Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Protector 101 Versus Beatbox Machinery: Fight!

In what can only be described as a stroke of genius, Werkstatt Recordings has begun a new series of two track releases under the title of The Versus Series. These EPs are like a showcase exhibition bout to display the strengths of each artist. The is is the first volume of this series and I really hope there is a tonne more being booked as it's the perfect format for two producers to go head to head in a no holds barred, cage death match where winning is worth any cost for all the glory.

This first match pits dark the synth soundtrack symphonies of Protector 101 versus the high speed firepower electro synth of Beatbox Machinery. Round 1, FIGHT!

The bell rings with a shrill resonance and Protector 101 enters the fray with tentative strides that feel out the competition. The atmosphere is tense, while anticipation for the impending brutality reaches fever pitch. With deliberate movements prey is stalked as the canvas battlefield is set alight with rippling manpower that delivers crunching blows of total devastation. Percussive punches and bewildering melodies confuse the opposition as Protector 101 hypnotises his foe with arcane martial arts of monstrous power. The entire conflict is drawn into a slow motion slugfest that fades to black as the blood drips slowly onto the mat in rhythmic drops. The bell that signals the end of round one echoes throughout the arena while the shadow of a fist held aloft is lit by the ringside paparazzi.

The squared circle is reset as earnest preparations for round two begins. The instant the bell is struck a flurry of lightning fast synth melodies are unleashed upon the stunned enemy. A towering shadow of blurred limbs utters the words "Stitch My Cyborg Heart" in a moment of freeze framed clarity which seems to make the blink of an eye feel like decades. In an instant fists of pure Beatbox Machinery rain hammer blows of untold consequences upon his still dazed rival. The seconds between bell ring and total capitulation by his opposition are still in single digits as consciousness is lost while the cyborg heart beats with raw, animal intensity. The thrill of the kill is counted out while the bell is furiously rung to stop the onslaught of violence. A pool of disappointment below a storm of victory is all that is remembered.

Werkstatt Recordings is proud to present the first volume of the Versus series on their Bandcamp page, here. Make sure you get your ringside ticket to this grudge match for the ages and bask in the glory of this digitally orchestrated pugilistic resplendence that will be the first of many synth cyber brawls made of 100% explosive energy.

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