Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Summer Breeze Cut By Rain Sword

A scintillating new synth artist has been brought to my attention. I say new as he is new to me, but he's been producing quality 80s inspired synth music for more than a year now. His name is Rain Sword and his latest release, Summer Breeze is an absoloutely stunning example of a producer getting everything absolutely 1000% right.

I've listened to this track many times now, each time trying to digest and separate the elements as to why it's so special. The answer came to me on about the 15th listen when I realised something rather serendipitous and epiphanic. This music we love isn't about notes, chords, sounds and melodies. No. These are elements that make up the aural space we experience but the real and ultimately most important intangible article each magical composition has is feeling.

It was today that I realised that the 80s was not only a time, a place and an experience but the 80s is also a feeling. A feeling brought about through emotion and love. For all the trappings of the 80s we all adore, from the neon, to the cosmic grids, through all the other icons of this time, the one thing that ties it all together is the the 80s feeling. A feeling of jubilant excitement, a feeling of a near future, a feeling of first loves and of unparalleled adventure.

All these feelings are what makes the 80s experience so wonderfully intimate. Familiar, yet new. Classical, yet avante garde.It's the experience of this that I try to convey through words, but artists like Rain Sword in his Summer Breeze track convey through the power of music perfectly. Summer Breeze
is a languid slice of melodicly driven synth brilliance. The amount of emotive feeling that is positively pulsating through every single note is stratospherically elevating.

The production remains uncomplicated, as all the best emotions are, so each nuance of sound is given the weight and respect it requires to make it's emotive response as strong as possible. The delicate sustain, the crispness of the hi-hats, the deep echo of the percussian. The feelings are so strong from beginning to end of this wonderful track and by it's conclusion a satisfying afterglow drenches the listener in rapturous 80s ecstacy.

This is a massively impressive track from Rain Sword, and I encourgage all devotees of quality 80s to go through his back catalogue on his soundcloud page here and enjoy his previously released pieces. I do believe, however, that Summer Breeze is this artist's strongest production thus far, and in saying that is instills much excitement to experience his next encapsulation of true 80s feelings.

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