Saturday, April 27, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

I hope everyone's recovered from the emotional overdose of So Real by now, I believe I can now move on to more music myself after this this song has so deeply affected me. Moving into May the big releases keep on pumping. With a bunch of killer new EP's from Tommy, Gost, Patrick Baker, Vercetti Technicolor and Arc Neon plus many others, it's going to be another great month to be a fan of 80s inspired synth music. But now it's time to rock the past week in the scene with the all new Synthetix Weekend Update!

First up is a smoothly serenely piece of funky fried synth gold from Betamaxx. Dolby Dance works is as slick as is gets with the perfect blend of sounds and a structure that feels light and breezy. The huge range of instruments just engages even further. Definitely an evolutionary step in the Betamaxx journey.

A new artist I discovered courtesy of the Synthetix Facebook group is SPF5Ø. This dabbler in the darkened arts of 80s horror synth has come up with something rather special in his new track Love Crime. The intensity of the terror with is unrelenting with a cacophonous atmosphere that intensifies the brutality. Currently available for FREE download.

Alpha Boy hit close to home with his release which is dedicated to his father. Axel Theme is a poignant at intimate piece which combines the Alpha Boy trademark sounds in a more languid setting. It's obvious this track is very special to the composer and the delicacy at which he handle the melodies is wondrous to behold.

New rockers Slow Knights came into my world this week courtesy of the always delightful Patrick Baker and although their tracks have been up on soundcloud for a month or so I felt they definitely deserved some love on Synthetix.FM. The Slow Knights sound is reminiscent of classic mid 80s synth funk pop with a transatlantic aura about their sounds. There's an uplifting familiarity to their music that I absolutely adore, lets hope they've got some official releases planned soon.

Amping up the funk even more is the totally rockin new Jupiter Gang track Planet Lazerium. The Jupiter Gang have been upping the production rate quite a bit of late so I hope this means there'll be a release of some sorts soon, but for now this is available for FREE download, so get your own slice of sweet 80s funk pie courtesy of Jupiter Gang now.

The return of Night Sprite with a short preview for his next release (also due out in May) was massively exciting. This short video speaks volumes and certainly piques my interest in where the next Night Sprite adventure will  be going. I'll be sure to cover this album upon it's release.

Time to get your italo trousers on with James Baker's upbeat new single Voyage. The authenticity of the sounds and melodies work together in a very magical way throughout, totally infectious from beginning to end. Also available for FREE download currently.

Babylon 86 are certainly rockin all the right ways and their new track Teenage Breeze encapsulates a galaxy of 80s sounds and moods into one beautiful adventure. It builds to perfection with an action driven synth romance style that I truly love. Another track that's available for FREE download.

Some new funk pop rockers on the scene are Black Forest Ghetto. This duo is finding their 80s soul and have released a new track to denote this direct called Purest N.G.T. These guys have a really energetic live sound and I love the girls vocal style, it befits the personality of the music perfectly. I'll be following Black Forest Ghetto with much interest in the future as this song is very promising.

Electric Dissection's taken his sound into a delicately intimate dimension with his release Becky (The Girl With Autumn Leafed Hair). Melodies are haunting but the mood is kept light and positive in swirling synthscape of sparkling emotions. A genuinely beautiful piece of music, which is also available for FREE download currently.

Sunglasses Kid rocked my world to the foundations this week, his blend of authentic sounds and deep passion for the 80s has given his music a superb tone and atmosphere. My 80s Romance is the perfect introduction to this artist and really displays his understanding of synth romance music. Many, many thanks the fellow synthficionado Jarred Hageman for enlightening me to this producer.

Zombie Hyperdrive has exploded onto this scene with his own blend of soundtrack synth stylings that really caught my attention. Skylight is a true epic of stupendous power and drama. The Carpenter-esque bassline leads into smooth synth melodies and highlighted by high energy guitars. Massive in scope, this composition is totally bitchen to the max.

The final stop off in this week's tour around the 80s synth scene comes courtesy of Mitch Murder and his new piece High Performance. Mitch's adventures into the avant garde continue with his most 'fusion' sounding track yet. The energies spike and fall with total precision and the music takes on a really cool 'live-jam' kind of air towards the mid section and beyond. Beautifully orchestrated from beginning to end.

The wraps it up for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back to normally scheduled programming throughout the week ahead with more gems from the 80s inspired synth scene. 'Til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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