of the trademark RWR sounds. This blending of new and old, with an always funky/elecro edge lends itself well to the source material. There is a new colour to the synth melodies with a more contemplative air that makes for a distinct atmosphere of coolness, control and cunning. The song jumps around a lot more however and this eclectic energy  replaces the smoothness of the original which works exceptionally well.

Jolie Cherie's remix provides another different vision, with a little bit more modern inspiration. This is by far the dreamiest of the remixes with sounds fading and melding into each other coupled with a repeated synth refrain that rises and falls with emotive majesty. This version builds a lot more than the others, forgoing the more song-structured format in favour of house-y flavour that changes dynamics dramatically. It's a bright and warm dream, with a lightness and sense of naivete that is massively enjoyable.

The Get 2 Know U EP is available on Beatport here and is thoroughly recommended as a must-have Synthetix Reference Experience to all fans of 80s inspired synth music of any denomination.

Here's to more rockin magic from Patrick Baker in 2013.

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