Saturday, August 18, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

Back with lots of hot rockin action on Synthetix for this week's Weekend Update! Time to get your neon lit and your hight tops on for some of the highlights from the 80s inspired synth scene.

There's a bit of a trend towrds the more esoteric and atmospheric side of 80s synth in this Weekend Update and setting the tone right from the outset is Garth Knight's powerfully emotive new piece of sexxxy synth work called Solid State. This is a slowed down and sensual bass line driven work of searing possibilities and midnight rendezvous, smoooth.

Keeping the mood mellowed and bringing in some more of the late night synth action is LA Dreams' new track Westbound Late Train. Chill vibes and moonlit melodies are the romantic core of this experience.The darkness is obscured by the passion when the solo hits and the night explodes into a crescendo of after hours 80s ellicitations.

Andy Fink cranks up the synth drama in the demo of his new track 2912. This is looking like being a huge track, with blockbuster synth leads and a star studded cast of classic 80s sounds. Even at this early stage I think this going to be super special, the mood and builds are already very special.

While we're on exciting promises of things to come a short teaser for a new Jupiter Gang track surfaced recently that definitely lights my fire. The track is Starz and it's a gloriously funky adventure into 80s electro synth. Jupiter Gang does this style so perfectly, every new track is another text book in this style. Total brilliance.

Betamaxx has been getting a lot of my attention of late and his track Liquid Skies is testament to this. This is a superb piece of supremely spatial 80s synth love. The uplifting melodies and the crisp rimshot echo lead to an explosion of inspirational beauty. This track is up for FREE download too, so get on it!

Lazerhawk's shared a new odyssey in ethereal and haunting synth with his track Limit City. As a soundtrack to your most foreboding nightmare this track will push you over the edge. The wraith-like melodies are distilled terror and when the panic is elevated to fever pitch your only option is to succumb to the madness.

To finish up this week's Weekend Update we have a new video from Arcade High. This is very special in that it's not only the first official video for an Arcade High song, but also the first with a vocal track. This is a great piece of 80s synth romance, and I defy this not to give you a warm glow this weekend.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix and I hope it brought some more 80s magic into your weekend. I look forward to bringing you more rockin tunes from the world of 80s synth music next week.

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