Saturday, August 4, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been what I'd call a Perfect Week in the 80s inspired synth music scene. Lots of great releases, exciting teasers and more new artists appearing. We had some incredible new music this past week and this Weekend Update is brimming over with even more!

New music from Spaceship Star has just surfaced with the excellent title of Space Is Died. This moody piece feels a bit 70s prog inspired and a luna dirge rife with powerful emotions. It's been a while since we've heard from this act and I'm loving these newly developed sounds.

One of the new bands I've had the pleasure of experiencing this week comes in the form of  Some Desperate Glory and their totally rockin song The Devil's In The Details. These guys are totally killing the classic early to mid 80s UK synthpop sound with totally perfect sounds and melodies. The vocals are also a magnificent example capturing the spirit of the true 80s sounds. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from this thrilling band.

Final DJ's new release entitled Synthopia exploded this week and is another work of French Touch flavoured 80s synth love. This duo always manage to get the balance of classic and modern sounds just right, and always with massive emotion throught the melodies. This track is part of the So French Records Summer Compilation, so please support them by following the links in the player.

Serial electro rocker, Flash Arnold shared a scintillating new track with us this week entitled The Streets Of Metropolis. The trademark Flash Arnold synth sounds are complimented beautifully with orchestral stabs and massive percussion. Another masterwork from one of the scene's brightest starts.

Another impressive new act made themselves aware to me this week and their brand of killer 80s synth pop is something very enthralling. Public Different's track Emergency from their Vulgar Refund Of The Proverbial Shock is a driving synth scape filled with delicate nuances and emotive melodies. I hope that this brand of 80s inspired music is something they stick with in the future as they do it very well indeed.

One of my new favourites in the scene is SellorekT/LA Dreams, who from this point on this site will be referred to as LA Dreams . This artist is blowing my mind with every new track he releases, the fact that theres numerous of these masterpieces released every week is even more mind blowing. My favourite of his releases this week is '84 Crush. Magnificently arranged and detailled throughout this is another surefire 80s heartstealer. With all these tracks out I'm really hoping an album from LA Dreams isn't far off.

80s dreamboat synthpop master Patrick Baker got thousands of teenage hearts swooning this week with a teaser release of his next number 1 hit Whatever It Takes. This is pure 80s pop gold, in the inimitiable Patrick Baker style. It's marvellous to hear the sax making a return appearance in this new song too. Super cool and rockin hard, brilliance is here.

I'd like to finish of this week's Weekend Update with a killer new video from Classique. This video document's Classique visiting Flashworx in Geneva and is set the FLashworx remix of Futurecop!'s Karate Kids. These video producers will be doing lots more work in the 80s inspired synth scene in the future and I look forward to sharing more Classique experiences with you in the future on Synthetix.

That does us for a massively rockin week I hope I get to see you on here over the next 7 days on the internet's premiere 80s inspired music site.

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