Monday, August 20, 2012

Viks Lander's Quest

Just released on Future City Records is a stellar debut EP from synth maestro Viks Lander. 'Quest' is very apropriate title for this adventure into the moods and tones of 80s synth sounds, there are a myriand of inventive arrangements and sounds throughout the two pieces and makes for a totally absorbing listening experience.

The avant garde nature of Viks Lander's work is apparent right from the beginning of Prelude. A staccato percussion intro leads into rich sound piano rhythms before the sounds become electrified with synthesized beauty. As we continue through the vocal track, something akin to a Clannad or Enya sound provides massive complimentary elegance to the experience. The simplicity of the sound is delicately poised to a heavenly dream like ambience with this human element of sound, enriching things exponentially.

Our amorphous adventure is further  accented by an electric guitar who's tempered pitch is bent to form a rainbow arc over the clouds of synthesized vistas before us. I believe Prelude is much more than an 'intro' style piece, so please don't be lead to think this anything less than half of this EP, it speaks volumes about Viks Lander's influence and innovation, setting the stage for the next vignette: Quest.

Jungle sounds and a heavy atmosphere, humid and rich with life echoes through the beginning of quest. Pan fluted sounds and tribal drums are lush in delivering and transgressing through the ages. Bringing the ancient to the modern, and the modern to the ancient. A juxtaposition of glorious textures and layers going from the forest floor to the canopy above. This Quest is not one of panic and high action, this Quest is an introspective summation of ourselves. An inward gaze to our lives in nature's beauty.

The serenity of what we behold in our ears, hearts and minds is what echoes throughout the Quest, it's a wondrous allagory for what music gives us. The power of enlightenment, the touch to the soul, the warmth of the love. Viks Lander gets this, and delivers it to us directly from his mind to ours.

This EP feels very intimate. There's nothing on these two tracks that doesn't feel like it's a token, or without weight. It's something magical and deep to experience, but also light and uplifting. A perfect 80s experience from a new morning star on the dawn's horizon.

The Quest EP is available for FREE download on Future City Records Bandcamp site here and be sure to give the man himself lots of love and support on his soundcloud here.

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