Saturday, February 9, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Another week done and another huge Weekend Update is delivered to your table, fresh and piping hot!Full of 80s goodness and sure to satisfy even the hungriest appetite. Grab your knife and fork and let's dig in with a four-course, sumptuous synth repast in the Synthetix Weekend Update.

 Vector Hold is back with a powerhouse new dark/soundtrack synth experience accusingly entitled Lies. A megaton force snare bangs along to dirge-like bassline complete with sharply pointed melodies.
The instrumentation is perfect with each sound pointing it's accusatory finger with much conviction.

Kicking the energy into overdrive is Jowie Schulner's latest OutRun masterpiece: Bad Rain. This producer's usual 80s tendencies lean to the more tender side of the spectrum but with Bad Rain Jowie's unleashed a high octane driving force, packed with his trademark melodies and that take every curve of the road with total precision.

A new producer making music in the classic 80s style is rf.extreme. He's just beginning his 80s musical journey but his first tracks mark an excellent starting point. Miami Cruise a beautifully emotive and luxurious melange of synth sounds and shapes. The abrupt ending leads me to believe it's still a work-in-progress, so please give him some love to let him know he's rockin in all the right ways.

Fantastisizer is another new producer making the scene with the 80s sounds burning in his musical soul with a neon fire. His latest track, Last Call, provides a great deal of emotion and depth with slow rolling melodies and a sky doused in night emotions. I'm definitely looking forward to listening to more Fantastisizer experiences in the future.

Kicking up the funk right to the heavens is Hidden Groove. Many thanks to fellow synthficionado Jarred Hageman for sharing this UK producers superb funk synth magic. Hidden Grooves soundcloud is packed with totally kick arse 80s sounds, so make sure you check out more funky good times. We Got The Funk is a massively authentic example of mid 80s synth funk, and with the english inflection to the vocals adds a bit of Paul Hardcastle/Universal Funk era flavour to experience. Totally rockin.

When it comes to 80s synth pop authenticity the latest song from Jenna F, A Song Of The Sea (Across The World) is magnificent exponent. Channelling Ultravox and Yazoo almost directly the drama suaveness of the lead vocal is the perfect match to the synth melodies. The female vocal in the second verse and then the combined vocals for the final chorus makes for a dimensionally epic experience that works on every level, superb music.

Bending the dimensions with a slightly more modern flavour is the new track from LuvKraft. This instrumental version of (With You) All Over Again is a bittersweet synthscapade of emotional moods that meander in and out of focus throughout the story. It's beautifully written and I'm looking forward to hearing where the eventual vocal mix of this goes. Many thanks to Lorcan O'Shanahan for the heads up on this rocker.

One of Synthetix.FM's favourites, Quasars, are back with a promo cut of their kick arse new track, perfectly entitled: Rockers. These guys always know how to make that quintessential 80s experience and with the extra guitar elements permeating through the mix I can guarantee the final cut will be rockin to the max!

I, unfortunately, missed posting the first demo of Lost Years new track, but intend on remedying this with his V2 demo of The Second. This track is taking Lost Years into some exquisitely constructed synth romance sounds. It's bright and sparkling with lush melodies and a synth pop sensibility that Lost Years has seemed to have developed over night. This is definitely a track I'd love to hear a vocal on.

Miles Prower keeps fine tuning his craft and expanding his musical horizons and his new track San Francisco Nights display excellent instrumentation and authentic melodies. The superfast high hats and subdued soundscape make for a very immersive and satisfying OutRun flavoured experience.

LA Dreams has expanded his horizons into the realms of synth pop by sharing his first track with a vocal this week. What I Need features Dana Jean Phoenix on vocals and feels like an experiment more than a fully realised 'song' as such. The LA Dreams feelings are there and the vocal enhances and elevates the experience, but without a verse/chorus/verse/chorus style format I feel the vocal doesn't get the attention it deserves. That said this is a monumental step in all new directions for LA Dreams and I for one encourage more of this wholeheartedly.

On the cusp of his album release on the 25th of February Logan Sky has shared a teaser track from it: Blonde Cobra. This album promises to be a totally rockin release and Blonde Cobra is a full of quality sounds and melodies with a penchant for drama in the arrangements. Synthetix.FM will be sure to give the Face The Flames album the full treatment upon it's release.

A new discovery courtesy of Arc Neon's Benjamin Norman is the radically named Kyle Ma-Rocklin with his new track Free Dance. There's a bit of Devin Dazzle era Felix Da Housecat in this track that I really like, and the soundscape is almost ChipTune-ish in it's personality and the whole things works into a superbly engaging experience. I really like Kyle Ma-Rocklin's quirky style and look forward to where he'll take us next.

Python Blue has an impending album release with his Change Of Clothes album due out next week. This producer has been kind enough to dedicate his latest track, Dark Space, to the one year anniversary of Synthetix, which I'm very honoured to receive. Dark Space is a dark soundtrack experience that isn't too heavy on the blackness but definitely is on the drama. Python Blue's style really gravitates towards this end of the spectrum and he does it exceptionally well. This should prove to be massively entertaining across the full length format.

To finish of this week's all-you-can-eat Weekend Update on Synthetix we have an excellent new track from Perturbator that he's cut to the new trailer for the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. The soundtrack is called Future Club and is the absolute perfect accompaniment to the 80s dystopian sci fi theme of the game. With Perturbator's recent work in Hotline Miami's soundtrack we can only hope this talented producer gets picked up to do more projects like this as it's something he does with aplomb and finesse.

I hope that this Weekend Update has satisfied your hunger for new 80s inspired synth music and that your currently basking in a contented glow. Rest assured there'll be more delectable 80s themed morsels to keep you from starving throughout the coming week on Synthetix.FM.

'Till then, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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