Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nick Force Takes It All The Way Back

Once in a while an 80s inspired synth experience comes along that just blows my mind and becomes crystallized as a genre defining moment. These moments are uncommon and when one from the near past comes in to view and obliterates all and sundry in its wake I believe its well worth dedicating some Synthetix.FM week day space to. Released nine months ago Take It Back by Nick Force is a perfect exponent of 80s melody, arrangement and instrumentation. Prepare for you mind to be taken to a new dimension and get rockin.

From the intro the monstrously epic nature of this experience becomes apparent. Dirging synths present an air of technofear and dystopian ambiance. Drums syncopate to primal fears and the hope of tomorrow seems to be dashed in seconds today. Then the magic happens. The lead melody raises it's head and shoots into the heavens creating a glowing ionosphere of radiance the that lacerates the darkness with godlike power. Every element from this point on is engineered for maximum enjoyment. The bassline keeps super funky at all times and angelic vocal nuances elevate the listener into an aural epiphany.

The music is arranged with so many nods to the classic original sounds, but feels absolutely fresh and devoid of pigeonholing. The narrative is so strong that it's almost overwhelming and one has to squint or shield one's eye from the vibrance of the soundstage, the colours are all new and the light is as dazzling as it is enlightening, with  a power created be beings far beyond our earthly bonds.

At six minutes and forty one seconds Take It Back is the definition of epic, the experience is so dense that numerous listens are demanded just take in a fraction of what is musically possible. It's the fabrication of this rich electronic tapestry that just begs for repeated listens as initial journeys are merely scratching the surface, barely hinting at what lies beneath. I could, quite literally, go on and on about how magnificent this track is but I think you get the general idea by now. That this is a FREE download means you can enjoy this wonder when and wherever you like, and you should. As often as possible.

If Nick Force can channel the 80s spirit as well as he has in Take It Back he could become one of the the big league producers in 80s inspired synth very quickly. Only time will tell, but for now Nick Force's Take It Back is an undeniable Synthetix.FM Reference Experience.


  1. This is indeed an epic track worthy of your stellar review. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, DOMEWRECKER! Your kind words are greatly appreciated.

  3. my mind is blown, this is incredible stuff