Saturday, April 6, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

We're now in storm season on Synthetix.FM! It's a time when the releases come in thick and fast with unrelenting velocity. Lots of huge releases are scheduled for April and the single releases are falling from the heavens incessantly. This week's Weekend Update breaks all previous records with twenty one hot rockin tracks. Nowhere will be safe and dry! It's time to get out in the elements and bask in the glory of nature and rock the Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

 Garth Knight continues his adventures in the realms of 80s funk with sterling new track Stuck In A Rhythm. It's becoming evident that this style of 80s inspired synth is his calling as there is such a smooth effortlessness to the sounds. With a totally rockin vocal track and energy to burn this is one of Mr Knight's finest thus far.

Some new sounds from one of the latest signings to Future City Records with Lazerspek's new track Twilight In The Age Of Man. This is quite unlike anything I've heard before with some of the most brutal side chaining compression I'm yet to experience. I initially found this distracting, but in the context of the track it's grown on me.

ForeignBlade is a new producer on the scene and his latest work, Ghost Patrol, displays a wonderful understanding of how to make some very engaging synth soundtrack styled music. This has a spectacular tonal quality to the soundscape that works perfectly with the arrangements. Download this track now for FREE.

Vestron Vulture's library is growing in mass and quality with each new release. His latest song is called Ellen Page is a dedication full of unrequited love and dark desires. The vocal track is perfect for the slightly sinister music, creating an atmosphere of uneasiness yet one is unable to resist the infectious melodies. Currently available for FREE download also.

C-60 is really bringing his understanding for synth soundtrack music into the disco with his new preview for Rocket Force. The soundscape is beautifully created and explored and combined with a high energy rhythm section makes for an invigorating aural adventure. I do hope an EP or LP release of this styled affair is impending as the preview is solid gold.

With a penchant for the darker side of the synth comes Fetchis with his new release Le Fantome Arrive.
This brooding giallo disco track is absolutely wonderful with the perfect mix of musical elements to create that killer horror vibe. Special mention must go to the stunning drum track, whose sounds and patterns taking on a truly authentic personality.

Fantastisizer is rockin a new tune this week called Secrets. Taking some darker cues which are then infused with hypnotising melodies the simplicity of the experience enforces the power of it as well. The sounds are full of the genuinely 80s naiveté that proves to be hugely engaging throughout the track's duration.

A similar vibe is present in the latest 80s Stallone experience entitled The End. The melancholy piece 80s Stallone magic shows even more exploring of vocal work in his sounds and it something awesome to behold. The effects laden inflictions are full of human emotion and the music feels arranged around the lyrics for maximum atmosphere. Definitely one of the strongest songs I've heard from 80s Stallone.

From one veteran of the scene to another, the enigmatic Mitch Murder shared his latest opus The Touch this past week. This experience goes even more into a dreamlike ambience that is much less dense and complex than this composer's usual fare. But this is by no means a negative, the sparser soundscape allows the listener to fully appreciate each nuance of each instrument all the more. Rapturously executed.

A new rocker on the scene going under the name Molester Moustache caught my attention this week with his eloquently beautiful synth track First Touch. The music is full of warmth and authentic arrangements but also has an energy in the melodies that demands attention. I can but hope this is the first of many rockin Molester Moustache experiences we have on Synthetix.FM.

Ed Harbinger's latest release provides vast amounts of 80s electro energy. Rousseau is full of drama and   raw synth power that rocks hard. This brings to mind a great many of the classic early 80s european producers while keeping some more modern sounds layered in the mix for extra bonus points.

An exciting new preview for Gost's next EP is rockin YouTube as we speak. The dark horror synth of Gost sounds like it's developing in exciting new directions from this preview, I'll be sure to give it the full Synthetix treatment upon it's release.

A new demo for the latest Rutget Megahertz venture, Just Routine, was another highlight this past week. I adore the personality of the track with it's funk bass line, dreamy synth melodies and totally rockin percussion. This demo is currently available for FREE download currently too.

Sternrekorder is back once again with another totally rad new track, Stahlkonstrukt. I love this producer's music a great deal, his sounds are always so authentic and full of 80s love. This latest track is yet another gem from this producer. Please visit his soundcloud page for more Sternrekorder magic if you've not yet had the pleasure.

Evanton's brand of electro fuelled 80s synth has kicked into high gear with their latest track Beverly Hills Pop. The soundscape is unmistakably Evanton with disco chills and synth thrills and this release is positively charged with equal doses of action and drama. This is also currently available for FREE download, so get on it and rock it as soon as you can.

Definitely the biggest news in the scene this week was the return of Power Glove with a new project for the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon video game soundtrack. This game's development is going for a very 80s motif and by enlisting the always rockin Power Glove for the soundtrack has cemented the hype for this title very securely. The music is pure Power Glove, with lots of drama and energetic sequences all marching into oblivion with a power house rhythm section. Synthetix.FM will be following this project very closely indeed.

Kicking the synth romance back into the scene is Photosynthesi with the teenage crush brilliance of Once Again. The driving drum track provides the perfect background to the layers of synth beauty. Arranged to perfection with a thumbs up freeze frame right before the credits begin to roll this is yet another golden moment from Photosynthesi.

The lead up to Tommy's impending EP keeps gathering momentum and the single he released this week is another window into Tommy's more ambiant moods. The swelling Aurora is full of bright colours and natural beauty, delicately poised upon the horizon with entrancing melodies and total air of triumph. Currently available for FREE download this track is a must-listen-to experience.

Taking a walk into the darker side we find Lost Years crafting all manner of demonic incantations with his new work Rising Of The Dead. I'm not sure just how much dark synth I've heard from Lost Years, but it's not a great deal, I know that much. Whether this is just an experimental diversion or something he plans on exploring more remains to be seen, but I for one greatly enjoyed this adventure into realms of horror courtesy of Lost Years.

Luxury Elite are one of those artists I find vastly entertaining. This slow tracked looping of  80s music is something I really enjoy and along with Laserdisc Visions and Macintosh Plus; Luxury Elite is becoming a real force to be reckoned with. His latest opus, Aerobics, is undeniable in it's brilliance and
totally kick arse in it's execution.

Our final piece on this week's Wekend Update comes courtesy of the always marvellous LA Dreams and his experience called Dreamers. The LA Dreams sound takes on a bit more of an epic soundtrack flair with this new track but it's most certainly full to overflowing with the LA Dreams magic I instantly fall in love with.  The thematic on this track evolves majestically with a really beautifully orchestrated back section that completes the experience.

That does us for the first April Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I hope you didn't get too saturated in  the deluge of new music, because there's lots more to come! I'll be back next week with more good times and great rock'n'roll, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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